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Of the courts of common law not attending district courts, the clerks
and sheriffs authorized to draw the juries,

2, p. 358
Act to establish an uniform and more convenient system of, 2, p. 238
Act to revise and amend, ditto, 2, p. 262. Act supplementary,

2, p. 313
This state divided into districts, 2, p. 238. Times of holding and
sitting of the courts,

2, p. 240, 241
Distribution of courts into circuits, 2, p. 241. Courts of record,

2. p. 2-12
Sheriff to make jury lists, who, together with the clerks of courts,
to draw jurors therefrom,

2, p. 242
New jury lists to be made out every three years, 2, p. 243. Qua-
lification of Jurors,

2, p. 243
Judges to cause juries to be drawn, 2, p. 244. Penalty on jurors
for non attendance,

2, p. 244
Jurisdiction of county courts declared,

2, p. 244
Former courts of general sessions and common pleas abolished and
business transferred,

2, p. 245
Clerks of the courts, how to be appointed,

2, p. 246
Court of wardens in Charleston abolished,

2, p. 247
Attornies fees reduced,

2, p. 247
Two judges added to the present number,

2, p. 247
Repealing clause as to judges and chief justice,

2, p. 247
Colleton court to be held at Jacksonborough,

2, p. 248
Commissioners to fix on central places in Colleton, Sumter, Marion
and Barnwell districts for the erection of court-houses and gaols,

. 2, p. 248
Present clerks and sheriffs of county courts continued until others
are elected,

2, p. 219
Richland county made a district, and, with Fairfield, included in the
southern circuit.

2, p. 263
Sheriffs hereafter to be electedl, to give bonds for the faithful per-
formance of the duties of their offices,

2, p. 263
-their securities to be approved of by commissioners, 2, p. 264
Each of the courts, (except in Charleston,) shall sit not exceeding

six days, (except also the courts of Collcton and Beaufort dis-
tricts, which may sit 5 days, but not longer,) unfinished business
shall be adjourned over to the next court,

2, p. 264
Names of 24 persons to serve as grand jurors, and 48 as petit and
common pleas jurors, to be drawn,

2, p. 265
Jurors drawn and neglect to serve, shall forfeit a sum not exceeding
20 dollars,

. 2, p. 265
County courts abolished,

2, p. 265
If court day happens on Sunday, the court shall sit the day follow-

2, p. 266
Judge not attending on stated day, the court shall be adjourned,

2, P. 266

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Clerks of courts to be appointed by the governor, 2, p. 266. Bond of the clerks may be sued,

2, p. 267 Part of the act concerning the fees of attornies, repealed, 2, p. 267 Court-houses and gaols for Colleton, Marion, Barnwell and Sumter districts, to be built,

2, p. 267 Prisoners in a new district may be lodged in the gaol of the old,

2, p. 268 Attornies taking greater fees than those established by law, shall forfeit 6.50,

2, p. 268 Process depending on the 1st Jan. 1800, how returnable, 2, p. 313 -to be tested and sealed,

2, p. 314 How to proceed where defendants reside in different districts, 2, p. 314 How executions are to be issued and served after 1 January, 1800,

2, p. 314 Clerk of any district court, or justice of the quorum, may give order for bail, and take special bail,

2, p. 314 Writs of attachment, summons in dower or in partition, demandaable in district court,

2, p. 315 Courts of ordinary established in each district within the state, 2, p. 315 --judges of, to be elected by the legislature,

2, p. 315 -empowered to summon persons as witnesses, 2, p. 316. Persons

neglecting to attend, to be proceeded against. Sheriffs to execute

all process of, 2, p. 316. Persons aggrieved may appeal, 2, p. 316 Judges of the court of common pleas to determine appeals; and all matters of fact shall be tried by a jury,

2, p. 316 Associate judges shall meet at Columbia on the Tuesday next after the conclusion of the circuits, annually,

2, p. 317 Each judge shall give his opinion in writing

2, p. 317 If two or more judges attend, they may distinctly hold a court of sessions and common pleas,

2, p. 317 Jurisdiction of a magistrate extends to debts of 20 dollars, 2, p. 318 Persons aggrieved may appeal when the debt is above 6 dollars,

2, p. 318 Attorneys fees in future, shall be only 2 dollars in all cases of appeal,

2, p. 318 Clerks of district courts constituted registers of mesne conveyances,

2, p. 318 -where the office of, is vacant, the judge may appoint, 2, p. 318 Former clerks and sheriffs, having monies, bonds, notes, &c. to account with the commissioners of the roads,

2, p. 319 All executions to be returned at the time appointed by law, 2, p. 319 In all actions to try title, the plaintiff shall have costs, if the verdict is above 4 dollars,

2, p. 320 Writs of scire facias may be served without witness 2, p. 320 Times and places for holding the courts of equity, at Charleston, Columbia and Cambridge, altered,

2, p. 320 Districts divided into four circuits ; eastern, northern, western and southern,

2, p. 320

--slieriffs of, to execute process issued from the court of equity,

2, p. 321 Commissioners and registers in equity to be appointed for each district,

2, p. 322 Attorney-general and solicitors to revire suits of the public against tax-collectors,

2, p. 322 Suits pending in court when chancellor Mathews resigned, revived,

2, p. 322 Judge of the court of ordinary, sherifi, clerks of court, and coroner,

inay qualify before any two jusiices of the quoruin, 2, 2, 322 Records of county courts to be transferred into the district courts,

2, p. 323 Clerks of the court of common pleas shall grant commissions to examine witnesses,

2, p. 323 Persons willing to become guardians of negroes, &c. to file their petitions in the office of the clerk of the court of any of the districts,

2, p. 324 All laws relative to estrays, now in force, shall prevail after 1 January, 1800,

2, p. 325 All laws relative to the late circuit courts or districts, shall extend to the new districts, :

2, p. 325 Where a judge on the circuits shall be taken sick, the governor may appoint a proper person to sit,

2, p. 325 Solicitors, each to receive 500 dollars per annum,

2, p. 326 Judges of the courts of law, authorized to appoint a clerk to attend at Columbia,

2, p. 326 Sheriff of Richland district to attend the sittings of the said judges, and to be allowed 5 50 annually,

2, p. 326 General and repealing clauses,

2, p. 249, 268, 326

JUDGMENTS. To be taken by default when no appearance has been entered, 1, p. 40 Clerk's fees for recording,

2, p. 34 JUDICIARY-See judicature.

JURISDICTION. Of the court of wardens in Charleston, in certain cases, ascertained,

1, p. 82, 83 -extended to counsellors, attornies, solicitors & clerks, 1, p. 84, 85 Of North Island ceded to the United States, 2, p. 101, 155 Of county courts declared, .

2, p. 244 Of magistrates extended to debts of $ 20, 2, p. 318. Extended, (except in the city of Charleston,)

397 Of the inferior city court designated,

2, p. 394

JUROR. Special, penalty for neglecting to attend as a

1, p. 161 Grand, person paying 15s. tax, to be chosen as a, . 1, p. 162 Petty or common pleas, persons having paid 55. tax, to be chosen as an

1, p. 162 Six additional, shall be drawn, in addition to those heretofore drawn, and forin two juries, i

1, p. 162

Fine for not attending and acting as a, 1, p. 163. For non-attend-

2, p. 244, 265, 472
Act to dispense with the frequent swearing of, in civil causes dis-
• pensed with,

2, p. 152
For Charleston district, how to be drawn in future, 2, p. 516
Drawn for certain courts in the upper districts, to attend, 2, p. 544

Lists to be made out by the sheriffs of the new districts, and ren-
dered in to the judges,

I, p. 44
-to be made out at least once in three years, 1, p. 161-2, p. 243,
264. To be procured by the sheriff,

2, p. 473
Act to amend the law respecting juries,

1, p. 158
Special, mode of drawing in future,

1, p. 159
-may be struck, when the sum in controversy exceeds 6.50,

1, p. 159
Two, to be formed in the county or circuit districts, 1, p. 163
Drawn for Pinckney & Ninety-six districts, declared legal, 1, p. 164

To be drawn by the sheriffs for Washington district, 1, p. 164
Drawn at the last courts of Cambridge and Camden, declared legal,

1, p. 212
for the circuit court of Chester district legalized, 2, p. 358
Shall render verdicts in dollars and cents, after the 1 May, 1796,

2, p. 16
Act of 1791, so far as relates to special, repealed,

2, p. 84
To be drawn by the clerk and sheriff, in case of the absence of the

2, p. 358
Shall try causes in the inferior city court in Charleston, 2, p. 393
To serve at the next spring circuit for Sumter district, act to legal-
ize the drawing of,

2, p. 404
Lately drawn for Orangeburgh district, legalized, 2, p. 405. To
be drawn for Horry district,

2, p. 472
Fees established,

1, p. 15
To be appointed for each county as heretofore, 1, p. 50. Jurisdic-
tion of fixed,

1, p. 51
Not to exceed nine in each county, and continue in office four years,

50--2, p. 260
Judgment of, above 20s. an appeal may be made from, 1, p. 51
To receive no fees on judgment for less than 10s.

1, p. 51
No jurisdiction in Tort, allowed to,

1, p. 52
Oath of office prescribed by the constitution, to be administered to,

1, p. 52
Shall not keep taverns, or retail spirituous liquors, 1, p. 53
Shall issue warrants against persons for gaming, swindling, &c. 1, p. 79
Shall have the same jurisdiction where county courts are not estab-
lished, as where they are,

, 1, p. 171
Shall return recognizances to the courts of sessions and pleas,
under the penalty of 6.10,

1, p. 172

Act to increase the number of, where county courts are established,
from 9 to 15,

1, p. 358
May cite witnesses to give evidence before them,

1, p. 384
To be removed from office for mal practices,

2, p. 83
Intendant & wardens of Camden vested with the authority of, 2, p. 180
Number of, increased in certain counties,

• 2, p. 220
Where former districts are divided, they may act where they re-

2, p. 262
Jurisdiction of, extends to debts of 20 dollars, 2, p. 318. Extended,
(except in the city of C. T.)

2, p. 397
Parties aggrieved, where the debt is above six dollars, may appeal,

. 2, p. 318
Required to disperse the meeting of assemblies of slaves or free

2, p. 352
Authorized to issue warrants to apprehend negroes, &c. 2, p. 375
Increased in the several districts of the state,

2, p. 548
Act conveying the right of this state to two slaves, to the represen-
tatives of the late Joseph Kershaw, deceased,. 2, p. 480

Act to establish a county and county court in, 1, p. 85. Courts to
be held in,

1, p. 86
Commissioners appointed to survey the lines between the counties

of Kershaw and Lancaster, and Rershaw and Claremont, 1, p. 86
Court-house in, may be used for county-courts,

1, p. 171
Act to fix the lines of division between the counties of Kershaw and
Lancaster, Kershaw and Claremont, and Kershaw and Richland,

I, p. 242
Commissioners appointed to superintend the public roads in Ker-
shaw county,

2, p. 230
To be erected at Georgetown and Beaufort,

2, p. 80
Commissoners appointed to survey the lines between the county of
Kershaw and,

1, p. 86
Dividing line between the county of Kershaw and, fixed, 1, p. 243
Escheated property within, vested in trustees for endowing a)
school in,

1, p. 302
See act vesting the said property in Jane Summerville, 2, p. 372
Monies arising from the sale of the court house and gaol in, to be
paid into the treasury,

2, p. 522
Limitation act, respecting the recovery of, suspended, until 1st No
vember, 1791,

1, p. 56
Mortgaged, may be sold by order of the judges,

1, p. 64
Actions to try title to, to be by trespass,

1, p. 66
Vacant, act establishing the granting of,

1, p. 60

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