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Budget Information

U.S. Geological Survey budget authority for fiscal year 1987, by appropriation for Surveys, Investigations, and Research

[Dollars in thousands)

Activity/Subactivity/Program Element

Fiscal year



Activity/Subactivity/Program Element

Fiscal year



National Mapping, Geography, and Surveys

Primary Mapping and Revision

Digital Cartography

Small, Intermediate, and Special Mapping

Intermediate-Scale Mapping

Small-Scale and Other Special Mapping

Federal Land Information

Land Use and Land Cover Mapping

Image Mapping

Advanced Cartographic Systems

Earth Resources Observation Systems

Data Production and Dissemination

Applications and Research

Cartographic and Geographic Information

Side-Looking Airborne Radar

Geologic and Mineral Resource Surveys and Mapping. Geologic Hazards Surveys

Earthquake Hazards Reduction

Volcano Hazards

Landslide Hazards

Land Resource Surveys

Geologic Framework


Climate Change

Coastal Erosion

Mineral Resource Surveys

National Mineral Resource Assessment Program ....

Strategic and Critical Minerals

Development of Assessment Techniques

Energy Geologic Surveys

Evolution of Sedimentary Basins

Coal Investigations

Oil and Gas Investigations

Oil Shale Investigations

Geothermal Investigations

Uranium-Thorium Investigations

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Offshore Geologic Surveys

Offshore Geologic Framework

Water Resources Investigations

National Water Resources Research and Information System—Federal Program

Data Collection and Analysis

National Water Data and Information Access Program.

Coordination of National Water Data Activities

Regional Aquifer System Analysis

Core Program Hydrologic Research

Improved Instrumentation

Water Resources Assessment

Toxic Substances Hydrology

Nuclear Waste Hydrology

Acid Rain

Scientific and Technical Publications

National Water-Quality Assessment Program

National Water Resources Research and Information

System—Federal-State Cooperative Program

Data Collection and Analysis, Areal Appraisals, and

Special Hydrological Studies

Water Use

Coal Hydrology

National Water Resources Research and Information System—State Research Institutes and Research

Grants Program

State Water Resources Research Institutes

National Water Resources Research and Technical

Development Grants Program

Program Administration

General Administration

Executive Direction

Administrative Operations

Reimbursements to the Department of Labor


National Center—Standard Level User's Charge

National Center—Facilities Management


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World Energy Resource Assessment

2,892 $430,943

'Funding shown represents appropriated dollars and does not include reimbursable funding from Federal, State, and other non-Federal sources.

158 U.S. Geological Survey Yearbook 1987

U.S. Geological Survey budget for fiscal years 1984 to 1987, by activity and sources of funds
[Dollars in thousands; totals may not add because of rounding]

Budget activity 1984 1985 1986 1987

Total $596,177

Direct program 423,885

Reimbursable program 172,292

States, counties, and municipalities 55,801

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 21,142

Other Federal agencies 95,349

National Mapping, Geography, and Surveys 112,447

Direct program 90,985

Reimbursable program 21,462

States, counties, and municipalities 27,000

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 2,362

Other Federal agencies 16,400

Geologic and Mineral Resource Surveys and Mapping 217,584

Direct program 164,354

Reimbursable program 53,230

States, counties, and municipalities 988

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 15,030

Other Federal agencies 37,212

Water Resources Investigations 220,390

Direct program 129,441

Reimbursable program 90,949

States, counties, and municipalities 52,113

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 3,600

Other Federal agencies 35,236

General Administration 15,962

Direct program 15,642

Reimbursable program (Federal) 320

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources —

Other Federal agencies 320

Facilities 10,608

Direct program 10,463

Reimbursable program 145

Miscellaneous services to other accounts 6,186

Reimbursable program 6,186

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 150

Other Federal agencies 6,036

Barrow Area Gas Operations 13,000

Direct program 13,000

Operation and Maintenance of Quarters —

Direct program —

'Direct program includes $430,943 for current year, $216 for Contributed Funds, $903 for last year's unobligated balance, and $52 for Operation and
Maintenance of Quarters.
2Includes $7,706 for map receipts previously shown under direct program column.

U.S. Geological Survey reimbursable program funds from other Federal agencies for fiscal years 1984 to
1987, by agency
[Dollars in thousands)

Budget activity 1984 1985 1986 1987

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

Bonneville Power Administration

Department of the Interior

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Mines

Bureau of Reclamation

Minerals Management Service

National Park Service

Office of the Secretary

Office of Surface Mining

Fish and Wildlife Service

Department of State

Department of Transportation

Environmental Protection Agency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Science Foundation

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Tennessee Valley Authority

Miscellaneous Federal agencies

Miscellaneous services to other accounts


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U.S. Geological Survey Offices

[blocks in formation]


Dallas L. Peck
Doyle G. Frederick
Jane H. Wallace

Bruce R. Doe
James F. Devine
Jack J. Stassi
Peter F. Bermel
John J. Dragonetti
James E. Biesecker
Harry Tourtelot
George Gryc

Talmadge W. Reed
Donovan B. Kelly
Robert L. Houghton
Philip A. Emery

Administrative Division


Professional Services Specialist

Administrative Operations Officer

Office of Personnel, Chief

Office of Procurement and Contracts, Chief

Office of Financial Management, Chief

Office of Administrative Services, Chief

Office of Systems Management, Chief

Central Region Management Officer

Western Region Management Officer

Jack J. Stassi
William A. Schmidt
Timothy E. Calkins
Maxine C. Millard
Paul A. Denett
Roy J. Heinbuch
William F. Gossman, Jr.
Phillip L. McKinney
George A. Honold
George F. Hargrove, Jr.

Information Systems Division


Deputy Assistant Director for Information Systems

Office of Customer Services, Chief

Office of Computer and Communications Services,

Office of Management Services, Chief
Office of Field Services, Chief

James E. Biesecker
Douglas R. Posson
Virginia L. Ross
Gayle F. Gordon

Wendy A. Budd
Fred B. Sower

National Mapping Division


Associate Chief

Assistant Division Chief for Research

Assistant Division Chief for Plans and Operations

Assistant Division Chief for Information and Data

Eastern Mapping Center, Chief
Mid-Continent Mapping Center, Chief

Rocky Mountain Mapping Center, Chief

Lowell E. Stan-
Roy R. Mullen
Joel L. Morrison
Richard E. Witmer
Gary W. North

K. Eric Anderson
Lawrence H. Borgerding

Merle E. Southern

Western Region

345 Middlefield Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025

Telephone ...

.. . Address

(703) 648-7411 National Center, Stop 101

(703) 648-7412 National Center, Stop 102

(202) 343-3888 Rm. 2648, Interior Bldg.

Washington, DC 20240

(703) 648-4450 National Center, Stop 104

(703) 648-4423 National Center, Stop 106

(703) 648-7200 National Center, Stop 201

(703) 6484430 National Center, Stop 105

(703) 648-4427 National Center, Stop 109

(703) 648-7108 National Center, Stop 801

(303) 236-5438 Denver Federal Center, Stop 406

(415) 329-4002 Western Region Headquarters,

Stop 144

(703) 648-4457 National Center, Stop 112

(703) 648-4460 National Center, Stop 119

(703) 648-7413 National Center, Stop 121

(907) 271-4138 4230 University Drive, Suite 201

Anchorage, AK 99508

(703) 648-7200 National Center, Stop 201

(703) 648-7221 National Center, Stop 118

(703) 648-7204 National Center, Stop 203

(703) 648-7442 National Center, Stop 215

(703) 648-7373 National Center, Stop 205

(703) 648-7604 National Center, Stop 270

(703) 648-7338 National Center, Stop 207

(703) 648-7256 National Center, Stop 206

(303) 236-5900 Denver Federal Center, Stop 201

(415) 329-4150 Western Region Headquarters,
Stop 211

(703) 648-7108
(703) 648-7106
(703) 648-7178
(703) 648-7157

(703) 648-7103
(303) 236-4944

National Center, Stop 801
National Center, Stop 801
National Center, Stop 805
National Center, Stop 807

National Center, Stop 802
Denver Federal Center

(703) 648-5748 National Center, Stop 516

(703) 648-5745 National Center, Stop 516

(703) 6484640 National Center, Stop 519

(703) 6484611 National Center, Stop 514

(703) 648-5780 National Center, Stop 508

(703) 648-6002 National Center, Stop 567

(314) 341-0880 1400 Independence Rd.,

Rolla, MO 65401

(303) 236-5825 Denver Federal Center, Stop 510

[blocks in formation]

Water Resources Division

Chief Hydrologist

Associate Chief Hydrologist, Acting

Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Scientific Information

Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Research and
External Coordination

Office of Hydrologic Research, Chief

Office of Water Data Coordination, Chief, Acting

Office of External Research, Chief, Acting Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Program Coordination and Technical Support

Office of Atmospheric Deposition Analysis, Chief

Office of Ground Water, Chief

Office of Surface Water, Chief

Office of Water Quality, Chief

Office of National Water Summary and Long-Range Planning, Chief Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Operations

Northeastern Region, Chief

Southeastern Region, Chief

Central Region, Chief

Western Region, Chief

District Offices




Marshall M. Moss

Roger G. Wolff
Nancy C. Lopez
Frank T. Carlson
John N. Fischer

Ranard J. Pickering
Eugene P. Patten, Jr.
Verne R. Schneider
David A. Rickert
David W. Moody

William B. Mann IV
Stanley P. Sauer
James L. Cook

James F. Blakey

T. John Conomos

D. Briane Adams

Philip A. Emery



(415) 329-4251 Western Region Headquarters

(605) 594-6511 EROS Data Center,

Sioux Falls, SD 57198

(703) 648-5041 National Center, Stop 436

(703) 648-5043 National Center, Stop 436

(703) 648-5019 National Center, Stop 417

(703) 648-6807 National Center, Stop 424

(703) 648-5229 National Center, Stop 414

(703) 648-6874 National Center, Stop 416

(703) 648-5001 National Center, Stop 411

(703) 648-5301 National Center, Stop 415

(703) 648-6862 National Center, Stop 412

(703) 648-6856 National Center, Stop 407

(703) 648-5031 National Center, Stop 441

(703) 648-5817 National Center, Stop 433

(404) 331-5174 Richard B. Russell Federal Bldg.

75 Spring St., SW, Suite 772
Atlanta, GA 30303

(303) 236-5920 Box 25046, Stop 406

Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225

(415) 329-4403 345 Middlefield Rd., Stop 470

Menlo Park, CA 94025

(205) 752-8104 520 19th Ave.

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

(907) 271-4138 4230 University Dr., Suite 201

Anchorage, AK 99508

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