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Technical records of design and construction are a series of publications which record the planning, design, construction, and initial operation of Bureau of Reclamation structures.

This technical record of design and construction for Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant is divided into three parts. Part I is devoted to general planning, historical information, a description of the features, a summary of costs, foundation treatment, and geology. Part II contains eight chapters covering the design of the various features and their components. Part III contains one chapter on contract administration and five chapters comprising a concise narration of construction operations and equipment installations.

This technical record was prepared by Warren E. Foote of the Technical Services Branch, Engineering and Research Center in Denver, Colorado, from final design reports submitted by the design branches, final construction reports and cost information submitted by the field offices, and various planning reports. Acknowledgment is gratefully made to the designers and field personnel for their contributions to this work.

There are occasional references to proprietary materials or products in this technical record. These must not be construed in any way as an endorsement, as the Bureau cannot endorse proprietary products or processes of manufacturers or the services of commercial firms for advertising, publicity, sales, or other purposes.

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