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Arranged alphabetically by cities, with the exception of State societies and institu

tions and historical societies of counties, smaller cities and towns, which are entered under their respective States.

Alabama Historical Society.

Address.—Montgomery, Ala. Secretary: Thomas M. Owen.
History.—Founded at Tuscaloosa July 8, 1850; incorporated Feb. 5, 1852;

suspended on the outbreak of the Civil War; revived in 1874; inactive
from 1885 to 1898. Headquarters removed to Birmingham in 1900, and,
upon the establishment by the State of the Department of Archives and
History in 1901, permanently fixed at Montgomery in order to centralize
the historical forces of the State. At the same date the collections of
the society were relinquished to the department, as well as the work of
collecting historical objects and materials.
Ref.: Administrative circulars, no. 1, 4, 8, 11.--Proceedings of the 18th annual

session of the Alabama educational association, 1899, p. 41-43. Object.—Limited since 1901 to the encouragement of historical enterprise, the affili

ation of members for study and research, and the publication of works relating to

the history of Alabama and of the States in connection with her.
Meetings.—Monthly; annual meeting in December at Montgomery.
Membership.--Annual dues, $2; life composition, $25.

Transactions. 1851, 1855. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1852-55. 2 v. 4°. o. p.
Alabama historical reporter. v. I-III. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1879-85. 8°.

v. 1 in 10 nos., Oct. 1879-July 1880; v. 2 in 12 nos., Dec. 1883-Nov. 1884;

v. 3 in 7 nos., Jan.-July 1885. 0. p. TRANSACTIONS [new series]. v. II-IV, 1897/98-1899/1903. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1898-1904. 8°. v. I of this series, which will comprise all of the previous issues, as well as

unpublished manuscript matter from 1850 to 1897, will be published as soon

as the necessary material can be properly compiled.

Prices: v. 2-3, $2.25 each; v. 4, $3.50.
MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTIONS. v. I. Montgomery, Ala., 1901. 8°.

Contents: Report of the Alabama History Commission to the Governor of

Alabama, Dec. 1, 1900, v. I.
Price: $2.25.


Administrative circulars, no. I-II. 1898-1904. 8o.
Reprints (from the Transactions, v. 4). no. 1-29. Montgomery, Ala.,
no. 29: Alabama polytechnic institute. Historical papers. Ist series.

Studies in southern and Alabama history.
Distribution.-Exchange. On sale by the Secretary.
Local Historical Societies.

Reprint no. 29. IBERVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Young Men's Christian Association, Mobile, Ala.

Organized 1901. Account of organization and work in Gulf States Historical Magazine, v. I, p. 273-276 (Jan., 1903). No publications; proceedings reported in

Mobile Register. OLD ST. STEPHEN'S HISTORICAL SOCIETY. St. Stephen's, Washington County, Ala.

Organized 1899. No publications, except circulars and broadsides. TENNESSEE VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Secretary: Oliver D. Street, Guntersville,

Ala. Organized at Huntsville, Ala., 1902. No publications, except circulars.

Note.—The Annual report of the Department of archives and history will in future contain reports presented by the historical societies of Alabama, including, in addition to the above-named, various denominational and patriotic organizations. Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society.

Address.-University, Ala. Secretary: Eugene A. Smith, State geologist.
History.-Founded 1890. Inactive at present.
Object.- Promotion of the industrial and scientific development of the State.
Proceedings ... v. I-IX, (1891)-99. Atlanta, 1891/92-1899/1900. 8o.

v. I pub. and v. 2-6 printed at Tuscaloosa. V. I, 4, 6, 7, 9 each in 2 pts. Distribution.—Exchange. Copies sent to public libraries gratis.


Society of Alaskan Natural History and Ethnology.

Address.-Sitka, Alaska.
History.-Organized Oct. 24, 1887; incorporated under the laws of the

State of Oregon, Apr. 11, 1888.
Object.—To collect and preserve in connection with the Sitka Industrial Training

School specimens illustrative of the natural history and ethnology of Alaska, and

publications relating thereto. Meetings.-Monthly, Nov. to Apr., 2d Monday. Usually another meeting on the

4th Monday, devoted entirely to papers. Membership.—20 active (entrance fee, $I; annual dues, $1); 5 life ($10); 60 corre


Bulletin. no. 1-3.

Contents: (no. 1]: Constitution (?).-no. 2: The Muir Glacier, Alaska, by

G. F. Wright. Philadelphia, 1889 (?). 8°.-no. 3: Ethnographical memoranda concerning the Arctic Eskimo in Alaska and Siberia. Rev. and ed. by S. Jackson. 1890.

ALBANY, N. Y. Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society. Address.—176 State Street, Albany, N. Y. Curator and Librarian: Cuyler

Reynolds. History.-Founded at New York in 1791 and incorporated in 1793 as the

Society instituted in the State of New York for the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts, and Manufactures. Removed to Albany about 1798 and reincorporated in 1804 as the Society for the Promotion of Useful Arts. United in 1824 with the Albany Lyceum of Natural History (founded in 1823), and named Albany Institute; incorporated in 1829. Consolidated under new act of incorporation in 1900 with the Albany Historical and Art Society (founded in 1886), assuming at that time the present

title. Object.—The promotion of science and learning. Meetings.-Annually, 2d Monday in May. Membership.-610 resident (annual dues, $5; life membership, $100); 8 non-resident;

12 honorary.
Transactions of the Society for the promotion of useful arts. v. (1)-4.
New York, 1792-94; Albany, 1798-1819. 8o.

Title varies with name of society.
v. 1 in 4 pts., 1792-99; v. 4 in 2 pts., 1816-19.

V. I, 2d ed. rev. Albany, 1801. 8o.
Ist annual report of the Albany institute. Presented July 1, 1825.
[Albany, 1825.) 8°.

Pamphlet, 8 P., caption-title.
Transactions of the Albany institute. V. 1-12. Albany, 1830-93. 8°.

Catalogues of the library in v. 1, appendix, and v. 3.
v. 4 and 6 contain the Proceedings, 1858/63-1863/65, after which they were

issued separately.

No more published. Proceedings of the Albany institute. v. I-III, pt. 1-2, 1865/72-1877/82. Albany, 1873-82. 8o.

No more published.

Field meetings cf te Iany risette 290-5 any, 1876. 8°. Albany authors. Est of socks vreen by Utasias coraised in the collection of the Abany institute... by C. Rayoits. (1.bany],

1902. 24.

Distribution. –Exchange. Vitice saie ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETT CF 4-3.417. Address.-Care of The State Ectocciogist. Cecicgical Hall, Albany,

N. Y Organized 1899. Meetings montky the rooms ci bazy scitete. 27 active

members (entrance fee, $i; annual dues, $:!; 5 corresponding No publications.

New York State Museum.

See under New York (State).

Phillips Academy.

Address.-Andover, Mass. (A secondary school)
Department of archæology. Bulletin I-III. Vorwood, Vass., 1904-
06. 8.

Contents: 1. The exploration of Jacob's Cavern, McDonald County, Mo., by

C. Peabody and W. K. Moorehead.—2. The so-called “gorgets,” by C.
Peabody and W. K. Moorehead-3. A narrative of exploration in
New Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, etc., together with a brief history of
the department, by W. K. Moorehead.

United States Naval Institute.

Address.-Annapolis, Md. Secretary-Treasurer: Philip R. Alger.
Ilistory.- Established Oct. 9, 1873.

Ref.: United States Naval Institute, 1873-87. Origin, progress and object. (In

Proceedings, v. 13, appendix, p. iii-v.) Object.-Advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the navy. Meetings.-Annually, 2d Friday in Oct., at Annapolis, Md. Membership.-685 regular and 137 associate (annual dues, $3); 119 life ($30); 3 hon

orary (limited to 30). Publications. PROCEEDINGS . . . v. 1-XXXII (i. e., no. 1-120), 1874-1906. Annapolis [etc.], 1875-1906. 8°. q.

V. 1-4 have title: Papers and proceedings.
v. 1-3 each in i no.; V. 4 in 2 nos. ; v. 5, 9, ló, in 5 nos.
V. I pub, at New York; v. 2-4 at Claremont, N. H.
Prices: $3.50 per annum; single nos., $1.

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