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Page Peppard Realty Co., James v. (Sup.)...... 585 Public Service Commission for First Dist. Perkins, People v. (Sup.).

909 v. Brooklyn Borough Gas Co. (Sup.).... 93 Perkins-Goodwin Co. v. P. H. Keahon, Public Service Commission, First Dist., Inc., two cases (Sup.).

912 Bronx Gas & Electric Co. v. (Sup.). .... 172 Perlis v. Lederer (Sup.)

449 | Public Service Commission, Second Dist., Perpall, La Sage v. (Sup.).

899 v. Iroquois Natural Gas Co. (Sup.)... 24 Perry v. Roamer Sales Co. (Sup.). 912 Purdy v. Title Guaranty & Surety Co. Peter H. Havey & Sons, Graham v., two (Sup.)

913 cases (Sup.)...

891 Purdy, People ex rel. Federal Terra Cotta Petro v. Inwood Dairy Co. (Sup.). 912 Co. v. (Sup.)..

316 Pfeiffer v. Mansbach (Sup.)

482 Purdy, People ex rel. Hoes v. (Sup.) 911 Pfister, Parker v. (Sup.)

908 Purdy, People ex rel. Simms Magneto Co. Phillipine Vegetable Oil Co. v. Pitou (Sup.) 912 v. (Sup.)....

318 Phillips v. Hyde (Sup.).

912 Phillips, Rider v. (Sup.).

142 Quality Amusement Corporation, Kinsey Phinney v. Andrus (City Ct. N. Y.). 760 v. (Sup.).

898 Phipps, Skinner_v. (Sup.).. 919 Quattrocchi v. Frankel (Sup.). .

326 P. H. Keahon, Inc., Perkins-Goodwin Co. Quicksilver Mining Co., Gibson V. (Sup.) 891 V., two cases (Sup.)..


Quimby v. Scandinavian-American ShipPhoenix Coal Co. v. Pennsylvania R, Co. ping Corporation (Sup.).

913 (Sup.) 912 | Quinn v. McCrystal (Sup.).

914 Phænix Ins. Co., Skinner v. (Sup.). 919 Quinn v. Wippermann (Sup.)...

914 Phraner, In re (Sur.).

768 Pictorial Review Co., Booklovers' Sales Co. v. (Sup.)....


Raffaele Cascone & Co. v. St. Paul Fire &
Marine Ins. Co., two cases (Sup.).

914 Piercy Contracting Co., Deery v. (Sup.).. 886

914 Piercy Contracting Co., Finegan v. (Sup.) 785 Raftis v. Fry (Sup.).. Pigot v. McKeever (Sup.).

912 Rainear Co. v. M. P. Berglas Mfg. Co. Piguet v. New York (Sup.).


883 Pilgrim Waist Co., Falconier v. (Sup.).:. 424 Rainess, Morris Plan Co. of New York v.


370 Pillsbury Flour Mills Co. v. Oliver (Sup.) 913 Pines v. Traktman (Sup.)..

Ramsey, In re (Sup.).

914 Piscatelli v. Bird (Sup.).

Randazzo v. Levine (Sup.).

914 Pitou, Phillipine Vegetable Oil Co.

Rapid Transit Subway Const. Co., Mott v. (Sup.)


905 Pittsburg. Wool Co. v. Schmidt (Sup.). 913 Rappaport v. Williamson (Sup.).

914 Pittsburgh, S. & N. R. Co., Central Trust

Raymond & Co., O'Connell Contracting Co. Co. of New York v. (Sup.)... 882 v. (Sup.).

907 Place, In re (Sup.).


Reardon v. International Mercantile Ma913 rine Co. (Sup.)

722 Pocher v. Ashenberg (Sup.). Pollack v. Farley (Sup.)... 913 Reardon, Inc., v. Caton (Sup.)

713 Poncher v. New York Rys. Co., two cases

Reck v. Bernhardt (Sup.).

914 (Sup.)


Rector, etc., of St. Paul's Church, Myers Porter v. Bogert (Sup.).

906 913

v. (Sup.). Porter, Standard Match Co. v. (Sup.).

376 Redmond, People v. (Sup.).. Post, Street v. (Sup.)..

Reeder v. Ferguson (Sup.).

914 Potter v. Allen (Sup.).


Reedy Elevator Co. v. Monok Co. (Sup.).. 594 Potts v. Hornell (Sup.). 913 Regan v. Drake (Sup.).

914 Powers, Fowler v. (Sup.). 890 Reich v. Cochran (Sup.)

914 Powers v. Powers (Sup.) 297 Reid, Evelyn v. (Sup.).

889 Pratt, Van Senden v. (Sup.). 835 Reid's Mill Lane, In re (Sup.).

914 P. Reardon, Inc., v. Caton (Sup.)

713 Reid's Mill Lane in Borough of Bronx, Prentice, Adamson v. (Sup.).. 875 In re (Sup.).

914 President, etc., of Village of Ossining, Reiger v. Bergold (Sup.).

914 Barlow v. (Sup.).

877 Reilly, Henri Gutmann Silks Corporation Press Co., Strobel v. (Sup.).

v. (Sup.).

457 Press Pub. Co., Kantrowitz v. (Sup.). 897 | Reimers' Estate, In re (Sup.)

914 Preston's Estate, In re (Sur.). 447 Renard v. Renard (Sup.).

914 Preuss' Will, In re (Sup.). 573 Renault v. Renault (Sup.).

915 Price, In re (Sup.).. 913 Rennert v. Kalbach (Sup.).

915 Price, People v. (Sup.). 909 Reohr v. Reohr (Sup.)

915 Price v. Price (Sup.).... 501 Reynolds, Cherrie v. (Sup.).

339 Prince v. Clausen Flanagan Brewery (Sup.) 913 Reynold's Will, In re (Sur.).

S21 Prudential Spice Co., Caruana v. (Sup.).. 401 R. H. Howes Const. Co., Woodruff v. Public Playground and Park in City of (Sup.)

418 New York, In re (Sup.)...., 913 Rhinelander v. Richards (Sup.).

915 Public Service Commission, Bronx Gas & Rhodes' Estate, In re (Sur.)

782 Electric Co. v. (Sup.)..

218 Rhodes & Co. v. S. Weisglass & Co. (Sup.) 378 Public Service Commission, City of Niag- Rice v. Von Der Lieth (City Ct. N. Y.).. 441 ara Falls v. (Sup.)....

882 Richard Carvel Co., O'Connor v. (Sup.).. 907

Richards, Rhinelander v. (Sup.).... 915

..... 120


(178 N.Y.S.)

Page Richardson v. Musical Blue Book Corpora- Russo's Liquors, Seizure of (Sup.)....... 303 tion (Sup.). 586 Rutland R. Co., Fish y. (Sup.)

439 Richman, Haim v. (Sup.). 892 Ruttenau v. Ruttenau (Sup.).

916 Richman, Haim v. (Sup.). 893 Rux v. Schumann (Sup.).

916 Richmond Assets Collecting Co. v. Gross Ryan, Frank v. (Sup.).

890 (Sup.) 915 Ryan v. New York (Sup.).

402 Richmond Ice Co., Necker V. (Sup.) 906 Ryder v. Bell (Sup.)...

916 Rider v. Phillips (Sup.).

142 Ridgway Co., Guenther Pub. Co. v. (Sup.) 892 Sackett Coal Co. v. Link Realty & ConRiedinger, Schuessler v. (Sup.). 918 struction Co. (Sup.).

916 Riegelmann, Irwin V. (Sup.).

890 Sackett Coal Co. v. Link Realty & ConRies y. New York (Sup.). 915 struction Co. (Sup.).

917 Rifkin v. Novelty Mfg. Co. (Sup.).

915 Sager v. New York Rys. Co. (Sup.). 917 Riker, In re (Sup.).

268 St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Raffaele Riley, Sheedy v. (Sup.).


Cascone & Co. v., two cases (Sup.).... 914 Riteweb Mfg. Co., Swartz v. (Sup.). 189 St. Paul's Church, Myers v. (Sup.).... 900 Ritter Flooring Corporation Kirsch Salant v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (Sup.). 917 (Sup.)

926 | Salant v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (Mun. Ct. N. Rittondo, D'Elisa V. (Sup.). 838 Y.)

285 Rives Mfg. Co.. Adams v. (Sup.).. 214 Salembier, Levin & Co. v. North Adams Roamer Sales Co., Perry v. (Sup.). 912 Mfg. Co. (Sup.).

607 Robinson v. Wilson & Co. (Sup.). 915 Salerno v. Lane Const, Co. (Sup.).

917 Robinson's Estate, In re (Sup.). 915 Salisbury v. Segal (Sup.). .

599 Rochester, S. & E. R. Co., Van Patten v. Salomon, Beckel v. (Sup.).

209 (Sup.) 924 Salomon, Beckel v. (Sup.).

878 Rock, Guastavino v. (Sup.). 892 Saltser, Davis v. (Sup.)...

886 Rockaway Lunch Co., Kozube v. (Sup.)... 898 Salway v. Fred Hollander & Co. (Sup.). 387 Rodgers v. Rodgers (Sup.)..

915 Samuel Appel Co., McNally v. (Sup.). 902 Rodgers, Shalata v. (Sup.).

494 Samuel Eiseman & Co. v. Kugelman (Sup.) 917 Rodin, Green v. (Sup.). . 892 Samuels, Stadler v. (Sup.)...

324 Rodstein, Friedman v., two cases (Sup.) 890 Santeramo, Santoro v., two cases (Sup.).. 917 Roeder v. Mayer (Sup.)...

915 Santoro v. Santeramo, two cases (Sup.)... 917 Rogers, In re (Sup.). 915 Saperstein, Harnick v. (Sup.).

136 Rogers, Schelling v. (Sup.). 917 Saratoga Ave., In re (Sup.).

917 Rogers v. Schneider (Sup.). 915 Sawyer v. Sawyer (Sup.).

472 Rogers, Skinner v. (Sup.).. 919 Saxe v. Sugarland Mfg. Co. (Sup.)

454 Roggen, Cooper v. (Sup.). 136 Sayre, Palestine v. (Sup.).

908 Rohloff v. Catts (Sup.).

915 Scandinavian-American Shipping Co., Rollins, Ludwig v. (Sup.). 901 Quimby v. (Sup.)...

913 Romano's Estate, In re (Sur.) 655 Schachter v. Schachter (Sup.).

212 Ronalds, Foley V. (Sup.). 889 Schaich y. Adams (Sup.)..

917 Rosen v. Druss (Sup.)..

259 | Schatz v. New York Cent. R. Co., two casRosenberg, Levy v. (Sup.).. 900 es (Sup.)....

917 Rosenberg v. Occidental Trading Co. Schechter, S. Rosenfeld Co. v. (Sup.).. 334 (Sup.) 477 Schelling v. Rogers (Sup.).

917 Rosenblatt v. B. Brown, Inc. (Sup.). 916 Schenck, Titus v. (Sup.)...

923 Rosenblatt v. W. R. Grace & Co. (Sup.) 916 Schendel v. Interborough Rapid Transit Rosenbluth v. Sultan (Sup.).. 916 Co. (Sup.)....

917 Rosencrantz v. Gaston, Williams & Wig- Schenker v. Doscher (Sup.)..

917 more (Sup.). 916 Schieffelin v. Hylan (Sup.).

652 Rosenfeld, People v. (Sup.).. 909 Schloeman v. Massagli (Sup.).

917 Rosenfeld Co. v. Schechter (Sup.).. 334 Schlossberg v. Beck Shoe Co. (Sup.).. 917 Rozenman. William Anderson Textile Mfg. Schlossberg v. Beck Shoe Co. (Sup.). 918 Co. v. (Sup.)... 380 Schmidt, Morrison v. (Sup.).

905 Rosenstein v. Farish Co. (City Ct. N. Y.) 865 Schmidt, Pittsburg Wool Co. v. (Sup.). ... 913 Rosenzweig. Kursheedt Mfg. Co. v. (Sup.) 430 Schmitt, Weitzel v. (Sup.).

429 Ross, Bayer v. (Sup.)..

878 Schneider v. Hodgkins Field Hardware Co. Rotary Realty Co., Palmer v. (Sup.). 461 (Co. Ct.)...

281 Rotary Realty Co., Palmer v. (Sun.), 813 Schneider, Merchant v., two cases (Sup.).. 904 Rotary Realty Co., Palmer V. (Sup.). 908 Schneider, Rogers v. (Sup.).

915 Rothenberg v. Hartman (Sup.). 400 Schoonmaker v. Dietrick (Şup.).

918 Rothschild v. Eickemeyer (Sup.). 916 Schorn, Anderson v. (Sup.)..

603 Roulston, Beckert & Co., J. A. Kirsch & Schriever v. Ceraso, two cases (Sup.).., 918 Co. v. (Sup.)...

246 Schubert Cotton Co., Berthet v. (Sup.).... 879 Rose y. Snyder, two cases (Sup.)... 916 Schuessler v. Riedinger (Sup.)...

918 Puyal Indemnity Co. v. Hasslacher (Sup.) 916 Schumann, Rux v. (Sup.).

916 Rubenstein v. Astoria Veneer Mills & Schuyler

V. Kirk

Brown Realty Co. Dock Co. (Sup.).. 916 (Sup.)

568 Hrbinstein. Goodman v. (Sup.). 891 Schulz's Estate, In re (Sup.).

582 Rodolph Wallach Co. v. Holzman (Sup.).. 916 Schwalb Coal Co. v. Decker (Sup.).. 918 Rodolph Wallach Co. v. Traktman (Sup.) 90 ) Schwartz v. Bedell, Inc. (Sup.).




Page Schwartz, Edelman v. (Sup.)... 587 Skinner v. Sullivan (Sup.)....

920 Schwartzreich v. Bauman-Basch (Sup.). 918 Slayback, White v. (Sup.).

421 Scopas, People v. (Sup.). 291 Sleight, Donohue v. (Sup.).

888 Scoville, Maxwell v., two cases (Sup.). 903 | S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co., StrohScrab v. Ilines (Sup.). 918 mann y. (Sup.)...

922 Scribner's Will, In re (Sup.).

164 Slutzky v. Ludwig Baumann & Co. (Sup.) 920 Scully v. Taylor (Sup.). 918 Smadbeck, Graybill v. (Sup.).

413 Seaboard Nat. Bank, Mackenzie v. (Sup.). . 154 Smelofski, Matus v. (Sup.).

903 Security Mortg. Co. v. Kallis (Sup.). 918 Smiley, Sternberger v. (Sup.).

921 Seeley, Hellwig v. (Sup.)... 31: Smith, Carnes v. (Sup.).

882 Segal v. Englander, two cases (Sup.). 918 Smith v. F. B. Stearns Co., two cases Segal, Salisbury v. (Sup.). 599 (Sup.)

920 Seigel, Margulies v. (Co. Ct.). 544 Smith, Goldberg v. (Sup.).

891 Sel, Lano v. (Sup.). 899 Smith, Habich v. (Sup.).

892 Sengens, Kelly v. (Sup.).

897 Smith' v. H. J. Bartle Mfg. Corporation Serota, Breslow v. (Sup.). 880 (Sup.)

589 Seventy-Sixth Street & Park Avenue Co., Smith v. Koonz, two cases (Sup.).

920 Johansen v. (Sup.). 896 Smith v. L. E. Ellis & Son (Sup.).

920 Severin Broad Channel Corporation Smith, Lewis v. (Sup.)...

836 (Sup.) 918 Smith, People v., two cases (Sup.).

903 Sexton v. Bridgeport Engineering Co., two Smith v. Smith, two cases (Sup.)

920 cases (Sup.)... 918 Smith's Will, In re (Sup.)....

895 Shaffer v. Lewis (Sup.).

918 Smith & Sons Co., Brown v. (Sup.). 881 Shalata v. Rodgers (Sup.) 494 Smythwick. In re (Sup.)...

920 Shanholt, Maisel v. (Sup.).. 903 Snow, Mulkins v. (Sup.)..

905 Shaw v. American Body Co. (Sup.) 369 Snyder, Rowe V., two cases (Sup.).

916 Shaw V, Shaw (Sup.)..

918 Societa Italiana Progresso Duca Degli Shea, Continental Producing Co. v. (Sup.) 884 Abruzzi v. licchiarielle (Sup.).

261 Sheedy, In re (Sup.)...

863 Soderbery v. Laurelton Land Co. (Sup.).. 920 Sheedy v. Riley (Sup.).. 863 Solomon, Cohen v. (Sup.)..

883 Shepard & Morse Lumber Co., Generous Solomon v. Union Sav. Bank (Sup.).. 920 v. (Sup.) 890 Solomon, Weissman 1. (Sup.).

925 Sherman, In re (Sup.). 164 Southern R. Co., Wells v. (Sup.).

925 Sherwood Metal Working Co., Valentine v. Spatz v. Spatz (Sup.).

567 (Sup.) 494 Spevak V. McMahon (Sup.).

921 Shippers' Car Line v. Brown Hoisting Ma- Spinelli, Mandel v. (Sup.)..

903 chinery Co. (Sup.). 919 Spitzer v. Childs Co. (Sup.).

921 Shippers' Nav. Bank, Pacific Coast Borax Spodbalski v. Lalance & Grosjean Mfg. Co. Co. v. (Sup.). 182 (Sup.)

921 Shonts' Estate, In re (Sur.) 762 S. Rosenfeld Co. v. Schechter (Sup.).

334 Shour, Krohnberg v. (Sap.).

899 Stabilimento Metallurgico Ligure v. Joseph Shour, Levy v. (Sup.)... 227 (Sup.)

241 Siebert, Botelho v., two cases (Sun.).. 880 Stackler v. Talbot (Sup.).

921 Siegel v. Maryland Casualty Co. (Sup.).... 391 Stadler v. Samuels (Sup.).

324 Siegfried Lowenthal, Inc., V. Sullivan Standard Match Co. v. Porter (Sup.). 375 (Sup.)

919 Standard Shipbuilding Corporation, State Sielcken's Estate, In re (Sur.)

364 Industrial Commission v. (Sup.).... 893 Siemers v. Heuchel (Sup.).. 619 Standler v. Standler (Sup.)....

921 Silberstein v. Aldrich (Sup.).

919 Stanley Co., Logarmarssino v. (Sup.)... 901 Silberstein v. Mittelman (Sup.). 230 Star Co., Fisher v. (Sup.)...

889 Silverman, Lask v. (Sup.).

427 Star Co. v. Wheeler Syndicate (Sup.). 921 Silverman v. Ware (Sup.)

520 Star Co., Wheeler Syndicate Co. v. (Sup.) 926 Silverman v. Ware (Sup.).. 919 Star Opera Co. v. Hylan (Sup.).

179 Simon v. Allen (Sup.). 919 Starita, Delfino v. (Sup.)..

887 Simon v. Bank of British West Africa State, Bunker v. (Sup.)...

881 (Sup.)

190 State, Cooper-Snell Co. v. (N. Y. Ct. Cl.) 272 Simon, Wright v. (Sup.).

926 State, Delaware & H. Co. v. (Sup.)...... 474 Simon, Wright v. (Sup.).

927 State, Delaware & H. Co. V., two cases Simons v. Johnson, two cases (Sup.). 919 (Sup.)

886 Simpson, In re (Sup.)...

919 State, Drennan v., two cases (X, Y, Ct. Sinnek v. Beadleston & Woerz (Sup.)... 919


278 Sisson v. Genceda (Sup.). 919 State, McDonald v. (N. Y. Ct. Cl.).

278 663-665 Broadway Co., Tanenbaum

State, Tripp v. (N. Y. Ct. Cl.).

873 (Sup.)

923 State Industrial Commission v. Acco Taxi Skandia Pacific Oil Engine Co. v. Christof

Co. (Sup.)...

923 fer Hannevig, Inc. (Sup.)...

919 State Industrial Commission v. Brady & Skinner v. Alexander (San.). 919 Gioe (Sup.)

519 Skinner v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 919 State Industrial Commission v. E. I. Du Skinner v. Phipps (Sup.)...

Pont De Nemours & Co. (Sup.)

901 Skinner v. Phonix Ins. Co. (Sup.).

919 State Industrial Commission v. Empire Art Skinner y. Rogers (Sup.)..

Metal Co. (Sup.).



(178 N.Y.S.)

Page State Industrial Commission V. Federal Swartz v. Riteweb Mfg. Co. (Sup.)........ 189 Sugar Refining Co. (Sup.)...

887 Swechulis v. Lehigh Valley Coal Co. (Sup.) 923 State Industrial Commission v. Standard S. Weisglass & Co., James H. Rhodes & Shipbuilding Corporation (Sup.). 883 Co. v. (Sup.)...

378 State Tax Commission, People ex rel. Kal- Sykes v. Degnan (Sup.).

923 bach F. (Sup.). 486 Syrop, People v. (Sup.)...

909 State Tax Commission, People ex rel. Mexican Tel. Co. v. (Sup.)... 911 Talbot, Stackler v. (Sup.).

921 State Tax Commission of State of New Talsky v. Wolf (Sup.).

923 York, People ex rel. Town of Bedford Tanenbaum v. 663-665 Broadway Co. (Sup.). 911 (Sup.)

923 Staten Island Rapid Transit R. Co., Motor Tarrytown, W. P. & M. R. Co., KnickerHaulage Co. v. (Sup.). 905 bocker Trust Co. v. (Sup.).

S98 Staten Island Shipbuilding Co., Harby S. Taylor, Scully v. (Sup.).

918 S. Co. v. (Sup.). ....

818 Taylor, United States Trust Co. of New Stearns Co., Smith v., two cases (Sup.)... 920 York v. (Sup.)..

802 Steele v. Wayne (Sup.). 921 Techt, Hughes v. (Sup.)..

895 Steinberg v. Doscher (Sup.). 921 Teiper, People v. (Sup.)..

51 Steinberg. Wing.v. (Sup.). 926 Telsey, Miller v. (Sup.)...

90+ Steinbrugge, Bigio v. (Sup.). 110 Terrell, In re (Sup.).

923 Stelljes v. North Side Bank (Sup.). 921 Terwilliger v. Miles-Tighe Contracting Co. Stemberg v. Stemberg (Sup.). . 921 (Sup.)

923 Stern v. Acme Malting Co. (Sup.). 921 Texas Co., Bimberg v. (Sup.)

879 Stern v. Bromberg (Sup.)...

921 Thirty-One Cases of Lager Beer, People Stern v. Interborough Rapid Transit Co.

v. (Co. Ct.).

546 (Sup.)

921 Thomas Colliery Co., Werbela v. (Sup.)... 925 Sternberger v. Smiley (Sup.).

921 Thomas E. Noyes & Co., In re (Sup.). 701 Steves, Lacios Co., Ezzo v. (Sup.)

889 Thomas Drysdale, Inc., De Groff v. (Sup.) 886 Stewart, Auwell v. (Sup.).

876 Thompson v. Camre Corporation (Sup.).. 923 Stillerman v. Handelsman (Sup.) 921 | Thompson v. Hamilton (Sup.).

923 Stock v. Knippenberg (Sup.). 921 Thorburn v. Mitchell (Sup.)

6.2 Stoddard v. Stoddard, two cases (Sup.)... 922 Tiedemann, Walsh v. (Sup.).

925 Stratton, In re (Sup.).. 922 | Tinney. In re (Sup.)...

923 Strauss, In re (Sup.)...

922 Title Guaranty & Surety Co., Purdy v. Strauss, Nathan v. (Sup.). 906 (Sup.)

913 Strba, Coler v. (Sup.).. 884 Titus v. Schenck (Sup.)...

923 Streby. Chatham & Pnenix Nat. Bank Tobin, Wellins v. (Sup.)..

386 (Sup.) 309 Tompkins v. Crane (Sun.).

923 Street v. Post (Sup.).

531 Tooker Printing Co., Kips Bay Brewing & Streeter v. Foss (Sup.). 922 Malting Co. v. (Sup.).

113 Strobel v. Press Co. (Sup.).. 922 Toole, Cohen v. (Sup.).

883 Strohmann v. S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Town of Wayne, Steele v. (Sup.).

921 Co. (Sup.).

922 Traktman, Pines v. (Sup.). Strosensky v. Nassau Electric R. Co., two Traktman, Rudolph Wallach Co. v. (Sup.) 90 cases (Sup.).. 922 Tranter v. Tranter (Sup.).

521 Strukel v. Adler (Sup.). 923 Traurig v. Caravel Co. (Sup.).

924 Stumpp v. Farners' Loan & Trust Co. Travelers' Ins. Co., Welch v. (Sup.).

748 (Sup.)

811 Tribelhorn y. J. K. Estate Realty CorporaSuffolk Gas & Electric Light Co., Cioffi v., tion (Sup.)...

924 two cases (Sup.)... 882 Triplett, In re (Sup.).

924 Sugarland Mfg. Co., Saxe v. (Sup.). 454 Tripp v. State (N. Y. Ct. Ci.)..

873 Sollivan v. Ashley, two cases (Sup.). 923 Trombly, People ex rel. Irwin v. (Sup.)... 911 Sullivan v. Detroit Cadillac Motor Car Co. Trombly, People ex rel. Newton v. (Sup.) 736 (Sup.) 923 Tucker's Estate, In re (Sur.)...

446 Sullivan, Siegfried Lowenthal, Inc.,

Tur, New York Life Ins. Co. v. (Sup.). 906 (Sup.) 919 Turner, Holland v. (Sup.)....

382 Sullivan, Skinner v. (Sup.)

920 Tuthill, People ex rel. Delano v. (Sup.)... 910 Sully. Black v. (Sup.).

879 Tutone v. New York Consol. R. Co. (Sup.) 924 Sultan, Rosenbluth v. (Sup.). 916 Tyler v. Jahn (Sup.).

689 Sunbeam Chemical Co., White Tar Aniline Tyrrell, In re (Sup.)...

924 Corporation v. (Sup.).

926 Sun Printing & Publishing Ass'n, Blake Uintah Basin Producing & Refining Co. v. F. (Sup.) 879 Campbell (Sup.).

373 Supreme Council Catholic Benev. Legion, Ullman, Henry P. Burgard Co. v. (Sup.).. 894 Kennedy v. (Sup.)...

897 Union R. Co. of New York City, Feulner Surut v. Surut (Sup.). . 923 V. (Sup.)

S89 Sutton, People ex rel. Dickerman

Union R. Co. of New York City, Nicoletti Sup.) 910 v. (Sup.)

906 Sutton, People ex rel. Thorne v. (Sup.).. 911 Union R.' Co. of New York City, VeelSuton, People ex rel. Ward v. (Sup.).... 912 dorano y. (Sup.).

576 Saydam y. Penton (Sup.)....



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Pago Union R. Co. of New York City, Veel- Ward, Grond v. (Sup.)....

341 dorano v. (Sup.)..

924 Warden of City Prison, People ex rel. Union R. Co. of New York City, Zim

Pressler V. (Sup.)...

311 merman v. (Sup.)....

927 Warden of New York County Penitentiary, Union Sav. Bank, Solomon v. (Sup.). 920 Wards Island, People ex rel. Gabriel v. United States Expansion Bolt Co. v. Mar


595 morstein (Sup.)... 924 Ware, Silverman v. (Sup.).

520 United States Grand Lodge, Order of Brith Ware, Silverman v. (Sup.)..

919 Abraham, Marks v. (Mun. Ct. N. Y.),. 536 Warner Mfg. Co. v. Jacobs (Sup.).

925 United States Trust Co. of New York, In Warren, Eastman Kodak Co. v. (Sup.). ro (Sup.)... 125 Warren, Isene v. (Sup.)....

896 United States Trust Co. of New York v. Wasner v. Maloney (Sup.).

9:25 Taylor (Sup.)..

802 Waterloo Mfg. Co., Hanna v. (Sup.). 893 Universal Film Mfg. Co., Humiston

Watt, Allen v. (Sup.).

875 (Sup.) 752 Watters, People v. (Sup.).

909 Universal Machinery Corporation, A. D. W. Becker's Aniline & Chemical Works, Granger Co. V., two cases (Sup.). 875 Johnson y. (Sup.).

896 Upjohn's Estate, In re (Sur.).

686 Weber, Berensmann v., two cases (Sup.).. 878 (pright Co. v. Delson (Sup.). . 389 Weddle v. Grzeczezak (Sup.).

563 Weddle v. Grzeczezak (Sup.).

925 Valentine v. Gonzalez (Sup.)

289 Weider v. W. R. Grace & Co. (Sup.). 925 Valentine v. Sherwood Metal Working Co. Weinberg, Franklin Fire Ins. Co. of Phil(Sup.) 494 adelphia v. (Mun. Ct. N. Y.)...

539 Van Bramer v. First Nat. Bank (Sup.). 924 Weingarten, Lissner v. (Sup.).

901 Van Cortlandt's Will, In re (Sur.).

60 Weinrichter v. Incorporated Land Co. Vanderveer Crossings v. Hochstein (Sup.).. 924 (Sup.)

925 Van Gorder, East Lake Lumber Co. v. Weisbarth, Gutman v. (Sup.).

377 (Sup.)

888 Weisglass & Co., James H. Rhodes & Co. Van Patten v. Rochester, S. & E. R. Co. v. (Sup.)

378 (Sup.) 924 Weissman v. Soloman (Sup.).

925 Van Senden v. Pratt (Sup.). 835 Weitzel v. Schmitt (Sup)..

429 Van Valkenburgh, Makepeace v. (Sup.). 903 Welch v. Travelers' Ins. Co. (Sup.)

748 Varagnola v. Partola Mfg. Co. (Sup.). 428 Wellins v. Tobin (Sup.)....

386 Variety, Clark v. (Sup.). 698 Wells v. Buffalo (Sup.).

925 Veeldorano v. Union R, Co. of New York Wells v. Southern R. Co. (Sup.).

925 City (Sup.). 575 Wendel, Moriarty v. (Sup.)..

905 Veeldorano v. Union R. Co. of New York Werbela v. Thomas Colliery Co. (Sup.). 925 City (Sup.)..

924 | Wern, People ex rel. Sylven v. (Sup.)..., 911 Vicchiarielle, Societa Italiana Progresso Werner v. New York (Sup.)..

925 Duca Degli Abruzzi_v. (Sup.)... 261 Wert, Bradt v. (Sup.).

880 Village of Barker, Eddy Valve Co. v. Werthaiser, People v., two cases (Sup.).. 909 (Sup.)

888 Werther & Rausch Co., Kreusch v. (Sup.) 898 Village of Hempstead, Pacific Flush Tank Weser Bros. v. Ofrio (Sup.).

385 Co. v. (Sup.).

907 Westchester St. R. Co., Niedzwiecka v. Village of Massena, Gibson v. (Sup.). 850 (Sup.)

906 Village of Ossining, Barlow v. (Sup.). 877 Westcott Jewel Co., Cross v. (Sup.).

886 Village of Palmyra, Jones v. (Sup.). 896 | West End Presbyterian Church, Vine v. Vine v. West End Presbyterian Church (Sup.)

925 (Sup.)

925 Western New York & P. Traction Co. v. Vollero, People v. (Sup.)..

Erie R. Co. (Sup.).

491 Volz v. Manhattan Beach Hotel & Land Co. West Shore Gas Co., Cleary v. (Sup.). 883 (Sup.)

925 West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. of DelaVon Der Lieth, Rice v. (City Ct. N. Y.).. 441 ware v. Peck (Sup.)...

663 Von Pustau, Leo v. (Sup.). 899 Wexler, Berger v. (Sup.).

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