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the Refractive and Dispersive Powers of Glass, and the Achromatic Telescope. -VII. Southern Germany.--VIII. Von Hammer's History of the Assassins. IX. Dupin's Productive and Commercial Powers of France.-X. Manzoni's Betrothed, a Romance.--XI. Catholicism in Silesia.-XII. Modern German Tragedy; Klingemann's Ahasuerus-XIII. Russian Literature.-XIV. Delambra's History of the Astronomy of the Eighteenth Century.-XV. German Pocket-Books for 1828.-Miscellaneous Literary Notices, No. II.-List of the principal Works published on the Continent, from July to October, 1827.

Contents of No. III.-I. Gall and Spurzheim; Phrenology.-II. Italian Comedy ; Nota.-III. Wace's Romance of Rolla and the Dukes of Normandy.-IV. Rey on the Judicial Institutions of England and France.-V. Bohemian Literature.-VI. Portugal.-VII. Magnusen, The Edda Doctrine and its Origin.-VIII. Turkey.--IX. Simond's Travels in Italy and Sicily.---X. Molière.-Critical Sketches.—XI. D'Arlincourt's Ismalie.--XII. Bonstetten on the effects of Climate.-XIII. French Proverbs.--XIV. Champollion on Egyptian Hieroglyphics.-XV. Parisian Public Institutions.-Xvi. Technological Dictionary.--XVII, Brienne's Memoirs.--XVIII. Niccolini's Antonio Foscarini.-XIX. Heine's Travelling Sketches.-XX. Meyerberg's Travels in Russia.-XXI. Kaeuffer's Greek Testament.-XXII. Oreilli's Latin Inscriptions.-XXIII. Markland's Statius, new edition.-XXIV. Facciolati's Latin Lexicon, 3rd edition.-XXV. Haine's Repertorium Bibliographicum.--Miscel. laneous Literary Notices, No. III.-List of the principal Works published on the Continent, from November, 1827, to January, 1828.

Contents of No. IV.-I. Life and Works of Wieland.-II. Cailliaud's Travels to Méroé, and the White River,&C.III. Spanish Novelists.-IV. Niebuhr's Roman History.--V. Neapolitan Superstitions.-VI. Paixhan's new Maritime Force and Artillery-VII. Lebrun's Voyage to Greece.-VIII. Modern Spanish Comedy. IX. Italian Literature of the Eighteenth Century.--X. Illyrian Poetry.--XI. Kleist's Dramatic Works.--XII. Retzsch's Illustrations of Ham. let.-XIII. to XXIV. Critical Sketches of Latin, Italian, French, German, and Spanish Works: ---Miscellaneous Literary Notices, No. IV.-List of the principal Works published on the Continent, from January to April, 1828.

Contents of No. V.-I. Arabic Literature.-II. Language and Literature of the Magyars (Hungarian.)—III. Guizot's History of the English Revolution. IV. Mazure's History of the Revolution of 1688.-V. Laplace's Celestial Mechanics, Vol. V.-Ví. Karamsin's History of Russia. VII. French Philosophers of the Nineteenth Century VIII. Greece.-18. The Pyrenees.-X. Tegner's Legend of Frithiof.-X1. Russia and Turkey.-Critical Sketches.XII. Protestantism in France.—XIII. Matter's History of Gnosticism.-XIV. Wronski's Canon's of Logarithms.-XV. Sempere's Greatness and Decline of Spain.-XVI. De Vigny's Cinq-Mars, a Romance.-XVII. Dandolo's Letters on Rome, Naples, Venice, and Florence.-XVIII. Van der Velde's Life and Letters.--XIX. Grabbe's Dramatic Poems.-XX. Vassalli's Maltese Grammar. XXI. Hebenstreit's Dictionary of Bibliography.-Miscellaneous Literary Notices, No. V.-List of the principal New Works published on the Continent, from May to August, 1828.-Index to the Second Volume.

No. VI. will appear in December.

THE POETICAL WORKS of THOMAS CAMPBELL, Esq. now first collected. In Two Volumes, small 8vo. with a fine Portrait, engraved

Burnet, after the Painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence. 188. “ Never did Poet produce a work more deserving of female acceptation." Literary Gazette.

“We consider these volumes as supplying a desideratum in one of the most popular departments of our elegant literature."-Edinburgh Evening Pust.

Printed for H. Colburn, New Burlington-street.

POPULAR WORKS, Printed for LONGMAN, REES, ORME, Brown, and Green.

An INTRODUCTION to ENTOMOLOGY: or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects. By WILLIAM KIRBY, M.A. F.R.S. and L.S., and WILLIAM SPENCE, Esq. F.L.S. A New Edition. In Four thick closely-printed Vols. 8vo. with Plates and Portraits of the Authors. Nearly ready.

The BOOK of NATURE; being a Popular Illustration of the General Laws and Phenomenon of Creation, in its Unorganized and Organized, its Corporeal and Mental Departments. By JOHN MJSON GOOD, M.D. and F.R.S. Second Edition. In 3 Vols. Svo, 11. 16s. Boards.

PHILOSOPHY in SPORT made SCIENCE in EARNEST; being an attempt to illustrate the First Principles of Natural Philosophy by the aid of Popular Toys and Sports. 3 Vols. 12mo. With Engravings on Wood from Designs by George Cruikshank. Price 11. 18. boards.

GIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE ; for the Use of Families and Young Persons. Reprinted from the original Text, with the careful omission of all passages of an irreligious or immoral tendency. By THOMAS BOWDLER, Esq. Š.R.S. S.A. In 5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 38. boards.

By the same Author, The FAMILY SHAKSPEARE; in which nothing is added to the original Text; but those words and Expressions are omitted, which can. not with propriety be read aloud in a Family 10 Vols. Royal 18mo, 31. 38. boards, the Fourth Edition. Or in 8 Vols. Svo. 41. 14s. 60.

SELECT WORKS of the BRITISH POETS, with Biographical and Critical Prefaces. By Dr. AIKIN. In 10 Vols. post 18mo. price 21. ; in royal 18mo. to match the British Essayists and Novelist, 31. ; and complete in 1 vol. 8vo. for Schools, &c. 18s.

A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed by A. ARROW. SMITH, Hydrographer to the King, from the latest Authorities; comprehended in Fifty-four Maps, including Two New Maps, from Original Drawings, with the recent Discoveries of ROŠS, PARRY, FRANKLIN, &c. in North Ame. rica. Engraved in the best style of the Art. In royal quarto, price 1l. 16s. half bound. or with the Boundaries, &c. coloured, 21. 128. 61,

The ENGLISH FLORA. By Sir JAMES E. SMITH, F.R.S. In 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 8s. boards.

By the same Author, COMPENDIUM FLORÆ BRITANNICÆ. 12mo. 78. 61.

A GRAMMAR OF BOTANY, illustrative of Artificial as well as Natural Classification, with an Explanation of Jussieu's System. Second Edition. 8vo. with 277 Figures of Plants, and their various Parts and Organs, 12s; or coloured, 11. 11s.6d.

An INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of PHYSIOLOGI. CALand SYSTEMATICAL BOTANY. Svo. Fifth Edition, with 15 plates, price 14s plain, or coloured 1. 8x. boards.

FIRST STEPS to BOTANY. By J. L. DRUMMOND, M.D. Second Edition, with 100 Wood-Cuts, 98. boards.

The EPICUREAN. A Tale. By THOMAS MOORE, Esq.In 1 vol. foolscap 8vo. Fifth Edition. Price 98. boards.

A COMPARATIVE VIEW of the SOCIAL LIFE of ENGLAND and FRANCE, from the Restoration of Charles the Second to the French Revolution. By the Editor of Madame Du Deffand's Letters. In 1 vol. 8vo. price 138. boards.

A SPINSTER'S TOUR in FRANCE, the STATES of GENOA, &c. during the year 1827. 12mo. 10s. 6d. boards.

SYSTEMATIC EDUCATION; or, Elementary Instruction in the various Departments of Literature and Science, with practical Rules for studying each Branch of Useful Knowledge. By the Rev. W. SHEPHERD, the Rev. J. JOYCE, and the Rev. LANT CARPENTER, LL. D. Third Edition, in two thick vols. 8vo, closely printed, with Nine Plates, by Lowry, &c., 11. 118.6d, boards.

A COMPENDIOUS CHART of ANCIENT HISTORY and BIOGRAPHY, designed principally for the use of Young Persons. By Mrs. JOHN HURFORD. Price 88.6d. in sheets; 10s. 6d. folded in boards ; or 12s. on Canvass and Roller, or in a Case.

A BRIEF SUMMARY of ANCIENT HISTORY, arranged in Periods; intended as a Companion to the above. 18mo. 38.

A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, with the Divisions and Boundaries carefully Coloured : constructed entirely from New Drawings, and En. graved by SIDNEY HALL. Parts I. to X. printed on Elephant paper, price 10s. 6d. each; to be completed in Seventeen Parts.

In the list of Maps already published are the following :-Turkey, Greece, Mexico and Guatimala, Peru, Colony of New South Wales, Chart of the Pacific Ocean, Russia, Brazil, Southern Africa, &c.

Part XI. will be published on the 1st of December.


In this Journal will be found the earliest Accounts of Scientific Voyages and Expeditions, the particulars of New Discoveries and Useful Inventions, and, indeed, all the News relating to the progress of human intelligence. Original Papers on a variety of curious or interesting subjects ; Criticisms on the Pe. formances of the Theatres, Operas, and Concerts; Reviews of Exhibitions, and all remarkable Productions in the Arts and Music; in short, whatever tends to elegant refinement and beneficial information, is eagerly sought to be communicated in an agreeable manner. On these grounds the Literary Gazette is particularly recommended as a Family Journal, blending instruction with en tertainment, and adapted, as far as possible, for the improvement of young and female readers, while it preserves the higher claim of supplying what is required by the learned and inquisitive.

Published every Saturday, by W A. Scripps, 7, Wellington Street, Strand, and 7, South Molton-Street, price 8d.; or stamped, for Country Circulation by post, 1s. Also in Monthly and Quarterly Parts,stitched in a printed wrapper

The Sixth Edition re-written, and newly arranged, of DEBRETT'S BARONETAGE of ENGLAND is published this day, in two Volumes, 12mo. ; with the Arms. Printed uniformly with the recent edition of the PEERAGÉ. Price 11.89. in boards.

The Editor and Proprietors desire respectfully and gratefully to acknowledge the receipt of numerous Communications from the different Families, whereby they have been enabled to offer a much more complete Edition than has hitherto been published.

Printed for C. and J. Rivington; J. Cuthell; J. and A. Arch; J. and w. T. Clarke ; Longman and Co.; T. Cadell; J. Richardson; J. Booker; J. Booth ; s. Bagster; Hatchard and Son ; Baldwin and Cradock; R. Scholey; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; J. Martin; Parbury, Allen, and Co.; W. Mason; T. and W. Boone; Lloyd and Son; Simpkin and Marshall, E. Hodgson;

, Hurst, Chance and Co.; and Sustenance and Stretch. Lond Sept. 1828.

Of whom may be had, DEBRETT'S PEERAGE of the UNITED KINGDOM; the Seventeenth Edition, corrected to February, 1828, with new Plates, elegantly engraved. In two Volumes, price 11. 188. boards. Also,

NICOLAS'S SYNOPSIS of the PEERAGE of ENGLAND, exhibiting Alphabetically the Date of Creation, Descent, and present State of every Title of Peerage, which has existed in this country since the Conquest; with the succession of Archishops and Bishops, from the Conquest to the present time. In two Volumes, price 188.

To Travellers in Ituly. This Day is published, in two Volumes small 8vo., with Plates, price 15s. in

boards, the second Edition, with numerous Additions, of A DESCRIPTION of the ANTIQUITIES and other CURIOSITIES of ROME, from personal Observation, made during a Visit to Italy in the Years 1818-19. With Illustrations from Ancient and Modern Writers. By the Rev. EDWARD BURTON, M.A. late Student of Christ Church College, Oxford.

Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and WaterlooPlace, Pall-Mall.

Literary Presents for Young Persons.

In Cabinet Volumes, price 58. 6d. each, THE SEASONS, by THOMPSON; THE MINSTREL, by Beattie ; THE TASK, TABLE TALK, and Minor Poems, by Cowper ; Milton's PARADISE LOST, 2 Vols, ; PARADISE REGAINED, and Minor Poems, 2 Vols.; THE SHIPWRECK, by Falconer, and the Poems of Goldsmith and Gray; each Volume embellished with Six Engravings from the designs of Mr. Westall, and together forming the most unexceptionable, elegant and appropriate Volumes hitherto offered as Presents for Young Persons.

YOUNG'S NIGHT THOUGHTS, completing the Poetical Sertes, with Ten Engravings, just published, 98. bds.

SMALL OCTAVO EDITIONS of the above may also be had, and are generally kept, in elegant bindings, by the most respectable booksellers in the United Kingdom ; as also Rasselas, price 78. in boards; Elizabeth, 78.61.; Mason on Self-knowledge, 78. 6d.; Pa and Virginia; Dr. Gregory's Legacy; Mrs. Chapone's Letters; The Vicar of Wakefield; Lord Bacon's Essays, each 8s.; Burns' Poems and Songs, 2 Vols. 188.; and Sturm's Reflections, Four Volumes, price 11. 108. in boards.

London ; published by John Sharpe, Piccadilly, and the other Proprietors.


CONVERSATIONS on CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments. The 11th Edit. revised and improved. in 2 Vols. 12mo, with Plates by Lowry, 14s. In this Edition a Conversation has been added on the Steam Engine.

By the same Author, CONVERSATIONS on NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. 4th Edition, 108. 6d. Bds. With 22 Engravings by Lowry.

CONVERSATIONS on POLITICAL ECONOMY. Fifth Edition, in 12mo. 98. Bds.

CONVERSATIONS on MINERALOGY; with Flates, engraved by Mr. and Miss Lowry, comprising upwards of 400 Figures of Minerals, including 12 beautifully coloured Specimens. Second Edit, 2 Vols. 12mo. 48, Bds.

CONVERSATIONS on BOTANY, with Twenty-one Engravings. The Sixth Edition, enlarged, in 1 Vol. 12mo., Price 78. 6d. plain, or 12s. coloured.


CONVERSATIONS on the ANIMAL ECONOMY. By a PHYSICIAN. 2 Vols. 12mo. illustrated by Plates, &c. Price 16s.


CONVERSATIONS on the EVIDENCES of CHRISTIA. NITY; for the Use of Young Persons and Theological Students. In 1 Vol. 12mo. Price 8s. Bds.

Hunt's Architectural Works.

Shortly will be published, in 4lo. with Plates, EXEMPLARS of TUDOR ARCHITECTURE, adapted to Modern Habitations, with Illustrative Details, selected from Ancient Edifices; and Observations on the Furniture of the Tudor Period. By T. F. HUNT, Architect.

Printing for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, ARCHITETTURA CAMPESTRE, displayed in Lodges, Gardeners' Houses, &c. &c. In a series of 12 Plates, with Descriptive Letterpress, in royal 4to. 11. 18. Bds. or India Proofs, ll. 118. 6d. Bds.

HALF-A-DOZEN HINTS on PICTURESQUE DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE, in a series of Designs for Gate Lodges, Gamekeepers' Cotages, &c. 2nd Edit. in 4to. 155. Bds. or 11. 18. India Proofs.

DESIGNS for PARSONAGE-HOUSES, ALMS-HOUSES, &c. &c. In a Series of Twenty-one Plates, with Descriptive Letterpress, in royal 4to. 11. 18. Bds. or Indian Proofs, 11. 118. 6d. Bds.

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