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Bullitt, County of (w) Campbellsville Municipal Water (w) -* CKY Carrollton, City of (w) Crab Orchard, City of (w) Cumberland-Green River RC&D (w) Elizabethtown, City of (w) Georgetown, City of (w) Glasgow Water Company (w) Kentucky Department of • Health Services (w) •Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet (w) Kentucky State University (w) Kentucky Water Office (n) Madison County Conservation District (w) Metropolitan Sewer District (w) Middleboro, City of (w) University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey (n) University of Louisville (w)

Amite River Basin River Commission (w) Capital-Area Groundwater Commission (w) East Baton Rouge Parish (w) Governor's Office of Coastal Activities (w) Louisiana Department of• Environmental Quality (w) •Natural Resources (w) •Transportation and Development— Bridge Hydraulics (w) Office of Public Works (n, w) Louisiana Geological Survey (n) Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness (w) Sabine River Compact Administration (w) St. John the Baptist Parish (w) West Monroe, City of (w)

Aroostock County Water and Soil Management Board (w) Greater Portland Council of Governments (w) Jay, Town of (w) Maine Department of • Environmental Protection (w) • Human Services (w) •Transportation (w)

Maine Geological Survey (w)
North Kennebec Valley Regional Planning Commission (w)
Northern Maine Regional Planning Commission (w)
Paris Utility District (w)
University of Maine (w)

Baltimore, City of, Water Quality Management (w)

Calvert County Soil Conservation (w)

Delaware Geological Survey (w)

Hyndman, Borough of (w)

Interstate Commerce Commission (w)

Maryland Department of the Environment, Water Management Administration (w)

Maryland Geological Survey (n,w)

Maryland State Highway Administration, Department of Environmental Resources (w)

Prince Georges County Government (w)

University of Maryland (g)

Burlington, Town of (w) Dedham-Westwood Water District (w) Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (n) Massachusetts Department of • Environmental Management— Division of Resource Conservation (w) Division of Water Supply (w) • Environmental Protection (w)— Division of Water Pollution Control (w) Division of Water Supply (w) Massachusetts Highway Department (w) Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (w) Metropolitan District Commission— •Parks, Engineering and Construction Division (w) •Watershed Management Division (w) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (g)

Adrian, City of (w)
Ann Arbor, City of (w)
Antrim County Drain Commission (w)
Battle Creek, City of—
•Board of Public Utilities (w)
Bay Mills Indian Community (w)
Cadillac, City of, Wastewater Treatment Plant (w)

Clare, City of (w)
Coldwater, City of (w)
Cliffs Mining Services Co. (w)
Consumers Power Company (w)
Delta Charter Township (w)
Elsie, Village of, Department of Public Works (w)
Flint, City of—

•Division of Water and Waste Services (w)

•Water Plant (w)
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (w)
Huron County Board of Commissioners (w)
Imlay, City of (w)
Kalamazoo, City of Department of Public Works (w)
Lansing Board of Water and Light (w):
Macomb, County of (w)
Michigan Department of—

•Natural Resources, Land and Water Division (w)

•Transportation, Design Division (w) Negaunee, City of, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant (w) Norway, City of (w) Oakland County Drainage Commission (w) Otsego County Road Commission (w) Portage, City of (w) Portland, City of (w) Sault Ste, Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (w) Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (w) Sturgis, City of (w) Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (w) Wayne, County of, Division of Environmental Health (w) Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (w)

Beltrami County SWCD (w) Boris Forte Lake Superior Band (w) East Otter Tail Soil and Water (w) Elm Creek Conservation Management and Planning Commission (w) Grand Portage-Chippewa Indians Natural Resources Department (w) Hubbard County Conservation District (w) Land Management Information Center (n) Lower Red River Watershed Management Board (w) Minnesota Department of•Natural Resources (g,w)

. . . through Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors 127

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Blue River Compact Administration (w) Central Platte Natural Resources District (w) Lincoln, City of (w) Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (w) Lower Platte North Natural Resources District (w) Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (w) Lower Republican Natural Resources District (w) Middle Republican Natural Resources District (w) Nebraska Department of • Environmental Quality (w) •Water Resources (w) Nebraska Natural Resources Commission (w) Nemaha Natural Resources District (w) North Platte Natural Resources District (w) Omaha, City of (w) Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (w) South Platte Natural Resources District (w) Twin Platte Natural Resources District (w) University of Nebraska, Conservation and Survey Division (w) Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District (w) Upper Loup Natural Resources District (w) Upper Niobrara-White Natural Resources District (w)

Carson City Department of Public Works (w)
Carson Water Subconservancy District (w)
Churchill, County of (w)
Clark County Regional Flood Control District (w)
Clark County Sanitation District (w)
Douglas, County of (w)

Duck Valley Reservation (w)
Henderson, City of (w)
Las Vegas Valley Water District (g,w)
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (g, n,w)
Nevada Department of

•Conservation and Natural Resources—

Division of Environmental Protection (w)
Division of Water Resources (w)

•Transportation (w)

•Wildlife (w)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Council (w)
Southern Nevada Water Authority (w)
Summit Lake Paiute Indian Tribe (w)
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (w)
University of Nevada—Reno (w)
Walker River Pauite Tribe (w)
Washoe, County of (w)
Washoe County Planning Department (n)

Keene, City of (w)
New Hampshire Department of
• Environmental Services (w)
•Transportation (n)

Atlantic Highlands, Borough of (w) Bergen, County of (w) Brick Township Municipal Utility Authority (w) Gloucester County Planning Commission (w) Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (w) Medford, Township of (w) Mercer County Park Commission (w) Morris County Municipal Utility Authority (w) New Brunswick, City of (w) New Jersey Department of


• Environmental Protection (n,w)

•Transportation (w)

New Jersey Water Supply Authority (w)
North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (w)
Passaic Valley Water Commission (w)

Pinelands Commission (w)
Rutgers State University, Department of Radiation and Environment (w)
Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders (w)
Washington Township Municipal Utility Authority (w)
West Windsor, Township of (w)

Albuquerque, City of—
•Public Works Department—
Hydrology Division (w)
MEXICO/ Water Utility Planning Division (w)
Waste Water Utility (w)
Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (w)
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (w)

Canadian River Water Authority (w)
Costilla Creek Compact Commission (w)
Elephant Butte Irrigation District (w)
El Paso, City of, County Water Quality (w)
Jornada Research, Conservation and Development (w)
La Cienega Acequia (w)
Las Cruces, City of, Water Department (w)
New Mexico Department of

•Environment (w)

•Highways and Transportation (w)
New Mexico State University, Water Resources Research Institute (w)
Office of the State Engineer (w)
Pecos River Commission (w)
Pueblo of Isleta (w)
Pueblo of Zuni (w)
Raton, City of (w)
Rio Grande Compact Commission (w)
Rio San Jose Flood Control District (w)
Ruidoso, Village of (w)
Santa Rosa, City of (w)
Texas Water Development Board (w)
Tribal Council of the Pueblo of Nambe (g)
University of New Mexico (n)

Amherst, Town of, Engineering Department (w) Auburn, City of (w) , Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Development (w) Cheektowaga, Town of (w) Clifton Park Water Authority (w) Columbia University (g) Cornell University (w) Cortland County Planning Department (w) Erie, County of (w) Hudson-Black River Regulating District (w) Livingston County Departmenrt of Health (w) Monroe County Department of Health (w) Nassau County Department of Public Works (w) New York City Environmental Protection Administration, Bureau of Water Supply and Wastewater (w) New York State Department of • Environmental Conservation, Planning, and Restoration, Bureau of Monitoring and Assessment (w) •Transportation (w) New York State Power Authority (w) Nyack, Village of, Board of Water Commissioners (w) Onondaga, County of— •Department of Drainage and Sanitation (w) •Water Authority (w) Onondaga Lake Management Conference (w)

Orange County Water Authority (w)

Saratoga Springs, City of (w)

Seneca Nation of Indians (w)

State University of New York, Binghamton (w)

State University at Syracuse, Department of Environmental Sciences and
Forestry (w)

Suffolk, County of—
•Department of Health Services (w)
•Water Authority (w)

Syracuse, City of (w)

Tompkins County Department of Planning (w)

Ulster, County of (w)

Victor, Village of (w)

Appalachian State University (g)

Asheville, City of (w)

Bethel, Town of (w)

Brevard, City of (w)

Chapel Hill, Town of (w)

Charlotte, City of (w)

Danville, Virginia, City of (w)

Durham, City of (w)

Greensboro, City of (w)

Jackson, County of (w)

Lexington, City of (w)

Lumber River Council of Governments (w)

Mecklenburg, County of (w)

Morganton, City of (w)

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, Dallas and Raleigh (w)

North Carolina State Department of
• Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (n,w)
•Transportation (w)

Raleigh, City of (w)

Rocky Mount, City of (w)

Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring, Project Steering Committee (w)

University of North Carolina, Wilmington, (g)

Western Piedmont Council of Governments (w)

Devils Lake Sioux Tribe (w)
Dickinson, City of (w)
Lower Heart Water Resources District (w)
Minot, City of (w)
Nelson City Water Resources District (w)
North Dakota Department of
•Game and Fish (w)
•Health, Water Supply, and Pollution Control (w)
•Parks and Recreation (w)
•Transportation (w)
North Dakota Geological Survey (n)
State Water Commission (w)
Three Affiliated Tribes (w)


Akron, City of (w)
Canton, City of (w)
Columbus, City of (w)
Cuyahoga River Commission (w)
Eastgate Development Company (w)
Franklin, County of (w)
Fremont, City of (w)
Geauga, County of (w)
Lima, City of (w)
Madison, County of (w)
Miami Conservancy District (w)
Midwest University, Consortium for International Activities (g)
N.E. Ohio Regional Sewer District (w)
Ohio Department of
•Natural Resources (w)

. . . through Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors 129


•Transportation (n,w)
Ohio State University, Department of Agronomy (w)
Pickaway, County Commissioners (w)
Ross, County of (w)

Sumit County Engineers (w)
Washington, County Commissioners (w)

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes (w)
McGee Creek Authority (w)
Oklahoma City, City of (w)—
•Public Works Department (w)
•Treatment Division (w)
Oklahoma Conservation Commission (w)
Oklahoma Department of Transportation (n)
Oklahoma Geological Survey (w)
Oklahoma State University, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural
Resources (w)
Oklahoma Water Resources Board (n, w)
Ponca Tribe (w)

Sac and Fox Nation (w)

Albany, City of (w)
Ashland, City of (w)
Bend, City of (w)
Coos, County of (w)
Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board (w)
Douglas, County of (w)
Eugene, City of, Water and Electric Board (w)
Gresham, City of (w)
Jackson, County of (w)
Jefferson County Commission (w)
Kalama, Port of (w)
McMinnville, City of (w)
Oregon Association, Clean Water Agencies (w)
Oregon Department of
•Energy (w)
• Environmental Quality (w)
•Human Resources, State Health Division (w)
•Transportation, Highway Division (g, w)
•Water Resources (w)
Oregon State University (g)
Portland, City of—
•Bureau of
Environmental Services (w)
Water Works (w)
Unified Sewerage Agency (w)
Warm Springs Tribal Council (w)
Washington State Department of Ecology (w)

Allentown, City of Engineering Department (w)
Bethlehem, City of (w)
PENNSYLV Bucks, County of (w)

Chester County Water Resources Authority (w)
Cumberland, MD, City of (w)
Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (w)
Delaware River Basin Commission (w)
Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (w)
Fairfax County Water Authority (w)
Harrisburg, City of Department of Public Works (w)
Hazelton City Authority Water Department (w)
JPC Lehigh-Northampton Counties (w)
Letort Regional Authority (w)
Media Borough Water Department (w)
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Planning

and Restoration (w) North Penn Water Authority (w) North Wales Water Authority (w)

Philadelphia, City of, Water Department (w)
Pennsylvania Department of
• Environmental Resources—
Bureau of
Mining and Reclamation (w)
Soil and Water Conservation (w)
Topographic and Geologic Survey (n, w)
Water Supply and Community Health (w)
•Transportation (w)
Pennsylvania State University (w)
Somerset Conservation District (w)
Sunbury, City of, Municipal Authority (w)
Susquehanna River Basin Commission (w)
Tinicum, Township of (w)
University Area Joint Authority (w)
University of Delaware, Geological Survey (w)
Warwick Township (w)
West Bradford, Township of (w)
Williamsport, City of (w)

Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (w)
Puerto Rico Department of

• Health (w)
•Natural and Environmental Resources (w)
Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (w)
Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (w)
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (w)
Puerto Rico Mineral Resources Development Corporation (g)

Narragansett Bay Water Quality Commission (w)
Providence, City of Water Supply Board (w)
Rhode Island State Department of Environmental Management—
•Division of —

Water Resources (w)

Water Supply (w)

State Water Resources Board (w)

Beaufort-Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority (w) Camden, City of (w) Charleston Harbor Project (w) Charleston Public Works (w) Clarendon Sumter Soil and Water Conservation District (w) Clemson University, Department of Fertlizers and Pesticides (w) Greer Commission of Public Works (w) Land Resources Conservation Commission (n) Mt. Pleasant Waterworks and Sewer Department (w) Myrtle Beach, City of (w) Oconee County Sewer Commission (w) South Carolina State— •Department of Health and Environmental Control (w) Highways and Public Transportation (w) Natural Resources, Water Resources Division (w) •Public Service Authority (w) •Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (w) Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District (w) Spartanburg Water Works (w) University of South Carolina Department of Environmental and Health Services (w) Waccamaw Regional Planning and Development Council (w) Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority (w)

Area II Minnesota River Basin (w)
Belle Fourche Irrigation District (w)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (w)
Custer State Park Division (w)
East Dakota Water Development District (w)


Lake Kampeska Water Project District (w) Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (w) Mellette, County of (w) Oglala Sioux Tribe (w) Pelican Lake Water Project District (w) Rapid City, City of (w) Roberts, County of (w) Rosebud Sioux Tribe (w) Sioux Falls, City of Utility Department (w) Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe (w) South Dakota Department of • Environment and Natural Resources— Environmental Regulation Division (w) Geological Survey Division (w) Water Rights Division (w) •Game, Fish and Parks (w) •Transportation (w) South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (n, w) South Dakota State University, Civil Engineering Department (w) Spearfish, City of (w) Stanley County Conservation District (w) Watertown, City of (w) West Dakota Water Development District (w) West River Water Development District (w) Wyoming State Engineer (w)

Alcoa, City of (w)
Athens Utility Board (w)
Camden, City of (w)
Crossville, City of (w)
Dickson, City of (w)
Eastside Utility District (w)

Franklin, City of (w)
Germantown, City of (w)
Grundy County Soil Conservation District (w)
Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management (w)
Harriman Utility Board (w)
Harpeth Valley Utility District (w)
Hixson Utility District (w)
Johnson City, City of, Public Works Department (w)
Knoxville, City of (w)
Memphis, City of Light, Gas, and Water Division (w)
Memphis State University (w)
Metropolitan Governments, Nashville, City of, and Davidson, County of (w)
Murfreesboro, City of, Water and Sewer Department (w)
Oneida Water System (w)
Red Boiling Springs, Town of (w)
Rogersville, Town of (w)
Sevierville, City of (w)
Shelby, County of (w)
Shelby County Soil Conservation District (w)
Tennessee Department of

•Agriculture (w)

• Environment and Conservation, Office of Water Programs (w)

•Transportation, Division of Structures (w)
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (w)
Tullahoma Utilities Board (w)
Upper Duck River Development Agency (w)
Wartrace, City of (w)

Abilene, City of (w)

Arlington, City of (w)

Austin, City of (w)
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (w)
Bexar-Medina-Atascosa Counties (w)
Brazos River Authority (w)

Canadian River Water Authority (w)
Central Texas Council of Governments (w)

Coastal Water Authority (w)
Colorado River Municipal Water District (w)
Corpus Christi, City of (w)
Dallas, City of (w)
Dallas, City of Public Works Department (w)
Edwards Underground Water District (w)
Fort Bend Subsidence District (w)
Fort Worth, City of (w)
Gainesville, City of (w)
Galveston, County of (w)
Georgetown, City of (w)
Graham, City of (w)
Greenbelt Municipal and Industrial Water Authority (w)
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (w)
Harris, County of, Flood Control District (w)
Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District (w)
Houston, City of (w)
Houston-Galveston Area Council (w)
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (w)
Lower Colorado River Authority (w)
Lower Neches Valley Authority (w)
Lubbock, City of (w)
Nacogdoches, City of (w)
North Central Texas Council of Governments (w)
North Central Texas Municipal Water Authority (w)
North East Texas Municipal Water District (w)
North Texas Municipal Water District (w)
Nueces River Authority (w)
Orange, County of (w)
Pecos River Commission (w)
Sabine River Authority of Texas (w)
Sabine River Compact Administration (w)
San Angelo, City of (w)
San Antonio, City of—

•Public Service Board (w)

•Water Systems (w)
San Antonio River Authority (w)
San Antonio Water System (w)
San Jacinto River Authority (w)
Somerville County Water District (w)
Tarrant, County of, Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 (w)
Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board (w)
Texas State Department of Highways and Transportation (w)
Texas Water Commission (w)
Texas Water Development Board (n,w)
Titus, County of, Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 (w)
Trinity River Authority (w)
University of Texas, Austin (g, w)
Upper Guadalupe River Authority (w)
Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority (w)
West Central Texas Municipal Water District (w)
Wichita, County of, Water Improvement District No. 2 (w)
Wichita Falls, City of (w)

Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural .S. VIRGINX Resources (w) ISLANDS

Arizona Department of Natural Resources (w)

Bear River Commission (w)

Central Utah Water Conservation District (w)
Joshute Tribal Government (g)

Kane County Water Conservancy (w)

Nephi, City of (w)

Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of

. . . through Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors 131

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