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Art. I.--Legislative Department-Continued.

Sec. 8. Powers of Congress-Continued.

Cl. 1. Taxation-Continued.

Death duties, estate taxes, and succession taxes..

Want of due process of law

Collection of taxes-----

Taxing power exclusive and concurrent.

Territorial extent of power----

Taxation of governmental agencies.-

Taxation of national banks.----

Taxation of salary of State judge----

Taxation of person employing child labor.

Tax on future sales.-----

Penalty designated tax

To pay the debts-----

To provide for the common defense and general welfare --

Cl. 2. To borrow money---

The power in general..

Legal tender----

Exemption from taxation---

Of general application-----

Cl. 3. Regulation of commerce..

Leading cases. -

The grant of power..

To Congress

To regulate----

Nature, extent, and grounds of power-

Relation of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction.--

Right to raise constitutional question---

Effect of the Fifth Amendment--

Effect of the Eleventh Amendment-----

Commencement and termination of power.

Application of principles of common law---

National power of eminent domain------

Exclusive powers of Congress over commerce_

In general-----

National subjects requiring uniform regulations..

Incidental control of intrastate rates.----

Commingling of interstate and intrastate transactions.-

To provide review of action of commission---

To enact criminal laws.---

To grant franchises -

Over railroad ferries ---

Over bridges across navigable streams.

Over railroads.--

Over contracts

Over rules by which commerce shall be governed..

Over safety appliances -

Over hours of service----

Over liability for injuries to employees...

Over telegraphs and telephones ---

Delegation of power--

To District of Columbia

To Interstate Commerce Commission.-

To States.

In general ---

Imported liquors--

Commerce with foreign nations...

In general ------

Foreign vessels entering United States ports-----

Art. I.--Legislative Department-Continued.

Sec. 8. Powers of Congress-Continued.

Cl. 3. Regulation of commerce Continued.

Commerce with foreign nations Continued.

Exclusion of aliens ---


Quarantine and health regulations--

Exclusion of imports.---

Game taken in foreign countries---

Counterfeiting notes of foreign banks..

Commerce among the several States---

Definition and nature--

Navigation ---

Instrumentalities of commerc'.--

Commerce carried on by corporations-

Transportation of persons and property--

In general-----

Streets cars over interstate bridge_.

State carriers forming interstate route_.

Local part of interstate shipment-------

Separable part of interstate haul.----

Route between points within a State passing through

adjoining State---

Moving goods from platform to freight warehouse--

Accommodation for passengers of different races---

Use of local bills of lading as between connecting


Communication by telegraph and telephone-

Handling and slaughtering animals_

Manufacture and sale of goods.--

In general.--

Delivery by agent after breaking bulk.


Subjects of regulation by Congress..

In general.


Railroads and express companies..

In general.--

Construction of railroads_

Right of way-----

Stocks and bonds---

Rolling stock --

Distribution of coal cars

Coal cars of interstate carrier.-

State railroad engaging in interstate commerce-

Regulation of rates

(a) In general---

(0) Long and short haul..

(c) Abrogating passes

(d) Less than published rates..

(e) Connecting carriers ---

(f) Incidental control of intrastate rates--

(9) Combinations between competing


(h) Express rates...

Transportation of commodities produced by


Safety appliance acts.---

Liability for loss or injury--

Carmack amendment..







Lart. I.-Legislative Department-Continued.

fiec. 8. Powers of Congress-Continued.

Cl. 3. Regulation of commerce-Continued.

Commerce among the several States—Continued.

Subjects of regulation by Congress-Continued.

Railroads and express companies-Continued.

Liability for personal injury------

Qualifications and duties of employees.--.

Hours of service-----

Railroad Labor Board.-

Uniform system of accounting

Valuation of property----

Effect of membership in labor union.---

Telephone and telegraph companies...

Ships and shipping---

In general---

When a vessel is engaged in interstate com-


Enrolling and licensing of vessels.

Limitation of vessel owners' liability-

Recording conveyances of vessels -

Regulating payment of seamen's wages.-

Navigation and navigable waters.---





Ferries ----

Intoxicating liquors--

The Wilson Act--

The Webb-Kenyon Act--

The Reed Amendment -

Food and drugs.---

Animals ---

Imports and exports.

Birds and game---

Correspondence schools..

Oil and gas---

Sponges ---

Transportation of women for immoral purposes.-

Obscene publications.

Importation of prize-fight films---


Lottery tickets


Original packages..

Trusts and trade associations --

Businesses not subjects of interstate commerce---


Negotiable instruments..

Manufacture -


Articles made by women and children----

Suppression of monopoly-----

Acquisition, control, and disposition of property --

Delivery on agents' orders.--

Live-stock commission merchants.

Delivery of coupons.-

Press dispatch business--


Art. I.—Legislative Department-Continued.

Sec. 8. Powers of Congress—Continued.

CI. 3, Regulation of commerce_Continued.

Commerce among the several States—Continued.

Powers remaining in the States-Intrastate commerce--

In general----

Concurrent powers of Congress and the States..

When States may exercise power--

Police powers----

In general

In the absence of legislation by Congress-

Burden upon interstate commerce-

Effect of action by Congress_-

Effect of delegation of power to Interstate

Commerce Commission-----

Effect of nonaction by Congress_-

Internal commerce-

Quarantine and health laws----

State and municipal legislation affecting commerce.

Adoption of construction given by State courts.

Constraints of commerce-

Discrimination against foreign products.-

Inspection laws---

Railroads and express companies.-

In general---

Consolidation of railroads...

Contracts of carriage

Solicitation of freight----

Effect of Carmack amendment_

Rates of transportation------

Power of States to prescribe intrastate

rates --

Requiring railroads to post their schedules

of rates---

Lack of power to regulate interstate rates_

Incidental effect on interstate rates.--

Interstate passes----

Establishing joint through rates--

Rates on the part of interstate shipment

within the State-----

Tickets and mileage books....

Running of trains.----

Regulating speed of trains.---

Regulating stoppage of trains.-

Regulating number in train crew..

Requiring use of electric headlight-----

Examining and licensing trainmen.---

Requiring railroads to pay employees semi-


Hours of service-----

Heating passenger cars.-

Accommodations for different races..

No obligation to operate at a loss.----

Liability for acts of nonfeasance or misfeas-


In general

Employers' liability act..

Workmen's compensation act--

Common law right of action.-

Safety appliance act---

Injury to postal clerk.--

Art. 1.--Legislative Department-Continued.

Sec. 8. Powers of Congress-Continued.

Cl. 3. Regulation of commerce-Continued.

Commerce among the several States—Continued.

Powers remaining in the States Continued.

Railroads and express companies--Continued

Liability for acts of nonfeasance or misfeas.


Allowance of attorney's fees.

Furnishing cars-----

Uniform bills of lading-----

Refusal to accept freight for transporta-

tion. --

Delivery of freight and express..

Connecting carriers.-----

Switching and terminal facilities.

Sunday laws ----

Attachment and garnishment

Regulations affecting interstate street-car sery-


Natural gas-----

Telegraph and telephone companies.---

Penalty for failure to transmit and deliver

messages --

Requiring wires to be placed under surface of


Charges on poles and wires ---

Prohibiting stipulation against liability for neg-

ligence ---

Transmission of stock quotations.--

Telephone companies----

Ships and shipping----

When a vessel is engaged in domestic commerce-

Engaged in lightering goods--

State registration laws-----

Rates for water transportation.--

State statutory liens on vessels--

Navigation and navigable waters.

In general

Lands under or bordering navigable waters---

Power to make improvements and to exact


Grant of exclusive navigation ---

Power to obstruct navigable waters.-

Power to prohibit obstructions.

Liability for marine torts.---

Rules of navigation as to displaying lights---

Harbor regulations.

Surveys and repairs of vessels...



Wharves, piers, and docks.


Authority to erect----

Power to order removal.-

Regulation of tolls--

International bridge

Pilots and pilotage

Dams and booms.





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