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John Davison, M. A. of Oriel College, Ox. cate, Lecturer on Conveyancing, appointed ford. 8vo. 4s.

by the Society of Clerks to the Signet. Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, in Vol. VII. 8vo. bds. 12s. reply to Mr Warden, with Extracts from Form of Process before the Jury Court; the great Work now compiling under the by John Russell, Esq. Clerk to the Signet, inspection of the Emperor Napoleon. 8vó. one of the Clerks of the Jury Court. With

an Appendix, containing the Act of Par. An Historical Research into the Nature liament, the Acts of Sederunt of the Court of the Balance of Power in Europe ; by of Session, and the Rules and Orders of Gould Francis Leckie. 8vo. los. 6d. the Jury Court, for regulating the form of

An Explanation of the Principles and Procedure. 8vo. bds. 5s. Proceedings of the Provident Institution at An Essay on some Subjects connected Bath for Savings. By John Haygarth, with Taste; by Sir George Stuart Macken. M. D. F. R. S. & F. R. S. Ed. one of the zie, Bart. 8vo. bds. 8s. Managers. To which are added, the De- Craignethan Castle ; a Poem. 8vo. bds positor's Book, with the Regulations, 75. Tables, &c. the Bye-Laws; an Account De Vaux, or the Heir of Gilsland; a of the mode of transacting the Business, Poem in five Cantos ; by Robert Carlyle. and the first Year's Report.

Fisc. 8vo. 5s. Two Letters on the contested Origin, Hints to Credulity, or an Examination Nature, and Effects of the Poor-Laws. Is. of the Pretensions of Miss M'Avoy; ocTOPOGRAPHY.

casioned by Dr Renwick's Narrative of her Leigh's N Pictur

London ; or, a

Case ; by Joseph Sandars. 8vo. sd. 3$. View of the Political, Religious, Medical, An Account of some Experiments made Literary, Municipal, Commercial, and Mo- with the Vapour of boiling Tar, in the ral State of the British Metropolis. Pre- cure of Pulmonary Consumption ; by A. senting a brief and luininous Guide to the lexander Crichton, M. D. F. Ř. S. 8vo. sch Stranger on all Subjects connected with ge

25. Gd. neral Information, Business, or Amuse- Reflections on the Death of the Princess

Embellished with upwards of 100 Charlotte of Wales ; by a Lady. 8vo. sc. Views, Plan, &c. 9s.


Letter Second on Burgh Reform ; by Narrative of a Voyage in his Majesty's Wallace. Is. late ship Alceste to the Yellow Sea, along

Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticulthe coast of Corea ; with an Account of tural Society, No. VIII. 38. the Shipwreck in the Straits of Gaspar; by Fragment, suggested by a bright Gleam John Macleod, Surgeon. 8vo. 125. of Sunshine, Nov. 17th, 1817, two days

History of a Six Weeks' Tour through before the Funeral of the Princess Char. a part of France, Switzerland, Germany, lotte of Wales. 4to. 28. 6d. and Holland, with Letters descriptive of a Elegy to the Memory of her Royal Sail round the Lake of Geneva, and of the Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales ; Glaciers of Chamouni. 4s. 6d.

by Mrs Cockle.. 4to. 2s. Personal Observations, made during the Thomas of Reading, or the sixe worthie Progress of the British Embassy through Yeomen of the West ; now the sixth time China, and on its Voyage to and from that corrected and enlarged ; by T. D. ; being Country, in the years 1816 and 1817 ; by a fac-simile of the Original, printed in LonClark Abel, Physician and Naturalist to don, by Eliz. Alkde for Robert Bird. 4to. the Embassy. 1 vol. 4to.

10s. 6d. Memoirs on European and Asiatic An Essay on Benevolent Associations for Turkey, from the manuscript journals of the Relief of the Poor ; by Ralph Wardmodern travellers in those countries ; by law. 8vo. Is. Gd. Robert Walpole, A.M. With plates. Principles of the Constitution of Govern.

Tour through the Netherlands in 1816 ments; by William Cunningham, Esq. of and 1817; by J. Smithers. 8vo. 9s.

Enterkine. 2d edit. 12mo. bds. 6s.

Sermons; by John B. Romeyn, D. D. EDINBURGH.

Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Cedar

Street, New York. Two vols. in one. Mandeville, a Tale of the Seventeenth 8vo. bds. 10s. 6d. Century in England ; by William God. Remarks on the Plans and Publications win. 3 vols. 12mo. L. 1, Is.

of Robert Owen, Esq. of New Lanark ; by A System of the Forms of Deeds used John Brown, minister of the Associate da Scotland ; by Robert Bell, Esq. Advo. Congregation, Biggar. Is. 6d.





nuary 1821.


seconded by the enlightened policy presiding over the destinies of the other

people of Europe ; an equitable limit will Two new laws have been presented to be placed to our enormous sacrifices ; the the Chamber of Deputies-one for regu. termination of the too oppressive charge of lating the liberty of the press, and the occupation will be hastened; our country other proposing a plan for recruiting, the will at length be free. Then, and only army. The law regarding the press is so then, France will be able to taste the far more liberal than those which have been fruits of peace, to confirm her credit, reaalready enforced upon this subject, that it nimate her internal prosperity, and to rereleases from responsibility the printer or sume her rank among nations. publisher of any work, provided the author be known; nor is any publication to

NETHERLANDS. be liable to prosecution until it is actually A serious misunderstanding lately took in circulation, whereas, under the existing place between the King and the Prince of laws, a work may be seized while in the Orange, occasioned by a refusal of the possession of the printer or publisher. All Count Goltz, the under Minister of War, periodical journals, or other periodical to gratify the Prince, in granting certain works are, however, kept under the same military promotions, for which he had ex. thraldom as formerly, and, to avoid the pressed himself anxious. The King, at inconvenience of constant renewal of the least in the first instance, has supported his law, it is intended that the bill now pro- Minister; in consequence of which the posed shall continue in force until 1st Ja. Prince has resigned his office of Com.

mander in Chief, and First Minister of The Minister of War proposes to com

War, and declared he would not serve in plete the actual corps of the army by bal- any public capacity while Count Goltz relot, and by encouraging voluntary enlist. mained in office. ment. In the speech in which he introduces the plan, he professed, in the strong.

GERMANY. est terms, that the policy of France was The German papers contain a formal entirely pacific, and that, far from wishing disavowal, by the Duchess of Parma, late to attack other powers, the recruiting of Empress of France, of the protest attri. the army was solely directed to the securing buted to her in the public journals, and of her own independence.

which was noticed at p. 74 of this voThe concordat with the Pope has been lume. submitted to the Chamber, together with a Prom Vienna it is stated, that a conproject of a law founded upon it. This scription is to be resorted to in the Austreaty leaves the nomination of bishops en- trian dominions. The new law is to in. tirely with the King, while the Pope en- clude all the male subjects of Austria, bejoys the right of canonical investiture. tween the ages of 20 and 45, who are to be

The Chamber of Deputies, in the ad- divided into three classes ; the first class, dress presented to the King at its open from the age of 20 to 25, to be, in case of ing, complain grievously of the conditions war, drafted into regiments of the line ; imposed upon France by the late treaties. the second, from 25 to 35, to form a “ Your people (it is observed) have sub- landwehr or militia, and to be called into mitted with grief, but in silence, to the actual service in any part of the Austrian treaties of November 1815; after having territories, in case of their being menaced made the utmost efforts for executing them by an enemy; and the third class, from faithfully, after years of calamity have in. 35 to 45, are to form a stationary guard, finitely increased the rigour of the explicit and not to be compellable to quit their reconditions of these treaties, we cannot be- spective cantons. lieve that they conceal such exorbitant In consequence of a note lately presented consequences, as none of the contracting to the directional Government of Switzerparties could have foreseen. The wisdom land, by the Ministers of Austria and of your Majesty will be understood and France, complaining of seditious pamph



lets emanating from the press of that coun- at Vastissa, during which the sea retired try, the President has invited the cantons from its bed, leaving the ships in the harto watch over the journals and other public bour completely dry, and then returning cations, for the purpose of preventing sen- with proportioned fury, covered a consitiments being circulated which may give derable part of the dry land. The city, offence to the neighbouring powers. consisting of 800 houses, was almost en

Lavalette now resides six miles from tirely destroyed, besides several villages, and Munich, under a different name; Fouche about 50 of the inhabitants also lost their is at Prague ; Beauharnois resides at Mu- lives. A promontory near the mouth of nich ; and the ex-Queen of Holland at the river Gaidouroupinieti, suddenly sunk, Augsbury.

after emitting clouds of thick smoke.

ASIA. An article in the Spanish journals states, that there was so strong a hurricane at A. licant on the 13th October, that the waves According to the latest intelligence from raised by it carried off the pieces of artil. India, it appears that the disturbances lery from one of the bastions, and dashed there were nearly suppressed Advices them so violently against the neighbouring from Madras, of the 24th June, mention houses, that part of them were thrown that the insurrection in Cuttack appeared down. In a quarter of an hour the city to have been finally quelled, by the prompt was inundated, and presented the ap- and decisive measures adopted by General pearance of a great shipwreck.

Martindell; and though the Pindarees still

maintained a sort of predatory warfare, not IONIAN ISLANDS.

a doubt was entertained, that in a short The wishes of the inhabitants of the time tranquillity would be re-established Ionian Islands are likely to be gratified throughout the whole of the Company's by the preservation of Parga from the do- possessions minion of the Turks. At present, we understand that his Excellency General Mait

DUTCH COLONIES. land is at Corfu, personally superintending, Fears are entertained of the Dutch posand carrying into cffect various regulations, sessions in the East being soon entirely which he has suggested for the prosperity lost to Holland. Accounts have been reand happiness of these interesting people. ceived, that the natives of the Isle of Lup

perwaro, near Amboyna, had risen and

murdered the resident and his family, with The Emperor Alexander is giving e- the whole of the garrison ; and a detach. very encouragement to the restoration of ment of about 200 sent from Amboyna, Moscow, the ancient capital of the empire. after being allowed to land, shared the An English gentleman lately arrived from same fate. In the meantime, the natives thence, mentions that the city has been of Amboyna also rose in rebellion, and much improved in consequence of the con- forced all the Dutch inhabitants to seek flagration, which destroyed chiefly the old shelter under the forts. These forts had houses and wooden buildings, which were been frequently and desperately attacked very numerous. Palaces are now rising by the natives ; who, singular as it may from the ashes of those buildings, and the appear, actually waged war under British old nobility, who have always resided at colours. The East India Company's ship Moscow, many of whom are immensely left Suprao in July, and it was then exrich, vie with each other in adding splen- pected that the natives would have comdour to the Court. The foundation stone plete possession of the island in a few days. of a magnificent church was lately laid by To these unpleasant facts it is added, that the Emperor in person, attended by the the whole of the Celebes and the Molucca Archbishop, and a numerous suite of ec- Islands have manifested a like spirit of disclesiastics.

affection, and considerable apprehensions were entertained for the safety of Java it.

self. The foreign papers contain intelligence from Constantinople of the total defeat, cap

AFRICA. ture, and death, of the rebel Toutchi Où. glow. He had succeeded in placing himself at the head of an army of 15,000 men, Recent accounts state, that great disconbut was unable to withstand the force led tents prevail against the present Dey, in against him by Haznadar-Oglow de Gia- consequence of his tyrannical conduct. The rick. This event will, it is expected, com- people murmur, and apprehensions are enpletely re-establish tranquillity in Asia tertained that they will proceed to seek a Minor.

redress of their grievances by the usual A dreadful earthquake lately occurred constitutional method of murdering their




sovereign. The plague still continues to ton, and another at New York, have been rage, and persons who have fled from the seized under its provisions ; but it is exscene of contagion state that between 700 pected that the property will be restored, and 800 die daily.

as the act was passed in March last, and

its operation only commenced on the 1st EGYPT.

October. The Bashaw or Viceroy of Egypt has According to New York papers, it apre-opened the intercourse with India, by pears, that a serious misunderstanding way of the Red Sea, as formerly, for the exists between the United States and Spain. purpose of obtaining supplies of Indian The Americans claim indemnity for past merchandise. The goods are first brought spoliations, which Spain of course disputes. to Suez, and conveyed from thence across There is a controversy, which is of several the isthmus to Alexandria. The Bashaw years standing, concerning the respective paid his late tribute to the Grand Seignor limits of Louisiana and the territories of în Mocha coffee.

Mexico.-It is not very likely, however,

that Spain, intent at present on the subjuAMERICA.

gation of her revolted colonies, would in

volve herself in any serious dispute with BRITISH AMERICA.

so powerful a state as America, which by Dreadful Conflagrations at Newfound her position could interfere with such des land. This ill-fated colony was twice in cided effect in favour of the South Amethe course of last month visited by confla- ricans, struggling for independence. gration. The first, on the 7th of Novem. ber, broke out late at night ; and the houses

SPANISH AMERICA. being alınost all of wood, the rage of the In these interesting colonies, the march of fames was not stayed till 135 houses were independence still proceeds with a slow but burnt to the ground, rendering houseless apparently sure pace. An attempt of the about 1100 inhabitants, and destroying pro- royal authority to detach Bolivar and others perty to the value of nearly L.500,000. The of the Patriot chiefs, by an offer of amwestern half of the town then remained as nesty, has failed ; and the Royalist Genea shelter to the wretched sufferers; but, on ral Culzada, has, in consequence of the arthe 21st, the fire again broke out in this bitrary conduct of Morillo, joined the Inquarter, and destroyed the greater part of dependents, with 700 Creolian troops under it. Only a few lives were lost, and these his command. Morillo, by the last acof wretches who, degraded enough to seek counts, was in Caraccas, carrying off every for plunder in the ruin of their fellow- thing valuable ; but was expected soon to creatures, perished miserably by the burn- proceed to Puerto Cabello, the indepen. ing timbers falling upon and destroying dents, in several directions, being in march them. These calamities, there is reason against him. to believe, were not the effect of accident, In Mexico, we still find General Mina but the work of some vile incendiaries, se- active; although the Spanish accounts have veral of whom, as we have already stated, several times destroyed him and his forces. paid the forfeit of their crime with their Advices from New Orleans state, that he lives. Many persons, who had just reco- had defeated the royalists on the 19th June; vered from the effects of the fire in Fe- in proof of which, it is added, that he had bruary 1816, are among the sufferers on entered San Luis de Potosi, where he had the present occasion. One house, that of been joined by the inhabitants, and by the Hunter and Co., has sustained loss to the reinforcements there received, his force had extent of L. 30,000; and the storehouses been increased to 8000 men. of many other extensive mercantile con- Intelligence from Peru, has been receivcerns have been consumed, to the number ed in Buenos Ayres papers of the 3d Au. of 23. Great apprehensions were enter- gust, from which it appears that the royal tained that this awful calamity might be force, under the command of General La followed by the more dreadful one of fa- Serna, which had taken possession of Salta mine ; and Vice-Admiral Pickmore had, and Jujuy, was put to flight on the 8th of in the meantime, prohibited the exporta- May, and fell back on Potosi. The evation of all provisions, till it should be as- cuation of a province which is the only certained what supply would be required magazine of Peiu, has been effected by the to prevent the colony from experiencing constant and bloody attacks of the guerillas this additional misfortune.

and militia of the patriot Governor Guemes, assisted by Colonel La Madrid, who, with

his dying division, got into the rear of the The new navigation act of the American royal army, occupied Tarifa, made its gar. Government is carrying into effect with rison prisoners, consisting of four hundred great strictness. Accounts are received that veteran soldiers, and immediately besieged *wo vessels fiom Liverpool, one at Charles Chuquisaca. It was expected that the re



sult of the campaign would be the entire evacuation of Peru by the royalists.

A letter, dated Antigua, October 17, On the eastern shore of the river Plate, states, that the confidential servants of Mr General Artigas has had several engage President Kerby having robbed their masments with the Portuguese troops, which ter of L.600 or L.700, then attempted to deinvaded that part of the Spanish territories. stroy him by poison, to prevent discovery. In these actions he is said to have been suc- Two of them had been executed ; three cessful, and to have compelled the Portu. more were condemned to be hung, two of guese force to take shelter in their own ter. them Obeah people, who prepared and fur. ritories, where it is not likely that they will nished the medicine. There are about 15 obtain any reinforcements, as the native persons, coloured people and slaves, conBrazilians are ripe for independence, and cerned in this affair. The letter concludes have already joined Artigas in great num. thus : “ Mr Kerby is a most humane good bers.

man : he has taken some poison, but it was By the last mails from the Brazils, it is not strong enough, and he has of late had stated, that a reinforcement of Portuguese very bad health. They poisoned his filtertroops had left Rio Janeiro, in order to re- ing-stone." tain possession of Monte Video.



placed across the road, and ten or twelve 8.-Destitute Sick Society of Edinburgh. armed men immediately appeared, seized - Thursday night, a sermon was preached the reins of the front horses, and fired se. in aid of this Society, in Lady Yester's veral shots, one of which passed through church, by the Rev. David Dickson sen. the hat of one of the guards, and took efone of the ministers of this city, from fect in the back part of his head, but withIsaiah lvii. 5, 6, when a liberal collection out any fatal result.

The passengers, was received. Towards the close of the seven outside, and four inside, were then sermon, the preacher took occasion to no- rifled, in the most brutal manner, of every tice, that, nearly thirty years ago, he had thing valuable about them, and the rufthe honour to plead the cause of the same fians, having secured a considerable booty, institution from the same text, and in near made off. Several of them, however, have ly the same words. He then read the first been since apprehended and tried, two of report of the Society, and noticed the strik- whom have been sentenced to death, and ing contrast which it formed when com- two to transportation for lite. pared with their last report, and the evi. 15.–Town-guard of Edinburgh.-Todence it afforded of the incalculable good day this ancient body, the only one in the that must have been done by means of British dominions on the same principle, their exertions since the commencement of was disbanded, according to the provisions the Institution.

of the last police act. The Edinburgh By the first printed

town-guard was originally raised in the report, from July

year 1648, and consisted then of 60 men, 8, 1785, to Nov.

besides officers. In 1602, it was increased 2, 1786, nearly 16

Fancilies Indivi. months, the state

relieved. duals.

to 108 men. Since that period the num.

ber has fluctuated ; but, for many years, Report from Nov.

there were three companies, of one captain, Nov. 1816, only 12

one serjeant, one corporal, one drummer, months, •'. 791 26


and 25 privates. Within these few years, As an evidence of the astonishing zeal and however, it was reduced to two serjeants, most indefatigable, yet entirely voluntary, two corporals, two drummers, and 25 prilabour of the members of the Society.dur. vates. ing the last year, the almost incredible 16.Thunder Storm at Irvine.This number of 5159 distinct visits were person- evening, about six o'clock, there were four ally made by these assiduous almoners to claps of thunder here ; the first and last the pensioners of their bounty.

low, the second like the report of a very 10.-Robbery of the Belfast Mail-coach. large cannon, with a long and diminishing -On the evening of the 7th, about six sound, the third the loudest, followed by a o'clock, the day mail-coach, from Belfast, severe storm of hail and rain. The light. on its way to Dublin, was obstructed in ning of the second killed two cavalry its passage at Lissen-hall, by two carts horses, and struck down one of their own


ment is as follows: L.61 18 6



1815 to



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