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Mode of administering the, to 'judges and justices of the peace,

1, p. 52
To be administered to the commissioners appointed to settle the ac-

counts of the present and former com'rs. of the treasury, 1, p. 70
-to messengers of election returns,
—to commissioners appointed to examine election returns, 1, p. 228
Of fidelity to be taken by militia officers,

1, p. 354
Time for taking, by militia officers, extended to six months,

2, p. 36, 119
One only to be administered to jurors for the whole term, 2, p. 153
Of office to be administered to the commissioners of the streets and
markets of the town of Columbia,

2, p. 222
To be taken by the owners of slaves to be emancipated, 2, p. 356
Of office, to be administered by any two jus.ices, one of whom shall
be of the quorum,

2, p. 360
To be taken by magistrates and freeholders, for the trial of negroes,

. 2, p. 376
-by keepers of ferries, to carry into effect the act to prevent ne-
groes from being brought into this state,

2, p. 377
-by appealant from the inferior city court in Charleston, 2, p. 397
by persons removing with their negroes into this state, 2, p. 450

Public, certain, to be kept open from 9 o'clock in the morning until
3 o'clock in the afternoon,

1, p. 21
Of the treasury and of the tax-collectors, to be visited by the com-
missioners of public accounts,

1, p. 70
Of register of mesne conveyances for Horry district, vested in the
clerk of the court,

Of government, salaries of, established, 1, p. 4. To continue in
force for 4 years,

1, p. 23
Public, or others, may be prosecuted for receiving greater fees than
they are entitled to,

1, p. 21
-to keep their offices open,

1, p. 21
shall forfeit their offices, if they purchase at their own sales,

1, p. 41
--shall make up their accounts to 20 Feb. 1791, and submit the
same to the commissioners of public accounts,

1, p. 67
-may leave the state for a less time than 30 days, without permissi-
on of the governor,

1, p. 168
_for a longer time with the permission of the governor, 1, p. 169
their salaries payable quarterly,

2, p. 427, 497
-certain, declared to be justices of the quorum ex-officio, 2, p. 550

Of associate judges, in all matters of law decided by them, to be
given in writing,

2, p. 317

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ORDINARY Fees of, established,

1, p. 18 Of Orangebuigh and Beaufort districts, to keep all records relative

to the busiess of in the county courts wiich are suspended, 1, p. 54 Courts of established in the several distii ts of this state, 2, p. 315 Judges of, to be appointed by the legislature, 3, p. 315. Empower-. ed to summon persons as witnesses,

2, p. 316 -to have all summonses and other precepts issued by them, executed by the sherill,

2. p. 316 Persons neglecins to attend, may be proceeded against, 2. p. 316 Persons aggrieved by the judgment of, may appeal, 2, p. 316 Appeals to be determined by judges of court common pleas, 2, p. 316 id to be justice of the quorum ex-ufiicio,

2, p. 5:0 Judges of, in their respective districts, to be furnished by persons

having papers or books of record of the late county courts, upper. taining to their offices,

2, p. 556 Of, certain distii ts, directed to attend at the court-houses of their respective districts, once a month,

2, p. 566 Penalty on, for neglecting to comply there with, . 2, p. 567

ORANGELLRGH. District, limits of,

1, p. 37 --county courts in, suspended,

1, p. 54 Road from, to Crandy, to be laid out,

- 1, p. 109 Bridge to be built from within the limits of the town, across Edisto river,

1, p. 228 District, trustees appointed to establish schools in, 2, p. 234. Also appointed, escreators for,

2, p. 237 -jury drawn for, legalizech,

2, p. 405 -clerk of, constitused register of mesne conveyances for, 2, p. 546 --court of Lexington to be held at, until a court-house is built,

2, p. 547 ORPHAN-HOUSE. In Charleston, all the escheated property within the parishes of St. Philip and St Michael, vested in the city council, for the benefit

2, p. 305 OVERSEERS. To be appointed by the bourd of commissioners for opening the navigation of certain rivers,

1, p. 97 To superintend the slaves at work, 1, p. 97. Penalty on, for refusing to serve,

Y, p. 97 Employed at the Santee canal, exempt from militia and road duty,

2, p. 36, 60 Capable of performing patrol duty, must be employed by owners of plantations,

2, p. 354 OWNERS. Of plantations must employ overseers capable of performing patrol duty, or forfeit 100 dollars,

2, p. 354 Tax-collectors to issue executions for double the amount, in case of failure therein,

2, p. 355

of the,

of lots on the front of streets in Beaufort, restricted from building

2, p. 366
Act for gradually calling in and sinking the,

1, p. 56
Borrowers of, to pay the interest and one seventh of the principal,
or their names shall be published,

1, p. 57
On non-payment of, their mortgaged property to be advertised for
sale by the treasurer in Charleston,

1, p. 57
Received, zo be defaced, and delivered to a joint committee of the le-
gislature, to be burnt,

1, p. 58
Commissioners may purchase in for the state, where the property
will not bring its real value,

. 1, p. 59
obliged to receive the whole sum borrowed, if offered, 1, p. 59
Tender of, for purchases at sheriff's sales, act for allowing as, re-

1, p. 59
May be received at the treasury in payment of the civil list expenses,

1, p. 59
Deficiency of, the public faith pledged for, 1, p. 60. Loan office
shall ccase after 1 June, 1791, ,

1, p. 60
Act repealing the part of the act passed 12th October, 1785, which
relates to burning the interest on the

. 1, p. 175
-allowing further time to the borrowers of,

1, p. 218
Lands mortgaged for the loan of, and bought in by the treasurers,

to be sold by the sheriffs of the respective districts in which they
severally lie,

. 2, p. 493
Of Prince George and Prince Frederick, act establishing the upper
line of,

1, p. 90
Of St. Peter and St. Luke, line of division between, established,

1, p. 249
Of St. Matthew and the election district of Saxegotha, commission-

ers appointed to run the division line between, 2, p. 181, 413
Of St. James, Goose-creek, and St. George, Dorchester, commissi-

oners appointed to run the division line between, 2, p. 306
Of St. Philip and St. Michael, escheated property in, vested in the
city council for the Orphan House,

2, p. 305
Or dower, attornies fees in all cases of, established, 1, p. 9
Writ of, to be obtained, by petition to the court of equity or common
pleas, i

1, p. 27
to be directed to certain com’rs. who are to admeasure the estate,

1, p. 28
Summons in, demandable of common right in district courts, 2, p. 315

Act for enforcing the performance of the duty of, . 2, p. 351
Officers required to disperse assemblies of slaves, free negroes, mu-
lattoes and mustizoes,

2, p. 252
Penalty on persons neglecting to ride,

2, p. 353

Duty to be performed by overseers,

2, p. 354
Penalty on commanding officers of a company or beat, for not mak-
ing out lists of detachments of,

2, p. 355
For exchanging indents, 1, p. 73. For refusing to serve as com-
missioner of the poor,

1, p. 77
On those who game, swindle, &c. 1, p. 79. On sheriffs, for pur-
chasing property sold by them,

1, p. 41
Org.20 on persons refusing to give evidence in the court of wardens,

1, p. 83, 84
Of 6.10 on persons refusing to serve as overseers of small districts,

1, p. 97
Of 1:5 for injuring navigation, 1, p. 98. For destroying buoys,

1, p. 99
On keepers of ferries or toll bridges, who obstruct fording places,

1, p. 113
For retarding persons at Hampton's bridges across the Congaree

and Savannah rivers, and at Campton's on Saluda river, 1, p. 118
For injuring bridges, 1, p. 118, 119, 131. For retarding persons
at Orangeburgh bridge,

1, p. 130
On intendant and wardens of the town of Canden for mal practices,

i, p. 146
On special jurors neglecting to attend, 1, p. 161. On persons re-
fusing to attend as jurors,

1, p. 163
On justices of the peace for neglecting to lodge recognizances in
the clerks offices,

1, p. 172
On persons appearing at musters improperly armed and accoutred,

1, p. 174
-importing slaves contrary to law, 1, p. 216—2, p. 374, 379
-not licensed to keep a billiard table,

1, p. 224
On the proprietors of the bridge over Ashly ferry, for not comply-

ing with the requisitions of the commissioners, 1, p. 256
On persons refusing to have a free passage for fish, 1, p. 241
Of t..50 for refusing to give information of the approach of an ene-

1, p. 324
Of 4.2 for refusing to obey the notice of any commanding officer in
time of alarm,

1, p. 325
On witnesses residing within the state, for non-attendance, 1, p. 382,

383, 384, 385
On commissioners appointed to have Horse-shoe creek cleared, for

1, p. 387
On owners of slaves, for not making proper returns of such as are
to work on Horse-shoe creek,

1, p. 388
On persons obstructing the passage or current of Horse-shoe creek,

1, p. 390
Recovered by the commissioners of Horse-shoe creek, how appro-

1, p. 390
On persons injuring the causeways and bridges from Granby to

2, p. 22
injuring the works on Cacaw swamp, 2, p. 25. On commissi
oners of Cocaw swamp for not meeting,

2, p. 26 .
On owners, who e slaves neglect to appear with proper utensils at
Cacaw swamp,

2, p. 23
On commissioners of roads for not acting, and on inhabitants for not
sending their slaves to work,

2, p. 54
On keepers of ferries for unnecessary detention,

2, p. 61
On persons trading with slaves having no tickets, $ 200, 2, p. 92
-offending against the act concerning cattle,

2, p. 96
On millers or boiters neglecting to brund casks of fiour and bread,

2, p. 104
--for short weight and false tare,

2, p. 104
On persons exporting unmerchantable flour, and for altering brands,

2, p. 107, 103
Mode of recovering on bread and four,

2, p. 110
On persons liable, and neglecting to work on Little Pedee river,

2, p. 113
For obstructing Four Holes creek after it shall be cleared out,

2, p. 114
the passage of fish up Chinquepin & Thomson's creeks, 2, p. 118
Fordet:ining persons at Bishop's ferry on Great Pedee river, 2, p. 117
On district sheriffs and provost marshals, for refusing to deliver up
their books, &c.

2, p. 145
On persons refusing to attend the coroner as jurors, 2, p. 151, 216
On constables refusing to serve the coroners warrant, . 2, p. 151
On hawkers and peddlers selling without license, 2, p. 152
For obstructing the navigation of Pine-tree creek, 2, p. 167
On the proprietors of saw mills on Black-creek, in Cheraw district,
for delay of boats, &c.

2, p. 175
of Effingham's saw mills on Lynch's creek, for do. 2, p. 188 ·
Før obstructing the navigation of Saluda river,

2, p. 194
On commissioners appointed to make navigable the river Wacca- -
maw, for refusing to act,

2, p. 192
-- to establish a ferry over Winyaw Bay, for neglect of duty, 2, p. 209
On persons transgressing the rules and regulations of the commissi-
oners of Columbia,

2, p. 224
On jurors for non-attendance at the circuit courts, 2, p. 244; and at
other courts,

2, p. 265
On persons injuring the works of the Charleston Water company,

2, p. 282
On persons violating the act to prevent the opening of streets, &c.
within the city of Charleston,

2, p. 277
--for keeping gaming tables open on Sundays on Sullivan's island,

2, p. 256
On owners of plantations, for not having overseers, 2, p. 354
On keepers of ferries who shall refuse to take the oath respecting
the bringing of negroes into this state,

2, p. 377
Appropriations thereof,

2, p. 378

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