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Of the parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael to make monthly re-

turns of all monies received by them, to the treasurers, 2, p. 490
Penalty on, for making discrimination of persons in issuing execu-

2, p. 49 1
To be debited by the treasurers for all arrearages of taxes, and to
issue executions against,

2, p. 491
To issue and lodge executions for taxes with sheriffs or coroners,
and take receipts for the same,

2, p. 492, 493
To be allowed mileage for serving the same,

2, p. 493
Of Barnwell district in future, to receive and collect all the taxes

2, p. 497
County, to be assessed and collected by the judges of county courts,

1, p. 292
To be assessed and collected by commissioners of the poor, 2, p. 99

Act to license, throughout the state, on payment into the treasury, of

6.100, in Charleston, and £.35, in any other parts of the state, an-

1, p. 180
In all actions to try, the plaintiff shall have costs, if the verdict is
above 4 dollars,

2, p. 320
To lands, not be tried in the Inferior City Court of Charleston,

2, p. 396
Rights of, or to which this state hath, to the whole or any part of the

disputed territory claimed by the state of No. Carolina, to be valid,
until that state shall so alter her bill of rights as to enable the le-
gislature thereof io ratify all and singular the proceedings of the
commissioners appointed on their part,

2, p. 553
Act to establish ware-houses for the inspection of, at several places
in the state,

1, p. 185, 369
-of, and flour, at or near the Fish-dam ford,

1, p. 235
Act respecting the ware-houses for, at Falmouth, Adams' ferry,
Spring-Hill and Chatham,

2, p. 62, 403
Act to establish an inspection of, in the town of Columbia, and to add

two commissioners for the inspection at Camden, 2, p. 162
Act to establish an inspection and ware-houses for, 2, p. 369
Act to increase the rates of storage of,

2, p. 403
Act to establish an inspection of, at or near the mouth of Little ri-
ver, in Abbeville district,

2, p. 419
Act for the establishment of an inspection and ware-houses in the
town of Dorchester,

2, p. 439
Inspection in Charleston, commissioners of, empowered to receive,
&c. on storage,

2, p. 452
Rates of storage, &c. established,

2, p. 507
TOLLS-See Bridges.

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Salaries of, established,

1, p. 4, 357
Shall advertise the mortgaged property of defaulters to the paper
inedium loan office,

1, p. 57
May purchase in for the state, property will not bring the amount
due on mortgage,

1, p. 58, 59
In Charleston, to receive of the commissioners of the loan office,
their books, papers and paper medium,

1, p. 60
-Vested with all the powers, duties, &c. of commissioners of the
loan office, after 1 June, 1791,

1, p. 60
To give a discharge for lands granted and not sold, upon the gran-
tees paying a commutation,

1, p. 61, 62
May sell lands, where payments have been made indefinitely,

1, p. 62
To make out and close their accounts up to 20th Feb. 1791, and sub-
mit the same, with proper vouchers, for the inspection and final
order of the commissioners of public accounts,

1, p. 67
Hereafter to be elected, to open a new set of books, and to balance
the same on 1 Oct. annually,

1, p. 71
In certain cases, to allow reasonable prices for specific articles, sup-
plied the troops of this state, as well as those of the U, States,

1, p. 75
To issue indents for the amount of the accounts delivered in to Vm.

Arthur, esq. auditor of Orangeburgh listrict, which, together
with the vouchers, have been lost or mislaid,

1, p. 75
To subscribe on loan to the U. States, incents to the amount of four
millions of dollars, and to receive in lieu thereof, fundable certifi-
cates of the U. States,

1, p. 73
To report to the legislature, an account of all indents in their pos-

session, and to forbear cancelling the fundable indents until the
last of September, 1791,

1, p. 73
To pay John Smith, esq. indents to the amount of principal and in-

terest, for which Basil Cowper's confiscated estate sold, 1, p. 125
To permit John S. Cripps and William Crafts, or their assigns, to
register the foreign debt of this state, now payable in France, but

redeemal;le in Amsterdam, at the office of the state, 1, p. 180
To transmit the laws respecting the inspection of tobacco, to the re-
spective boards of commissioners,

1, p. 187
To receive from James Postell, sen. the rent of the land planted by
him, from which he is now exonerated,

1, p. 201
To dispose of two tracts of land, late the property of John Rose,

1, p. 201
To proceed summarily to the sale of lands mortgaged to the paper
mediuin loan office, where purchasers have not complied with the
terms of sale,

1, p. 220
To expose to public sale all lands mortgaged to the paper medium
loan office, which have been bought in on account of the state,

1, p. 220, 493

To advertise the sales thereof in the gazettes,

l, p. 220
To restore lands to those persons who pay the principal and interest
due by them,

1, p. 221
To sell all lands bought in on account of the state, within two months
after purchasing,

1, p. 221
To receive 6 shillings from each person for not taking out his grant,

i, p. 340, 495
To receive and apply the monies paid to this state by U. States, to

the extinguishment of the present 6 per cent. funded debt, 2, p. 7 3
To pay over the interest on the balance funded to this state by the

United States, to the agents of the foreign creditors, 1, p. 379
- To issue to James Sinkler, certain certiticates of liis funded stock,

2, p. 189
To give bond for the faithful performance of the duties of their

2, p. 252, 253
Former accounts to be adjusted and settled by the comptroller -

2, p. 292, 422
Monthly reports of their cash transactions to be rendered in to the

2, p. 292, 423
- also, with stateinents of cash in hand, 2, p. 293, 423, 496
Shall make proper entry of each warrant drawn by the comptroiler-

2, p. 294, 424,
Nul to keep accounts current between their offices, 2, p. 499
Offices io be kept open from 9 o'olock in the morning until 2 in the

2, p. 428
Shall give two receipts for monies paid them by tax-collectors, one

of which, to be lodged with comptroller-general, 2, p. 294, 124
Shall report to the legislature all defaulting tax-collectors,

2, p. 427, 490
Shall receive and deliver to the comptroller-general, all accounts

against the state, on or before 1 October, annually, 2, p. 295,42 1
Shall open books for the registry of all legal debts against the state,

2, p. 295, 431
Shall open accounts for all monies appropriated, 2, p. 427, 497

2, p. 497
Former, whose accounts remain unsettled, shall not be eligible to
the office of comptroller,

2, p. 296, 420
Directed to pay annuities,

. 2, p. 311
To draw orders on tax-collectors, where annuitants reside, 3, p. 313
Not to draw orders in favor of annuitants, unless living, 2, p. 313, 199.
In Charleston, authorized to fund a ceitificate of the lion. Thoros

2, p. 572
To deliver to Peter Trezevant a certain bond and mortgage,

2, p. 403
To pay the trustees of Columbia College, S 50,000, towards building
the same,

2, p. 403
·To deliver certain persons new indents, in lieu of the originals
which have been lost,

2, p. 409

To transmit to the comptroller-general, certified copies of tax-collec

tor's and sheriff's receipts, for executions for taxe, 2, p. 426, 493 Shall pay the salaries of all public officers quirterly, 2, p. 427, 496 Copies of entries from their books, to be evidence in courts,

. 2, p. 428 In Charleston, directed to issue a certificate to Ralph Spence Pnilips, for f. 22,

2, p. 436 to receive from the City Council in Charleston, a certain sum of money for the use and bene it of the heirs of the late Robert Raper, deceased,

2, p. 442 - to deposit public money in tle State Bank, for safo keeping,

2, p. 470 To allow compensation to tax-collectors on closing their accounts,

2, p. 486 How to proceed against the estates of dec. tax-collectors, 2, p. 486 Shill not herefter draw any order, or puy any monies, except to annuit.nts,

3, p. 489 To furnish blank returns to tax-collectors,

2, p. 489 To be furnishedi monthly with a return of all monies received by the tax-collectors of the parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael,

2, p. 490 Not to pay any persons having demands aguinst the state, until their taxes are paid,

2, p. 491 In Columbia, to deliver Wm. Zimmerman two new certificates, in lieu of those said to be lost,

2, p. 505 Declared to be justices of the quorum ex-officio,

2, D. 550 In Columbia, to pay Samuel Harris for a negro, killed while working on the ro.ds,

2, p. 567 TRESPASS. To try title to lands, substituted in lieu of the action of ejectment,

1, p. 66 Plaintiff in, shall endorse on the writ and copy, that it is to try title to land and for damages,

1, p. 168 Judges may make all jux and proper rules relative to the actions of,

1, p. 168 Action of, against deputy-surveyors for locating lands previously grunted,

1, p. 333, 334 TREZIVANT, PETER. Aci to authorize the treasurer to deliver to, à certain bond and mortgage,

2, p. 403 TRUSTEES. of Charleston college, incorpcrutech,

1, p. 195, 197, 198 Of Cambridge college, act authorizing the establishment of a lot

1, p. 258 Of Williamsburgh academy, authorized to draw cne or more lotteties,

2, p. 64 Of Beaufort college, vested with confiscated and cscheated property in Beaufort district,

2, p. 64

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of Columbia acadeniy, incorporated,

2, p. 77
May surrender their trusts with consent of parties, 2, p. 96
Of the Clarendon Orphan Society, vested with certain escheated pro-

2, p. 232
Of Orangeburgh district, incorporated and appointed escheators,

2, p. 234, 237
Of Lancaster county, vested with all the escheated property therein,

2, p. 302
Of Alexandria college, vested with all the escheated property in
the counties of Union, York and Chester,

2, p. 303
Of Colleton district, vested with all the escheated property within
the said district,

2, p. 304
Of Columbia college, appointed for,

2, p. 406
Of South-Carolina college, to have certain squares in Columbia con-
veyed to them,

2. p. 476, 515
--authorized to stop certain streets in the town of Columbia,

2, p. 476
--!0 purchase a philosophical and mathematical apparatus and li-
brary for the said college,

2, p. 477
Of Marlborough academy, authorized to establish a lottery, 2, p. 484

Com'rs. appointed to superintend tbe public roads of, 2, p. 231
Number of justices of the peace for, increased,

2, p. 220
Escheated property in, vested in the trustees of Alexandria college,

2, p. 302
Act for loaning to, the sum of four millions of dollars, in the funda-
ble indents of this state,

1, p. 72
Act prescribing, on the part of this state, the times, places and man-
ner of holding elections for representatives to the congress of,

1, p. 225
Act appointing electors of a President and Vice-President of the,

1, p. 206
Act to cede to the, a place on North-Island, for a light-house to be

2, p. 3, 100, 155
May purchase 2000 acres of land in this state, for arsenals and ma-

2, p. 12
Persons employed by, in this state, shall be subject to the state laws,

2, p. 13
Act for establishing the mode of granting the, in this state, 2, p. 60
Time for taking out grants of, 1, p. 62. Extended, 1, p. 222

Keepers of gaming tables deemed and rated as,

2, p. 448
Of the Episcopal churches of St. Philip and St. Michael, in Char-

leston, act establishing two separate and distinct bodies, and en-
larging the powers thereof,

1, p. 181-2, p. 274

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