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Georgia State University, Department of

Geology (g,w);
Gwinnett, County of (w);
Helena, City of (w);
Macon-Bibb County Water and Sewage

Authority (w);
Moultrie, City of (w);
Summerville, City of (w);
Thomaston, City of (w);
Thomasville, City of (w);
Valdosta, City of (w);
Walton County Board of Commissioners (w)

Indiana Department of

Environmental Management (w),
Highways (w),
Natural Resources (n)-

Division of Water (w),

Division of Parks (w); Indianapolis, City of, Department of Public

Works (w)

Louisiana Department of

Environmental Quality (w),
Transportation and Development-

Materials Lab (w),

Office of Public Works (n,w), Wildlife and Fisheries (w); Louisiana Geological Survey, Louisiana State

University (w); Sabine River Compact Administration (w); West Monroe, City of (w)

Guam, Government of (w)

Hawaii, County of, Department of Water Supply (w);
Hawaii Department of -

Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water

and Land Development (w),

Transportation (w); Honolulu Board of Water Supply (w); Honolulu, City and County of, Department of Public

Works (g,w); Kauai, County of, Department of Water Supply (w); Maui, County of, Department of Water Supply (w)

Carroll County Health Department (w);
Cedar Rapids, City of (w);
Charles City, City of (w);
Des Moines, City of (w), Water Works (w);
Fort Dodge, City of (w);
Guthrie County Health Department (w);
Iowa Department of -

Transportation, Highway Division (w),
Natural Resources, Geological Survey

Bureau (n,w);
Iowa State University (w);
Marshalltown, City of (w);
University of Iowa-

Institute of Hydraulic Research (w),
Hygienic Laboratory (w),
Physical Plant (w),

Sewage Disposal Plant (w);
Sioux City, City of (w);
Union Electric Company (w);
Waterloo, City of (w)

Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (w);
Cobbossee Watershed District (w);
Greater Portland Council of Governments (w);
Maine Department of -

Conservation, Geological Survey (n,w),
Environmental Protection (w),
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (w),

Transportation (n,w);
North Maine Regional Planning Commission (w);
Penobscot Valley Council of Governments (w);
University of Maine (w)

Boise, City of (w);
College of Southern Idaho (w);
EG&G Idaho, Inc., Idaho Falls (g);
Idaho Department of

Fish and Game (w),
Health and Welfare (w),
Lands (n),
Transportation (n),

Water Resources (w);
Shoshone, County of (w);
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, (w);
Southwest Irrigation District (w);
Sun Valley Water and Sewer District (w);
Teton County Board of Commissioners (w);
Water District No. 01 (Idaho Falls) (w);
Water District No. 31 (Dubois) (w);
Water District No. 32D (Dubois) (w)

Arkansas River Compact Administration (w);
Clay, County of (w);
Emporia, City of, Department of Public Works (w);
Equus Beds Groundwater Management District

No. 2 (w);
Geary, County of (w);
Hays, City of (w);
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska (w);
Kansas Department of -

Health and Environment (w),

Transportation (w);
Kansas Geological Survey (n,w);
Kansas State Board of Agriculture, Division of Water

Resources (w);
Kansas State University (w);
Kansas University-

Center for Research, Inc. (w),

Department of Geology (w);
Kansas Water Office (w);
Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas (w);
Linn, County of (w);
Prairie Band of Potawatomi (w);
Sac and Fox Tribe of Missouri (w);
Sedgwick, County of (w);
Sumner, County of (w);
Wichita, City of (w)

Anne Arundel County Planning and Zoning

Office (w);
Baltimore County-

Department of Permits and Licenses (w),
Department of Public Works (w),

Office of Planning and Zoning (w);
Calvert County Courthouse, Planning and

Zoning (w); Caroline County Courthouse (w); Carroll County Commission (w); Howard County Department of Public Works (w); Johns Hopkins University (g); Maryland Department of the Environment (w); Maryland Geological Survey (n,w); Maryland State Highway Administration (w); Maryland Water Resources Administration (w); Montgomery County

Department of Environmental Protection,

Division of Environmental Planning and

Monitoring (w),

Storm Water Management (w);
Poolesville, Town of (w);
St. Marys County Commissioners (w);
Upper Potomac River Commission, Waste Treatment

Facilities (w);
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (w)

Bloomington and Normal Sanitary District (w);
Cook County Forest Preserve District (w);
Decatur, City of (w);
DeKalb, City of, Public Works Department (w);
DuPage County Forest Preserve, Planning and

Development Section (w);
DuPage County Department of Environmental

Concerns (w);
Illinois Department of-
Energy and Natural Resources,

State Water Survey Division, Special Studies (w),

Geological Survey Division (n), Transportation,

Division of Highways (n),

Division of Water Resources (n,w);
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of

Water Pollution Control (w);
Lake County Department of Management

Services (n);
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater

Chicago (w); Springfield, City of (w)

Elizabethtown, City of (w);
Hardin County Water District (w);
Jefferson, County of, Department of Public Works

and Transportation (w);
Kentucky Department of Natural Resources and

Environmental Protection Cabinet (w);
Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (w);
University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological

Survey (n,w);
University of Louisville (w)

Barnstable County Commissioners (w);
Massachusetts Department of -

Environmental Management, Division of Water

Resources (w),
Environmental Pollution-

Division of Water Pollution Control (w),

Division of Water Supply (w),
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Law

Enforcement, Division of Fisheries and

Wildlife (w),
Hazardous Waste Facility, Site Safety

Council (w),

Public Works (w);
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (g);
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (g,w);
Metropolitan District Commission-

Parks, Engineering and Construction

Division (w),

Watershed Management Division (w);
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control

Commission (w);
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (g)

[blocks in formation]

Branson, City of (w);
Cape Girardeau, City of (w);
Little River Drainage District (w);
Missouri Department of,

Conservation (w),
Health (w),
Natural Resources -

Division of Environmental Quality (w),
Division of Geology and Land

Survey (n,w),

Land Reclamation Commission (w); Missouri Highway and Transportation

Commission (n,w); Springfield, City of, City Utilities, Engineering

Department (w); Watershed Commission of the Ozarks (w); University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of

Geology (w)

Nevada Department of -
Conservation and Natural Resources-

Division of Environmental Protection (w),

Division of Water Resources (w),
Transportation (w);
Regional Water Planning and Advisory Board of

Washoe County (w);
South Lake Tahoe Public Utility District (w);
Summit Lake Paiute Tribe (w);
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (w)

Ann Arbor, City of, Wastewater Treatment Plant (w);
Battle Creek, City of (w);
Cadillac, City of, Wastewater Treatment Plant (w);
Clare, City of (w);
Coldwater, City of, Board of Public Utilities (w);
Elsie, Village of, Department of Public Works (w);
Flint, City of, Department of Public Works and

Utilities (w);
Genesee County Drain Commission, Division of

Water and Waste Services (w);
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (w);
Huron, County of (w);
Imlay, City of (w);
Kalamazoo, City of, Department of Public

Utilities (w);
Lansing, City of, Board of Water and Light, Water

and Stream Division (w); Macomb, County of (w); Mason, City of (w); Michigan Department of

Natural Resources (w),

Transportation (w);
Negaunee, City of, Water and Wastewater Treatment

Plant (w);
Norway, City of (w);
Oakland County Drainage Commission (w);
Otsego County Road Commission (w);
Portage, City of (w);
Wayne, County of, Division of Environmental

Health (w);
Ypsilanti, City of (w)

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Department of Environmental

Services (g,w);
Governor's Energy Office (g)

Fort Belknap Indian Community (w);
Fort Peck Tribes (w);
Helena, City of (w);
Lower Musselshell Conservation District (w);
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (w);
Montana Department of -

Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (w),
Health and Environmental Sciences (w),
Highways (w),
Natural Resources and Conservation (w),

State Lands (w);
Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Flathead

Reservation (w);
Wyoming State Engineer (w)

New Jersey
Bergen County Department of Public Works (w);
Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority (w);
Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources (w);
Cape May, City of (w);
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (w);
Gloucester County Planning Commission (w);
Lower, Township of, Municipal Utilities

Authority (w);
Morris City Municipal Utilities Authority (w);
New Brunswick, City of (w);
New Jersey Department of -

Agriculture (w),
Environmental Protection, Division of Water

Resources (w);
North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (w);
Passaic Valley Water Commission (w);
Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders (w);
West Windsor, Township of (w);
Wildwood, City of (w)

Beltrami County SWCD (w);
Elm Creek Conservation Commission (w);
Fond Du Lac Reservation Business Committee (w);
Leech Lake Reservation Business Committee,

Division of Resources Management (w);
Lower Red River Watershed Management

District (w);
Metropolitan Waste Control Commission (w);
Mille Lacs Reservation Business Committee (w);
Minneapolis Water Works (w);
Minnesota Department of -

Natural Resources, Division of Waters (w),

Transportation (w);
Red Lake Tribal Reservation Business

Committee (w);
Rochester Public Utilities (w);
St. Paul, City of (w), Water Utility (w);
University of Minnesota, Department of Soil
Science (w),

Landscape Architecture Program (n);

Remote Sensing Laboratory (n); White Earth Reservation Business Commission (w)

Central Platte Natural Resources District (w);
Kansas-Nebraska Big Blue River Compact

Administration (w);
Lincoln, City of (w);
Little Blue Natural Resources District (w);
Lower Loup Natural Resources District (w);
Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (w);
Lower Republican Natural Resources District (w);
Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District (w);
Middle Republican Natural Resources District (w);
Nebraska Department of -

Environmental Control (w),

Water Resources (w);
Nebraska Natural Resources Commission (w);
Nemaha Natural Resources District (w);
North Platte Natural Resources District (w);
South Platte Natural Resources District (w);
Twin Platte Natural Resources District (w);
University of Nebraska, Conservation and Survey

Division (w);
Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District (w);
Upper Loup Natural Resources District (w);
Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources

District (w);
Upper Republican Natural Resources District (w)

New Mexico
Alamogordo, City of (w);
Alamo Navajo Band (w);
Albuquerque, City of (w);
Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control

Authority (w);
Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (w);
Costilla Creek Compact Commission (w);
Council of Bernalillo (w);
El Paso Water Utility (w);
Gallup, City of (w);
Highlands University (w);
Jemez River Indian Water Authority (w);
Las Cruces, City of (w);
Los Alamos, County of (w);
Middle Rio Greater Conservation District (w);
Navajo Indian Nation (w);
New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral

Resources, Energy and Mineral Department (w); New Mexico Environmental Improvement

Division (w);
New Mexico Department of Highways (w);
New Mexico Mining and Minerals (w);
New Mexico State University Agricultural

Experiment Station (w);
Office of the State Engineer (w);
Pecos River Commission (w);
Pueblo of Acoma (w);
Pueblo of Laguna (w);
Pueblo of Zuni (w);
Raton, City of (w);
Rio Grande Compact Commission (w);
Rio San Jose Flood Control District (w);
Ruidoso, Village of (w);
San Juan, County of (w);
Santa Fe Metropolitan Water Board (w);
Santa Rosa, City of (w);
Vermejo Conservancy District (w)

Harrison, County of,

Board of Supervisors (w),

Development Commission (w);
Jackson, City of (w);
Jackson, County of -

Board of Supervisors (w),

Port Authority (w);
Mississippi Department of -
Environmental Quality -

Bureau of Geology (w),
Bureau of Land and Water Resources (w),

Bureau of Pollution Control (w),
Highways (w);
Pat Harrison Waterway District (w);
Pearl River Basin Development District (w);
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (w)

Carson City Department of Public Works (w);
Carson Water Subconservancy District (w);
Clark County Regional Flood Control District (w);
Clark County Sanitation District (w);
Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada (g);
Elko, County of (w);
Las Vegas, City of (w);
Las Vegas Valley Water District (g);
Legislative Counsel Bureau (w);
Mackay School of Mines (w);
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (g,n,w);

North Dakota
Dickinson, City of (w);
Lower Heart River Water Resources District (w);
Minot, City of, Public Works Department (w);
North Dakota Department of -

Game and Fish (w),
Highways (w),

Parks and Recreation (w);
North Dakota Geological Survey (w);
North Dakota State University (w);
Oliver County Board of Commissioners (w);
Public Service Commission (w);
State Water Commission (w);
Three Affiliated Tribes Natural Resources
Department (w)

Oregon Department of

Fish and Wildlife (w),
Forestry (n),
Geology and Mineral Industries (n),
Human Resources, Oregon Health Division,

Drinking Water Program (w),
Natural Resources, Analysis and Planning

Management Services Division (w),
Transportation, Highway Division (w),

Water Resources (w);
Oregon State University (g);
Portland, City of -
Bureau of -

Environmental Services (w),
Water Works (w)

New York
Amherst, Town of, Engineering Department (w);
Auburn, City of (w);
Brookhaven, Town of (w);
Chautauqua, County of, Department of Planning and

Development (w);
Cheektowaga, Town of (w);
Chenango, County of (w);
Cornell University,

Department of Natural Resources (w),

Department of Utilities (w);
Cortland County Planning Department (w);
Dutchess, County of, Environmental

Management (w);
Hamilton College (g);
Hudson-Black River Regulating District (w);
Kiryas Joel, Village of (w);
Long Island Regional Planning Board (w);
Monroe, County of, Department of Health (w);
Nassau, County of -

Department of Health (w),

Department of Public Works (w);
New York City Department of Environmental

Protection, Air and Water Resources-Energy (w);
New York State Department of
Environmental Conservation-

Division of Fish and Wildlife (w),

Division of Water (w),
Transportation, Bridge and Construction

Bureau (w);
New York State Geological Survey (g);
New York State Power Authority (w);
Nyack, Village of, Board of Water

Commissioners (w);
Onondaga, County of -

Department of Drainage (w),

Water Authority (w);
Orange County Water Authority (w);
Saratoga, County of, Environmental Management

Council (w);
Seneca County Soil Conservation District (w);
State University of New York-Albany (g);
Suffolk, County of -

Department of Health Services (w),

Water Authority (w);
Temporary State Commission (w);
Tompkins, County of, Department of Planning (w);
Ulster, County of, County Legislators (w);
Westchester, County of -

Department of Planning (w),
Department of Public Works (w)

Akron, City of (w);
Canton, City of, Water Department (w);
Columbus, City of (w);
Eastgate Development and Transportation

Agency (w);
Fremont, City of (w);
Lima, City of (w);
Lucas, County of (w);
Miami Conservancy District (w);
Ohio Department of -

Natural Resources (w),

Transportation (n,w);
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (w);
Ohio Water Development Authority (w);
Ross, County of (w);
Sandusky, County of, Department of Health (w);
Seneca Soil and Water District (w);
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of

Governments (w);
University of Cincinnati, Department of Geology (w);
University of Toledo (w);
Wood, County of (w)

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (w);
Allentown, City of, Engineering Department (w);
Berks, County of (w);
Bethlehem, City of (w);
Bucks, County of (w);
Chester, County of, Water Resources Authority (w);
Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (w);
Delaware River Basin Commission (w);
Erie, County of, Department of Health (w);
Harrisburg, City of, Department of Public Works (w);
Indiana, County of (w);
Joint Planning Commission of Lehigh-Northampton

Counties (w);
Lancaster County Planning Commission (w);
Letort Regional Authority (w);
Media Borough Water Department (w);
New York State Department of Environmental

Conservation (w);
Oley, Township of (w);
Philadelphia, City of, Water Department (w);
Pennsylvania Department of -
Environmental Resources-
Bureau of Community Environmental

Control (w),
Bureau of Mining and Reclamation (w),
Bureau of Soil and Water Conservation (w),
Bureau of Topographic and Geologic

Survey (g,n,w),
Bureau of Water Quality Management (w),
Bureau of Water Resources

Management (w);
Susquehanna River Basin Commission (w);
University Area Joint Authority (w);
University of Delaware, Geological Survey (w);
Williamsport, City of, Bureau of Flood Control (w)

Ada, City of (w);
Altus, City of (w);
Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy

District (w);
Fort Cobb Reservoir Master Conservancy District (w);
Lawton, City of (w);
Lugert-Altus Irrigation District (w);
Mountain Park Master Conservancy District (w);
Norman, City of, Public Works (w);
Oklahoma City, City of, Department of Water

Resources (w);
Oklahoma Department of Transportation (n);
Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of

Oklahoma (g,w);
Oklahoma State Health Department (w);
Oklahoma Water Resources Board (w);
Tulsa, City of -

Water and Sewer Department (w),
Department of Storm Water Management (w)

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (w);
Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources (w);
Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (w);
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (w);
Puerto Rico Mineral Resources Development

Corporation (g);
Puerto Rico Planning Board (w);
Virgin Islands Department of Natural Resources (w);
Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (w)

North Carolina
Asheville, City of (w);
Bethel, Town of (w);
Brevard, City of (w);
Chapel Hill, Town of (w);
Charlotte, City of (w);
Durham, City of, Department of Water

Resources (w);
Forsyth, County of (w);
Greensboro, City of (w);
Guilford County S.W.C.D. (w);
High Point, City of (w);
Lexington, City of (w);
Mecklenburg, County of (w);
North Carolina State Department of -

Human Resources (w),
Natural Resources and Community

Development (n,w),

Transportation, Division of Highways (w); Orange Water and Sewer Authority (w); Raleigh, City of (w); Rocky Mount, City of (w); Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring, Project

Steering Committee (w)

Clark County Intergovernmental Resources

Center (w);
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indian

Reservation (w); Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board (w); Eugene, City of, Water and Electric Board (w); Jackson, County of (w); Klamath Falls, City of (w); Klamath Tribe (w); McMinnville, City of, Water and Light

Department (w);

Rhode Island
Governor's Office of Energy Assistance (w);
Narragansett Bay Water Quality Commission (w);
New Shoreham, Town of (w);
Rhode Island State Department of Environmental

Management, Division of Water Resources (w); State Water Resources Board (w)

South Carolina
Beaufort-Jasper County Water Authority (w);
Charleston Commission of Public Works (w);
Cooper River Water Users Association (w);

Upper Guadalupe River Authority (w);
Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority (w);
West Central Texas Municipal Water District (w);
Wichita, County of, Water Improvement District

No. 2 (w);
Wichita Falls, City of (w)

Donaldson Development Commission (w);
Georgetown County Water and Sewer District (w);
Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority (w);
Irmo, Town of (w);
Lexington, County of (w);
Myrtle Beach, City of (w);
Oconee County Sewer Commission (w);
Richland, County of (w);
South Carolina State-

Department of Health and Environmental

Control (w),
Department of Highways and Public

Transportation (w),
Geological Survey (w),
Public Service Authority (w),

Water Resources Commission (w);
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium (w);
South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources

Department (w);
Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District (w);
Spartanburg Water System (w);
Waccamaw Regional Planning and Development

Commission (w);
Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (w)

Tennessee Department of

Agriculture (w),
Health and Environment (w) -

Construction Grants and Loans (w),
Division of Superfund (w),

Office of Water Programs (w),

Division of Research (w),

Division of Structures (w);
Tennessee State Planning Office (w);
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (w);
Union City, City of (w);
Upper Duck River Development Agency (w);
Wartrace, City of (w);
Webb Creek Utility District (w)

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Federated States of Micronesia (w) -

State of Kosrae (w),
State of Ponape (w),

State of Yap (w);
Northern Mariana Islands, Government of (w),

Commonwealth of, Utility Commission (w);
Republic of Palau (w);
Samoa, Government of (w)

South Dakota
East Dakota Water Development District (w);
Lawrence, County of (w);
Oglala Sioux Tribe (w);
Rapid City, City of (w);
Sioux Falls, City of (w);
Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe (w);
South Dakota Department of -

Game, Fish and Parks (w),
Transportation (g,w),
Water and Natural Resources-

Geological Survey Science Center (w),
Water Development Division (w),
Water Quality Division (w),

Water Rights Division (w);
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (w);
Watertown, City of (w);
West Dakota Water Development District (w)

Bear River Commission (w);
Ogden River Water Users (w);
Salt Lake City/County Department of Health (w);
Salt Lake, County of, Division of Flood Control (w);
Tooele, City of (w);
Tooele, County of (w);
University of Utah (g);
Utah Department of -

Agriculture, Environmental Quality Section (w),
Health, Division of Environmental Health (w),
Natural Resources-

Geological and Mineral Survey (g,n,w),
Oil, Gas and Mining Division (w),
Water Resources Division (w),
Water Rights Division (w),

Wildlife Resources Division (w),
Transportation (w);
Utah Health Department, Division of Environmental

Health (w);
Utah Office of Planning and Budget (n);
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (w);
Weber River Water Users (w)

Agency of Natural Resources (g,n);
Department of Environmental Conservation (w)

Alcoa, City of (w);
Bartlett, City of (w);
Blountville, City of, Utility District (w);
Dickson, City of (w);
Eastside Utility District (w);
Emergency Management Agency (w);
Germantown, City of (w);
Gladeville Utility District (w);
Hamilton, County of, Office of Emergency

Management (w);
Hixson Utility District (w);
Humphreys County Commissioners (w);
Jackson, City of, Utility Division (w);
Lawrenceburg, City of (w);
Lebanon, City of (w);
Lincoln, County of, Board of Public Utilities (w);
McMinnville, City of (w);
Memphis, City of -

Department of Public Works (w),

Light, Gas, and Water Division (w);
Memphis State University (w);
Metropolitan Governments, Nashville, City of, and
Davidson, County of (w),

Department of Public Works (w);
Millington, City of (w);
Murfreesboro, City of, Water and Sewer

Department (w);
North Stewart County Utility District (w);
Rogersville, Town of (w);
Sevierville, City of (w);
Shelby, County of, Public Works (w);

Abilene, City of (w);
Arlington, City of (w);
Austin, City of (w);
Bexar-Medina-Atascosa Counties, Water

Improvement District No. 1 (w);
Brazos River Authority (w);
Carrollton, City of (w);
Coastal Industrial Water Authority (w);
Colorado River Municipal Water District (w);
Corpus Christi, City of (w);
Dallas, City of, Public Works Department (w);
Edwards Underground Water District (w);
El Paso, City of, Public Service Board (w);
Fort Stockton, City of (w);
Fort Worth, City of, Water Department, Water

Pollution Control (w);
Franklin, County of, Water District (w);
Gainesville, City of (w);
Galveston, County of (w);
Garland, City of (w);
Graham, City of (w);
Greenbelt Municipal and Industrial Water

Authority (w);
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (w);
Harris, County of, Flood Control District (w);
Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District (w);
Houston, City of (w);
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (w);
Lower Neches Valley Authority (w);
Lubbock, City of (w);
Lunar and Planetary Institute (g);
Nacogdoches, City of (w);
North Central Texas Municipal Water Authority (w);
North Texas Municipal Water District, Research and

Development (w);
Northeast Texas Municipal Water District (w);
Orange, County of (w);
Pecos River Commission (w);
Red Bluff Water Power Control District (w);
Red River Authority (w);
Runaway Bay, City of (w);
Sabine River Authority of Texas (w);
Sabine River Compact Administration (w);
San Angelo, City of (w);
San Antonio, City of -

Department of Environmental Management (w),
Department of Water Resources

Management (w),
Public Service Board (w),

Water Board (w);
San Antonio River Authority (w);
San Jacinto River Authority (w);
Tarrant, County of, Water Control and

Improvement District No. 1 (w);
Texas Water Commission (w);
Texas Water Development Board (n,w);
Titus, County of, Fresh Water Supply District

No. 1 (w);
Trinity River Authority (w);
University of Texas (g);

Accomack, County of (w);
Alexandria, City of (w);
Henrico, County of, Department of Public

Utilities (w);
James City, County of (w);
James City Service Authority (w);
Loudoun, County of (g);
Mount Rogers Planning District Commission (w);
Newport News, City of (w);
Northampton, County of (w);
Northern Virginia Planning District Commission (w);
Prince William Health District (w);
Roanoke, City of (w);
Southeastern Public Service Authority of

Virginia (w);
Southeastern Virginia Planning District

Commission (w);
University of Virginia, Department of Environmental

Sciences (w);
Virginia Department of -
Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Division of Mineral

Resources (n),

Transportation (w);
Virginia Beach, City of, Department of Public

Utilities (w);
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

University (g);
Virginia State Water Control Board (w);
Williamsburg, City of (w);
York, County of (w)

Department of Commerce
Bureau of the Census (n);
National Institute of Standards and Technology (g);
National Ocean Service (n);
National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration (g,n,w);
National Weather Service (n,w)

Bellevue, City of, Public Works Department (w);
Centralia, City of, Light Department (w);
Chelan, County of, Public Utility District No. 1 (w);
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian

Reservation (w);
Douglas, County of, Public Utility District No. 1 (w);
Hoh Indian Tribe (w);
King, County of, Department of Public Works (w);
Kitsap, County of, Public Utility District No. 1 (w);
Lewis, County of, Board of Commissioners (w);
Pend Oreille, County of (w);
Pierce, County of (w);
Portland, City of, Bureau of Water Works (w);
Quinault Business Committee (w);
Seattle, City of, Department of Lighting (w);
Skagit, County of (w), Department of Public

Works (w);
Snohomish, County of (w);
Tacoma, City of, Department of -

Public Utilities (w),

Public Works (w);
Thurston, County of, Department of -

Health (w),

Public Works (w);
Washington Department of -

Ecology (w),
Emergency Management (w),
Fisheries (w),
Natural Resources (g,n),

Transportation (w);
University of Washington (g);
Upper Skagit Indian Tribe (w);
Walla Walla, City of (w);
Whatcom, County of, Department of Public

Works (w);
Yakima Tribal Council (w)

Okauchee Lake Management District (w);
Oneida Tribe of Indians (w);
Peshtigo, City of (w);
Powers Lake, District of (w);
Pretty Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (w);
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewas (w);
Rock, County of (w);
Sand Lake, Town of (w);
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning

Commission (w);
Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council (w);
Thorp, City of (w);
University of Wisconsin, Extension, Geological and

Natural History Survey (n,w);
Waukesha Water Utility (w);
Waupun, City of (w);
Wind Lake Management District (w);
Wisconsin Department of-

Natural Resources (w),
Transportation, Division of Highways (w)

Department of Defense Agencies
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (g);
Defense Logistics Agency (w);
Defense Mapping Agency (n);
Defense Nuclear Agency (g);
National Guard Bureau (w)

Department of Energy (g,w)
Albuquerque Operations Office (w);
Bonneville Power Administration (w);
Chicago Operations Office (g);
Hanford Project (w);
Health and Environmental Research (g);
Idaho Operations Office (w);
Los Alamos National Laboratory (g);
Nevada Operations Office (g,w);
Oak Ridge Operations Office (g,w);
Sandia National Laboratories (g,w);
Savannah River Operations Office (g,n,w);
Situ-Field Research, Morgantown, West Virginia (g);
Test Operations Office, Las Vegas, Nevada (g)

Attorney General (w);
Cheyenne, City of (w);
Evanston, City of (w);
Evansville, Town of (w);
Gillette, City of (w);
Midvale Irrigation District (w);
Northern Arapahoe Tribe (w);
Pinedale, City of (w);
Shoshone Tribe, Shoshone Business Council (w);
Teton, County of (w);
Uinta, County of (w);
Water Development Commission (w);
Western Wyoming Community College (w);
Wyoming Department of -

Agriculture (w),

Environmental Quality (w); Wyoming State Engineer (n,w); Wyoming Water Research Center (w)

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Indian Affairs (g,w);
Bureau of Land Management (g,n,w);
Bureau of Mines (w);
Bureau of Reclamation (g,n,w);
Minerals Management Service (g,n,w);
National Park Service (g,n,w);
Office of the Secretary (w);
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and

Enforcement (w);
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (g,w)

Federal Cooperators

West Virginia
Eastern Panhandle Regional Planning and

Development Council (w);
Jefferson County Commission (w);
Morgantown, City of, Utility Board (w);
Region VII Planning and Development Council (w);
Research Corporation, Marshall University (w);
Washington Public Service District (w);
West Virginia Department of -

Health, Office of Environmental Health

Services (w),
Highways (w),
Natural Resources, Division of Water

Resources (w);
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (n,w)

Central Intelligence Agency (g,n)

Department of the Navy (w)
Naval Missile Test Center (g);
Naval Oceanographic Office (g);
Naval Weapons Center, China Lake (g,w);
Office of Naval Research (g);
U.S. Marine Corps (w)

Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation

Service (w);
Forest Service (g,n,w);
National Agricultural Statistics Service (n);
Office of International Cooperation and

Development (w);
Soil Conservation Service (n,w)

Department of State
Agency for International Development (g,n,w);
Foreign and Nonforeign Governments (g);
Government of Saudi Arabia (g);
International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S.

and Mexico (n,w); International Joint Commission, U.S. and Canada (w)

Balsam Lake Protection and Rehabilitation

District (w);
Beaver Dam, City of (w);
Big Muskego Dam Drive (w);
Chippewa, County of, Land Conservation

Department (w);
Dane, County of,

Department of Public Works (w),

Regional Planning Commission (w); Delavan, Town of (w); Fond Du Lac, City of (w); Fowler Lake Management District (w); Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (w); Green Lake Sanitary District (w); Hillsboro, City of (w); Lac Courte Oreilles Governing Board (w); Little Muskego Lake District (w); Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (w); Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (w); Norway, Town of (w); Oconomowoc Lake, Village of (w);

Department of the Air Force (w)
Air Force Academy (w);
Edwards Air Force Base (g);
Hanscom Air Force Base (g);
Headquarters, AFTAC/AC (g);
Kelly Air Force Base (w);
Occupational and Environmental Health

Laboratory (w);
Vandenberg Air Force Base (w)

Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration (g,w);
Maritime Administration (g);
U.S. Coast Guard (w)

Department of Treasury U.S. Customs Service (n)

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