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don Press, 1895,

V.—The Journal of Countess Françoise Krasinska, Great-

Grandmother of Victor Emanuel. Translated from

the Polish by Kasimir Dziekonska. Chicago : 1896, 113

VI.-1. The Paget Papers: Diplomatic and other Corre-

spondence of the Right Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, G.C.B.

(1794-1807). Arranged and edited by his Son, the

Right Hon. Sir Augustus B. Paget, G.C.B. With

Notes by Mrs. J. R. Green. London: 1896.

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2. Recueil des Traités conclus par la Russie. Tomes X.,

XI. Angleterre. Par F. de Martens. St. Péters-

bourg : 1895,


VII.-1. Flowers and Gardens : Notes on Plant Beauty by a

Medical Man. By Forbes Watson, M.R.O Lon-

don : 1872.

2. 'A Year in a Lancashire Garden. By Henry A.

Bright. Second edition. London : 1879.

3. Days and Hours in a Garden. By 'E. V. B.' Lon-

don : 1834.

4. The English Flower Garden. By W. Robinson.

London and New York: 1883.

5. The Wild Garden. By W. Robinson. London and

New York : 1881.

6. Garden Craft, Old and New. By John D. Sedding.

London : 1891.

7. The Formal Garden in England. By Reginald

Blomfield and F. Inigo Thomas. London : 1892.

8. The Garden that I Love. By Alfred Austin. Lon-

don : 1894.

9. In Veronica's Garden. By Alfred Austin. London:


10. In a Gloucestershire Garden. By Canon Ellacombe.

London : 1895,


VIII.-1. Annales de l'Assemblée Nationale. Paris : 1871-1875.

2. L'Année Politique. Par André Daniel. Paris :


3. Annuaire Statistique de la France. Quinzième

volume. 1892, 1893, 1894. Paris : 1894,


IX.-Historical and Descriptive Catalogue of the National

Portrait Gallery. Compiled by Sir George Scharf;

revised, &c., by Lionel Cust, M.A. London : 1896, 218

X.-1. Report on the Administration, Finances, and Con-

dition of Egypt. (Egypt, No. 1, 1896.)

2. Fire and Sword in the Sudan. By Rudolf C. Slatin

Pasha. London : 1896.

3. Speech of the Right Honourable John Morley, M.P.,

at the Leeds Philosophical Hall. The Times' of

June 4, 1896.

4. Speech of the Marquess of Salisbury in the House of

Lords, June 12. The Times.' of June 13, 1896, 237

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Art. I.—1. Histoire du Second Empire. Par Pierre de la Gorce.

Tomes I-III. Paris : 1894-96.

2. Mémoires du Duc de Persigny. Par M. H. de Laire,

Cte. d'Espagny. Paris : 1896.

3. Souvenirs Militaires, 1866-1870. Par le Général

Lebrun. Paris : 1895,


II.–1. Santa Teresa : her Life and Times. By Gabriela

Cunninghame Graham. 2 vols. London: 1894.

2. St. John of the Cross : Life of, and Works. "The

' Ascent of Mount Carmel,' The Dark Night of the

'Soul,' &c. 2 vols. Translated by David Lewis,

M.A. London: 1889, 1891.

3. Blessèd Henry Suso : Life of. Related by Himself.

Translated by T. F. Knox. London : 1865.

4. XVI Revelations of Juliana of Norwich. Reprint.



III.—1. Woman under the English Law. By Arthur Rackham

Cleveland. 1896.

2. The Law of the Domestic Relations. By W. P.

Eversley. Second edition. 1896,


IV.-1. Federation and Empire: A Study in Politics. By

Thomas Alfred Spalding, LL.B., Barrister-at-Law.

London : 1896.

2. The Union of England and Scotland: A Study of

International History. By James Mackinnon, Ph.D.,

Examiner in History to the University of Edinburgh.

London, New York, and Bombay : 1896,


V.-1. La Planète Mars et ses Conditions d'Habitabilité.

Par Camille Flammarion. Paris : 1892.

2. Mars. By Percival Lowell. London and Bombay :


3. The Planet Mars. By Giovanni Schiaparelli. Trans-

lated by W. H. Pickering. "Astronomy and Astro-

Physics,' vol. xiii. Northfield, U.S.A.: 1894, 368

VI.-The Manuscripts of J. B. Fortescue, Esq., preserved at

Dropmore. Vol. II. Historical Manuscripts Commis-

sion. 14th Report. Appendix, Part V.


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VII.1. A History of Fife and Kinross. By Æneas J. E.

Mackay, Sheriff of these Counties. Edinburgh :


2. Fife, Pictorial and Historical. By A. S. Millar,

F.S.A., Scot. Cupar : 1895.

3. Place Names of Fife and Kinross. By W. J. N.

Liddall. Edinburgh : 1896.

4. The Fringes of Fife. By John Geddie. Edinburgh :



VIII.-1. The Reign of Law. By the Duke of Argyll, K.G.,

K.T. London: 1866.

2. The Unity of Nature. By the same author. Lon-

don : 1884.

3. The Philosophy of Belief; or, Law in Christian

Theology. By the same author. London : 1896, 430

IX.-Beethoven and his Nine Symphonies. By Sir George

Grove. London and New York : 1896,


X.-1. The Life of the Lady Arabella Stuart, in Two Parts,

containing a Biographical Memoir, and a Collection

of her Letters, with Notes and Documents from

original sources, relating to her History. By E. T.

Bradley (Mrs. A. Murray-Smith). 2 vols. 8vo.

London : 1889.

2. The Life and Letters of Lady Arabella Stuart, in-

cluding numerous original and unpublished Docu-

ments. By Elizabeth Cooper. 2 vols. 8vo. London:


3. Despatches Preserved in the Archives of the “Frari'

at Venice : the Series, in MS. folio, labelled 'Inghil-

terra, Senato III., Segreto': namely, Vol. II. Gio

Carlo Scaramelli, Segretario, 1603; Vol. III. Pietro

Duodo, Nicolo Molin, Ambri, 1604; Vol. VIII.

Marc. Ant. Correr, Francesco Contarini, Ambri, 1609;

Vol. IX. Idem, 1610; Vol. X. Marc. Ant. Correr,

Antonio Foscarini, Ambri, 1611; Vol. XI. Ant.

Foscarini, Ambre, 1612; Vol. XII. Idem, 1613 ;

Vol. XIII. Idem, 1614; Vol. XIV. Idem, 1615 ;

Vol. XV. Antonio Foscarini, Kt, et Gregorio Bar-
barigo, Ambri, 1615,


XI.-1. Parliamentary Debates. Session 1896.

2. Speech of the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone at Liver.

pool. Times,' September 25, 1896.

3. Letter from the Earl of Rosebery to Mr. T. E. Ellis,

M.P. "Times,' October 8, 1896.


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