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It is an oft-quoted sentiment as applied to the bee, that
Our toil doth sweeten others."

It is a beautiful tribute to this communal worker, and I
suspect that the Editor of the American Bee is the
chap who gave the sentence birth and prominence.

I wish to emphasize the fact that the bee-keeper also
illustrates the same truth.

His toil is in answer to the universal taste for sweets.

Whether one meets the highly organized Caucasian with
his acquired taste for many dainties, or the untutored darker
brother who knows not the things so fearfully and wonder-
fully made which his pale-faced brother calls the proofs of
civilization, one finds them both with a natural taste for

As old as history—and we know not how much longer-
this longing for saccharine matter in the animal system
seems to have been dominant.

When Sam's son plucked the new honey-combs from the
dried carcass of the dead lion on his way to see his Philis-
tine sweetheart, he satisfied his hunger and the desire for
sweets at the same time, for honey is a food as well as a

And when Jacob directed his sons, before starting on
that memorable trip to Egypt, to take of the choice fruits of
the land in yow i'essels, and carry.

down the man a present
of a little balm and a little honey,” he knew, or wisely conjec-
tured, that royalty as well as peasant loved the daintiest
morsel that God had provided in His storehouse of Nature;
and he wanted Pharaoh's prime minister mollified for an im-
portant occasion.

John the Baptist advertised honey when he used it as
food and as relish for roasted grasshoppers.

With our cultivated (or perverted ?) taste we would want
to eat something good to cover up the locust flavor, and I
don't know anything quite so satisfactory as honey.

If our mothers had only known the secret of thus hid-
ing the castor-oil taste that was an abomination in our
youthful estimation, what an improvement that would have
been on the old practice!

But I maintain that the bee-keeper's toil not only sweet-

others,” but also himself.

In proof of this, I only need to mention the fact that

are the most companionable fellows in the world.
They are companionable because intelligent and com-

They never tire of exploring the mysteries of the life and
labors and government of their protegees; and their studies
in natural history make them thinkers if not philosophers.

This is a class of men with whom it is a pleasure to.
come in contact.

There are no secrets in their business which they are
keeping from the public, and they are all ready, at all times,
to dilate upon their favorite theme.

Whether it be in company of a brother bee-keeper, or a
student of bee and plant life, or for the entertainment of
friends, they can be easily prevailed on to relate experiences
or to exploit theories.

Another thing: Bee-keepers are temperate.
When have you caught one visiting a saloon ?
“There's a reason.

When men have access to the nectar of heaven why
should they love the broth of hell?

Of all the bee-keepers' conventions that I have attended,
I remember but one instance, and one man, who showed any
sign of having indulged in anything stronger than argument.

And the members of the fraternity are moral, and gen-
erally religious.

They stand for the best things in life, and for the uplift
of society.

The business in which they engage teaches patience and
self-control, which are prime factors in the education of

They know better than to arouse the ire of the com-
munity in which they labor, and accept philosophically the
discouraging seasons when nectar is as scarce as complete
unselfishness, and the bees are as cross as the booze-lover
the day after."

As the holiday is in progress, and the - Christmas spirit
of good-will and sweet fellowship is upon me, I recall the
beautiful friendships in the brotherhood of bee-men that
have been my privilege and good fortune to enjoy during my
brief career.

The memory of it is like unto the fragrant breath of
June roses.

How sweet is friendship !
How delightful are the recollections of happy days !
How endearing is the brotherhood of common endeavor!
Toil makes the toilers kin.

If Hope and Faith be not dead, happy are we who work !
Forest City, Iowa.

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American Bee Journal
Untested Italiau

Italian Dagen-Bees

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Our Standard-Bred 6 Queens for $4.50; 3 for $2.50;

1 for 90 cents. For a number of years we have been sending out to bee-keepers exceptionally fine Untested Italian Queens, purely mated, and all rig it in every respect. Here is what a few of those who received our ueens have to say about them:


117 N. Jefferson Street, Chicago, III.


ASI v. 51.52 911-12



IMPORTANT NOTICE THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE of this Journal 18 $1.00 a year, in the United States of America (except in Chicago, where it is $1.25), and Mexico; in Canada, £1.10; and in all other countries in the Postal Union, 25 cents a year extra for postage.

AG Sample copy free.

THE WRAPPER-LABEL DATE indicates the IBRARY end of the month to which your subscription is paid. For instance, “decll" on your label shows hat it is paid to the end of December, 1911.

SUBSCRIPTION RECEIPTS.-We do not send a receipt for money sent us to pay subscription, but change the date on your address-label, which shows that the money has been received and credited.

GEORGE W. YORK & CO.:-The two Tueens Teived of you some time ago are fine. They are good breeders, the workers are showing up fine I introduced the among blac: bees, and the bees are nearly yellow now, and are doing good work. Nemaha Co, Kan, July 15.

A. W. SWAS. GEORGE W. YORK & Co.:-After Importing queen for 15 years you have sent me the best She keeps 9 1-9 Langstroth frames fully oc cupied to date, and, although I kept the hive well contracted, to force them to swarm, they have never built a queen-cell, and will put up 100 pounds of honey if the flow lasts this week. Ontario, Canada July 22.

CHLAR. MITCHELL GEORGE W. YORK & Co.:-The queen I bought of you has proven a good one, and has given me some of the best colonies. Washington Co., Va., July 22.

NOGLESBY. GEORGE W. YORK & Co.:-The queen I received or you a few days ago came through O. K. and I want to say 12. she is a beauty. I im. mediately introduced her into a colony which had been queenless for 20 days. She was accepted by them, and has gone to work nicely. I am highly pleased with her and your promptness in filling my order. My father, who is an old bee keeper, pronounced her very fine. You will hear from me again when I am in need of something in the bee line.

E. E. McCOLM. Marion Co., II., July 18.

We usually begin mailing Queens in May, and continue thereafter on the plan of “first come first served." The price of one of our Untested Queens alone is 90 cents, or with the old American Bee Journal for one year-both for $1.60. Three Queens (without Journal) would be $2.50. or 6 for $4.50. Full instructions for introducing are sent with each Queen, being printed on the underside of the address-card on the mailing-cage. You cannot do better than to get one or more of our fine Standard-Bred Queens

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National Bee-Keepers' Association.

(Organized in 1870.)

Objects. 1. To promote the interests of bee-keepers.

2. To protect and defend its members in their lawful rights as to keeping bees.

3. To enforce laws against the adulteration of honey.

Membership Duos. One dollar a year.

Officers and Executive Committee. President-GEORGE W. YORK, Chicago, Ill. Vice-President-W. D. WRIGHT, Altamont. N. Y.

Secretary-E. B. TYRRELL, 230 Woodland Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Treas. and Gen. Mgr.-N. E. FRANCE Platteville, Wis.

Twelve Directors.
Jas. A. Stone, Rt. 4. Springfield, III,
O. L. Hershiser, Kenmore, N. Y.

H. A. Surface, Harrisburg, Pa.
Wm. McEvoy, Woodburn, Ont., Canada.
M. H. Mendleson, Ventura, Calif.

R. C. Aikin, Loveland, Colo. R. L. Taylor, Lapeer, Mich. E D. Townsend, Remus, Mich.

W. H. Laws, Beeville, Tex. J. E. Crane, Middlebury, Vt.

E. F. Atwater, Meridian, Idaho.

R. A. Morgan, Vermilion, S. Dak.

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By feeding raw bone. Its egg-producing value is four 200 ACRES OF THEM. I GROW NOTHING ELSEA

times that of grain. Eggs more fertile, chicks more I do not run a nursery-or seed business.

vigorous, brollers earlier, fowls heavier, I devote all my time to Strawberry

profits larger. Plants, I personally superintend niy farm. Every plant guaranteed "truc io

MODEL nime. Plants grown in Natural Straro. berry Climate ; soil right, too. Strong

Cuts all bone with adhering meat and rooted, prolific bearers. Prices right. Get

gristle. Nover clogs. 10 Days' Froo Trial. my 1911 Catalog. Write to-day.-NOW.

No money in advance.

Sond Today for Freo Book. W. W. THOMAS, The Strawberry Plant Man 252 Main St., Anna, III.

jf. W. Mann Co., Box 348. Milford, Mass. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.


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Ye who are in need of HONEY write to us for prices.

Samples 10 cents
We have the following Fine Honey to offer :

SWEET CLOVER holding 2-60

Are you a member? If not, why not send the annual dues of $1.00 at once to Treas. France, or to the office of the American Bee Journal, 117 N. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill.? It will be forwarded promptly to the Treas. urer, and a receipt mailed to you by him. Every progressive bee-keeper should be a member of this, the greatest bee-keepers' organization in America.

Extracted Honey portion
Comb Honey also Fine Chunk Comb Honey.

SUPERIOR BEE-SUPPLIES Specially made for Western bee-keepers by G. B. Lewis Co. Sold by Colorado Honey-Producers' Association,


The FRED W. MUTH CO. 51 Walnut Street,



Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.

American Bee Journal



SON Sections at $ 50 a 1000

The best time to buy your goods is during the fall and winter months. We are making. Liberal Discounts for Early Orders, and would like to quote you net prices on your needs for next season.

-BEESWAX WANTEDLANSING, - MICHIGAN. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.

1, We are making this big sacrifice in price to move a lot of 500,000 we have in our warehouse. These are the regular one-piece 474x44x178 two-beeway Basswood Sections. They are No. 2 quality, and listed at $5.00 per 1000. Send in your orders now, before they are sold out.


Our Shipping-Cases


For Western Pennsylvania.
Liberal Early Order Discounts.
Gleanings and Choice Queens Given Away.
Write at once for Circular. Time is limited.

are recommended by the largest honey-buyers in the country. Covers and BotGEO. H. REA,

toms are Successor to Rea Bee and Honey Co.,

one piece; everything is Basswood, smooth on both sides, no-drip REYNOLDSVILLE, PA.

sticks or corrugated paper in bottom. We make these to fit any number or size of sections. We have on hand a large stock to hold 24 sections, which we offer complete with paper and 2-inch glass at $13 per 100; Crates of 50, $7.50; Crates

of 25, $4.00. Here is a bargain in No. 2 474x474 1-Piece 2-Beeway Sections $3.25 per 1000. Plain, 25c less.

Write for Catalog and prices on Hives, Frames, Foundation, or anything Send your order to-day. Also write for Cat. you need in the apiary. alog


Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.
Nicollet Island

Are You Looking for a
Bargain? If so, here it is : A WONDERFUL FARM „TOOL

Foot100 Colonies of Bees, 8-frame, 12-story hives,


DOUBLE ACTION CULTIin good shape for winter. No disease. All

VATOR AND HARgo for $300.00, or in lots of 10 at $3.00 per col

ROW. The most won

Read what J.L PARENT, of Charl. ony. Bees near Argenta, Ark. Don't let this

derful farm tool ever in

ton, N. Y.,

says: “We cut with ono vented. Two harrows

IAtf chance slip. It is a bargain.

of your Combined Machines, last Throws the dirt

winter. 60 cbaft hives with 7-in. cap out, then in, leaving the

100 honey-racks, 600 brood-tramos W. J. Littlefield, Little Rock, Ark.

land level and true. A

2,000 honey-boxes, and a great deal

of other work. This winter we havo labor saver, a time saver,

double the amount of bee hives, eto.. TRUTH ABOUT POULTRY.-It is in “The 2 crop maker.

Perfect centre draft. Jointed pole.

to make, and we expect to do it with Million Egg Farm," a book of verified poultry Beware of imitations and infringements. Send today

this Saw. It will do all you say it facts, Get it and Farm Journal nearly 2 for FREE Booklet, Intensive Cultivation."

will." Catalog and price list tree years, 50 cents. FARM JOURNAL, CUTAWAY HARROW CO.

Address, W.7.&JOAN BARNES, IAtf 101 Clifton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 913 Main St., Higganum, Conn.

986 Ruby St., Rockford, Iu. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writina

Minnesota Bee-Supply Co.




in one.

Honey and Beeswax 50,000 Copies “Honey as a Health-Food"

To Help Increase the Demand for Honey

When Consigning, Buying,

or Selling-Consult R. A. BURNETT & CO. 199 S. Water St., CHICAGO, III. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.

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Closing Out Offer

We have had printed an edition of over 50,000 copies of the 16-page pamphlet on Honey as a Health-Food.” It is envelope size, and just the thing to create a local demand for honey.

The first part of it contains a short article on “Honey as Food," written by Dr. C. C. Miller. It tells where to keep honey, how to liquefy it, etc. The last is devoted to "Honey Cooking Recipes" and "Remedies Using Honey.” It should be widely circulated by those selling honey. The more the people are educated on the value and uses of honey as a food, the more honey they will buy.

Prices, prepaid-Sample copy for a 2-cent stamp: 50 copies for 90 cents; 100 copies for $1.50; 250 copies for $3.00 ; 500 for $5.00 ; or 1000 for $9.00. Your business card printed troo at the bottom of front page on all orders for 100 or more copies.

Address all orders to

Chicago, III.

We Have Some Copies Left of the Book

“Bees and Honey "

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Giant Strawberry Plants FREE

By Thomas G. Newman bound in cloth, that we offer cheap to close out. It contains 160 pages, and is bound in cloth. It used to be a onedollar book, but we will mail them, so long as they last, at 50 cents each; or with the American Bee Journal one year-both for only $1.20. Surely this is a bargain. The book is well illustrated, and has some good information in it, especially for beginners. Address all orders to George W. York & Co., 146 W. Superior St., Chicago, III.


Everybody likes fine strawberries, and to prove that our new
GIANT variety is the largest and strongest grower, as well as
the heaviest fruiter, we offer to send you TWO PLANTS (worth
30 cents) absolutely FREE. We have picked 12 quarts of fine
berries froin a test bed grown froin but two GIANT plants set
the year before. You can do as well, and at the same time raise
young plants for a new bed. If you care to send 10 cents for
mailing expense, we will add 6 BABY EVERGREENS 2 years
old, and send all to you at proper planting time in the spring.
It will pay you to get acquainted with our "HARDY BLIZZARD
BELT" Trees and Plants. Write to-day and we will reserve the
plants for you and send you our catalog by next mail. Address

THE GARDNER NURSERY CO., Box 837, Osago, Iowa

Please mention Am. Bee Journal when yriting.

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