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Academia Colombiana de Jurisprudencia. hirss.-Begoci

my-Founded in 1894 through the initiative of Dr. Vicente Olarte Canache as e Sociedad Colombiana de Jurisprudencia; incorporated in te same year. Practically suspended during the years 1900-01. Recrganized by site government in May 1904 under present name. Cees-centric ty si am in general, especially Colombian legislation and

ursprudence Wennys-y m Mondiays. Feb. Nov.; annual meeting on last Sunday

. Ver
roers - te stuce see. Sto: monthly dues. $I); 30 corresponding

LAAS JE SADESA. EI-VI. Bogotá, 1896-1903- 8°.

520 I 12 mes : : incomplete. no. 3-4 issued up to Ang rigg azer vindt udúcnon vis suspended until Dec. 1901, when t 5 was

as issue i vas stated that the 4 entregas to complete 3.vcuid de guvisited as soon as täte difficulties of the situation would

Jernt. 2 mos. O a voi irem is
Scene dei Presidente de la Sociedad ... al Sr. Ministro de instruc-

Ce ca. Bogat iyoz 8.
Wary of the lectures delivered before the society are published in
pace in a reprints to the Anales de jurisprudencia.

2 SSLC e society is preparing for publication a "Diccionario ce legislacccrisprudencia nacional." Serium - Brange Subscription D tales should be addressed to Señor

Himmschier je ies laies te Turisprudencia, Bogotá mus. -geri meda sta siver medal are awarded annually for the two best papers presented by members during the year. A prize is awarded or she best paper presented in the annual competition held

te se sicer Academia Nacional de Historia 3-lace to s 250. Segoca Permanent secretary: Pedro V.

25. M.

17.-Etabase Var a reabr the Ministry of Public Instruction as Cosice je storia y tegiedades Patrias: became an Academy

by decree of Dec. 12. 1902. C2-SCRy of size soory of Cricindia Jarage-is adeci caci moc ze above address, ce in the building of the

Fin de derecho y ciencias cidas.
Wenska. -Acre membership Smited : 30 No dues

The same of the society given in te saje ce :es Boietin up to no 38 is Academia de Historia Sacra: Later qumbers of te Boietia and the official letter-bead use tike foon gren above.


v. I-III (i. e. núm. 1-36), sept. 1902-jun. 1906. Bogotá, 1903-06.
8°. m.

On cover of v. 1, no. 1-2: Organo de la Sociedad de historia nacional. Biblioteca de historia nacional. v. I-V. Bogota, 1902-06. 8°.

Contents: v. 1. La patria boba.—V. 2. El precursor.—v. 3. Vida de

Herrán.-v. 4. Los Comuneros.—v. 5. Recopilación historial escrita en

el siglo XVI por Pedro de Aguado. Edited by Eduardo Posada and Pedro M. Ibáñez, but considered as

publications of the Academy. Distribution.—Boletín exchanged with similar publications. All publications on

sale at Imprenta nacional. Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros.

Address.-Carrera 7, núm. 698, Bogotá. (Apartado 458.)
History.–Founded May 29, 1887, through the initiative of Diodoro Sán-

chez; recognized as an official consulting body by decree of Jan. 4,
1893; incorporated in May 1896.

Ref.: Memoria del Secretario. (In Anales de Ingeniería, no. 87-88, nov.

dic. 1895, p. 50 ff.) Object.–Study of the physical and mathematical sciences, development of engi

neering in Colombia, and encouragement of the industrial arts. Meetings.—Ist Sundays in Nov. and Mar.; meetings of the Junta Central, ist

Sunday of each month. Membership.—50 active (entrance fee, $25; annual dues, $12; life composition,

$200); 43 corresponding; 4 honorary. Publications. ANALES DE INGENIERÍA. Órgano de la Sociedad ... v. I-XI. Bogotá,

1888-99. 8°. m.

-Indice de los diez primeros tomos complemento de la primera serie del periódico órgano de la Sociedad . . . Bogotá, 1899. 8°. Distribution.—Exchange. On sale by Agente de los Anales de Ingeniería,

Prizes.-PREMIO PONCE DE LEÓN. Founded by Manuel Ponce de León.

Awarded annually to the best student of the Facultad de Matemáticas e
Ingeniería de Bogotá.

Universidad Nacional.

History-Founded in 1867.

Anales . . . t. I-XIII (i. e. núm. 1-92). Bogotá, 1868-80. 8°.

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2:5=zzs irzie zegar intervals to authors

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es = et certy as R. Universidad de Santo segased by decree of Oct. 22, 1895. Also

Ei e n. 1-137), mar. 1883-mar. 1905. Quito

:87-95 8.
E -usasia ecuatoriana La imprenta en el Ecuador durante el tiempo

de la coronia 1750-1792 By Federico González Suárez: in t. 7 (10. $),

P. 1-3
Various special publications issued with the Anales.

Price: $1.20 per semester; single numbers, $0.20.
Distribution.--Exchange with all classes of scientific and literary publications.


Instituto Paraguayo.

Address.-Calle Benjamin Constant esquina Alberdi, Asunción.
History.-Founded in 1895.
Object.—Promotion of the sciences, arts and physical culture. In pursuance of this

object it provides various courses of instruction. Meetings.-Annually in July. Membership.-Classed as founders, active and honorary. Entrance fee, 30 pesos;

monthly dues as assessed. Publications. REVISTA ... año I-VI (i. e. núm. 1-51). Asunción, 1897-1905. 10 v. 8°.

Volumes numbered irregularly.
Exploración del Gran Chaco: issued in signatures with núm. 15-16.
Colección de documentos relativos á la historia de América y particular-

mente á la historia del Paraguay (t. I; II, p. 1-48): issued in signatures

with núm. 18-30. Comentarios de Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (143 p.): issued in signa

tures with núm. 33-35. Prices: In Paraguay, 4 pesos per number, 21 pesos for 6 nos. ; abroad,

0.60 pesos oro (3 fr.) per number, 3 pesos oro (15 fr.) for 6 nos. Memoria de la Comisión directiva . . . Asunción, 1901-03. 8°.

Distribution.—Exchange. On sale at the above address.
Universidad Nacional del Paraguay.

History.--Founded in 1890.

Ref.: Antecedentes históricos sobre la fundación de la Universidaj

nacional de la Asunción y de los colegios nacionales . . . por José

Segundo Decoud. Asunción, 1903.
Revista . . . t. I-VIII (i. e. entrega 1-23). Asunción, 1893-97. 8°.

No more published ? Probably continued as
ANALES . . . t. 1-7. Asunción, 1899-1906. 8°. q.

Prices: $3.50 per number in Paraguay; $1.50 in Argentina; $i gold in

other countries. Distribution.—Exchange with all classes of scientific and literary publications.



Academia Peruana Correspondiente de la Española.

Address.-Lima. Permanent secretary: Luis B. Cisneros.
History.- Installed in 1887; inactive since 1893.
Membership.-5, limited to 12.
Anales de la Academia correspondiente de la Real Española en el

Perú. 1887. Lima, 1887. 4o.
Ateneo de Lima.
Address.-Altos de la Biblioteca Nacional, Lima (Apartado 32). Secre-

tary: Francisco García Calderón y Rey. History.—Established in 1886 as successor to the Club Literario,' with

a widened sphere of activity. Object-Encouragement of all forms of literary and scientific activity. Meetings.-Regular general assembly biennially on the ist of July; others when

deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. Membership.-25 active (entrance fee, 5 soles; monthly dues, i sol); 20 corre

sponding; 5 honorary. Publications. El Ateneo de Lima. Publicación mensual. t. 1-6, año I-III, 1886

1888. Perú, 1886-88. 4o.
El Ateneo; órgano del Ateneo de Lima. t. I-VI (i. e., núm. 1-38).
Lima, 1899-1906. q.

Price: i sol per number; 4 soles per annum.
Escuela de Ingenieros.

History.-Established in 1876 as the Escuela Especial de Construcciones

Civiles y Minas; present name since 1898 (in common use earlier,
see publications). The school consists of (1) Sección preparatoria;
(2) Secciones especiales, viz: (a) Construcciones civiles, (b) Minas,
(c) Industrias (est. 1901), (3) Sección complementaria de Electricidad
(est. 1903). It has laboratories for assaying, metallurgy, micro-
petrology and applied electricity, which, with its museums and col-
lections, afford opportunity for investigation to specialists in terhnical

Ref.: Boletín de minas, etc., año XX, no. 1-2. aPubl.: Anales de la Sección de literatura, 1873/74-1875/76; 1885. Lima, 1874-76; 1885. 4o.-Sesión del jueves 30 de marzo de 1876. Poema lírico del distinguido geta Numa Pompilio Llona. Lima, 1876. 8°.

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