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Ön persons found guilty of forgery,

2, p. $80
On the South-Carolina and State banks, for buying or selling of

2, p. 388
Of $.100, on persons retailing spirituous liquors or keeping of ta-
verns without license,

2, p. 400
ORS.300, on persons keeping billiard tables without license, 2, p. 401
For betting or playing at games or keeping any gaming place,

2, p. 443
On jurors, failing to attend the court of Horry district, 2, p. 472
On tax-collectors, failing to take duplicate returns, and to make du-
plicate general tax-returns,

2, p. 490
for making discrimination in issuing executions, 2, p. 491
On persons for not pursuing the directions of the act concerning

2, p. 519
On ordinaries, failing to comply with the injunctions appertaining to
the office of,

2, p. 566
Act to authorize, together with his issue, to change their present
name to that of Bedon,

2, p. 475
Justicos of the peace for, increased,

2, p. 220
Three boards of commissioners of the roads appointed for, 2, p. 417

How, and in what manner they are to be paid, 2, p. 311, 360

May be removed from Sullivan's island, by the city council of Char-

2, p. 98
Commissioners os, authorized to erect one on Moss island, at the
entrance of Port Republic,

2, p. 177
May be made by persons entitled to a share of real or personal pro-

perty, to the court of equity or common pieas, for a writ of par-

1, p. 27
In certain cases, parties tr proceed by,

1, p. 32
Copy of, to be served 30 days before court,

1, p. 33
Of persons willing to become guardians of negroes, &c. to.file their
petitions in the office of the clerk of any of the districts, 2, p. 324

Comptroller-general authorized to deliver to, a certain bond and

2, p. 436
Trecsurer in Charleston directed to issue to, a certificate for 6.22,
and to register the same,

2, p. 436
Act, so far as relates to the confiscated estate of major Ralph Phi- .
lips, repcaled,

2, p. 236
Of Marion district, incorporated,

2, p. 455

1, p. 230

Limits of, established,

1, p. 38
Commissioners appointed to build a court-house and gaol in, 1, p. 42
Judges authorized and directed to hold courts in,

1, p. 44
Alexandria college in, act to establish and incorporate, 2, p. 185

Established, 1, p. 230. The house built for the gaoler of, to be vested
in Elizabeth Bankhead, her heirs and assigns, for ever, 2, p. 522

Act for opening the navigation of, 1, p. 366—2, p. 114. These acts

2, p. 164
Navigation company incorporated,

2, p. 165
Solicitor of, in equity, his fees established,

I, p. 7
May try his cause in the district in which the defendant resides or is

1, p. 39
May file his declaration during the sitting of the court, after the
writ is returnable,

1, p. 40
May take judgment by default, if no appearance is entered, 1, p. 40
In trespass, shall indorse on the writ and copy, that it is to try title
to lands for damages,

1, p. 169
May serve process to receive proceedings on absentees, by posting
rules on the court-house door,

1, p. 213
Shall have costs of suit in all actions to try title, if the verdict is
above 4 dollars,

2, p. 320
Commissioners of, to be chosen by the inhabitants of election dis-
tricts where county courts are not established,

1, p. 76
-powers and duties of, 1, p. 76. To receive gifts, legacies, fines,
&c. for the use of,

• 1, p. 76
-to assess sufficient sums for the relief and education of children of

- 1, p. 77
-to bind out the children of the, as apprentices,

1, p. 77
to issue warrants of distress against defaulters,

1, p. 77
-when elected, shall serve, under the penalty of 6.5 each, 1, p. 77
-not obliged to serve more than 2 years in 6,

1, p. 78
to be elected in the counties where county courts are established,

1, p. 292
-powers of, 1, p. 293. To provide for the maintenance of bastards,

2, p. 75
to assess and collect taxes,

2, p. 99
to be elected in Edgefield district,

2, p. 100
Assessments for, to be collected by the tax-collectors in all counties
where county courts are established,

2, p. 149
The several tax-collectors in the state, authorized to collect tax for
the, and to be allowed the usual commissions,

2, p. 492
Unappropriated monies in the hands of the com’rs. of the roads, rec,

on acct. of estrays, to be paid over to the com’rs, of the, 2, p. 518

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Overplus money arising from the sale of certoin court-houses and
gaols, to be paid over to the commissioners of the, 2, p. 521

Act to compensate the heirs devisees cf, for certain property,

2, p. 300
Act providing for the burrelling and packing of, for exportation, at
the towns of Chathan, Cam en and Vienna,

2, p. 13
Island, restry of the church on, authorized to convey land for the
purpose of erecting a colle e theicon,

2, p. 65
--commissioners of, auqorized to cest a fort and pesi-house on
Moss island,

2, p. 176
Bridge company incorporate:I,

1, p. 337
Act to exorerate him froin the purchase of two tracts of land, sold

him by the commissioners of forfeited estates, on payment to the
treasurers, for the land while in his possession,

1, p. 200
Receiver, salary of, established,

1, p. 4
Inspector and arsenal keeper, salaries of established, 1, p. 4
--for Charleston and Ninety-six districts, sularies of fixed, 1, p. 342
--shall not administer the ctice of, by de puiy,

1, p. 343
--shall continue in office 4 years, and rive security, 1, p. 343
Receivers for the magazines at Go!"(town and Beaufort, to be

2, p. 81

Rights of abolished, and esimies of intestutes equitully distributed,
1, p. 24. Amended,

2, p. 147
Act establishing the upper linc betweeis, and Prince Georges parish,

1, p. 90, 263
Act est: the upper line between, and Prince Frede ick's

.. ], p. 90, 263
Taxable property in, assessed by coinınissioners, to pay for Lynch's
causew. y,

I, p. 178, 179
Corfiscatecand escheated property in, vested in the Winy aw Indi-
go scciety,

2, p. 70
Commissioners of the road's in, authorized to meet twice it year,

. 2, p. 59
Wien diccharsed, shall r.ot be bound to pay any charges, 1, p. 45
In the new districts, may be lodged in the gaols of the ord districts,

2, p. 268
Cermitted under the authority of the United States, to be received
by lekcepers of gaols,

2. p. 343
To be provided with blankets by sheriffs, . 2, p. 343, 344


May be committed to the gaol in Charleston district, by the Inferior
City Court,

2, p. 398
Necessarily going to or returning from courts, &c. 1, p. 44-2, p. 242

Judicial, shall be tested in the name of the chief justice or senior
associate judge,

1, p. 39
Summary, to be tried by the judges of county courts, 1, p. 52
Served on absentees by posting on the court-house door of the dis.

1, p. 213
In the circuit courts, if too late for one return, good for the next,

d, p. 214
Summary, lands liable to execution under decree on,, 1, p. 290
Civil, not to be executed on persons not attending musters,

1, p. 314
Issued from the court of equity in the several districts, to be execut-
ed by the sheriffs thereof,

2, p. 321
Of defaulters to the paper medium loin-office, to be purchased in

for the state by the treasurers, when it will be sold below its in-
trinsic value,

1, p. 58, 59
Public, purchasers of, relief granted to, 1, p. 122. Refusing to
comply with the terms of sale of, how to be proceeded against,

. 1, p. 230
Confiscated and escheated in Beaufort district, vested in the trus-
tees of Beaufort college,

2, p. 65
-in the districts of Prince George, Winyaw, and Saints, vested
in the Winyaw Indigo Society,

2, p. 70
in Cheraw district, vested in the Society of St. David 2, p. 70
in Clarendon county, vested in the Clarendon Orphan Society,

2, p. 232
--in Orangeburgh distiict, vestedin trustees for establishing, schools,

2, p. 237
-in Charleston, vested in the Roman Catholic Church in do.

2, p. 274
-in Kershaw county, vested in the Camden Orphan Society,

2, p. 301
in Lancaster county, vested in trustees for endowing a school,

2, p. 302
-in the counties of Union, York and Chester, vested in the trus-
tees of Alexandria College,

2, p. 302 & 303
-in Williamsburgh district, vested in the trustees of Williamsburgh
Ac demy,

2, p. 303
-in Colleton district, vested in trustees for establishing a school,

2, p. 304
in the parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael, Charleston, vested in
the City Council for the benefit of the Orphan-house, 2, p. 305
sold, vested in John English, jun.

2, p. 307

-in Conwayborough, to be sold for the support of the poor of Hor.
ry district,

2, p. 421
-unsold, of the late Henry and Rowland Rugely, act respecting,

2, p. 484
Taxable, not returned to the tax-collectors, a list thereof to be an-
nexed to their general return of taxes,

2, p. 487
--held by foreigners to be sold if the taxes thereon are not paid,

2, p. 488
For all delinquencies of officers employed in the collection of the

public revenue, to be directed and superintenacd by the comptrol-

2, p. 292, 422
To deposit public money in the State Bank for safe keeping,

2, p. 470
Officers of government, annual salaries of, established, 1, p. 4. To
be paid quarterly,

2, p. 427, 497
-demanding or receiving greater fees than are allowed by law, may
be prosecuted,

1, p. 21
-to keep their offices open from 9 o'clock in the morning until 3
o'clock in the afterncoil,

1, p. 21
--shall not purchase property at their own sales,

1, p. 41
- to make up their accounts to 20 Feb. 1791, and submit them to
the commissioners of accounts,

1, p. 67
Sales, when and where to be held in the several districts, and what
notice to be given,

1, p. 41
Faith pledged to make good any deficiency arising from the failure
of the borrowers of the paper medium,

1, p. 60
Property, relief granted to the purchasers of,

1, p. 122
Accounts, act to regulate the manner of keeping, in this state,

2, p. 15
Debt of this state, how provided for, 1, p. 374--2, p. 71, 295.
Act granting further tice for the registering of 2, p. 430

Of the governor respectin,,, g unted in his absence to the city coun-

2, p. 98
Act to amend the law respecting,

2, p. 156
Act to authorize, to change his present name to that of Wm. S.

2, p. 432
Justices of, appointed throughout the state, 1, p. 50. To continue
in office 4 years,

1, P, 50-2, p. 260
-to qualify before the governor or judges,

?, p. 52
may give orders for bail in actions in the supreme courts, whero
county courts are not established,

1, p. 167
appointments of, previous to 20th Dec. 1798, void, 2, p. 259, 260

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