Rebilius Cruso: Robinson Crusoe in Latin

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Page 6 - I thought I could make very interesting, and it includes a far greater variety of vocabulary than can be obtained from any of our received classics of the same length. I
Page 6 - He also approved of Ignipulta for a gun, not as strictly grammatical, but as good enough to pass with Latins who were familiar with the word Catapulta. From him also I adopted Cannones, for cannons, and Pistola a pistol. The word Canna, a cane (or hollow tube) seems to be the root of
Page 7 - In the near future, some universal tongue will be sought for by the educated. If Latin be still learned in England, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, this is still, as three centuries ago, the best for all Christendom. But perhaps even Latin will be beaten out of the schools.
Page 5 - we have enormous endless repetition and much learning of the names of things. We begin with short sentences and a very limited number of verbs ; and we learn with the least possible number of rules.
Page 6 - His tale is far too diffuse, too full of moralizing and with too little variety. He was very ignorant of the Botany and Zoology of the tropics, and when his
Page 6 - Crusoe" published by the Church Missionary Society cuts down Defoe's story unmercifully. I am indebted to my former colleague, the late Professor T. Hewitt Key, for the translation of
Page 6 - in Latin and French. On discovering this, I stopped the printing which I had begun, and after some delay succeeded in getting the book. But on perusing
Page 5 - the most approved classics, and the exercise of memory has been superseded by minute accuracy in the study of very limited pieces. In the natural mode
Page 5 - that we ought to teach by modern Latin. As parts of such a system I have executed and published a Latin
Page 6 - (finally completed in 1861), I learned that a Frenchman, Goffaux, had published a

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