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State of the Barometer, &c. from the 15th of November to the 14th December 1817, in

the l’icinity of Edinburgh.

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The month of November having been generally mild, a great deal of wheat was sown on fallows and bean-lands in excellent order ; the pastures were still fresh, growing, and abundant; turnips continued to improve, and the plough moved forward without interruption. The labours of the season are accordingly in a forward state, notwithstanding the lateness of the harvest. What part of the crop remained on the field at the date of our last report, has been secured in a better condition than could be then expected. Within these few days there has been a keen frost, which is now succeeded by moderate rains. Of the abundance or quality of the last crop, little remains to be added to what we have stated formerly. The dampness, and otherwise inferior description of what has hitherto been brought to market, is not, however, we hope, a fair criterion by which to judge of the whole produce; for, besides the lateness of the harvest, it is well known to be the practice of farmers, except in the instance of wheat for seed, to dispose of the inferior part of the crop first, and, unfortunately, this bears too large a proportion to the whole this season. The prices throughout November rose gradually, but have lately become stationary. On the 15th, the ports were closed against all foreign grain, flour, and meal, barley excepted, but still continue open to importation from the British colonies in North America ; a circumstance which does not appear to have had any effect on the market. In live stock, for which the great markets of the season are now past, there has been a considerable fluctuation during the last three months, and the re. ports are somewhat different from distant quarters ; but, upon the whole, it would appear that the prices of the early part of that period have not been supported at its con. clusion, though the medium rates are certainly higher than last year. No material alteration can be noted in the price of butcher meat, which, in this market, still fetches from 6s. to 7s. per stone, of 17€ lb. avoirdupois. The failure of Hops, the price of which is now quoted so high as L. 34 a pocket, is said to have brought an immense profit to a few growers in Kent, whose crops happened to be almost exclusively fine ; one of them is reported to have realized a fortune of not less than L. 90,000 from the produce of the present year. In consequence of the scarcity and high price of this article, it had been proposed to admit foreign hops free of duty, but this measure does not seem to have met with the approbation of government. Seeds are at advanced prices :-Canary 86s. to 100s.; hemp-seed 9ūs. to 1065. ; linseed 56s. to 90s. per quarter ; new rape-seed, per last, L. 54 to L. 56 ; linseed oil-cake at the mill, L. 15 per thousand, of 3 libs. each; rape-cake L. 12 per ditto of ditto; clover-seed is expected to be high, the produce of this year having been little better than that of last ; red is now quoted at from 40s. to 105s., and white from 50s. to 108s.

12th December.

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Wheat, 210 lbs.

Oats, 201 lbs. Barley, 320 lbs. Bns.& Pse. Oatmeal Flour.
Dantzic. Scotch. Irish. Scots. Eng. English. Scotch. Stir. Mea. 140 lbs. 280 lbs,


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Wheat. Rye. Barley.

Flour, 28011.11

Quar. per qr.

Fd & Pol Potat. Pigeon. Tick. Boiling.Grey. Fine. 2d. Loaf.
S. $. S. 8.

$. S. S.
S. S.


S. S.

d. Nov, 17/18 89135 400 36 58 18 30 26 401 12 45 34 41) 52 58 40 521 75 80 70 75 14

100156 14 30 52 20 30 28 401 12 51 52 51 52 58 58 50 75 8070 75 Dec. 112 100132 481 18 52 15 1936 11 34 58 51 43 53 60 39 50.75

75 11 56 100|156 45 30 52 19 33 25 35 42 60 134 52 | 52 58 +! 48175 80 70 75






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Wht. Rye. Brley. Oats. Beans. Pease. 1 1010. Dts. Wht. Rye. Barley. Oats. Beans. Pease.

s, d. s. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. Nov. 81 79 5,16 2 13 627 2 47 448 3 33 4

151 80 5/16 9 13 827 348 2 18 2 32 11
22 81 646 9 44 528 3 19 10 19 10 33 4
29 82 9 16 11 45 4/28 21 49 11 18 4 33 0

8 15 22

S. d. s. d. S. ds. d. s. d. s. d. 80 644 11

8 25 545 945 3 89 3144 11 43 3 25 747 343 7 83 445 6) 43 11 27 149 50 3

Aggregate Averages of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales,

by which Importation and Duty are regulated in Great Britain. Wheat, 795. 7d.-Rye, 11s. Id. ---Barley, 498. Od.-Oats, 25s. 5d.-Beans, 458. 9d.--Pease, 15s. Od...

Rapeseedi, 100s.--Oatmcal, 32s. 2d. Average Prices of Scotland for the Four Weeks immediately preceding 15th Nov. Wheat, 69, 3d. -Rye, 59s. 5d.—Barley, 41s. 21.-Oats, 31s. 1d.-Beans, 53s. Od. ---Pease. 523. 11d.e.

Oatmeal, 26s. 64.--Bear or Big, 585. 2d. VOL. I.



COLOXIAL PRODUCE.-Sugars. The market still continues dull, with little variation in prices; but as it is now thought that Muscovadoes have declined to moderate prices, an improved demand is expected. Refined goods have experienced a decline of about 4s. in the course of the month. In foreign there has scarcely been any business done. Coffee.--The demand has been confined ; holders, however, evince much firmness, and will not submit to any reduction of prices. Cotton.-An unusual number of buyers attended the sale at the India-house, which was very brisk ; 4491 bags Surats were disposed of, at and after the sale, at a reduction of ld. to 14d. per lb. of the top prices of the former sale; of 5812 Bengals, 3375 were sold about Ogd. per lb. above the prices previously expected; the lower qualities were taken in by the proprietors, about 10d. ; the whole subject to a duty of Id. per lb. if taken for home consumption. Rum.--About the middle of November, in consequence of a report that the French government had agreed to admit rum for the use of the allied armies, there were extensive transactions, and the article rose 6d. to Is. per gallon. The question of its admission into France being yet, however, unsettled, the market has become heavy, and prices have fallen a little. Spices.-Since the East India sale, there has been little variation in prices, but generally the market is improving Tobacco.-Holders evince a great desire to effect sales, but the demand is not extensive. Marylands are a shade higher; for cargoes, 678. and 68s. are asked. Virginia, in cargoes, 55s. and 66s. Kentucky, 48s. to 56s. Oil. The prices have declined since our last, and there is at present scarcely any business doing.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.--Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. The prices of yellow candle tallow, which had declined to 60s. have again advanced; but there is not as much briskness as towards the close of last week. Hemp and flax are in demand, and prices have considerably advanced. Brandy and Genevi. Brandy continues to risc, on account of the scarcity. Geneva is 3d. to 6d. per gallon higher.

British Manufactures are in full life and activity. Accounts from Boston state, that Manchester goods were selling there at very good prices, and the market for them was quick. The German papers, however, giving an account of Leipsic fair, state, that Eng. lish manufactures were offered at such high prices, that domestic articles were bought in preference. The English merchants (they observe) only sell at low prices when they wish to get rid of damaged or old-fashioned articles.-Dec. 2.

Course of Exchange, London, Nov. 28.-Amsterdam, 37: 6 B. 2 U. Ditto at sight, 37:0. Rotterdam, 11:11:2 U. Agio of the Bank on Holland, 2. Antwerp, 11:11 Ex. M. Hamburgh, 34:7:24 U. Altona, 34: 8:24 U. Paris, three days sight, 24 : 40 U. Bourdeaux, 24: 60. Frankfort on the Maine, 145 Ex. M. Madrid, 38 effect. Cadiz, 37% effect. Gibraltar, 33. Leghorn, 494. Lisbon, 59. Rio Janeiro, 63. Dublin, 85 per cent. Cork, 8%.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 02.- Portugal gold, in coin, £4:0:6. Foreign gold, in bars, £4:0:6. New doubloons, £4. New dollars, £0:5:34. Silver, in bars, standard, L.0: 5:39.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's-Guernsey or Jersey, 20s. to 25s. Cork, or Dublin, 25s. Belfast, 25s. to 30s. Hamburgh, 40s. to 50s. Madeira, 20s. to 25s. Jamaica, 40s. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds from November 11 to December 3, 1817.

Nov. 11th. 18th. 26th. Dec. 3d.

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249 100pr.

20pr. 22 28pr. 19 20pr.

85% 05

19 21 pr.
21 27pr.



811 248

96pr. 18 19pr. 19 23pr. 17 18pr.



21 27pr.
19 20pr.


3d. Consols for acc. American 3 per cent.

103 65fr. 70c.

new loan, 6 p.cent. French 5 per cents. soc...wvorm.

64fr. 80c.

64fr. 150. 63fr. 930.


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9 lb.



B. P. Dry Brown,
Mid. good, and fine mid. 80 86 76

83 76 89
Fine and very fine,
88 92

90 93 Refined, Double Loaves,

150 155 Powder ditto,

124 128 Single ditto,

118 J24 116 118 123 126 Small Lumps,

114 118 '110 112 124 128
Large ditto,

110 114 1105 108 112 118
Crushed Lumps,
65 70

67 70 MOLASSES, British,

38 39 35 37 38 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 82 87 | 78 90 82 88

Mid. good, and fine mid. 90 100 | 91 96 89 100 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 72 82

72 82 Ord. good, and fine ord. 86 92

84 91 Mid. good, and fine mid. 92 101

92 101 St Doningo,

86 90 85 91 PIMENTO (in Bond),

9 9

94 SPIRITS, Jamaica Rum, 16 0. P. 4s 4d 4s 6d 3s 10 4s 0

3s 6

3s 8 i gall. Brandy,

13 9 14 0 Geneva,

4 6 4 9 Grain Whisky,

8 0 8 3 WINES, Claret, Ist Growths, 45 50

bhd. Portugal Red, 38 45

pipe. Spanish White,


30 35

pipe. Madeira,

60 LOGWOOD, Jamaica,

£8 £8 10 £7 10 £8 10 £8 5 £815 ton. Honduras,

98 10

90 Campeachy,

10 9 0 10 0 10 0 10 10 Fustic, Jamaica,

12 13 12 0 13 0 12 0 13 0 Cuba,


17 0 17 15 INDIGO, Caraecas fine,

9s 6d Ils 6d &s 6 9s 6 Is 0 lls 6 lb. TIBER, American Pine,

2 3 2 6

2 3 2 4 foot. Ditto Oak,

4 6 5 6 Christiansand (duties paid), 2 4 2 5 Honduras Mahogany,

011 14 0 10 1 8 11 1 5 St Domingo ditto,

1 2 3 0 19 2 5 Tar, American,

16 0 17 O brl. Archangel, 22 23

21 0 23 0 Pitch, Foreign, 14

cwt. Tallow, Russia Yellow Candle, 76 78 74 76 70 71 Home melted,

68 HEMP, Riga Rhine,

48 £43 £44 £

ton. Petersburgh Clean,

45 46 41 42 45 46
Flax, Riga Thies. and Druj. Rak. 63

50 120
52 53

stone Mars, Archangel, £6 0 £6 6

100 BRISTLES, Petersburgh Firsts, 16 10 £17

cwt. ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl,

63s Montreal ditto,

60s 62s 60s 623 Pot,

46s 478 498 50s 49s ( 50s 0 Oil, Whale,


52 53 57 58 tun. Cod,

55(p.brl.) 45 46 45 Tobacco, Virginia fine,


9 81 9 0 8 09 Ib. middling, 7

8 74 73 064 07 inferior, 64 7 7 750 45 COTToNs, Bowed Georgia,

17 1 10 16 9 Sea Island, fine,

2 7 2 9 2 5 2 6 good,

2 4 2 6 2 3 2 4 middling,

2 2 2 3 111 2 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1 10 2 1 19 2 1 West India,

18 2 0 18 19 Pernambuco,

2 1 2 2 2 0 2 1 Maranham,

2 0 21 111 2 0

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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTS, announced between October 31

and November 30, 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Aaron, A. Plymouth Dock, silversmith

Leigh, J. jun. Manchester, calico printer Applesby, R. North Shields, cabineunaker Latham, J. Romsey, common brewer, &c. Aldhain, W. Great Hotham, miller

Lingford, J. London, truss-maker Allwright, S. London, haberdasher

Lloyd, S. T. London, bookseller Atherstone, H. Nottingham, dyer

Manners, J., and J. Cam, Sheffield, edge-tool Abram, T. Rufford, innkeeper

manufacturers Archer, T. London, bootmaker

Maxfield, T. Halstead, grocer Ambrose, T., and T. Fawell, London, wine mer. Mathieson, W., and G. R. Lapraik, London, chants

tailors Bartlett, R. Westminster, wheelwright

Mitchell, J. Titchfield, linen-draper Beard, W. J. London, sinith

Marsh, J. Pilkington, farmer Beldon, B. Keighly, York, iron-founder

Moore, T. Burtonshain, farmer Banfield, E. St Philip and Jacob, cooper

Morse, H. London, cabinetmaker Brandon, J. N. London, merchant

Minor, W. London, merchant Bridgman, J. N. Tavistock, money scrivener Marsham, W. London, broker Becket, W. P. Wakefield, linen-draper

Newman, E. Lambeth Marsh, brewer Baum, J. London, victualler

Noble, G. London, merchant Belling, W. Essex, druggist

Nicolson, J., and J. Brown, London, pin-manu. Bennet, s. Bath, broker

facturers. Bolshaw, J. Liverpool, plumber and glazier Oliphant, J. London, hat-manufacturer Bell, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, stationer

Oxham, R. Penzance, merchant Bray, J. S. and W. London, merchants

Oates, G. and G. jun. Shefficid, merchants Butcher, U. Cambridge, scrivener

Overton, W. Birmingham, plater Broad, T. Bury, miller

Pollock, R. London, merchant Bradford, R. Bromyard, cordwainer

Paterson, R., and W. Nichol, London, nurseryCarlisle, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, miller

men Cook, J. Fareham, tanner

Reston, D. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, porter-merCollinsfield, J. Huddersfield, boat-builder

chant Cooper, H. Brixton, builder

Pallet, C., and J. Power Massy, London, factors Cowen, G. London, merchant

Patterson, T. Stockport, draper
Cutler, A. London, painter

Parry, J. Denbigh, draper
Cowdroy, W. Manchester, letter-press-printer Pickstock, T. Shrewsbury, mercer
Charleton, G. York, tailor

Pitts, L. Thorpe Abbots, merchant Daniel, G., and W. Cross, Biriningham, mcr. Powell, J. Tepsham, topemaker chants

Philip, T. Newton Abbot, innholder Davis, W. Tredegar Iron-works, innholder

Piercy, E. New Farm, Oxford, farmer Dickinson, R. and J. London, brewers

Quinton, J. Devon and Londong, cyder and spirit Dyson, J. Meltham Mill, York, clothier

merchant Downes, J. J. London, harnessmaker

Reay, T. South Shields, merchant Downs, S. M. Reading, cheesemonger

Richardson, J. Great St Helens, merchant Eady, T. Woolwich, horse-dealer

Roberts, J. London, silk-manufacturer Evans, M. senior, Llangernew, shopkeeper Rudd, F. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, milliner and Emeny, J. Dover, draper

dressmaker Ellison, E. Torbock, tlour-dealer

Robson, J. London, stable-keeper Fletcher, J., and W. Yeats, Brighton, tailors Ryan, J. Liverpool, merchant Flack, J. London, victualler

Samuda, A. London, baker Frith, W. Liversedge, clothier

Stanton, J. London, apothecary Fothergill, G. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-owner Snow, S. London, dressmaker Gregory, G. Sheffield, sugar-manufacturer Sowerby, S. jun. Bristol, cutler Goving, T. Staines, tailor

Sharland, R. Exeter, saddler Grove, J. London, grocer

Slater, J. Westminster, brewer Green, R. Manchester, victualler

Spyer, S. London, merchant Green, J. Saltford, victualler

Smith, J. Chepstow, cabinetmaker Harrison, J. Leeds, merchan

Smith, W. London, spring-blind-maker Harding, G., J. Hassall, and T. Overton, .Liver- Smith, J. Shrewsbury, linen-draper pool, brewers

Smith, J. Holmfirth, York, clothier Horne, G. London, wine-merchant

Shore, E. Chardstock, miller Hall, W. Halifax, money scrivener

Saunders, J. G. London, warehousemar Howell, J. and B. Surrey, linen-drapers

Thurkle, G. M. London, wine-merchant Hutchinson, W. Middlesex, checsenionger

Tickner, G. Portsea, house-carpenter Hawke, W. Lammerton, merchant

Valentine, C. London, japanner Hildebrandt, C. London, pictureseller

Waddell, T. London, warehouseinan Hobson, J. Manchester, brazier

Wade, W. Croydon, merchant Holbrook, W. Bath, coachmaster

Walker, J. Bernondsey, glue-maker Hewitt, H. Sheffield, merchant

West, T. London, pertumer and hair-merchant Heaton, J., M. Fleming, and M. Dyson, Almond Wainwright, G. London, bottle-merchant bury, woollen-manutacturers

Woods, G. Portsea, saddler Kent, W. Bermondsey, Spanish leather dresser Wardle, M. Manchester, paper-dealer Kendrick, F., and G. Tyndale, London, linen- Warner, J., and J. Lord, Derby, ironinongers drapers

Williams, T. S., and T. Barnard, Cheltenham, Knight, J., and T. Ashby, London, fancy feather grocers manufacturers

Weaver, E. and C. Gloucester, pin-manufacturers Kilner, W. and J. York, woollen-manufacturers Ward, J. Liverpool, grocer Kilsby, w. London, viciualler

Yandall, Edward, London, corn-dealer
Kendrick, W. Daventry, grocer
ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTS, announced between 30th October

and 30th November 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Ritchie, T. Glenaharrich, Argyllshire, cattle-dealer Birnie, G. Portobello, builder

Stewart, J. and Co. Paisley, merchants Grubb, J. Ardoch of Poyntafield, Ross-shire, sal.

DIVIDENDS. mon fisher, &c.

Baxter, W. W. Dundee, merchant; by J. G. Hepbum, J. of Wellsly, horse-dealer

Ru sell, merchant there, 28th December Macker zie, L. sen. Stornoway, ship-owner Blaikie, R. Jate of Dalkeith, candle-maker; by M Moncrietr, C. Edinburgh, grocer

Burd, W. S. Edinburgh, 30th November

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