Bradshaw's notes for travellers in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, Volume 3

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Page 11 - VISITORS TO THE SEA-SIDE, and others, Exposed to the scorching rays of the sun and heated particles of dust, will find ROWLANDS' KALYDOR A most refreshing preparation for the complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity and healthful state of the Skin. Freckles, Tan Spots, Pimples, Flushes, and...
Page 28 - English and American Families and single Gentlemen will find this house one of the most comfortable, combining excellent accommodation with cleanliness and moderate charges.— (See "Murray," page 531.) Elegantly furnished apartments of all descriptions.
Page 42 - I have experienced by taking only a few of your Lozenges. I had a cough for several weeks that defied all that had been prescribed for me ; and yet I got completely rid of it by taking about half a small box of your Lozenges, which I find are the only ones that relieve the cough without deranging the stomach or digestive organs.
Page 6 - Vice-Chancellor Sir W. PAGE WOOD STATED PUBLICLY in Court that Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE was undoubtedly the INVENTOR of CHLORODYNE, that the whole story of the defendant was deliberately untrue, and he regretted to say it had been sworn to.— See The Times, July i3th, 1864.
Page 30 - Variety ; Large and small Apartments for families, elegantly furnished ; Saloons for Official receptions ; Conversational and Reading Rooms; Coffee and Smoking Divan; Baths; Private Carriages; Omnibuses; Restaurant , Service In the Apartments, a la Carte, or at fixed prices. ALL LANGUAGES SPOKEN. The GRAND HOTEL DE LYON is too important and too well known to require injudicious praise ; it suffices to state that it cost nearly THREE MILLIONS...
Page 42 - Ud. and Tins, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 10s. 6d. each, by THOMAS KEATING, Chemist, &c., 79, St. Paul's Churchyard, London. Retail by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Vendors in the World. NB— Observe the words " KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES " are engraven on the Government Stamp of each Box, without which none are genuine.
Page 30 - ... at this hotel at moderate prices. Since the Hotel has been in the hands of new proprietors instead of a company, the reduction they have made in the prices precludes them from paying fees to the cab and coach drivers at the Railway Station.
Page 6 - BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE" on the Government Stamp. Overwhelming Medical Testimony accompanies each bottle.
Page 42 - SIR,— I have much pleasure in recommending your Lozenges to those who may be distressed with hoarseness. They have afforded me relief on several occasions when scarcely able to sing from the effects of Catarrh. I think they would be very useful to Clergymen, Barristers, and Public Orators. I am, Sir, yours faithfully, To Mr. КЕАТПГО. THOMAS FRANCIS, Vicar Choral.
Page 15 - BRACK'S DOELEN HOTEL, situated in the centre of the Town, and most convenient for visitors on pleasure or business. It commands a splendid view of the Quays, &C.; and, being conducted on a liberal scale, it is patronised by the highest classes of society in Holland.

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