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Indices alfabéticos de autores i de materias, t. I-X (Santiago, 1897);

issued with t. 10.
Indice general de las materias publicadas en los tomos I-XVIII inclu-

sive. Santiago de Chile, 1902. 4°.
Prices: $2.50 per annum; single numbers, $0.25.

Continued as:
ANALES del Instituto de injenieros de Chile. t. I-VI, 1901-06. San-
tiago de Chile, 1901-06. 4°. m.

Prices: $15 per annum; single numbers, $1.25.
Distribution.—Exchange with publications of similar character. On sale at

the office of administration, above address. Museo Nacional.

Address.-Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 787.) Director: Federico Philippi. History.-Founded in 1830 as a natural history collection under the direc

tion of the French naturalist, Claude Gay. After the departure of Gay from Chile in 1842, the museum was closed until 1853, when Dr. R. A. Philippi was named director, continuing in this position until 1897, when the administration passed into the hands of his son, the present director.

The museum is situated in the Quinta Normal, occupying part of the building erected for the International Exposition of 1875. It comprises sections of zoology, botany, entomology, mineralogy, geology and paleontology, and ethnology. It has also a library.

Ref.: Das Nationalmuseum in Santiago de Chile, von Dr. L. Darapsky.

(In Verhandlungen des Deutschen wissenschaftlichen Vereins zu San

tiago. 5. Heft. 1887.) Publications. ANALES ... entrega 1-17. Santiago de Chile, 1891-1905. fol.

no. 1-7, 12-15, memoirs in zoology; no. 8, 9 and 17, in botany; no. 10, in

mineralogy; no. 11, in ethnography; no. 16, La Isla de La Mocha, a

general scientific survey.
Papers published also in Anales de la Universidad de Chile.

Distribution.—Exchange. Not for sale.
Sociedad Científica de Chile. (Société scientifique du Chili.)

Address.-Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 12 D.)
History.-Founded in 1891 by a group of Frenchmen as Société scien-

tifique du Chili, which name is still used in the title of the publica-
tions. In 1896, when the statutes were first printed in Spanish, which
thus became the official language, the name of the society became by
translation Sociedad científica de Chile. It is at present directed by
Chilians, has members of all nationalities, and receives a subvention
from the government.

Object. The progress of all branches of pure and applied science; and in par

ticular the scientific study of Chile and of South America Meetings—Ist and 3d Mondays of each month, at Pasaje Balmaceda 4; meetings

of the council of administration on the alternate Mondays. The society also holds congresses at various places in Chile (at first annually, now at longer intervals) either in conjunction with the other scientific societies of the country

or alone. (See list on cover of Actes.) Membership.-54 active (entrance fee, 30 piastres; annual dues, 32 piastres) ; 2 life

(320 piastres) ; 2 benefactors (1,000 piastres); 1 donor (200 piastres); 5 founders;

33 corresponding; 16 honorary. Publications. ACTES de la Société scientifique du Chili (Actas de la Sociedad científica de Chile). t. I-XIV. Santiago, 1892-1904. 4°.

bi-m., 5 nos. in a vol Spanish title added from t 6, 1896.

Prices: 32 piastres a year in Chile; 20 fr. in foreign countries. t. I, 0. D.
Distribution.—Exchange. On sale by the society.
Sociedad de Fomento Fabril.

Address.-Moneda 759, Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 44D.)
History.-Founded Oct. 7, 1883.
Object.–Promotion of the manufacturing industry and the manual arts of the

country. For this purpose it maintains technical schools, a board of immi-
gration and an industrial museum, publishes a monthly bulletin and makes

reports upon questions submitted to it by the Government and Congress. Meetings.-General assembly in Jan. of each year; administrative council meets

every Wednesday. Membership.-1,054 active (annual dues, 10 pesos); 16 corresponding. Publications. BOLETÍN de la Sociedad de fomento fabril. t. I-XXIII, 1884-1906. Santiago de Chile, 1884-1906. 4o. Prices: $6 m. n. per annum for Chile; $8 de 18 peniques, for foreign

Boletín de la estadística industrial de la República de Chile, 1894-1895.

I v. (20 entregas) June 1895-Feb. 1897.
Establecimientos de enseñanza técnica i profesional de Chile. Informe

pasado por la Sociedad . . . al Museo comercial de Filadelfia. San

tiago de Chile, 1900. 4o.
Catálogo de la Esposición permanente y Museo industrial de la Socie-

dad de fomento fabril. Santiago de Chile, 1904. 8o.
Also reports on patent legislation and reprints from the Boletín.

Distribution.—Exchange with publications of similar character.
Sociedad Nacional de Minería.

Address-Calle de la Moneda 759, Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 1807.) History.-Founded in 1883. The society maintains a mineralogical

museum and a chemical laboratory for the assaying and analysis of minerals.

Object.Development of the mining industry.
Meetings.-Annual meeting in Aug.
BOLETÍN ... Revista minera. Publicación quincenal año I-[V],
dic. 15, 1883-junio 15, 1888. Santiago de Chile, 1883-[88]. 5 v. fol.

Publicación mensual. t. I-XVIII. Santiago de Chile, 1888-
1906. 4o.
t. 1-8, 31 jul. 1888—31 dic. 1896 (i. e. año 5/6-13) form Serie 2"; t. 9-18,

31 enero 1897—31 dic. 1906 (i. e. año 14-23) form Serie 3o. Estadística minera de Chile en 1903. t. I. Santiago de Chile, 1905. 4°. Esposición de minería i metalurgia. Memoria presentada por el Direc

torio ... en setiembre de 1895. Santiago de Chile, 1895. 8°. Padron jeneral de minas de la República de Chile correspondiente a

1899. Santiago de Chile, 1901. fol. Universidad de Chile.

Address.-Santiago de Chile.
History.—Created by decree of the government Apr. 17, 1839; ordi-

nances sanctioned by act of Nov. 19, 1842; installed Sept. 17, 1843.
The organic law was modified Jan. 9, 1879, to make the university
correspond more adequately to the needs of the state and to the de-
velopment of public instruction.

Universidad de San Felipe, founded in Santiago about the middle of the

18th century, was suspended in 1813. Publications. ANALES ... t. I-CXIX, 1843/44-1906. Santiago de Chile, 18461906-[07). 8°. From 1869 in 2 sections (i) Memorias científicas literarias, (ii) Boletín

de instrucción pública (Consejo de instrucción pública), paged separately

and forming from 2 to 4 vols. each year. Various appendices.
Volumes for 1847, 1850, 1851, 1853, 1857 reprinted 1861.
Prices: $10 per annum (12 nos.); $6 per semester (6 nos.).
Indice jeneral ... 1843-55. Santiago, 1856. 8°.

Índice alfabético y analítico ... 1843-1887. Santiago de Chile, 1890. 8o.

Índice . . . 1888-1899. Santiago de Chile, 1900. 8°.
Las campañas de Chiloé (1820-1826). Memoria histórica ... por

Diego Barros Arana. Santiago, 1856. 8°.
Dos memorias sobre instrucción primaria presentadas á la Universidad

... Santiago, 1856. 8°.
Ojeada retrospectiva sobre la marcha que ... se ha seguido al tratar

de la mitolojiá clásica . . . Estudio del Justo Florián Lobeck. Santiago, 1862. 8°.

Supplemento á los Anales . . . correspondiente al año de 1862.

Estadística bibliográfica de la literatura chilena. Obra compuesta ..

por Ramón Briseño. Santiago de Chile, 1862-79. 2 v. 49. Don Claudio Gay, su vida i sus obras. Estudio biográfico i crítico ...

por Diego Barros Arana. Santiago de Chile, 1866. 8°.
El código civil ante la Universidad, ó sus comentarios por los abogados
más célebres del foro chileno. Santiago. 1871- . 8o.

A collection of theses.
Reseña de los trabajos de la Universidad, desde 1855 hasta el presente

por Ignacio Domeyko. Santiago, 1872. 8°.
La crónica de 1810, por Miguel Luis Amunátegui. Memoria histórica

. . . Santiago, 1876. 2 v. 4o. Agamemnón, las Coéforas, las Euménides, los Siete sobre Tebas, Prométeo encadenado. Traducción directa del griego en verso caste

llano, por Juan R. Salas E. Santiago de Chile, 1904. 4o. Other special publications include yearbooks, literary and scientific

programs, and miscellaneous pamphlets. Distribution.-Exchange. On sale at the University. Prises.-A prize of 1,000 pesos is offered biennially by each Faculty for

the best work upon an assigned theme, announced in the Anales and the Diario oficial de la República. Competition is open to both Chilians and foreigners.


Circulo Naval.

Address.--Valparaiso (Casilla del Correo 976.)
REVISTA DE MARINA. t. I-XLI. Valparaiso, 1885-1906. 8°. m.

2 vols a year, 1886 to date.

Price: $10 per annum.
Distribution.—Exchange. On sale by the Secretary.
Museo de Historia Natural de Valparaiso.

Address.-Casilla 1108, Valparaiso. Director: Carlos E. Porter.
History.—Established in 1878 in the Liceo; reorganized in 1897 as an in-

dependent institution. Includes sections of zoology, botany, geology

and ethnology, and a library. Publications. Revista CHILENA DE HISTORIA NATURAL (Organo del Museo de Valparaiso). año I-IX, oct. 1897-dic. 1905. Valparaiso, [1897-1905). 8°.

m., to end of 1901; bi-m., 1902 to date.
Articles in Spanish, Latin, French, English, or Italian. List given in

año X, no. 1.

Various separately paged supplements : Boletín estadístico i de canjes del

Museo ... 1897 to date.—Indice alfabético i sinonímico formado para la última edición española de la anatomia humana descriptiva del Prof. Ph. C. Sappey. Por Carlos E. Porter. 1900—Ensayo de una biblio

grafía chilena de historia natural, por Carlos E. Porter. 1900.

Prices: 10 pesos per annum in Chile; 16 fr. in foreign countries.
El museo de historia natural de Valparaiso durante el año de 1900-1902.

Memoria presentada al Sr. Ministro de instrucción pública ... por

Carlos E. Porter. Valparaiso, 1901-03. 8°.
Distribution.-The Revista is exchanged with all journals treating of natural

history in general or its branches. (Exchange of zoological and botanical speci-
mens is also desired.) On sale by Friedländer & Sohn, 11 Carlstrasse, Berlin.



Academia Colombiana.

Address.-Bogotá. Secretary: Rafael de Pombo.
History.-Founded in 1871 in accordance with the privilege, granted by

the Real Academia Española in 1870, of forming corresponding acad

emies in the countries of Latin America. Publications.

Anuario . . . 1874-75.
Del uso en sus relaciones con el lenguaje; discurso leido ante la

Academia colombiana ... por Miguel A. Caro . . . Bogotá,
1881. 8°.

* ACADEMIA NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA, created by law of Mar. 18, 1826, had only a brief existence. SOCIEDAD DE NATURALISTAS NEO-GRANADINOS, founded in 1859, was dissolved during the war of 1861. Publ.: Contribuciones de Colombia á las ciencias i á las artes; boletín de la Sociedad de naturalistas neo-granadinos. año 1-2. Bogotá, 1860-61. 8°. ACADEMIA DE CIENCIAS NATURALES, organized during the administration of Gen. Salgar (1870-72), ceased to exist in 1873. SOCIEDAD DE NATURALISTAS CoLOMBIANOS, contemporary or identical with the preceding, published Catalogo de los objectos enviados a la Exposicion nacional de 1871 (Bogotá, 1871. 8°). According to information furnished by the Oficina de Historia Natural this society was united with the following: SOCIEDAD DE MEDICINA Y CIENCIAS NATURALES, established Jan. 2, 1872, became ACADEMIA DE MEDICINA Nacional by law of Nov. 22, 1890. Publ.: Revista médica de Bogotá . . . año I-XXVII (i. e. núm. 1-327). Bogotá, 1873-1907. 8°. m. INSTITUTO DE COLOMBIA, formed on the model of the Institut de France (consisting of 5 academies: Academia de la lengua-Academia de inscripciones y bellas letrasAcademia de ciencias-Academia de bellas artes-Academia de ciencias morales y politicas), was incorporated June 1899 and officially inaugurated Aug. 1903. No further activities of this Institute have been noted.

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