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Bronx at 80 cents and 85 cents per thousand cubic feet respectively, as against $1 and $1.25 per thousand previously charged. The order also covered the illuminating power, purity and pressure of gas, the investigations of which subjects were made upon the initiative of the Commission. The Legislature thereafter, by the pasage of what is known as the Eighty Cent Gas Bill, fixed the price of gas in these boroughs and in the borough of Brooklyn.

In the matter of the complaint of the mayor of Syracuse against Syracuse Lighting Company, complaining of prices charged for both gas and electricity and of the illuminating power, purity and pressure of the gas and of the power and intensity of electric lighting, hearing was begun January 20, 1906, and after an investigation, in which the city and the company were represented by counsel, the Commission made an order fixing the maximum price of gas at 95 cents per thousand cubic feet, the maximum price of commercial electric lighting at 9 cents per kilowatt hour the first year and 8 cents thereafter, and $68 for arc lamps for street lighting. The rates formerly charged were $1.20 per

thousand for gas, with 20 cents discount for prompt payment; 12 cents per kilowatt hour for commercial electric lights, with 2 cents discount; and $85.77for arc lamps. Eighteen candle-power was established for the illuminating power of the mixed gas furnished; a standard of purity was provided, and pressure was fixed at not less than that of a column of water one inch in height.

A hearing and invetigation was begun on the complaint of the mayor of the city of Auburn as to the price, purity and quality of gas supplied in that city by the Auburn Gas Company. An agreement was reached at the close of the complainant's case. The agreement resulted in a reduction of the price charged for gas from $1.35 per thousand gross and $1.25 per thousand net to $1.13 per thousand net until the year 1909, for which year the rate was fixed at $1.08 per thousand net, and for the year 1910 and thereafter at $1 per thousand net. The agreement further provided for eighteen candle-power gas containing not less than 600 British thermal units per cubic foot and a pressure not to exceed three and a half inches.

The complaints of the mayor of Plattsburgh as to the price of gas supplied by the Plattsburgh Light, Heat and Power Company and of the price charged for electric street service furnished by the Lozier Light, Heat and Power Company were also adjusted after the Commission began its investigation. The terms of the

agreement provided a price of $1.40, $1.50 and $1.80 per thousand cubic feet net for gas for lighting purposes and $1, $1.15 and $1.40 per thousand net for gas for heating, dependent upon the amount of gas consumed, as against a former charge of $2.50 per thousand gross for lighting, with 20 to 40 per cent. discount, and $1, $1.25 and $1.50 per thousand feet for heating. The price of electricity for commercial lighting purposes was reduced from a sliding scale of 20 cents to 6 cents per kilowatt hour to a rato of 12 cents, 8 cents and 6 cents per kilowatt hour.

Hearings and investigations have been begun and are now proceeding upon the other complaints above enumerated.

The investigation begun upon the complaints against Municipal Gas Company of Albany and the Albany Electric Illuminating Company has been stayed by preliminary injunctions in proceedings instituted by the companies to obtain writs of prohibition.

The various companies in New York City affected by the order of the Commission and the “ Eighty Cent Gas Act” have commenced an action in the United States Circuit Court for the southern district of New York and have obtained an injunction restraining the enforcement of the order and the legislative act. Hearings thereon were begun July 16, 1906, before a Master ap pointed by the court, and are still pending.

An appeal from the order of the Commission, made as a result of the investigation of the Syracuse Lighting Company, has been taken to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in and for the Fourth Department, and a stay of proceedings therein obtained


During the past year voluntary reductions in the price of gas and electricity have been made by a large number of the lighting companies of the State, in many cases after conferences with the Commission. The following list shows the companies making such reductions, the territories benefited and the dates when the new rates became effective. The rates are hereinafter given in detail.

Companies Reducing Price of Gas.


Date. Rome Gas, Electric Light & Power Co....... Rome..

April 1, 1906 Cohoes Gas Light Co...


May 1, 1906 The Pouhgkeepsie Light, Heat & Power Co... Poughkeepsie.

May 1, 1906 Binghamton Gas Works.


Jan 1, 1906 Troy Gas Co...

Troy and Waterford. June 1, 1906 Peekskill Lighting & R. R. Co.


July 1, 1906 Lockport Gas & Electric Light Co.


Sept. 1, 1906 Kingston Gas & Electric Co....


Nov. 1, 1906 Fulton County Gas & Electric Co..

Gloversville and Johns-

Jan. 1, 1906 Peoples Gas & Electric Co...


Jan. 1, 1906 Suffolk Gas & Electric Light Co.

Bay Shore, Islip and East

Mar. 1, 1906 Ithaca Gas Light Co...


Sept. 1, 1906 Oneonta Light & Power Co.


Jan. 1, 1907 Orange County Lighting Co..


Jan. 1, 1907

The companies in the foregoing list have an aggregate annual output, to which the reduction in price applies, of approximately 840,000,000 cubic feet.


May 1, 1906
June 1, 1906

June 1, 1906
June 1, 1906

Companies Reducing Price of Electriity.

Buffalo General Electric Co.

Commercial lighting..

Troy Gas Company,

Commercial lighting.

Public lighting
Beacon Electric Company.

Public lighting
Lockport Gas & Elec. Lt. Co.

Commercial lighting..

Public lighting.
Rochester Railway & Light Co.

Commercial lighting.

Public lighting.
Municipal Gas Company.

Public lighting
Herkimer County Light & P. Co.

Little Falls.
Public lighting..
Cortland County Traction Co.


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Companies Reducing Price of Electricity-Continued.


Date. Commercial lighting.

Oct. 1, 1906 Public lighting:

Jan. 1, 1907 Rockland Light & Power Co..

Nyack. Public lighting...

April 1, 1906 Nassau Light & Power Co.

Roslyn, Oyster Bay and

various towns and vil

lages in Nassau County. Commercial lighting.

. Summer rates Cohoes Gas Light Co..

Cohoes. Power....

..June 1, 1906 Suffolk Gas & El. Lt. Co.

Bay Shore. Commercial lighting.

Mar. 1, 1906 Utica Gas & Electric Company.

Public lighting..

Jan. 1, 1907
Saranac Lake Light, Heat & Power Co.. Saranac Lake.
Commercial lighting..

June 1, 1906
Montgomery Electric Light & Power Co. Canajoharie and Palatine.
Commercial lighting..

Sept. 1, 1906
Public lighting..


April 15, 1907 Ellenville Electric Lt. Co.

Ellenville. Commercial lighting..

April 1, 1906 Empire State Power Co.

Oneida. (Old contract with Madison County Gas

& Electric Company.) Public lighting..

Jan. 1, 1907 *Tonawanda Power Co....

Tonawanda and North

Tonawanda. Commercial lighting....

Dec. 1, 1905 Oneonta Light & Power Co.

Oneonta. Commercial lighting.

Jan. 1, 1907 Schenectady Illuminating Co..

Commercial lighting.

Jan. 1, 1907
East Creek Electric Light & Power Company. St. Johnsville.
Commercial lighting.

Aug. 1, 1906 *Keeseville Electric Company.

Keeseville, Aus a ble

Chasm, Port Kent and

Commercial lighting..

Nov. 1, 1905
Chatham Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.. Chatham.
Public lighting..

Feb. 1, 1906
*Rome Gas, Electric Light & Power Co. Rome.
Commercial lighting....

Dec. 30, 1905 Ballston Spa Light & Power Co..

Ballston Spa. Public lighting..

Dec. 1, 1906 Yonkers Electric Light & Power Co. Yonkers. (Municipal buildings)


1, 1906 Edison Electric Light & Power Co.. Amsterdam. Commercial lighting.

April 20, 1906 Public lighting..


1, 1907 Malone Light & Power Co.

Malone. Commercial lighting.

Jan. 1, 1906 Kingston Gas & Electric Co.

Commercial lighting.

Jan. 1, 1906
Northern Westchester Lighting Company. Ossining and Croton.
Commercial lighting.

Feb. 1, 1906
Geneseor Gas Light Co..

Geneseo. Commercial lighting.

July 1, 1906 *United Gas, Electric Light & Fuel Co.. Sandy Hill, Fort Edward

and So. Glens Falls. Public lighting.

June 6, 1905 Public lighting

Sept. 5, 1905 Commercial lighting.

Sept. 1, 1905 *Not received in time to insert in firet report.


Early in the year a letter was addressed to the various companies in the State notifying them that the Commission had under consideration the preparation of a uniform system of bookkeeping and inviting them to furnish a classification of accounts employed and to offer suggestions in the premises. Responses were received from many of the companies. In connection with this work, the Commission prepared a form of annual report of corporations and embodied therein such uniform classifications as admit of an intelligent comparison of results. With this as a basis, there has been outlined for adoption a system of accounting which, while uniform, must of necessity be adapted to small as well as large companies. Before final adoption, a hearing will be given the companies.


The form of annual report of corporations referred to in the preceding paragraph was forwarded to all companies and municipalities June 1, 1905. A separate form was adopted for plants owned by individuals. The period covered by these reports was the year ending June 30, 1906, and the time fixed for filing the same September 15, 1906. The companies have in the main responded to the directions of the Commission. It should be stated that this year marks the first presentation to the companies of a complete and detailed form of report. Consequently, the submission of the information required by the reports was delayed in some instances and a number were not filed at the end of the year. Reports to the Commission show outstanding stock and bonds of operative companies and amounts invested in plants owned by municipalities and individuals, as follows: Outstanding Stock and Bonds of nperative Companies.

1906. Stock


No. outstanding Coal and water gas.

51 $232,901,200 Electric

162 204,348,387 Gas and electric.

51 101,406,840 13

43,550 12

61,075 41 6,419,850

Oil gas.
Acetylene gas.
Natural gas.


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