Finances and Trade of Canada at the Beginning of the Year 1855

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J. Ridgway, 1855 - Finance, Public - 39 pages

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Page 33 - That in any model or common school established under this Act, no child shall be required to read or study in or from any religious book, or to join in any exercise of devotion or religion which shall be objected to by his parents or guardians...
Page 34 - The common school being a day, and not a boarding school, rules arising from domestic relations and duties are not required ; and as the pupils are under the care of their parents and guardians on Sabbaths, no regulations are called for in respect to their attendance at public worship.
Page 33 - Act, no child shall be required to read or study in or from any religious book, or to join in any exercise of devotion or religion, which shall be objected to by his or her parents or guardians : Provided always, that within this limitation, pupils shall be allowed to receive such religious instruction as their parents or guardians shall desire, according to the general regulations which shall be provided according to law.
Page 31 - ... Schools. The county councils also appoint the local treasurers of the school fund, and the local superintendents of schools, and provide for their salaries. Special provision is also made for the security of the school fund against the diversion of any part of it, and for the prompt payment of it to teachers at the times specified by law. Both the county and township councils have authority to raise any sums they shall think proper for public school libraries under general regulations prescribed...
Page 34 - Teacher ; and it shall be a matter of mutual voluntary arrangement between the Teacher and the parent, or guardian, of each pupil, as to whether he shall hear such pupil recite from the Scriptures, or Catechism, or other summary of Religious Doctrine and duty of the Persuasion of such parent, or guardian. Such recitations, however, are not to interfere with the regular exercises of the School.
Page 32 - Canada, prepares the general school regulations, and submits them, as well as that of text and library books, to the consideration of the Council ; prepares the forms of reports and modes of all school proceedings under the Act, and gives instructions for conducting them, as well as for holding teachers...
Page 32 - Schools, recommends the text books for the schools, and books for the school libraries, and makes the - regulations for the organization, government and discipline of Common Schools, the examination and classification of teachers, and the establishment and care of school libraries throughout Upper Canada.
Page 34 - In the Section of the Act thus quoted, the principle of Religious Instruction in the Schools is recognized, the restrictions...
Page 28 - The system of public instruction is engrafted upon the municipal institutions of the country. "We have municipal councils, of counties, of townships, of cities, of towns, and of incorporated villages. The members of county councils are elected by the councils of townships and towns — one or two for each. The members of township, city, town, and village councils are elected by the resident freeholders and householders of each municipality.
Page 32 - ... the board of trustees for all their school purposes, and in the manner that they shall desire. There is also the same provision for the establishment of libraries in each city, town, and village, as exists in respect to their establishment in each township and county. " At the head of the whole system we have a Council of Public Instruction and a Chief Superintendent of Schools, both appointed by the Crown. The Council has the entire management of the Provincial Normal and Model Schools, recommends...

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