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did bless me in a wonderful manner., I never felt so happy in all my life. I felt that I could endure all my sufferings cheerfully, and that I should be a conqueror in death, through the blood of the Lamb. I used to feel so unworthy I scarcely dared to call myself a follower of Christ; but he has forgiven me all, and I think I shall never again be tempted to distrust him. He will support me to the end."

Thursday, 17th, being just six months from the day her mother died, she made this remark to me in the evening :-“Pa, I have been thinking to-day what a happy meeting I shall soon have with ma, where we shall range the blessed fields together, and on the banks of the river shout hallelujah forever and ever. O what a blessed thing to be free from all suffering and sorrow! and, best of all, to see Jesus as he is, and praise him as we ought."

Wednesday, 23d, she spoke of feeling discouraged, lest, under affliction so severe and protracted, she might become impatient and lose her fortitude, though we saw no indication of it, and if we had, knowing how much she endured, it would not have surprised us at all; but next evening, while a pious and favourite sister conversed and prayed with her, she felt relieved in mind, and spoke to this effect: "I feel now somewhat encouraged. Thank the Lord for a little reviving. Jesus is the sinner's friend. He has supported me in my affliction, and he can support me to the end. All I ask is triumph in death, and I trust he will give it to me. I can give up the world; yea, and my family; for though they will feel lonely after I leave them, the Lord can provide for and comfort them. I should rejoice to be released at any moment, even this night, if it is the will of God; but I will try to wait patiently his time, and then, O the heaven of rest, where there is no more suffering !"

The next Saturday evening she said to us, “I rest in the hands of God. I should be thankful to him if he would release me, but I wait his time." She then prayed most fervently for some two minutes, sufficiently loud to be distinctly heard by every one in the room. the blood of Christ was made the sole ground of her confidence in the mercy of God; and the tenor of the petition was for full sanctification, and supporting grace to the end.

Sabbath morning, 27th, there appeared to be a general inflation of the interior of the chest, attended with extreme pain, and such a diseased state of the throat as to prevent her receiving any nourishment, or even cold water, and threatened speedy dissolution. In this extremity, she

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exclaimed, “ Bless the Lord, I feel I have nothing to fear; if I die this day all will be well with me, and I can cheerfully give up my family into his hands.” During the day she said to her mother-in-law, “This is the last Sabbath I shall spend on earth, but I shall soon enjoy a Sabbath that never ends. Yes, mother, and I am not going to a land of strangers;" and then named many of her departed friends whom she expected to meet, including her own mother and infant son. Most of the day she was under the influence of languor and drowsiness; but when a particular friend called to see her in the afternoon, she roused up a little, and said to her, “Sweet heaven, my happy home! I shall soon be there." A pleasant smile came over her emaciated countenance; she raised her hand, and exclaimed, « Then I shall be free !"

On Monday she had several paroxysms of strangulation, in which we thought her in immediate danger of dying. While we were silently waiting the next paroxysm to come and hurry her into eternity, she calmly remarked, "I know not that I shall be allowed the privilege of speaking in my last moments, but I wish understood that I am perfectly safe, that God does and will accept me, not for any worthiness of my own, but for Christ's sake, and will save me with an everlasting salvation in heaven." She then called her husband to her, and with many expressions of love and gratitude for his uniform kindness, and especially for waiting on her so faithfully and cheerfully in her sickness, took leave of him, adding her blessing upon and commending him to God. Next she called her father, and spoke to him in like manner; thenher mother-in-law, pouring out a full heart of grateful affection upon her; and then another sister whom she loved much, giving to each such blessings and words of encouragement as suited, our respective cases.

Amid the sobs and tears of that solemn and moving occasion, the sufferer was the only one who appeared to be perfectly self-possessed, requesting us several times not to weep for her, as we should soon meet again, where all tears are wiped away: She then proceeded to name her little children and all the absent members of the two families; prayed for and pronounced a blessing upon them severally; and added, “ Give my love to all my friends, and tell them that I am gone to heaven.” Next she spoke of her funeral with great composure and humility, and said, “ I wish no display, only a plain little funeral here at the house; and let brother Young (her own pastor) make a few remarks, as he may think proper."

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She then subjoined, “My work is done; I have nothing more but to wait the will of God. Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” But after a short pause, she again recollected her absent brother, and made him a special case. Addressing herself to me she said, “Be sure and send a great deal of love to my dear brother, and tell him his sister is gone to heaven, and hopes to meet him there. Tell him I know there is a blessed reality in religion, for it has sustained me under all my sufferings, and now cheers me in death. I should be glad to sec him once more in the flesh, but trust I shall see him in a better world.” About five o'clock that evening she passed through another extreme paroxysm of coughing and strangling, in which we fully expected she would expire ; but at last she revived so as to speak, and said, “ Jesus is with me! Jesus is with me! Jesus is with me! Death hath no sting---the grave has no victory. I have the victory through Jesus Christ; and I view the grave as a sweet resting-place for the body, while my blood-washed soul will rest in paradise !" After she was composed she addressed her husband, of whose class she was a member, and said, “Don't forget to tell my class-mates farewell! And tell them, that though I cannot be permitted to meet with them again

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