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som? :...", y toll bridge across Filisto ricer, in the w i r, irum some sure tim or in the Old Mill

trait crun the simiis vf the turun 0.71 relurg', . Ali sve of the said river, to the most convenient sjov on the south side of the said river, and for making clausemy throw!!'e swamp leading from the said bridge to

uin rodó veiling from Ninety-six to Charleston, and prestarih .? srilme, w'en built, in such person or 1.rsons, lai,. ., lislarities for a term not exceeding twin,' concisallar út the expense oj* bring their

fooiing i'r said causeway, ani' kesh ng pr .. ?!" karenar in repair dur,

ing the wind bis TITRER: : es frequently meet VV with gre

?pis inr the road lead.: .,foo Santren Division, for the

tist wod and stiri bridge across the Tiin r, ni or near the place calci the Old

.!",und a good and sufficient causeway, fou t grounds on the south side of said river, tuore the swamp leading to the said prisire: Thereas, great benefit would arise 7:) *;,witts of the western part of this state, n u; tie pabric: in general, from such yrirl, i vi.. ... Bijtimis..

!! the honcrable the CiliLe !:59 of Represeriutives, now met on siiting in general assembly, and by the au.

t/ority of the same, That Donald Bruce, EsCommis. guire, Charles Starky Middleton, Jacob Rumph, * Ders to Jacol, Wannamaker and James Carmichael, or

; . any urce of them, be, and they are hereby noingbri, in mintehuid appointed commissioners for conand me ing cause. tracting and agreeing with any proper person or

persons who may be willing to undertake, at their uwa cost and charges, to construct and crect a bridge over the said river, and for making a good and sufficient causeway through the swamp from said bridge to the high land on the south side of said river, into the road leading from Charleston



to Ninety-six, and for keeping the sam , :70 stant repair during the time they are pics of the toll of said bridge. .

And le it further tracted by the authority aforesai, That ad.devert rrr!! OT L' SONS Person with włotivy thin g the coumissi-contact

**ing emoners aioresaid, suulli n tract and agree, powered shall have power and cannot be and they to build a are hereby fully i n Worcredi construct and cili the sa, iar Lisach inte terials as they shall think fit: Piinlad, Trattire said bridge and causeway be not less than thai. ty feet in width, and that the aperture i ntre arch be not less than thirty feet, anri nadu .. the deepest part of said river, six feet higheid common freshes, for the greater c venutiu navigation.

And be it further enacted by the urity aforesaid, That zur and a consideration of the The suid trouble and expers of C itructing and crect- bridge and

causeway ing said biidge and ST ay, ard preserving to bevestand continuing the same it good order and re- ed in the pair, the bridge and cuuserzy, rieni, salle

coatractbe, and the same are hereby vested in the siding. person or persons, his or their executors, adm. nistrators and assigns, for a term not exceeding twenty-one years, with whom the commissioners aforesaid, or any three or more of them, nicy contract and agree; and it shall and may be lawful for the proprietor or proprietors of the said bridge, for the time being, from time to time, and at all times, after it shall be fit for use, to ask, demand, receive and take to and for his and their own proper use and behoof, as pontage or toll, before any passage over the said bridge shall be permitted, the several sums following, in lawful money, viz. for every ejach, chariot, or four Rates of wheel carriage, drawn by to or more horses, pontage.


mules or oxen, with the persons therein, and driver or drivers, one shilling and six pence; for every empty waggon or cart, crawn by two or more horses, mules or oxen, with the driver or drivers, the sum of six pence; for every loaded waggon or cart, drawn by two or more horses, mules or oxen, with the driver or drivers, the sum of one shilling; for every cart, chaise or chair, with one horse, and with the person or persons riding or driving the same, nine pence; for every emj'y cart with one horse, and the driver, four pence; and for every loaded cart, with one horse and the driver, six pence, like money; for every horse, mule or ass, laden or unladen, two pence; for every foot passenger whatsoever, one penny; for every horse and rider, three pence; for every head of oxen, or neat cattle, one penny; for every drove of calves, sheep, lambs or hogs, the sum of one half penny per head; for every hogshead of tobacco rolled over, with two horses and driver, six pence.

And be it further enacted by the authority Constant aforesaid, That the proprietor or proprietors of attendance the said bridge, shall be, and they are hereby to be given at the said obliged and required, from time to time, and at bridge. all times, to keep a sufficient number of persons,

one at least to be a white man, to attend constantly at the said bridge, as well by night as by.

day, that passage may be had over the same, Penalty for as occasion may require; and in case any perretarding son or persons going to-the said bridge in order passengers.

to pass the same, cither by him or themselves, or with any vehicle, carriage, or other article or thing whatever, after tendering the pontage or toll herein before appointed for passing the said bridge, shall be wilfully retarded or delayed, the said proprietor or proprietors shall pay to such person or persons, the sum of five shillings for evert quarter of an hour that he, she or they shall be so retarded or delayed; which penalty and forfeiture shall be recoverable upon the oath of the party complaining, or any other credible witness, before any magistrate or justice of peace of the district: Provided, That complaint thereof be made within tuenty days, but not after.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the governor or commander in Persons chief of the state for the time being, all ministers exempt

froin ponof the gospel, and all persons going to and from tage. places of divine worship, or going to and returning from any muster of the militia, or to and from any election for members of the general assembly, and all persons in time of alarm, expresses and messengers in the service of this state, or the honorable the president or congress of the United States, and all members of the house of assembly, with their servants, riding-carriages anor horses, going to and returning from the house; and all persons summoned and attending as jurors or witnesses in any of the courts of this state, be, and they are hereby exempted from any pontage or toll; any thing here before contained to the contrary thereof not vithstanding.

And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, For preventing the wilful and malicious destroy - Penalty for ing or damaging the said bridge, if any person injuring or

“destroying or persons shall wilfully, maliciously blow up, the said pull down, burn, or otherwise destroy the said bridge. bridge, or any part thereof, or attempt so to do, or in any wise direct or procure the same to be done, whereby the said bridge or the worksthereof may be damaged, or the lives of passengers endangered, every such offender or offenders, being lawfully convicted thereof, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.

And for preventing any damages or mischief that may be done and committed by any evil minded or disorderly persons, rowing, navigating, or managing pettiaugers, boats or raf s, in or upon the said Edisto river, and to the end that the masters and owners of pettiaugers, boats and rafts, may be more careful therein:

Beit enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Masters of every master and masters, owner and owners of petticus: pettiaugers, boats or rafts, shall be and is, and ers, &c. li. able für da. they are hereby made liable to make pecuniary marecom. satisfaction for any damage or mischief that shall

by be so done, to be recovered by action at law in them.

any court of record in this state.

And be it further enacted by the authority The said aforesail, That the said bridge shall not be raied bridgenot or assessed for or towards tue payment of any tateable for paro. parochial tax whatsoever, nor shall the , mid chialtax.

bridge and causeway, or any part therecor either of them, be deemed to belong to or be within any parish, but shall be extraparochial to all intents and purposes whatsoever; and the said bridge shall not be deemed a parish bridge, so as to subject the inhabitants of the parish or county to the repairing or supporting the said bridge or causeway.

And whereas, The said bridge may in time to come, receive such damage by unforeseen accidents, that the passage thereof may for some time become dangerous or impracticable:

Be it therefore enacted by the authority aforeFerry

said, That in all such cases it shall and may be boats to be lawful for the proprietor or proprietors of the in certain said bridge for the time being, and he and they

are hereby obliged from time to time, as often as occasion shall require, to provide a proper and convenient ferry boat or boats, to cross the


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