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Instituto Solar Internacional.

Address.-Montevideo. Director: Carlos Honoré.
History.-Founded in 1899 by Carlos Honoré; incorporated Jan. 26 of

that year. Affiliated with it is the Asociación de Fomento Científico y Artístico, organized on initiative of the Institute in 1900, as a suc

cessor to the Sociedad Ciencias y Artes. Object.—To study the results of solar research; to disseminate information regarding the terrestrial effects of solar phenomena, particularly their influence on the weather; to establish a model observatory and to form a library. Meetings.--Annual business meeting; special meetings of the Institute and of the

Association as called. Membership.-17 collaborating, 46 corresponding and 6 honorary associates of the

Institute (subscriptions voluntary). The Association consists of 20 active associates (subscriptions voluntary) in addition to the membership of the Institute

and of the former Sociedad Ciencias y Artes. Publications.

El sol interior. Montevideo, 1900. 4°.
Eclipses del sol interior. Montevideo, 1900. 4°.
Instituto solar internacional y Asociación de fomento científico
artístico. Antecedentes y actuación 1876-1905. Montevideo, 1905. 4o.
Contents: A. Memoria presentada a la Biblioteca del Congreso de Estados

Unidos de Norte-América. B. Documentos anexos. (C. Documentos
adjuntos were bound with only a few copies, but can be obtained from
the Institute by those who wish to add them to the volume. They in-
clude the above publications and blue prints of the plans of the pro-

jected Observatorio astro-físico del Sud.)
Museo Nacional de Montevideo.

Address.-Montevideo. Director: J. Arechavaleta.
History.-Based upon the collections of the Uruguayan naturalist La-

rrañaga, to which were added in 1837 the geological, botanical and
mineralogical collections of Villerdebó, the first director of the museum;
reorganization and development begun by Dr. Carlos Berg in 1890,
and continued by the present director. The museum comprises 2 sec-
tions: Natural history; Fine arts.

Ref.: Anales . . . t. I, fasc. I. Founded in 1876; inactive from 1889 to its reorganization in 1897. Publ.: Boletín . t. I-XI. Montevideo, 1877-88.

ANALES . . . t. I-V. Montevideo, 1894-1905 4.

t. 1-4 issued in 24 parts arranged inregiazky sien se ritms as

lows: t. I consists of no. 1-6 (1894-97); L a consists of 27 ans
no. 8, no. 11-12, 15-17 (1896-1901); t 3 consists cé garts dérisis
no. 10, 13-14, 18, 20-21 (1898-1901); t 4 consists of part of su

10, 22-[24] (1898-1903).
t. 5 issued in 3 entregas not numbered in the panerai series (1993-95)
1. i includes: Las gramíneas uruguayas, por J. Arecitavalca (Ale

issued separately with its own pagination as a Dongeza: 1. 3 and 5: Flora uruguaya, t. I-IL. 1. 4. 2" parte: Stipeae platenses, por C Spegazzini Price: 15 fr. per vol. Many of the parts are o.p. Serie II, entrega 1-2. Montevideo, 1904-05. 4. Contents: 1. Nueva contribución para el conocimiento de la fora del

Uruguay, por J. Arechavaleta.—2. Apuntes botánicos (ad&tions to the

Flora uruguaya). -Sección histórico-filosófica. t. I; II, entr. 1. Montevideo, 190405. 8° & 4.

Contents.-t. 1. Geografía física y esférica de las provincias del Para

guay, y Misiones Guaraníes. Compuesta por Don Félix de Azara ... En la Asunción del Paraguay. Apio de MDCCXC. (Manuscrito en la Biblioteca nacional de Montevideo.) Bibliografía, prólogo y anotaciones por Rodolfo R. Schuller. (Price: 54 fr.)—t. 2, entr. 1. Primera cos

tribución al estudio de la cartografía americana, por R R Schuller. Distribution-Exchange. Sociedad Meteorológica Uruguaya.

History-Founded 1891?
Onject--To support the "Servicio Meteorológico del Uruguay,” to erect new observa-

tories, to contribute to the study of the climate of Uruguay and to promote the

progress of meteorology. Publications. Resumen de las observaciones pluviométricas. Año I-XI, 1892-1902 Montevideo, 1892-1903. 4°. q.

ti 2 has title Revista mensual de meteorología práctica. El servicio pluviométrico de la Sociedad meteorológica uruguaya, por

A. Urioste. Montevideo, 1896. 8°.
Universidad de Montevideo.

Address. -Calle Cerrito, núm. 2, Montevideo.
MässoryCreated by law of June 8, 1833, and established in pursuance

of decrees of May 27, 1838, and June 15, 1849; installed June 18, 1849.

Anales de la Universidad. t. I-XVII, año I-XIII. Montevideo, 1891-
1906. 8°.
Prices: To regular subscribers, $0.40 per number'; single copies sold sepa-

rately, $0.60 each.
La enseñanza universitaria en 1904-1905. Informe . . . Montevideo,
1905-06. 8°.

Report for 1906 printed in Anales, t. 18, entr. I, (1907).
Sección de agronomía. Revista. no. 1. July 1907. 8o.
Comentarios del libro cuarto del Código civil; conferencias presentadas

por los estudiantes de 2o, 3o y 4o año de derecho civil. entrega 1-3.

Montevideo, 1889-92. 4°.
Numerous minor publications of the Facultad de derecho y ciencias

Distribution.—Exchange. On sale at the Secretary's office.



Academia Nacional de la Historia.

History.-Created by executive decree of Oct. 28, 1888; installed Feb.

7, and formally inaugurated Nov. 8, 1889. Object.-Study of, and promotion of interest in, the history of America, especially

of Venezuela; formation of a historical library, and of historical and numismatic collections; examination of, and recommendation concerning, historical text-books and historical works to be printed at public expense; writing of historical texts, and gathering of materials for the complete history of Venezuela

in all departments of public activity. Meetings.-Weekly on Wednesdays; one public meeting annually. Membership.—23 active (limited to 24); 10 corresponding, in the states of the

Republic (limited to 2 in each); 62 foreign corresponding. Publications. Documentos para los anales de Venezuela desde el movimiento sepa

ratista de la Unión Colombiano hasta nuestros días coordinados y
publicados . . . por la Comisión que nombró . . . la Academia
nacional de la historia. [1° período), t. I-VII; 2° período, t. I-IV.

Caracas, 1889 (cover-date, 1890)-1892. 8°.
Prólogo á los anales de Venezuela. Edición oficial. Caracas, 1903. 8°.

Mecca...t Lect. 1-3 Caracas. 1889-90: 1395 8.

Repers for one years posted only in the Wesoria (o Esposicis)

presente sotite National congress by tite Minisry oé issues

As varices Discursos eidos ...

Distribution-Exchange Os sale by the Acadessy.
Academia Venezolana correspondiente de la Real Española

Address.-Caracas. Permanent secretary: Julio Calcaño.
History--Iasta ed July 26. 1883. through the initiative of Jabo Calcaño,

ad in accordance with the resolution adopted by the Real Academia
Espaioa. Nov. 24. 1872. for the establishment of corresponding acade
rries in Spanish America to cooperate in preserving the perity of the

Castilian tongue. Otject-To contrišete to the porication and further developeses: of the Casta

ian tongue through cooperation with the Spanish Academy in the preparation and correction of the Diocionario de la Lengua Castellara, and in the prepara tion of a dictionary of synonyms; to decide literary questions sabmitted to it by the Government and by the Spanish Academy; to hold Eterary contests and acard

prizes. Membership.—1&. Each member says for the printing of his Siscurso de recep

ción," no other dues. Publications.

Resumen de las actas ...
Discursos leidos ... Caracas, 1883-1906. 4. & 8o.
Estudio critico-histórico acerca del canto épico del Sr. Felix Soublette

“La gloria de Páez," por D. Ricardo Ovidio Limardo. Caracas,

1888. 8°. Distribution. All publications to 1904 are o. 2. Current issues of Resumen

and Discursos distributed gratis. Prizes.-Prizes are offered by the Government at the request of the

Academy to be awarded in literary contests on subjects relating to the

Castilian tongue, in which all papers must be presented.
Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela.

History.-Created officially in 1861; installed on Oct. 28 of that year,

but not definitely organized until Dec. 15, 1877. Meetings suspended

at different periods during political troubles. Object.Promotion of the exact and natural sciences; collection and classifica

tion of data relating to the natural resources and geography of the country;

decision of questions within its field. Meetings.-Weekly on Mondays. Membership.-Active and honorary. No dues.

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