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-to procure a jury list, agreeably to law,

2, p. 473
* Penalty op, for making discrimination of persons in levying.execu-
tions for taxes,

2, p. 49 I
Entitled to the usual mileage for the service of tax executions,

2, p. 492, 493
Authorized to sell•lands mortgaged to the state, after giving three
months previous notice,

2, p. 493, 494
-to sell lands mortgaged to the state, but bought in on account of
the state,

2, p. 494
-to execute titles for lands sold by former sheriffs, 2, p. 496
—to sell court-houses, gaols and other public buildings, late the pro-
perty of county courts,

2, p. 522
-heretofore occupied by the former district courts, and the monies
arising from the sales, to be paid into the treasury, 2, p. 522

And Mary his wise, act to compensate, for certuin land in Charles-
ton, taken for public use,

1, p. 373
Exonerated from the payment of a certuin bond, 2, p. 435
Commissioners of the roads or of the poor, for Lancaster county,
authorized to deliver up the said bond,

2, p. 405
SLAVES-See Negroes.

Treasurers authorized to pay indents to the amount of principal and
interest of Basil Cowper's confiscated estate, which has been sold,

. 1, p. 125

Act to enable the South-Carolina, to hold real estates, & bind to trades

and professions, children educated at the expense of, 1, p. 126
Lebanon, incorporated,

1, p. 143
Of Free and Accepted Masons in this state, incorporated, 1, p. 190
German Friendly, incorporated,

I, p. 202
For promoting the education of children in Beaufort district, 1, p. 205
The Indizo, in Georgetown, empowered to establish a lottery,

1, p. 256
Medical, of South Carolina, incorporated,

1, p. 344
Agricultural, of South-Carolina, incorporated,

2, p. 41
Of Beaufort and St. Helena, authorized to convey to trustees, any

part or the whole of the funds now in their possession, 2, p. 69, 70
Spartanburgh Philanthropic, incorporated,

2, p. 196
Mechanic, in Charleston, incorporated,

2, p. 212, 501
St. Andrew's society in Charleston, incorporated, 2, p. 217. Ex-

2, p. 555
Clarendon Orphan, vested with all the escheated property in Cla-
rendon county,

2, p. 232
Of the Head of Enoree Baptist, incorporated,

2, p. 278
The Upper Long-Cane, of Abbeville district, incorporated, 2, p. 298
The Georgetown Library, incorporated,

2, p. 339

The John's Island, incorporated,

2, p. 367
The Philomatic, of Marion district, and the Jefferson Monticello,
of Fairfield district, incorporated,

2, p. 454
The Minerva,

. 2, p. 478
The Abee yetumim ubne ebyonim, for the relief of orphans and chil-
dren of indigent parents,

'2, p. 481
Of the Baptist church of Christ on Cland's creek, 2, p. 478

In equity, fees of, established,

- 1, p. 7, 8
Of the northern and southern circuits, salaries of, established, 1, p. 4
Not exempt from the jurisdiction of the court of wardens in Char-

1, p. 85
Circuit, appointed, duties of,

1, p. 165
to assist the attorney-general when called upon, 1, p. 166
Of circuit courts, salaries of altered and augmented, 1, p. 357–

2, p. 271, 326
Act regulating the admission of, in the courts of this state, 2, p. 38.

2, p. 436
'To revive all suits of the public against tax-collectors and others,

2, p. 322
To attend the courts assigned for the southern, western, middle and
northern circuits,

2, p. 544
The state of, divided into several districts,

2, p. 238, 239
divided into eight election districts,

. 2, p. 443
Act prescribing, on the part of this state, the times, places and man-

ner of holding elections for representatives in congress, 2, p. 443
Bank of, incorporated,

2, p. 382
Comptroller-general authorized to subscribe S 300,000, at the State
Bank, in behalf of the state of,

.. 2, p. 467
The right of the state of, to two negroes, vested in the representa-
tives of the late col. Joseph Kershaw,

2, p. 481
Demands against the state of, not to be satisfied where the creditor
is in arrears to,

2, p. 4919
The right & title of the state of, in certain lands, to be sold, 2. p. 495
College, trustees of, to have certain squares of land in Columbia con-

veyed to them, 2, p. 475. Act to aid the establishment of, 2, p. 514
Com'rs, of the state of, to meet the com’rs, of the state of No. Caro-

lina, concerning boundary, to be appointed by the gov. 2, p. 551

Act to incorporate, 2, p. 196. May establish an academy, &c.

2, p. 196
Times of holding courts in, fixed, 1, p. 46. Altered, 2, p. 37, 38

Act respecting, 1, p. 158. Mode of drawing,

1, p. 159
May be struck, when the sum in controversey exceeds £. 50,

1, p. 159

The 1st, 2d, 3d & 4th clauses of the act passed in 1791, respecting,

2, p. 84
Trial by, abolished, except by consent of parties, 2, p. 148

Act granting to Nathaniel Twining the exclusive privilege of run,
ning a line of,

1, p. 119
Act to incorporate the, 2, p. 382. Repealed,

2, p. 456

2, p. 456
Fifteen directors of, to be chosen annually, three of whom to be ap-
pointed by the legislature,

2, p. 457, 458, 468
How vacancies of, are to be filled up,

1, p. 458
Directors of, entered up under protest, disqualified from serving
as such,

2, p. 458
Fundamental articles of the constitution of, established, 2, p. 459
Corporation of the, shall not purchase or hold any public debt,

2, p. 464
-shall not deal or trade in buying or selling any goods, 2, p. 465.
Bills obligatory and of credit, assignable by endorsement, 2, p. 465
No director of, &c. shall loan out money at an illegal rate of inte-

2, p. 466
Not to pay taxes,

2, p. 467
The comptroller-general to subscribe to the, on behalf of the state,
$ 300,000,

2, p. 467
-to be furnished annually with a statement of the capital stock of,

2, p. 468
To discount warrants of the comptroller-general,

2, p. 469
Bills or notes of the, receivable at the treasury and by the tax-col.

. 2, p. 469, 470
Treasurers, tax-collectors in the parishes of St. Philip and St.
Michael, sheriff of Charleston district, prothonotary, and master in

equity, to deposit public monies for safe keeping in the, 2, p. 470
Not to issue bills or notes of a smaller denomination than $ 5,

2, p. 470
In case of the failure of the stockholders to be liable, 2,.p. 470
No loan to be made by any foreign Prince,

2, p. 470
Not to give credit to banks in other states,

2, p. 471
Corporation to be dissolved after 1 January, 1823, 2, p. 471

Keeper of, his salary established,

1, p. 4, 358
Commissioners of, to be appointed for Georgetown, with certain

1, p. 88
In the town of Beaufort, not to be stopped or obstructed, 2, p. 228, 366
In Charleston, not to be opened without special permission, 2, p. 276

In equity, shall not be sustained when remedy may be had at law,

1, p. 34

Commenced in the late county-courts of Orangeburgh and Beaufort

districts, shall be continued in the district courts, without being commenced de novo,

1, p. 54 Pending in the court of equity when the late chancellor Mathews resigned, to be revived,

2, p. 322 -in Georgetown district, to be tried in Horry district, 2, p. 472,

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STORAGE-See Tobacco.

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND. Pest house on, may be removed, and the lazaretto sold by the city' council of Charleston,

2, p. 98, 99 Lots on, to be taxed by the city council of C. T. to defray the expense of erecting a pest house,

2, p. 554 Commissioners of, empowered to lay out streets, regulate the po

lice and assess the inhabitants of, for defraying the expense of laying out the said streets,

2, p. 255 Penalty of fifty dollars to be paid for gambling on a sabbath day on,

2, p. 256 SUMMERVILLE, JANE Act vesting in trustees, the estate of James Summerville, deceased, for the benefit of,

2, p. 372 . SUMTER DISTRICT. Commissioners of, appointed to fix on a central place for a courthouse and gaol,

2, p. 248 Act to provide for the drawing and legalizing a jury for the court of,

2, p. 404 Clerk of, to issue a writ of venire facias, for jurors to appear and serve at the said courts,

2, p. 405 .

SURVEYOR-GENERAL. Fees of, established, 1, p. 4. Shall keep his office open from 9

o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, 1, p. 21 Shall receive and record in his office, a plan of the town of Camden,

2, p. 327 Deputy, 1, p. 17. Locating lands previously granted, liable to an action of trespass, and on conviction, shall pay treble costs,

1, p. 333, 334 -violating the instructions of the, liable to prosecution, 1, p. 335

And excessive gaming, act to prevent the pernicious practice of,

i, p. 78 TAX-COLLECTORS. To make out and close their accounts up to 20 February, 1791, · with the commissioners of public accounts,

1, p. 67 Hereafter to be appointed, shall hold their offices during the pleasure of the legislature,

1, p. 155 How to levy and proceed, what notice of sales shall be given, and how,

1, p. 169 Restricted from selling private property for public debts, 1, p. 169

Sales made by, shall be at the court-houses or most public places,

1, p. 170
May proceed summarily; when the tax is under 5 shillings, to have
'no fee,

], p. 170
May sell slaves for taxes for one year, and land for seven, 1, p. 170
After satisfying the taxes due, shall pay the balance to the sheriff,

1, p. 170
All sales made under pretext of raising money to pay taxes, contra-
ry to law, declared null and void,

1, p. 171
Shall furnish sheriff's with the names of the taxable inhabitants, to
enable them to make out jury lists,

1, p. 212
Punishment of, for neglecting to obey a rule of court, 1, p. 212
Where county courts are established, to collect assessments for the

2, p. 149, 492
Of Winyaw district, to give bond with four securities, instead of the
security now given by him,

2, p. 150
Former accounts to be adjusted and settled by the comptroller-gen-

2, p. 292, 422
May be suspended by the Comptroller-general for neglect of duty,

2, p. 293, 423
Entitled to two receipts from the treasurers, on payment of monies
to them,

2, p. 294, 434
Directed to pay the treasurers orders in favor of annuitants, 2, p. 312
Penalty on, for neglecting to give information of slaves being
brought into this state contrary to law,

2, p. 349
Authorized to issue executions against owners of plantations for
not having overseers thereon,

. 2, p. 355
Shall take sheriff's receipt for executions lodged with them,

2, p. 426, 427
Defaulters to be reported by the treasurers to the legislature,

2, p. 427, 490
Of the parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael, to deposit public
money in the State Bank for safe keeping,

2, p. 470
On closing their accounts with the treasurers, to receive 7 1-2 per

cent. commissions, except for the parishes of St. Philip and St.
Michael, who shall receive 3 1-2 per cent.

2, p. 486
To begin their enquiry on the 1st February, annually, 2, p. 486.

When payments are to be made and accounts settled, 2, p. 487
How to proceed when collectors are dead,

2, p. 486
To issue executions when required by the comptroller-gen. 2, p. 487
Returns to be made to, by persons liable to pay tax, 2, p. 487, 489
When general returns are made by, to annex a list of the taxable
property not returned,

2, p. 487
May sell lands held by foreigners for the payment of taxes, 2, p. 488
Not to receive any drafts of either of the treasurers in payment of

2, p. 489
To deliver to the treasurers, duplicate general returns, under the
penalty of $ 100,

2. p. 489

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