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“ CLAUSES from the WILL of the Rev. JOHN HULSE,

late of Elworth, in the county of Chester, clerk, “ deceased, dated the twenty-first day of July, in the

year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and

seventy-seven, expressed in the words of the Tes“ tator, as he, in order to prevent mistakes, thought

proper to draw and write the same himself, and “ directed that such clauses should every year be " printed, to the intent that the several persons, whom

it might concern and be of service to, might know

that there were such special donations or endow“ments left for the encouragement of Piety and “Learning, in an age so unfortunately addicted to

Infidelity and Luxury, and that others might be “ invited to the like charitable, and, as he humbly

hoped, seasonable and useful Benefactions."


“ And from and after the end, expiration, or other determinatiou of the said term of ninety-nine years, determinable as aforesaid, I give and devise the same premises to and to the use of the University of Cambridge for ever, for the purposes herein after expressed, that is to say, I will and direct that the clear rents, issues, and profits of the same premises in Newton and Middlewich shall be divided into six equal parts, of which four such


sixth parts shall be paid or given to the person, being a member of the said University, to be from time to time, under the directions of this my Will, adjudged to the author of the best Dissertation on the subjects hereinafter for that purpose appointed. One other such sixth part shall be given or paid every year, as an augmentation of his salary, and for his own use, to the person, being also a member of the said University, to be from time to time appointed to the Lectureship herein after founded, and who is to preach annually twenty Sermons agreeably to this my Will."


“ And I do direct and declare that the said term of one hundred years is so vested in them the said Ralph Leeke, John Smith, and Thomas Vawdrey, upon further trust, that they, or the survivors, or survivor of them, or the executors, administrators, or assigns of such survivor, do, and shall, by and out of the rents and profits of the premises in Clive, which shall arise previous to the determination of the said term of one hundred years, and no longer, annually pay the sum of sixty pounds, (exclusive of such augmentation as herein before and herein after is mentioned,) on Saint John the Evangelist's day following the preaching of the twenty Lectures or Sermons herein after mentioned, to such learned and ingenious Clergyman in the said University of Cambridge, of the degree of Master of Arts, and under the age of forty years, as shall be duly chosen or elected at the time, and by the persons herein after mentioned and appointed for that purpose, as a salary for preaching the beforementioned Sermons or Lectures, on the days, and upon the subjects herein after more particularly mentioned and prescribed, on the determination of the said term of one hundred years."

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