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Looked great upon arrival.

User Review  - skagroves -

This was a present request from my 30 year old daughter. She was very happy with it & said it looked like the same cover as the book she had read as a teen which delighted her even more. Read full review

Excellent Book Choice

User Review  - morethanaword -

This is an excellent book for the price. It is a hardcover school edition. School edition means that the binding has extra support to last against multiple uses and abuses in a school setting. I found ... Read full review

The Hobbit

User Review  - angela1874 -

The Hobbit is quite simply one of the best works of fiction of our time. This book is just as good now as it was 20 years ago when I first read it. This is a book is a great permanent addition to my library. Read full review


User Review  - isrd -

Gorgeous looking book with the most lovely lino cut illustrations in beautiful colours. Bought it for a 30th birthday present and the recipient was very pleased as it looked so special. The story is a classic and this book makes it feel one. Rather keen to get a copy myself now! Read full review

Better than I imagined

User Review  - mdnd -

I was told to read The Hobbit thenLord Of The Rings so Id have a better idea or backstory of the characters and the places in both of those stories.This story was better than I expected partly because ... Read full review

Beautiful Edition Of The Hobbit

User Review  - crowblog -

This is a very handsome edition of The Hobbit and a facsimile first edition. Tolkiens original illustrations are used and these add a charm to the work and the best feel for this book.The Hobbit has ... Read full review

The Hobbit

User Review  - john121 -

Product was just what I expected. The time it took to ship and make the trip was totally unacceptable. Use Amazon instead. Read full review


User Review  - nancys49 -

My daughter found this book and she wanted it for a gift. The price & quality was good for a leather bound book. Read full review

Hobbit Alan Lee Illus.

User Review  - mtnvlydsrtexplorer -

This is simply the best version for most readers with the fine fine illustrations by Alan Lee. Read full review

the hobbit

User Review  - elvenmage -

The book is beautiful and worth every dollar. It is one of the best leather bound books I have owned and quite the envy of all my friends. Read full review

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