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To the sheriff of each county, for summoning all

juries in his county, and for serving all public orders, for the benefit of the county, 51. per

annum, to be paid by the county. For serving any order or rule of court, £. s. d.

except public orders or rules, and

delivering a copy, For serving every writ of subpæna and

tickets, and returning the same,
For serving a bench warrant, or war-

rant of a justice of peace, and return
thereof, and proving service in the

same manner as on services of writs, For every return of a writ, where the

goods or persons are not to be found, For dieting white persons in the several

gaols and work-houses in the state,
allowing llb. of bread, and Ilb, flesh,

wholesome provisions per day,
For dieting negroes or other slaves, al-

lowing wholesome food, per day, For executing a person condemned to

death, to be paid by the state, 1 For putting a person in the stocks,

branding, piiloring, whipping or

cropping, to be paid by the state, cach For bringing up a prisoner on habeas

corpus, and discharging or convey-
ing to prison, to be paid by the party,
if solvent, if insolvent, then by the

For conveying a prisoner on habcas

corpus, or otherwise, from one dis-
trict or county gaol to another, every
mile he shall necessarily ride, going

to and returning, for each mile, All necessary expences to be allowed the sheriff,

in addition to the immediate foregoing charge, For levving an execution on the goods of the de.

fendant, and selling the same; for all sums where the debt das not exceed one hundred pounds, two and an half per cent. commissions; and for all sunts where the debt exceeds one hundred pounds, one per cent. In all cases riere the defendant, after the sheriff may have levied on the property, shall settle with the plaintiff before actual sale, the sheriff in such cases shall be only crtitled to one-fourth per cent. besides all reasonable disburseinents, and also fees for entering execution; but if the defendant shall pay the money to the sheriff, one per cent. in lieu of the one

fourth. Where an execution shall be lodged in to. s. d.

the sheriff's oifice, only to bind the
property, with directions not to lery,

for entering the same in his books, 26 For serving an execution against the

body of defendant, and return, For every prisoner brought up for trial

at the sessions, to be paid by the state, 16 For drawing each set of conveyances, 1 5

For an inquisition by jury, taken on

view of a dead person, and return, to

be paid by the state, For every service done by the coroner, the sainc

fees as are payable to the sheriff for the same

services. If there be no coroner within twenty miles of the

body found, the inquest may be made, and the fees may be taken, by any justice of the peace, in like manner, who shall, in that case, have all the powers of the coroner.'


Justice of the Peace.
Forcath and warrant in all criminal cases,
For a recognizance and return,
For a warrant in civil cases,
For a commitment,
For a warrant of hue and cry,
For taking a deposition,
For adininistering every cath,
For a probate to any writing, signing

and swearing witness,
For examining and swearing witnesses,

and hcaring and determining the cause, For every toll of estrays given in at the

same time, and other incidental char

ges, agreeable to law, For writing and signing an execution, For issuing attachment, with the cath

of the party, bond and return, agree

able to law,
For every appeal, with the proceedings,

to the county court, from justice's
judgment, bondand security inclusive,

For serving a warrant,
For summoning a witness,
For summoning a coroner's jury and

witnesses, all charges inclusive, . For putting a person in the stocks, to

be paid by the state,
For serving an attachment on the effects

of a person absconding, or about to
abscond, making an inventory and

return, returnable to the county.court, For the like services where the attach

ment is returnable beforea magistrate, For whipping a person by lawful autho

rity, to be paid by the state, For levying an execution,

For poundage or commissions on ail sums Icví.

ed, 5 per cent. For mileage in all criminal cases, at- £s. s. d.

tachments, and levying executions, and in no other case, for each mile

out, but not for returning, For carrying a hue and cry, to be paid

by the state, For his attendance in searching for sto

len goods, for every day, at the re-
quest of the party complaining,

Notaries of Public
For taking deposition and swearing wit,

ness, per copy sheet,
For every protest,
For a duplicate of depositions, protest

and certificate, per copy sheet, For eachi attendance on any person to

prove any matter or thing, and cer.

tifying the same, For every notarial certificate, with seal

Clergy of every settled Church of every

For registering every birth, marriage or

For every search of the register,
For every certificate from the register,
For every citation read in church,

For every search,
For copying a plat and certificate,
For receiving, recording a plat, and

sending the same to the secretary's

office, to be passed into a grant, For a certificate in all other cases, 16 For a deputation and instructions to a


Deputy-Surveyor: L. s. d. For surveying every acre of land, one

half penny. For making out a fair plat, certifying,

signing and returning the same, For running old lines for any person, or

between parties, where any dispute àrises, or by order of court, while they are on the survey, 14s. per day.

Powder receiver and Inspector. For every hundred weight of gunpow

der received into the magazine, thrce shillings per hundred pounds, to be paid, one half on receiving the same in the magazine, and the other lialf on delivering the same. Clerks of the Senate and House of Re

presentatives. For any copy or extract from the jour

nals of either house, to any person requiring the same, except a member of either branch of the legislature,

or the executive, each copy sheet, For every search,

Commissioner of Locations.
For receiving applications, making en-

tries and granting warrants under

hand and seal of office, For recording a plat, and sending it to

the surveyor-general's office, For every search,

Register of Mesne Conveyances.
For a search,
For entering satisfaction on a mortgage,
For recording or copying deeds, cach

copy sheet,
For recording or copying a plat,
For a certificate from the office,

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