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The Council of Public Instruction has directed the publication of a revised Manual of the Educational Statutes and Regulations, comprising “The Public Instruction Act,” and such portion of “The Towns' Incorporation Act" as relate to the management of schools in incorporated Towns, together with the Comments and Regulations of the Council of Public Instruction.

The Public Schools of the Province of Nova Scotia are to be conducted agreeably to the provisions herein published.



Superintendent of Education,

and Secretary C. P. I.

CHAPTER 52, R. S., 1900.


This Chapter may be cited as “The Education Short title.

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INTERPRETATION. 2. In this Chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, Interpretatfon. the following expressions shall be construed in the manner in this section mentioned,

“Council” means Council of Public Instruction; “ Council.”
“Superintendent” means the Superintendent of Educa- " Superinten-

“ District board” means Board of District School Com- " District

Board." missioners; “ District ” means any locality for which a district “ District.”

board is appointed; “ Trustees” means the trustees of a school section; “Trustees." “ Teacher” means a person, whether male or female, “Teacher.”

holding a legal certificate of qualification for teach

ing a public school; “Municipality” means any locality under the jurisdic-“Municipality.

tion of a municipal council ; “School section” or “section” means a locality the School,

Section, public school or schools of which are managed by a " Section.”

board of trustees or commissioners; “ Border-section” means a section embracing portions : Border,

of two or more municipalities;
“Ratepayer” means a person assessed and rated upon “Ratepayer.”

the municipal rate-roll;
“Secretary” means secretary of trustees.

SCHOOLS TO BE FREE. 3. All schools established under the provisions of this Schools to be Chapter shall be free schools, and every person over five ren over five. years of age resident in a school section shall have the right to attend the school in that section.


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free to all child.


Powers of

To direct expenditure.

CHAP. 52.

COUNCIL OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. Council of public 4. The members of the Executive Council shall consti

tute the Council of Public Instruction, five of whom shall form a quorum. 1895, c. 1, s. 1.

5. The Council of Public Instruction shall have power:-

(1.) To direct, in all cases not specifically provided for by statute, the expenditure of such sums of money as are from time to time appropriated by the legislature for educational purposes, and to prepare and publish regulations under

which moneys may be drawn and expended. To appoint prin. (2.) To appoint a principal of the Normal and Model Normal school. Schools, and also such assistant teachers as are found neces

sary, and to fix the salaries. ool (3.) To make regulations for the conduct of the Normal

School, prescribing the conditions of admission and graduation of students.

(4.) To divide the province into inspectorial divisions, point inspectors, and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of

Education to appoint an Inspector of Schools for each of such divisions, to make regulations for their direction, and to make such provisions for their payment as from time to time are deemed proper.

(5.) To classify teachers and to grant and cancel teachers'

To regulate
Normal school.

To divide province and ap

people inspectors and upon to appoint an Inspeions for their

"To grant and cancel teachers' licenses and classify teachers.


To establish dis

point Commissioners, To alter and consolidate districts.

To fix time of

district boards.

To determine appeals.

(6.) To divide the province into districts, and to tricts and ap- appoint the commissioners for each district, and to deter

mine the place of meeting of the district boards.

(7.) To make alterations in the boundaries of any districts, and to consolidate two or more districts.

(8.) To fix the time of the annual meeting of each meeting of a district board, and to call special meetings of any board

* when deemed necessary.

(9.) To determine all cases of appeal from the decisions of district boards and trustees, and make such orders thereon as are right.

(10.) To regulate the time in session, holidays and vacations, of all public schools.

(11.) To prescribe the form of school registers for all public schools.

(12.) To prescribe text books, courses of study, and text books, apparatus for all public schools, proper books for school

dy, libraries, and plans for school houses, and also text books

to be used for instruction required by this Chapter to be given as to the nature and effects upon the human system, of alcoholic liquors and narcotics.

To regulate holidays.

To prescribe form of school registers.

To prescribe

courses of stud &c.



(13.) To make regulations for constructing, locating and CHAP..52. controlling county academies, and to authorize the payment

bent. To regulate of provincial grants to the same.

academies. (14.) To receive the recommendation of any inspector To arrange for for separate apartments or buildings in any section for the ments. Colored different sexes or different colors of pupils, and to make such decisions thereon as it deems proper, subject to this provision, that colored pupils shall not be excluded from instruction in the public school in the section or ward in which they reside. (15.) To appoint qualified persons to constitute a pro- To appoint

provincial board vincial board of examiners, who shall examine and report of examiners. upon the written exercises at the annual examination of pupils who have pursued a high school course of study at the county academies, high schools, or elsewhere, the results of such examinations to be used as evidence of scholarship in the case of applications to the Council for licenses to teach; to prescribe the mode in which examinations shall be conducted, to designate the times and stations at which candidates shall present themselves for examination; and to make such further arrangements as are deemed necessary ; to fix the remuneration of the examiners so appointed, and of the persons appointed to conduct the examination at each station.

(16.) To appoint a lecturer on agriculture in connection to appoint with the Provincial Normal School, and to define particu- agriculture. larly the duties of such lecturer.

(17.) To make regulations as to the outfit and manage- To regulate ment of schools in charge of teachers holding an agricul- management of tural diploma, and claiming the special grant provided for such schools.

(18.) To distribute annually, under such regulations as To distribute it sees fit, a sum not exceeding $250, as prizes or scholar-Peachers taking ships, for competition among the teachers who attend the course in. course conducted by the lecturer on agriculture in connection with the Provincial Normal School.

(19.) To make regulations as to granting special aid to To regulate poor sections, and as to the sections which shall receive such

all receive such to poor sections. special aid.

(20.) To make any provisions, not inconsistent with this to make general Chapter, that are necessary to meet exigencies occurring Provisio · under its operation. 1895, c. 1, s. 2.

SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATION. 6. The duties of the Superintendent shall be as follows:- Duties of

(1.) To have, subject to the Council, general supervision over and direction of the inspectors, the Normal School, model schools, county academies, high and common schools,

lecturer on

outfit and


prizes among


ranting of aid



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