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S. 482


There is a striking contrast between the pound affinities, working only by the sur. 22d of June and the 24th of December; plusies. the latter being 53', and the former only An example or two perhaps may make 51° !

it plain to those who are precf againtt a The lowest point of the barometer was mere precept : let us, for instance, take on the oth and inth of November at the first ten days of July in the table 28'36 inches.

above : If in a curse of time it should be ob

E. served that the wind at any place should

S. 15

W.21 blow as many days north as fouth, and the same number talt and west, it could Surplus S. 12

- W. 20 not be said there were any prevailing So that the prevailing wind will be fume winds at that place, regard being had to where between south and weft, and 10 the duration of the wind only; but thould much nearer weit than fouth, as 20 we find the wind to blow three days from exceeds 12 ; or, to find the very point, the west, to one in each of the other 12+20:8 :: 12 : 3 :: 20 : 5, or that out points, we should justly say that the pre- of the eight points between fouth and west vailing wind was welt. But fuppofė, as it is three towards the south and five 10it will generally happen, that the num- wards the west, or S. W. by W. bers expressing the days of wind blowing Again, fuppuse we take the whole year from the different points should not ex- 1803actly measure each other ; thus, suppose

N. 338 - E. 198 there should be sevente in days west wind and seven days south, now the prevailing wind would be somewhere between these

S. 144 - W.253 two points; the distance of which froin Now 144 each would be inversely proportional to 253 the number of days blown from each, (regard being had to time only) or S. W.

397 : 8 :: 144 : 29 :: 253 : 5.1 = by W. W.; but it will not happen S. W. by W. to w. neither for a long time that the whole of One more will suffice.-The firft ten the wind should be shared between two days in October contiguous cardinal points: thus, fuppofe the wind should be fix days worth and

S. 6 : W.20 fix days south, and three days weft; now I say, that in respect of these fifteen days,

N. 6 : W. 18 the prevailing wind is welt, because the Here 6 + 18 : 8 :: 6 : 2 :: 18:6, or fix north and fix fouth destroy each other, W.N.W. like the opposite figns in algebra. Or, we Thus we thall be able to sum up the may compare it to a vessel at fea, blown whole average wind for a year, with the by a north wind lix days, and six by a same ease, and in the same line, with the fouth wind, and welt wind three days; barometer and thermometer, &c. &c. and now, all other things being equal, the

can compare one year with another, and west will prevail, and the vesel will be

one place with another, by a fingle line, exactly in the fame latitude, and have and trace the morion of this average point made three days to the east. Jult in this perhaps till we find its laws and pericd, way may we make u'e of my tables of &c. approximation of the wini to the cardinal

It will be seen, by inspecting the above points explained in Monthly Magazine, table, that the average wind for this Vol. X. page 108; ard consider them place for four years is very nearly S. W. like the taltings and wettings, &c. in by W. For isoo=S. W. For 1801 working a traversé, by taking the tin.Jei = S.W. by $ % W. For 1802, fame as from the largeli of the op; otites, and finding the ratio of the remaining differences; like Morveau, by his quiescents

Leighion, Sir, your's, &c. and divellanss in his diagram of com- Jan. 9, 1804.


N. 12

: E.



To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. HE

tion of my Journal at Carlille.-See Monthly Magazine for February, 1803.

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High Lou Mean Hib Low Mean
deg deg

48 18

35,17 30,43 29,00 29,760 1,042 14
50 23 38,06 30,37 29,00 29,782 3,556 21

42,71 30,53 | 29,55 | 30,052 1,472
73 32 47,15 30,51 29,01 29,809 1,980 17
68 37 50,32 30,41 29,00 29,903 2,940 17

41 55,56 30,55 29,60 29,998 2,524 18

30,44 29,81 30,135 ,755 17
41 60,00 || 30,32 29,32 30,010|| 3,694 20
68 32 52,25 | 30,47 29,29 30,121 2,322 I 2

34 49,55 30,44 29,45 39,07011 2,030 19

24 39.20 30,4% 28,45 29,500 2,450 14 54


37,20 30,39 | 28,89 29,595 2,755

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An. Mian. 17,756

Annual Mean. 29,895|| 27,520 2 1 2

218 147

Total Total Total Total!

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RECAPITULATION of ile STATE of the er.d the weather was soft and pleasant.

WEATHER, during the last twelve Mean mid-day height of the thermo-
Mon!hs, observed at CARLISLE.

meer 47 71.- The delighiful weather HE commencement of the year 1803 which closed the month of March brought

was marked by a succession of very in the month of April; the early part of temperate weather : in the first month we which was remarkably plealan; but the experienced 14 wer days, very little frost weather became too warm for the leaton or snow; dry and pleaiant towards the end after the roth, when we experienced many of the month, but much fnow was observed hot days, particularly the 16th, when the on the mountains in the neighheurhcol.-- thermometer flood at 73—On the 18th the Mean mid-day height of the thermome. weather changed, and disagreeable and ter duri: g January was 37.6--- February Snart powers of hail and rain disceceded, was in the beginning temperare, litle tie thermometer fell to 37 ; continued froit, fome hail and Inow, and inclining to Bowery and moist to the end.-- Aurora storm towards the end-during this month borealis observed on ihe 12th, 14:11, 15tii, we had 21 wet days—zurora borealis ob- rách, active and brilliin. Snow observed served once on the evening of the 15th-- on the mountains on the 21t. - \lean mean mid-day height of the thermo. mid-day height of the thermometer 53-3.meter 40.86.-—March, which does not al- May commenced with wet and urgenial ways terminate our win er, was this year weater, showers of hail fuccte led by cold soft and mild, and ushered in the spring jarching windi. Vegetation and the more early than common. Thcugh the early promiles of spring much checked by beginning of the month was cod and thus rowy tleet. Afrer the rzih pleasevere, accompanied with flowers of hail, funt weather, leatonabile rains towards the particularly on the 8th, 9h, roth, and en warm five weather closed the month 11th ; soft rain succeeded and c ntinued of May; 17 wet days in this month.--for several days afterwards. Alter the Aurora Borealis obferved on Wednesday 2oth we had many warm and pleasant 18th, brilliant, but foon disappeared. The days-on the 2411, in the evening the rivers above their banks on the 2d.--clouds gathered and loud thunder was Nlean mid-day height of the thermoheard, accompanied with much vivid light. meter 56.55.-- June in general was a fucning and heavy rain; from that to the cellion of sweet and pleasant weather, ex

4 S 2


tremely regular and temperate ; the ther- that frequent showers with short is. mometer never higher than 75, nor below tervals of frost ; foggy dark weather du. 48, mid-day. This was on the 7th, when ring the latter part of the month.-Auit was rather cold, with light showers of rora borealis eblerved Friday 25th, foon hail

. The latter part moderately hot with disappeared.-During November we had 1oft showers and ligit breezes ; 18 wet 14 wet days-snow observed on the moundays. - Mean mid-day height of the tains on the 13th, the highways dufty on thermometer 61.55-heaviest rain during the 6th.-Thermometer 43.1.' the year was on June the 1oth, depth December came in with a mildness 1.4 inches.

which loon changed to the most intense July was in general intensely hot, and a frost which we have experienced for a few great deal of clear funshine. The month years, the froft continued for a few days commenced with warm fair and agreeable only : on the 8th the thermometer was at weather; on the 6th some light ihowers, 8° at eight o'clock in the morning. The succeeded by very warm weather, extremely froit was succeeded by wet and drizzly hot and dry till the 19th, when heavy rain weather, some now and very dil. came on, accompanied by much thunder agreeable ; dark and gloomy, with very and lightning, which continued during tew clear davs ; on Saturday 24th exmost of the following day. The air after. tremely itormy in the evening, dark and wards more temperate, light showers to rainy on the 25th, but no wind; mild wards the end ; 17 wet days during this and temperate during the remainder of the month.-The mean mid-day height of the inonth, but extremely moit, dark and thermometer 71.63-on the 17th, 18th thick.-Mean mid-day freight of the therand 19th the thermometer was at 80°, 818 mometer 39,2—Aurora borealis oblessed and 80°.

on the 12th, low, and soon disappeared August commenced with hot and showery 22 days wet. I am, Sir, weather, thunder frequently at a distance,

Your's, &c. after the 10th fair and very hot, the 16th Carlisle, Jan. 3d. 1804.

W. Petr and 17th extremely hot; thermometer at 802 and 81-afterwards more temperare To the Editor of the Montbly Magazirt. and pleasant, drizzling rains at intervals,

SIR, and pleasant to the conclusion. Aurora

INCLOSE a Register of the Ther

mometer, Barometer, Winds, and and soon disappeared. In this month Weather, kept during the year 1803, in there were 20 wet days ; on the 5th it Perth hiie, about a mile from the Tay. rained heavily all day, depth 1.3 inches. The fpirit-of-wine thermometer, with Mean mid-day height of the thermome. which my observations were made, when ter 65.4.

high, itood one degree, and, when low, September, mostly dry and pleasant; two, three, and, on one occasion, four Showery days fometimes at intervals- degrees higher than in the foliowing table. in general favourable for the harvett; 3 But, having compared my the mometer, very wet days, on Friday 16th, Monday for the two last months, with one which i Igth, and Tuesday 20th ; after that, ex- horrowed from a friend, and which had tremely serene and warm to the end of been regulated by the very inftrument emthe month; 12 wet days.--Mean mid-day ployed in furnishing your Monthly Meheight of the thermometer 58.73.

tecrological Report, I have accommodated October continued remarkably serene my Table for the whole year to the dis and pleasant, and mostly fair till Saturday ference which, during this period, I ob. J5th, when a fenlible change took place; serve them regularly exhibit. The account Thowers all day, succeeded with a tem- for these iwo months is given from the peituous wind, which nearly Atripped all borrowed inftrument, and reduced, for the the woods in the neighbourhood, a week

ten preceding ones, to what it would have of rainy humid and foggy weather fuc- been by the fame instrument.--I have some ceeded lightning observed on Wednesday reafon' to suspect that my barometer is 19th.-Aurora borealis on Wednesday graduated a little too low, but I have ne12th, low and iteadly ;-12 wet days during ver had an opportunity of comparing it the month.—Mean mid-day height of the regularly with others. In the column of therinometer 54.13 ; from the 22d to the wind and weather, where two different end of the month the weather unusually accounts appear, the first refers to the agreeable, fair and pleasant, the sky without forenoon, and the last to the afternoon. a cloud on the 28th and 29th.

The other observations were made at nine November commenced with a week of in the morning. I am, Sir, remarkable dry weather, warm and plea- Your most obedient servant, tant; continued serene till the 8th-after

A -

on 15thI











N.N.E. Ditto,



I 2


Wind. -Weatber.

In. 85
43 28,7 S.W. E. Continued rain.

34 29,68 N.w. Very fine.
21 38 29
S.W. Fine.

35 29,5 N.W. Showers of Meet and snow.
3 36429,2 S.W. Soft and showery.


4 34 29,3 S.E. Ditto,

N.W. Many thowers.

32 29,41 N.W. Very fine.
54 40 29,24 S.E. Ditto,

32 29,4 N.W. Ditto.
61 40 29,21 E. Rain.

29 29,21 N. Cloudy, cold.
7 43 29,5 S.E. Showery.

34 29,2 N. Ditto, showers of snow.
8 36 29,1 S.E. N.E. Severe rain and wind.

31 29,24W.N.W. Fine.
9 36 29,64 N.E. Tempest of rain, wind, & snow. 31 29,4 W. Ditto.

35 29,3 N.E. High wind & frequent showers. 33 29,6 W. Rain.
33 29,6 N.E.
High wind.

34 29,6 W. Moist.
30 29,6 N.E. Fair, hard froit.

35 29,6 W. Ditto.
13/ 23 29,5 N.E. N.

39 29,3 W. Ditto.
14 16 29,59 N.E. Ditto.

37 29,1 W. Ditto.
19 30029,5 N.E. Cloudy, high wind.

45 28,5 W Heavy rain.
16 32 29,6 N.E. Ditto.
17 32 29,3 N.E. Ditto.

36 28,5 W. Raw and moist, cold at night.

45 28,4 W. Snow, feet, and high wind.
18 34 29,4 N.E. High wind, and partial thaw. 31 28,5 W. Tempestuous, rain, and snow.
19 34 29,3 N.E. Ditto, snowy showers. 38 28,7 W. High wind.
33 29,2 N.E. Much rain.

W. Fine.
31 29,
N.E. Snow and rain.

28 29,3 W. Ditto, frost.
22 36 28,7 N.E.
Rain all day.

26 29,3 W. Ditto.
23! 34 129,
S.E. Fine.

38 29,5 W. Ditto.
24 34 29,3 N.E. Wind, snow, and rain. 43 29,3 W. Ditto, afterwards rain.
25 28 29,4 N.E. High wind, keen frost.

44 29,2 W. Raw, with Showers.
26 29 29,6 N.E. Calm.

41 28,7 W. Excessive rain and wind,
27 30 29,6 S.E. Very fine.

37 29,

N.W. Ditto, with snow.
281 33 29,6 N.E. Ditto.

36 29,2 W. Fine.
29 30 29,6 S.E. N. Ditto.
301 30 29,64S.E, N. Ditto.
3.1 29 129,7W, Ditto.

In 8s.
39 29,4 W. Rain.
33 29,3 N.E. Ditto.
33 29,

N.N.E. Fair, cold.
29 29,4

32 29,3 E, Ditto.
29 29,4 N.N.E. Ditto, hard.
35 30,

N.N.E. Ditto, fine.
35 30,1 N.N.E. Ditto, ditto.
31 30, N.N.E. Ditto, ditto.
34 29,7 N.N.E. Ditto, ditto.
31 29,3 N.N.E. Ditto, hail.
31 29,1 W. Mild towards night.
42 29,1 S.W. Mild.
47 29,4 W. Very fine.
4! 129,3 W.

350 29,3 W. Ditto.
46 29,1 S.W. Ditto.
52 29,2 S.W. Wind, but the air mild.
50 29,3 W. Fine-a soft tower.
45 29,3 W. Very fine.
38 29,3 S.W. Do. fight frost in the morn.
36 29,3 S.S.E. Very fine.
48 29,3 S.E. Ditto.
42 129,3 S.E. Ditto.
47 29,2 S.E. Ditto.
50 29,3 (S.E. Ditto.
48 29,3 S.E. Ditto.
41 29,38 W. Wind, fine.
39 29,3 N.W. Colder, a shower,
48 29,2 W. Slight showers.
53 129,4 W. Fine.


36 29,


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aco WNE I Datri



Wind. -Weather.


52 29,4 S.W. Very fine.

51 28,7 W.S.W. Finé, light shower, wind.| 598 29,45 S.W. Soft and warm.
4+ 29,13 S.E. Mild, a figlit shower. 47128,415.W. Bright, light showers, hail. 60

31 49 29, S.L. Ditto, rain, P.M.

S.E. Showers, soft rain.
50 28,6. S.W. Ditto, light Ihowers, hail. 50429,2 S.E. Soft rain.
443 29,25 S.E. S.W. Fine, figlit frost in morn. 49 29,
50 -9,2 S.W.

N.W.N.E. S.E. Hail, short Ihower.|| 54 29,34 S.E. Fine.
Very fine.
46 29,2 S.W. Cloudy, bright.

53 29,3 E. Fine.
47 29,41S. Ditto, light showers.
53 29,445.W. Bright, dry.

51629,24 VV.N.W, Ditto, cold,
747 -9,2 S.E.
A few flowers.
55 29,55 S.W. Very fine, warm.

52429,3 W, Ditto.
50 29,2 S.E. Very fine.

55 29,6 W.S.W. Cloudy, then bright. 52 29,3 S.E. Ditto.
4649914; S. Ditto.
51 29,62N.W. s.w. Fine.

56 29,4 S.E. Ditto, rain.
52 -9,5 S.W. Ditto..

54 29:4 W.N.W. Ditto, dry wind. 46 29,4 E. S.W. Ditto, rain.
49 -9,7 S.W. Ditto.
48 27,4 W. Ditto, ditto.

58 29,4 S.W. S.E. Fine.
47 30,c} S.W. Ditto.

51 29,2 N.W. Dry tempestuous wind. 54 29,4 E. W. Ditto.
131 49 130,0; S.W. Ditto

47 29,57N.N.W.
Briglit cold wind.

63 29,4 W. Ditto.
141 50 30, 5.S.W. Ditto, very warm

53 2,4 95.W. N.w. A few drops of rain, high cold wind. 58 29,5 S.W. Ditto.
151 52129,7 5.8.W. Ditto.

45 29,6 N.N.W. Bright, very high wind. 594 29,4 S. S.W. Ditto.
1655329,- S.E. Ditto, light Mowers. [ers 53 29,5 N,W. Bright, cold, wind.

70 29,5 W. S.E. Ditto, a short fhower.
17 52 29,2 S.S.E. Sudden change to cold low- 47 29,6 N.N.W. Froity morning, ditto. 64 29,4 S.W. Fine, wind.
14 52 29,5W. Briglii, not warm.
49 30, S.W. S.E. Bright, calm, and mild. 65 29,5 S.W.

19 44 28,6 W. Wind, a Inowy fhower,
55 1309 S.E. Few drops of rain, fine, warm

S.W. Ditto, wind.
42 28,7 W. Brigit, wind.
6332997 S.E. Fine, warm.

59 29,3 N.W. Ditto, wind.
20 45.728,09 W. Ditto, hard dry air.

58 20,7 S.E. Ditto, ditto.

55629,5 NW. W. Ditto, high wind,
22 478 28,6 W. Ditto, dry wind.

62 20914S.W. S.E. Ditto, · Ditto.

59 29,4 N.W. Tenipeftuous.
2 3 496 29, W. Ditto, thunder.

57 29,6 N.W. Bright, windy.

65 29,7 N.W. Very fine.
241 44 29,1 N.E. A heavy tower, with hail, and very cold. 53 29,4 W. S.W. A short shower.

62129,7 N.W. Ditto.
25 45 29,5 S.W. Dry and cold.
55 29,2 S.W. Fine.

W. S.E. Ditto.
26 49 29,2 N.W. Ditto, wind.

53 29,1 5.W. N.W. Wind, lieavy bail show. 66 30,1 S.E. Ditto.
27 424 29,4 N.W. Cold wind.

53629,2 W.N.W. Cold wind.

59$ 30,1 S.E. Ditto.
28 43 29,5 N.N.W. Ditto.

57 20,2}W.5.W. & F. Bright, fine, tower from 8 to 11, P.M. 576 30, S.E. Ditto.
24 558 29,5 S.S.W. Fine, mild.

1929,2 S.W. Bright, wind.

61 29,73S.E. Ditto.
30 540 29,3 S.W. A light tower.

6 2 20,1 S.W. Light showits,

62 129,78 S.E. Ditto.
601,3 /S.W. Bright, wird.

60 29,4


64 30,

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