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Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors

Cooperators listed are those with whom the USGS had a written agreement cosigned by USGS officials and officials of the cooperating agency for financial cooperation in fiscal year 1993. Parent agencies are listed separately from their subdivisions whenever there are separate coopera

tive agreements for different projects with a parent agency and with a sub

division of it. Agencies are listed in alphabetical order under the State or territory where they have cooperative agreements with the USGS. Agencies with whom the USGS has research contracts and to whom it supplied research funds are not listed.

Cooperating office of the U.S. Geological Survey
g—Geologic Division
n—National Mapping Division
w—Water Resources Division

Alabama Department of

• Economic and Community Affairs (w)

•Emergency Management (w)

• Environmental Management (w)

•Highways, Departments No. 1, 2, and 6 (w)

Anniston, City of (w)
Baldwin County Commission (w)

Birmingham, City of (w)

Coffee County Commission (w)

Geological Survey of Alabama (n,w)

Huntsville, City of (w)

Jefferson County Commission (w)

Mobile, City of (w)

Montgomery, City of (w)

Parrish. Town of (w)

Sumter, County of (w)

Tuscaloosa, City of (w)

Alaska Department of

•Fish and Game (w)
•Natural Resources, Division of Water (w)
•Transportation (w)
Alaska Energy Authority (w)
Anchorage, Municipality of (w)
Annette Islands Reserve Tribal Government (g)
Cordova, City of (w)
Juneau, City and Borough of (w)
Kenai Peninsula Borough (w)
Sitka, City and Borough of (w)
University of Alaska, Fairbanks (w)

Environmental Protection Agency of American Samoa (w)

Power Authority (w)


Arizona Department of
• Environmental Quality (w)
•Game and Fish (w)

•Water Resources (w)
Arizona State University (g)
Gila Valley Irrigation District (w)
Gila Water Commissioner, Office of (w)
Havasupai Tribe (w)

Hualapai Indian Tribe (w)
Hopi Tribe Department of Natural Resources (w)
Maricopa County Flood Control District (w)
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (w)
Navajo Nation (w)
Petrified Forest Museum Association (g)
Pima County Department of Transportation (w)
Safford, City of, Water, Gas, and Sewer Department (w)

Salt River Project (w)
Show Low Irrigation Company (w)
Tucson, City of (g, w)
University of Arizona (g)

Arkansas Department of
•Parks and Tourism (w)
•Pollution Control and Ecology (w)
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Fisheries Division (w)
Arkansas Geological Commission (n,w)
Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission (w)
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (w)

Arkansas-Oklahoma: Arkansas River Compact Commission (w)
Fort Smith, City of (w)
Independence, County of (w)
Little Rock—

•Municipal Water Works (w)

•Public Works Department (w)
Rogers, City of, Water Utilities Department (w)
University of Arkansas—

•at Favetteville (w)

•at Little Rock (w)

Adelanto, City of (w)
Alameda County—
•Flood Control and Water Conservation District (Hayward) (w)
•Water District (w)
Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency (w)
Atherton, City of (w)
Barstow, City of (w)

California Department of

•Boating and Waterways (w)

•Conservation (w)

•Parks and Recreation (w)

•Transportation (w)

•Water Resources (w)
California Polytechnical University, San Luis Obispo (w)
California Water Resources Control Board (w)—

•Division of Water Rights (w)

•Division of Water Quality (w)
Calleguas Municipal Water District (w)
Carpinteria County Water District (w)
Casitas Municipal Water District (w)
Coachella Valley Water District (w)
Contra Costa County Flood Control and WaterConservation District (w)
Contra Costa Water District (w)
Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency (w)
Desert Water Agency (w)
East Bay Municipal Utility District (w)
Eastern Municipal Water District (w)
Georgetown Divide Public Utility District (w)
Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (g)
Hopland Band of Pomo Indians (w)
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (w)
Imperial County Department of Public Works (w)
Imperial Irrigation District (w)
Indian Wells Valley Water District (w)
Los Angeles, County of (w)
Louisiana State University and A&M College (w)
Madera Irrigation District (w)
Marin Municipal Water District (w)
Mendocino County Water Agency (w)
Merced, City of (w)
Merced Irrigation District (w)
Mojave Water Agency (g, w)
Mono, County of (w)
Montecito Water District (w)
Monterey County Water Resources Agency (w)
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (w)
Morongo Band of Mission Indians (w)
Moss Landing Marine Labs, Consortium of Schools (g)
Orange County Water District (w)
Palmdale, City of (w)


Palo Alto, City of (w)
Pechanga Indian Reservation (w)
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w)
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (w)
Sacramento County Department of Public Worksm (w)
San Benito County Water District (w)
San Bernardino County Flood Control District (w)

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (w)
San Diego, City of (w)
San Diego County Department of Public Works(w)
San Francisco, City and County of (w)
San Francisco Water Department (w)
San Luis Obispo County Engineering Department (w)
San Mateo County Department of Public Works (w)
Santa Barbara, City of Department of Public Works (w)
Santa Barbara County—

•Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w)

•Water Agency (w)
Santa Clara Valley Water District (w)
Santa Cruz, City of (w)
Santa Cruz County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w)
Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District (w)
Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District (w)
Scotts Valley Water District (w)
Sonoma County—

•Planning Department (w)

•Water Agency (w)
Tulare County Flood Control District (w)
Turlock Irrigation District (w)
United Water Conservation District (w)
University of California, Berkeley (g)

•Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (g)
Ventura County Public Works Agency (w)
Water Master—Santa Margarita River Watershed (w)
Water Replenishment District of Southern California (w)
Woodbridge Irrigation District (w)
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w)
Yuba County Water Agency (w)

Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater (w)
Arkansas River Compact Administration (w)
COLORADO Aspen, City of (w)
Aurora, City of (w)
Boulder, City of (w)
Boulder, County of (w)
Breckenridge, Town of (w)

Centennial Water and Sanitation District (w)
Cherokee Water and Sanitation District (w)
Colorado Department of

• Health (w)

•Minerals and Geology (w)

•Natural Resources, Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (w)

•Transportation (w)
Colorado Division of Wildlife (w)
Colorado Office of the State Engineer (w)
Colorado River Water Conservation District (w)
Colorado Springs, City of—

•Department of Public Utilities (w)

•Engineering Division (w)
Colorado Water Conservation Board (w)
Delta County Board of Commissioners (w)
Denver Board of Water Commissioners (w)
Eagle County Board of Commissioners (w)
East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (w)
East Grand County Water Quality Board (w)
Englewood, City of (w)
Evergreen Metropolitan District (w)
Fort Collins, City of Water and Wastewater (w)
Fountain Valley Authority (w)
Fremont Sanitation District (w)
Garfield, County of (w)
Glendale, City of (w)
Glenwood Springs, City of (w)
Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (w)

Lakewood, City of (w)

Lamar, City of (w)

Las Animas, City of (w)
Littleton-Englewood Bi-City Wastewater Treatment Plant (w)
Longmont, City of (w)

Loveland, City of (w)
Lower Fountain Water-Quality Management Association (w)
Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation District (w)
Moffat, County of (w)
Northern Colorado Water Conservation District (w)
Pueblo Board of Water Works (w)
Pueblo, City of Department of Utilities (w)
Pueblo County Commissioners (w)
Pueblo West Metropolitan District (w)
Rio Blanco, County of (w)
Rio Blanco Water Conservation District (w)
Rio Grande Water Conservation District (w)
Rocky Ford, City of (w)

Routt, County of (w)
St. Charles Mesa Water District (w)
Southern Ute Indian Tribe (g.w)
Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District (w)
Southwestern Colorado Water Conservation District (w)
Steamboat Springs, City of Public Works Department (w)
Teller-Park Soil Conservation District (w)
Thornton, City of (w)
Trinchera Water Conservation District (w)
Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association (w)
Upper Arkansas Council of Governments (w)
Upper Arkansas River Water Conservation District (w)
Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority (w)
Upper Gunnison River (w)
Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District (w)
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (w)
Ute Mountain Indian Tribe (w)
Vail Valley Conservation Water District (w)
Westminster, City of (w)

Willows Water District (w)
Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District (w)

Connecticut Department of
• Environmental Protection (g, n,w)
•Transportation, Bureau of Engineering and Highway
Operations (w)
Fairfield, Town of Conservation Department (w)
Lake Waramaug—
•Interlocal Commission (w)
•Task Force, Inc. (w)
Meriden, City of (w)
New Britain, City of, Board of Water Commissioners (w)
South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (w)
Torrington, City of (w)

Delaware River Basin Commission (w)

ELAWARE, Geological Survey (n,w)
University of Delaware (w)

pist Rico Department of-
*Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Control
Division (w)

•Public Works (w)

Bay County Utilities (w)
Boca Raton, City of (w)
FLORIDA X Bradenton, City of (w)
Broward, County of—
•Natural Resources Protection (w)
•Water Resources Management Division (w)


Cape Coral, City of (w) Century, City of (w) FLORIDAY Cocoa, City of, Utilities and Public Works (w) Daytona Beach, City of (w) Deerfield Beach, City of (w) Florida Department of • Environmental Protection (g, n,w) •Natural Resources (w)— Bureau of Marine Resource and Evaluation (w) Division of Survey and Mapping (n) •Transportation (n,w) Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (w) Fort Lauderdale, City of (w) Game and Freshwater Fish Commission (w) Hallandale, City of (w) Highland Beach, Town of (w) Hillsborough, County of (w) Hollywood, City of (w) Jacksonville, City of, Department of Public Utilities (w) Jacksonville Electric Authority (w) Joshua Water Control District (w) Lake, County of, Water Authority (w) Lake Mary, City of, Public Works (w) Lee, County of (w) Manatee County— •Board of County Commissioners (w) • Environmental Action Commission (w) Metropolitan Dade County (w) Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Authority (w) North Port Water Control District (w) Northwest Florida Water Management District (w) Orange County Public Works Division (w) Perry, City of (w) Pinellas, County of (w) Pompano Beach, City of (w) Reedy Creek Improvement District (w) Sarasota, City of (w) Sarasota, County of (w) South Florida Water Management District, Department of Research and Evaluation (w) Southwest Florida Water Management District (w) St. Johns River Water Management District (g, w) St. Petersburg, City of (w) Stuart, City of (w) Suwannee River Water Management District (w) Tallahassee, City of— • Electric Department (w) •Water Quality Laboratory (w) Tampa, City of (w) Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (w) University of Florida (g) Volusia, County of (w) Walton, County of (w) West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority (w) Winter Park, City of (w)

Albany Water, Gas, and Light Commission (w) Athens-Clarke County (w) Attapulgus, City of (w) Bibb, County of (w) Blairsville, Town of (w) Brunswick, City of (w) Chestatee Chattahoochee Resource Conservation and Development Center (w) Clayton County Water Authority (w) Coastal Georgia Regional Development (w) Covington, City of (w) De Kalb County Public Works Department (w) Georgia Department of •Natural Resources— Water Quality Management Program (w) Geologic Survey (w) •Transportation (w)— at Atlanta (w) at Forest Park (w)

Georgia Forestry Commission (w)
Georgia Mountain Regional Development Center (w)
Gwinnett, County of, Preconstruction Division (w)
Helena, City of (w)
Macon Water and Sewage Authority (w)
Monroe Water, Light, and Gas Commission (w)
Moultrie, City of (w)
South Florida Water Municipal Department (w)
Springfield, City of (w)
St. Johns River Water Municipal Department (w)
Thomaston, City of (w)

Thomasville, City of (w)
Tift County Commission (w)

Tifton, City of (w)

Valdosta, City of (w)

Guam, Government of Environmental Protection Agency (w)

Hawaii, County of Department of Water Supply (w) Hawaii Department of— •Agriculture, Division of Agriculture Resource Management (w) •Land and Natural Resources (g)— Commission on Water Resources Management (w) Division of Forestry and Wildlife (n,w) •Transportation (w) Honolulu, City and County of— •Board of Water Supply (w) •Department of Public Works (w) Kauai, County of Department of Water Supply (w) Maui, County of Department of Water Supply (w) University of Hawaii (g)

Ada County Highway District (w) Boise, City of (w) Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Idaho (w) Idaho Department of •Health and Welfare (w) •Water Resources (w) Salmon River Canal Co., Ltd. (w) Shoshone-Bannock Indian Tribes (w) Shoshone, County of (w) Southwest Irrigation District (w) Teton County Board of Commissioners (w) Water District No. 01 (Idaho Falls) (w) Water District No. 31 (Dubois) (w) Water District No. 32D (Dubois) (w)

Bloomington and Normal Sanitary District (w) Boneyard Creek Commission (w) Cook County Forest Preserve District (w) Danville Sanitary District (w) Decatur, City of (w) DeKalb, City of Public Works Department (w) DuPage County Forest Preserve, Planning and Development Section (w) DuPage County Department of Environmental Concerns (w) Illinois Department of•Conservation, Planning Division (w) •Energy and Natural Resources— Geological Survey Division (n) State Water Survey (w) •Transportation— Division of Highways (n) Division of Water Resources (n,w) Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (w) Kane, County of— •Development Department, Stormwater Management (w) •Forest Preserve Commission (w)


Kankakee Soil and Water Conservation District (w)
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (w)
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (w)
Monticello City Services (w)

Springfield, City of (w)
Vermilion County Conservation District (w)
Winnebago County Department of Public Works (w)
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (w)

Carmel, Town of, Utilities (w)
Elkhart, City of, Water Works (w)
Indiana Department of
• Environmental Management (g,w)
•Natural Resources (n)—
Division of-
Transportation (w)

Water (w)
Indiana Office of the State Chemist (w)
Indianapolis, City of Department of Public Works (w)
Muncie Sanitary District, Bureau of Water Quality (w)
Purdue University (w)
St. Joseph River Basin Commission (w)

Ames, City of (w) Cedar Rapids, City of Engineering Department (w) Clinton, City of (w) Davenport, City of (w) Des Moines, City of (w) Fort Dodge, City of (w) Iowa Department of •Transportation, Highway Division (w) •Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau (n,w) Iowa State University (w) Muscatane Water and Light Board (w) University of Iowa– •Department of Preventive Medicine (w) •Institute of Hydraulic Research (w) •Hygienic Laboratory (w)

Arkansas River Compact Administration (w) Brazos River Authority (w) Cameron, City of (w) Emporia, City of, Department of Public Works (w) Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2 (w) Harvey County Conservation Distict (w) Hays, City of (w) Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska (w) Johnson, County of (w) Kansas Department of Transportation (w) Kansas Geological Survey (n,w) Kansas Highway Commission (w) Kansas State Board of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (w) Kansas State Conservation Commission (w) Kansas State University Department of Agronomy (w) Kansas University Center for Research, Inc. (w) Kansas Water Office (w) Sac and Fox Tribe of Missouri (w) University of Iowa (w) Wichita, City of (w)

Bullitt, County of (w) Campbellsville Municipal Water (w) Elizabethtown, City of (w) Georgetown, City of (w) Glasgow Water Company (w) Kentucky Department of • Health Services (w) •Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet (w) Kentucky State University (w) Kentucky Tourism Cabinet, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (w)

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