Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Nebraska, Volume 9

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"In vols. 1 and 2 no dates or terms of court are given, so that it is impossible to tell what years these volumes cover. Pages 411-473 of vol. 1 contain cases from the Supreme court of the territory of Nebraska, not dated, but apparently decided beteween 1860 and 1870. The appendix to vol. 2 reprints a few cases of local interest, decided in the United States Supreme court. " Soule, Lawyer's ref. manual, 1884.

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Page 432 - Every action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest, except that an executor or administrator, a trustee of an express trust...
Page 313 - Every husband, wife, child, parent, guardian, employer or other person, who shall be injured in person or property, or means of support, by any intoxicated person, or in consequence of the intoxication, habitual or otherwise, of any person...
Page 235 - We feel no hesitation in confining these expressions to those privileges and immunities which are, in their nature, fundamental; which belong, of right, to the citizens of all free governments; and which have, at all times, been enjoyed by the citizens of the several states which compose this Union, from the time of their becoming free, independent, and sovereign.
Page 176 - Unless the buyer shall accept and receive part of such goods, or the evidences, or some of them, of such things in action ; or, — 3. Unless the buyer shall at the time, pay some part of the purchase money.
Page 176 - Every contract for the sale of any goods, chattels, or things in action, for the price of fifty dollars or more, shall be void, unless, 1.
Page 323 - In such case the articles of association and organization certificate may be executed by a majority of the directors of the bank or banking institution...
Page 487 - ... if the property has been delivered to the plaintiff, and the defendant claim a return thereof. judgment for the defendant may be for a return of the property or the value thereof, in case a return cannot be had, and damages for taking and withholding the same.
Page 22 - A married woman, while the marriage relation subsists, may bargain, sell and convey her real and personal property, and enter into any contract with reference to the same in the same manner, to the same extent, and with like effect as a married man may in relation to his real and personal property.
Page 201 - But it is contended that if other matter may be pleaded by the defendant he is estopped from asserting anything against the allegation contained iu the record. It imports perfect verity, it is said, and the parties to it cannot be heard to impeach it. It appears to me that this proposition assumes the very fact to be established, which is the only question in issue. For what purpose does the defendant question the jurisdiction of the court ? Solely to show that its proceedings and judgment are void,...
Page 465 - No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor who shall not have attained the age of thirty years, and been, for five years next preceding his election, a citizen of the United States and of this State.

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