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Chapter I.—Documents Illustrative Of American Educational History.


Introdnctory remarks 1225

Massachusetts legislation 12-6

Flyniout h legislation 1238

Connecticut legislation -. 1240

The common school fund of Connecticut 1256

Pennsylvania legislation 1261

Congressional land grants for common schools and universities 12G8

Congressional grants of land and money for colleges of agriculture and the mechanic arts 1275

The Bureau of Education 1288

Early views and plans relating to a national university 1293

Provisions* concerning education in the State constitutions 1312

Chapter II.—Report Of The Committee Op Ten On Secondary School Studies, With Papers

Relating Thereto.

Report of the committee of ten 1415

The reform of secondary education in the United States, by Nicholas Murray Butler 1448

The curriculum for secondary schools, by William T. Harris, United States Commissioner of

Education 1457

The nnity of educational reform, by Charles W. Eliot, president of Harvard University 14G5

Kotos on the report of tho committee of ten, by James H. liakcr, president of University of

Colorado 1473

The report of the conference on English, by A. F. Nightingale, superintendent of high schools,

Chit-ago U84

The report from the point of view of the largo mixed high school, by 0. D. Robinson, principal

Albany°(N. Y.) High School 1489

Bibliography 1491

Chapter III—The National Educational Association.

Historical sketch, by Zalmon Richards, Washington, D. C 1495

Organization and functions of tho Association, by William T. Harris, LI,. D 1502

Constitution of the National Educational Association . 1506

Constitution of National Council of Education 1508

List of meetings, officers, and annual membership from each State 1510

Catalogue of p:ipors and addresses since first organization:

Subject classification 1513

Author classification 1534

Chapter IV—The Education Of The Neoro Its Character And Facilities.

Introduction 1551 •

Its cost is borne by the white race 1552

It is almost entirely elementary 1554

It is becoming more and more industrial .,. 155!)

Tho teaching force 1563

Professional training 1564

Statistics of institutions for educating the colored race, showing grade of students during 1892-93. 1568

Chapter V.—Pecuniary Aid For Students IN Universities And Colleges.

Introductory remarks 1573 *

Aid in universities and colleges of the United States 1576

In colleges for women 1593

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