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influence of which they are, contrary Moimême pour tout fruit de mes soins suto the uniform operations of the mind, pertius, they indulge in long descriptions of it. Maintenant je me cherche, et Thus Phedre,

trouve plus,

Mon arc, mes javelots, mon char, tout Ma blessure trop vive aussitot a saigné,

m'importune, Ce n'est plus une ardeur dans mes veines Je ne me souviens plus des leçons de Nepcachée,

tune, C'est Venus tout entiere à sa proie at- Mes seul gemissements font retentir les bois, tachée,

Et mes coursiers oisifs ont oublié ma voix. J'ai conçu pour mon crime une juste ter

Is this the genuine language of feelJ'ai pris la vie en haine, et ma flanime en ing? But of this species of false taste, horreur,

which disfigures the whole of the Je voulois en mourant prendre soin de ma French poetry, or rather which congloire,

stitutes its essence, we have already Et derober au jour une flamme si noire. seen enough. Let any one turn up

the play at random, and he will find It is worth while to analyse this ex- just such conceits expressed in such traordinary passage, in which “ Love factitious language. One of the great is an wound," an ardour concealed faults of this tragedy, is a monotony in the veins,

" “ Venus, like a blood- both of thought and expression, withhound, lapping the blood of her vic- out any of the soft lights of imaginatim," " a crime of which she has a just tion that charm the mental vision, or terror, a flame which she has in any of the sudden and intense blazes horror,"

a dark flame.” In the that overpower it, or any of the unname of Shakespear and of Nature, expected bursts of passion that swell is this poetry?

On receiving the the heart with violent yet natural emonews of the death of Theseus, the tion. With this people nothing is nurse tells Phedre

natural: their feeling sparkles in epiVotre flamme devient une flamme ordi

gram, and when they fancy them

selves under the influences of inspiranaire, Thesée en expirant vient de rompre les

tion, they rave, and heave, and bellow neuds,

with the frantic contortions of a false Qui faisoient tout le crime et l'horreur de prophetess. I have turned over the vos feux,

play for some redeeming passages, and, Hyppolite pour vous devient moins redout- after the most attentive perusal, can able,

only find the following. It is the deEt vous pouvez le voir sans vous rendre scription of the state of Phedre before coupable.

she swallows the poison, and is a This is French morality expressed powerful picture. with all the graces of French poetry! Quelquefois pour flatter ses secrettes douIn like manner, Hippolytus describes leurs, his passion for Aricie to the lady her- Elle prend ses enfans et les baigne de self.

pleurs, Un moment a vaincu mon audace impu. Sa main avec horreur les repousse loin d'elle,

Et soudain renonçant a l'amour maternelle, dente,

Elle porte au hazard ses pas irresolus, Cette ame si superhe est enfin depen- Son ail tout egaré ne nous reconnoit plus, dente,

Elle a trois fois ecrit, et changeant de Depuis pres de six mois, honteux, deses

pensée, peré,

Trois fois a rompu sa lettre commencé. Portant partout le trait dont je suis de

chiré, Contre vous, contre moi, vainement je m'

eprouve ; Presente, je vous fuis ; absente, je vous trouve ;

MR EDITOR, Dans le fond des forets votre image me

Having observed in your former La lumiere du jour, les ombre de la nuit,

Numbers, that you mention the manTout retrace á mes yeux les charmes qui ner of torturing called pilniewinks, I j'evite,

send you the following account of an Tout vous livre à l'envi le rebelle Hyp- atrocious instance of the use of this polite,

kind of punishment.



suit ;

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In the year 1804, at Moulinearne ments at present carrying on in this market, Mr land-surveyor of city, it may afford satisfaction to your

was witness to the following readers, to see a statement of the facts. A party of gipsies had stolen, funds and expenditure connected with or been suspected of stealing, some ar- the building of the South Bridge, ticles from a John B- farmer in which was one of the first great imthe Braes of Athole. B-took seve- provements on the town. ral of the gipsies, and boring holes in When the act of Parliament was the form before his door, and making obtained for building the South a like number of wooden pins, he put Bridge, it was generally expected that a finger of each hand of four or five the sales of areas for building on of the gipsies into the holes, and drove would fully reimburse the necessary in pins upon them till the blood sprung expence of the undertaking ; but in from the fingers. The rumour of the case this fund should fall short, autransaction coming to the ears of a thority was given by the act to levy justice of the peace, an inquiry was an assessment on the city and south set on foot. B- was alarmed, and districts, not exceeding ten per cent. by means of various presents, one of of the valued rents, for making up the which was a poney, he induced the deficiency. Certain trustees were fypsies to leave the county, and there named by the act for carrying it into the story dropt.

execution, most of whom were perThis, I apprehend, is the latest use sons in official situations, whose other of pilniewinks in this country. In occupations prevented them from giving the year 1745, indeed, an old gentle- much of their attention to the details inan, then tutor in a considerable fa- of the business, which were managed mily in the Hebrides, used to say, by their clerk, who made reports verthat the mode of punishing, petty bally to the trustees from time to crimes in the district in which he liv- time, upon which their minutes proed, was to take out the tine or tooth ceeded. of a harrow, to put a finger of the cul- It does not appear that any steps prit into the hole, and then drive the were ever taken to bring the accounts tooth in again upon the finger. Some- to a balance, till some claims were times this kind of torture was applied lodged with the clerk, on the funds in order to extort confession, when an remaining unappropriated, and as these additional stroke on the tooth was claims were not immediately connectstruck at each reiteration of a question. ed with the objects of the original

But while we notice these punish- trust, the trustees were induced to ments in our own country, I cannot bring a process before the Court of refrain from mentioning, that, in con- Session, for ascertaining to whom the sequence of some unusual mirth in balance of the funds might in safety the English prison in the Isle of be paid; in the course of which proFrance, which disturbed the neigh- cess a report was made by an accountbours, Captain William Fitzwilliam ant, containing a very full view of Owen, of the royal navy, a man whose the whole funds and expenditure untalents and very entitle him to the der the trustees' management, from respect of his countrymen, was put which the accompanying abstract is into a dungeon, and thumb-screws ap- taken. plied for thirty-six hours. Gangrene Before the areas opposite to the Colensued, and it was fully three months lege were sold, very strong remonbefore he had the use of his thumbs. strances were made to the trustees by This was during the government of Ge- the managers of the Infirmary, against neral De Caen, whose barbarous treat- building on these areas, as tending to ment of many other prisoners, some of prevent the free circulation of air, so whom were wounded, and many were essential to the hospital, to which the women, should not be forgotten. G. trustees would undoubtedly have at

tended, if they had been aware of the FUNDS AND EXPENDITURE CONNECT- fact, that the funds were amply suffi

cient for the purposes of the trust, SOUTH BRIDGE, EDINBURGH. without disposing of these areas; but MR EDITOR,

trusting to the verbal reports of their At a time when the public atten- clerk, (who never appears to have ton is drawn to the great improve- given any written view of the state of




the funds,) they were induced to be

Brought forward L. 108,150 311 lieve this would not be the case, a

EXPENDITURE. circumstance which the public have

For building the South Bridge, mak.

ing and paving the streets connectreason to regret, not only as affecting ed with it, levelling the High

Street, alterations on the Tron the Infirmary, but as losing the op

Church, and making the commuportunity of throwing open the view nication between Potter Row and

Bristo Street L. 15,566 16 8 of the College, which can never now Prices of houses and be seen to proper advantage.

areas in the line of From the following abstract it ap

the bridge, &c.

purchased by the pears, that, after executing the objects trustees,

45,994 50

Ditto in Potter Row, of the trust, the surplus fund amount

Bristo Street, &c. 6,544 19 5 ed to

L.23,681 96 Interest paid on moBut of this there arises

ney borrowed for

carrying the from interest on the


10,175 4 3

Expences of the Act surplus funds, after

of Parliament, law the works were com

charges, and other

expences of managepleted,

8,434 1 0

4,822 18
Prices of areas, and o-

ther debts remaining Remains, L. 15,247 86 due by the trustees, The sumn received for

including interest to

Whitsunday 1817 1,264 11 0 areas opposite the Col

Total expenditure lege,

9,140 00 connected with the

81,168 14 5 Surplus, L. 6,107 8 6 Surplus fund, after accomplishing Which would have remained after

the original objects of the trust L 23,681 9 6 completing all the objects of the trust,

In the course of the process before the Court of

Session, warrants were given for the following paya and retaining the areas now built on ments, viz. between the College and the Infirma- To the city chamberlain towards the expence of ry, as an open space, thereby afford- draining the Meadows

L.3000 0 0

To ditto, for general purposes, per ing free air to the Infirmary, and a warrant

3000 0 0 fine view of the beautiful front of the To tradesmen employed in building

the College

7031 12 6 College.

For the expence of paving Nicholson's

962 9 12

Amount appropriated by warrants L. 14,594 2 5 Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure And the remaining balance, being L.9087, 75. 1d.

by the Trustees for Building a Bridge is claimed by the town of Edinburgh, who allege over the Cowgate, and other Meliorations they are entitled to a preference under the Acts or

Parliament. in the City of Edinburgh.



ON FASHIONABLE LIONS. Prices of oldmaterials sold

L. 416 7 7 Prices of areas sold for building on, and interest

86,638 3 4

“ Were I in England now, as once I Miscellaneous receipts from rents of

was, and had but this fish painted, not a houses before being taken down, &c.

687 15 9 holiday fool there but would give a piece of

silver. There would this monster make a

L. 87,712 6 8 Assessment of 10 per cent. levied on

man ; any strange beast there makes a the city, and south districts

9831 12 0 man ; when they will not give a doit to re

lieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten

L. 97,573 18 8 Interest received on money lodged

to see a dead Indian."- Tempest, Act II. with bankers

L. 1395 1 Ditto on money lent to the town of Edin

MR EDITOR, burgh 5273 2 10

I SEND you two letters, which, 4,668 3 11

though written in, and descriptive of,

L. 102,24227 two cities, not only very distant from Add balances remaining due on the prices

each other, but from our northern of areas, including

metropolis, will, I suspect, be found, interest to Whitsun

2,914 192 in some sort, to apply to it, not less Interest then due by the

than to the places whence the letters city of Edinburgh

2,957 5

are dated. Your philosophical turn

will be gratified by seeing how much Total L. 108,150

human beings are alike in similar cir

day 1817

And by bankers


5 16

3 11

cumstances, notwithstanding those though I cannot pretend to the anadifferences of latitude and longitude tomical skill of a Home or an Aberwhich were once supposed to influence nethy, I trust my description will enmen as they do gooseberry bushes. able you to identify the species, if you I am, Sir, your obedient servant, should meet with such on your tra

M. G. vels.

When Shakespear made Snug the London, May 6, 18- joiner play the part of lion, he was At length, my dear John, I am at certainly not less gifted with the prohome, the very boundary and goal of phetic spirit than when, in his As You an Englishman's wishes from the mo- Like It, he anticipated the best porment he leaves his native shore till he tion of the Lake school of poetry; for returns to it.

Of all the modern lions of London have realthe nations I have visited, from Lap- ly arms, and legs, and heads, for aught land to Caffraria, and from Patagonia I can discover by the outside, like orto Greenland, there is not one that dinary men and women, dressed, too, can come up to the English in curio- in breeches and petticoats, according sity. Indeed, it is to this national to their sex ; though, to tell you a sevirtue that we must ascribe the exçes- cret, I have heard it whispered that sive fondness of the people of this ca- the petticoated lions have all another pital for seeing lions. Now, do not, dress beneath ; but this, I am pretty my good friend, imagine, that I mean certain, is mere scandal, because the that it is the fashion to go to see his state and title of lion is not always of Majesty's wild beasts in the Tower, the noble creature's own choosing. through the medium of a bribe to the Lions, in general, eat, drink, walk, beaf-eater in waiting. But I must and talk like ordinary human beings; try to give you a sketch of the va- and, although each of them must have rious kinds and degrees of lions which, some little distinguishing peculiarity, from time to time, engage the curious yet there are three pretty distinct eyes of the most polished and rational characters, the haughty, the timid, capital in the world, first noticing, and the satisfied. The first class is that, far from valuing a town lion for far the most courted, and, I think, its age, as Polito or a tower-porter the most rare. You shall see one of would do, the gazers in London scarce these with the very face and figure of see any beauty in one of more than the Giaour, surrounded by all the three weeks old, in the height of the youngest, and loveliest, and wisest, season, though, towards the beginning and wittiest of our exquisite societies, and the end, I have known their at- turning his handsome head away, and tractions last nearly twice that time. smiling contempt upon his flatterers,

A London lion may be of any age, who retreat awe-struck, then advance form, or sex, and indeed all these par- again, and, I believe in my heart, ticulars must differ with the rank and would show a scratch from his adorcalling of the spectator. For instance, able claw as a trophy. Then your tia country cousin, come to town to see mid lion is hunted round and round, if the streets are paved with gold, is till he is made to stand and face about introduced to St Paul's, Westminster in his own defence ; while your goodAbbey, the Monument, and the Wa- natured satisfied lion walks his paces, ter-works, as lions. An inquisitive raises his voice, bristles his mane, at traveller is shewn “Meux’s new brew- the request of the spectators, and house,” the chain cable manufactory, seems just as pleased as they are ; and and the London and West India these lions are far the most numerous, docks, and is told that now he has and, therefore, shortest lived, and seen the lions. But these are so akin least cared for. It would be scarcely to the noble four-footed king of beasts, conceivable how the succession of whose value increases with age, that I lions is kept up, did we not know of sliall abstain from farther mention of what immense importance it is to them, and proceed, at once, to the every lady to have her house fuller real ephemeral lion of London ; and, than it can hold on her at-home nights,

and, consequently, how essential it is

that she should have something to * Here family matters are spoken of, hold out as a lure to St James's Square, which we omit.

that Grosvenor Square cannot rival ;

and it is curious to see how nights quarrels with my Mehmendar, and are arranged and re-arranged, to se- the thousand and on vexations atcure that indispensable article of fa- tendant on travelling in a half cishionable demand. If the author, vilized country, till I arrived at court. with his poem in manuscript, is the There my evil genius took possession lion at House, the publisher, of me, for, just as I alighted from my with the first proof in his pocket, has horse, a court favourite happened to an excellent chance of being lion in get so violent a kick from his courser,

Street. If a new buffa singer that, had I not bled him on the spot, is displaying his powers at a certain he would never have risen from the Marchioness's, her rival is sure to earth. This success constituted me a make Old N- -i bring some of that favourite, and, of course, a lion. The new man's songs, and run over them, first symptom of my change of nature that she may not be taken by surprise was an invitation to visit his majesty, by any of the happy set who have the bearded Futeh Ali Shah hiinself, heard the first roar of the new lion. which visit being instantly buzzed

Well would it be if the love of lions abroad, in less than half an hour I rested here ; but the mania for these had all the nobles of the court in and creatures has increased to such an a- round about my tent; my clothes larming height, that all the innocent were examined, my mathematical insports and pastimes of youth seem in struments ran the risk of being ruined danger of being banished by it. by the awkward handling of the right

My poor little niece Mary com- honourable fingers of visiers, muftis, plained to me t'other day, that though emirs, and cazees ; and I was detainshe has been out two whole winters, ed so long to exhibit my skill in the she never got half through a single Persic and Arabic tongues, that I country dance, without being called feared my reception at court would off to run after the lion poet, or the have been scarcely agreeable. Howlion heiress, or the lion authoress ; ever, curiosity insured me those honand that even if her chaperon had al- ours which royal impatience had nearlowed her to dance on, she scarcely ly refused, and my first visit went off ever met with a partner who did not tolerably well. leave her the instant the mighty mon- But, alas ! I was now a lion. I could ster was announcul.

not steal out to take a view of the Mary's brother is just as angry at city, but all the little ragged boys the lions as she is, and says it is very followed me, with long live the savihard, when he thinks he has just se- our of Hadjee Cassim's life, the facured his mistress's attention, to be vourite of the great king. Deatened obliged to listen to the grave saws of a with their noise, if I retreated to my political lion, the romance of an en- tent, there were Hadjee Cassim's thouthusiastic lion, and the metaphysics sand relations with fevers and broken of a German lion, till the fair occa- bones to be cured by the great Hakim. sion is gone which he had been on the I never ate a meal in peace, for I never watch for months past to attain. But remember seeing my tent empty for a my letter is long enough. Tell me if monent, and seldom was I allowed to this pest has reached the East. Yours eat at home. One night I must atever, BENJAMIN BENNET. tend the visier, and though I detest

tobacco, and sherbet disagrees with [From the answer to the above letter my stomach, etiquette forced me to we extract the following portion:] take my calioon and drink in my

Are there lions in the East? I am turn, and, what is worse, to laugh at not sure that they are called so, but all the stories which, in different I am sure there are such things, and forms, have been transplanted from what is worse, that I your old friend Joe Miller into the Tooti Nameh, actually have suffered transmigration and from the Tooti Nameh into Joe into and out of the body of a lion. Aliller, without mercy or consideraBut you shall hear

tion for time or climate. My back I pass over the events of my voy- was broken and my legs numbed by age, my landing at Abusheker, (Bu- squatting instead of sitting, and my shire or Balsora,) my journey to Bag- stomach and head equally the worse dad, my narrow escape from robbers for the smoke and the sour drink I in the mountain road to Ispahan, my had swallowed.


3 L

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