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Faculdade de Direito do Recife.

Address.-Recife (Pernambuco).
History.-Founded at Olinda in 1827; reorganized is 1854 asi tras

ferred to Recife. Publications,

Revista academica . . . Anno I-XII. Recife, 1893-1904 8.

Instituto Historico e Geographico do Rio Grande do Norte.

Address.-Natal (Rio Grande do Norte).
History --Founded and incorporated in 1902.
Object.-Collection, systematic arrangement, preservation and publication of doce

ments and traditions pertaining to the history, geography, archeology and ethnography of the State, and to the language of the native inhabitants. Meetings ----Ist and 3d Sundays of each month, in the Bibliotheca Publica Estadual,

Atheneu Rio Grandense. Annual meeting on Feb. 3. Membership.-43 active, i. e. resident, and 27 corresponding, 1 e. non-resident

(entrance fee, 10$000; no annual dues); 4 honorary. Publications. REVISTA . . . v. I-II. Natal, 1903-04. 8°.

Price: 5$000 per vol.; 3$000 per number. (2 nos. form a vol.) Distribution.--Exchange. On sale at the Livraria Cosmopolita, rua 13 de

Maio, n. $t. l'rises.- Prizes are awarded to the authors of works upon subjects within

the field of the society.


Instituto Historico e Geographico de Santa Catharina.
Address... Lyceu de Artes e Officios, Florianopolis. Secretary: José

Arthur Boiteux. Mistery. Founded Sept. 7,1894. i pierd To collect and publish documents relating to history, geography and

ethnewraply, especially of the State of Santa Catharina. Meetings Monthly, at the above address. Membership (tassed as founders, active (annual dues, 10$000; monthly, 2$000), and

corresponding (annual dues, 10$000).
Revista ... 1001- Florianopolis, 1902?- 9.
I'm non-xchange.


Escola Polytechnica.
Address.-Avenida Tiradentes, São Paulo. Director: Dr. A. F. de Paula

History.-Founded in 1893, as a state school of engineering; inaugurated

in Feb. 1894. Publications. ANNUARIO . . . 1.-6. anno, 1900-06. São Paulo, 1900-06. 8°.

None pub. for 1904.
Faculdade de Direito.
Address.—Largo de S. Francisco, São Paulo. Director: Dr. João Mon-

History.-Founded in 1828; is now a federal institution.
Object.-Instruction in jurisprudence and social sciences.
REVISTA . . . v. I-X. São Paulo, 1893-1902.

I vol. yearly.
Instituto Historico e Geographico do São Paulo.

Address.-Ladeira João Alfredo I, São Paulo.
History.-Founded in Nov. 1894. Receives a subsidy from the State.

Has a valuable library.
Object.–Study of the history and geography of Brazil, with special reference to

the State of S. Paulo.
Membership:-304 (entrance fee, 50$000; annual dues, 24$000).

REVISTA . . . v. I-VIII, 1894/95-1903. S. Paulo, 1895-1904. 8°.

Distribution.-Exchange. On sale at the Institute. Museu Paulista. Address.-Caixa do Correio, n. 500, São Paulo. Director: Dr. H. von

Ihering History.-Originally a private collection, the Museu Sertorio, presented

to the state in 1890 (by Councillor Mayrink); annexed to the Commissão geographica e geologica, 1892-94; reorganized in 1894 as an independent museum under the present direction; inaugurated Sept. 7, 1895.

Ref.: Revista, v. I, 1895, p. 9-31.

Object.—Natural history surveys of the country and anthropological and

archeological investigations. The most important exploration hitherto under

taken outside of São Paulo is that of the Juruá River, 1900-01.
REVISTA . . v. I-VI. São Paulo, 1895-1904. 8°.

Price: 10 marks per vol.
Distribution.—Exchange. On sale by R. Friedländer u. Sohn, Berlin.

Sociedade de Ethnographia e Civilisação dos Indios.

Address.-Rua Marechal Deodoro, 1, São Paulo.
History.-Founded in 1901; now practically suspended.
Object.–Study of the language and customs of the aborigines of Brazil, and mis-

sionary propaganda among them.
Revista . . . no. 1, 1901.

No more had been published up to Mar. 1904, although it was the inten

tion of the society to publish quarterly.

Sociedade Scientifica de São Paulo.

Address.-Avenida Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio 12, São Paulo.
History:-Founded in Sept. 1903.
Obiect-Promotion, development and popularization of the study of the sciences

with a view to the national progress; promotion of scientific excursions, with
descriptions of their results and accounts of observations made; founding of a

museum and library; study of scientific bibliography.
Meetings.-Fortnightly on Saturdays.
Membership.-32 founders and 58 active (monthly dues, 5$000); 36 corresponding.
REVISTA ... no. 1-4. São Paulo, 1905-06. 8°.

Paged continuously.
Relatorio da directoria, 1903-04. São Paulo, 1904. 8°.



Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society of British Guiana.

Address.-Georgetown, British Guiana.
History.--Founded in 1844 as Agricultural and Commercial Society of

British Guiana; present name since 1845; incorporated in 1866. Main-
tains an exchange room, a reading room, a museum and library.

Ref.: The first two years of the Society, by James Rodway. (In Timehri,

n. s., v. 7, 1893. Also separate.) Object.—To improve and encourage the agriculture of the colony and every branch

of industry, whereby the resources of the colony are likely to be developed and

increased, and to collect and disseminate useful information on such subjects. Meetings.- Monthly in the reading room of the society. Membership.—133 resident (annual dues, $10); 38 non-resident (annual dues, $8);

220 associates (annual dues, $5); 29 lady subscribers (annual dues, $5); 20

honorary. Publications. TIMEHRI: being the Journal of the Royal agricultural and commercial society of British Guiana. V. 1-5, 1882-86. Demerara, 1882-86. 8°. -new ser. V. I-12, 1887-1898/99. Demerara, 1887-(1900). 8°. Contains proceedings and papers on natural science, local history, anthro

pology, agriculture and social subjects. Title varies slightly. v. 1- new ser. v. II (1882-97), published semi-annually (June and Dec.);

new ser. v. 12, in two parts covering the years 1898-99.
Price: 96c. per part (several o. p.).

Continued as:
JOURNAL ... 1900-02.

1900-02. Demerara, 1901-03. 8°. y.
Contains proceedings only. Price: 60c. per part.
Catalogues of the library, prize essays, exhibition catalogues, etc.
Distribution.-Exchange. On sale by the society.



Asociación de Educación Nacional.

Address.—San Diego núm. 1547, Santiago de Chile.
REVISTA ... año I, jul. 1905-jun. 1906. Santiago de Chile. 4. m.

Price: 3 pesos per annum; single numbers 0.30 pesos. On sale at the

above address. Deutscher Wissenschaftlicher Verein. (Sociedad Científica Alemana.)

Address.-Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 1050.)
History.-Founded in 1885.

Ref.: Verhandlungen ... I. Bd., 6. Heft, 1888.
Object. --Regular assemblage of persons interested in science, for interchange of

ideas and opinions. Meetings.-Fortnightly on Wednesdays. Membership.-69 active; 4 honorary. Dues according to needs of society. Publications VERHANDLUNGEN des Deutschen wissenschaftlichen Vereins. Bd. I-IV, 1.-17. Vereinsjahr. Valparaiso, [etc.], 1885/88-1898/1902. 8°.

vi 5 in progress. 6 parts form a vol.

Index to v. 1-4 in v. 4. Distribution-Exchange. Instituto de Injenieros de Chile.

Address.-Calle Huérfanos núm. 1072, Santiago de Chile. (Casilla 487.) History-Founded in 1888 as Instituto de Injenieros; united with the

Sociedad de Injeniería® and formally constituted under the present

name Jan, 1, 1901, in accordance with act of incorporation of Dec. 1900. Odject. - To promote theoretical and practical knowledge of the science and art

of engineering Vestings-Ordinary meetings at least once a month; annual meeting in Sept. Membership.-221 active (entrance fee, $30; annual dues, $36); 25 associate

(entrance fee, $30; annual dues, $18); 5 honorary; 21 foreign corresponding;

I perpetual. Publications. Anales del Instituto de injenieros. t. I-XVIII; XIX, entr. 1 (i. e. núm. 1-120), 1888-1900. Santiago de Chile, 1889-1901. 4o.

Issued irregularly to Dec. 1891, monthly from Jan. 1892; forming 2 vols. a

year in 1892, 1895-1900. t. I has title Anales del Instituto de ingenieros
de Santiago de Chile. Paging continuous in v. 1-3, v. 5-6, v. 9-10,

V. 12-13. v. 15-16, v. 17-18
Pubki Boletin ...n, 1-4, 1894-98 Santiago de Chile, 1896-99.8o.

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