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Congreso Científico Latino-Americano.
History.-Initiated by the Sociedad Científica Argentina; ist meeting at

Buenos Aires, Apr. 10-20, 1898; 2d at Montevideo, Mar. 20-31, 1901;
3d at Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 6-16, 1905. The next congress will be Pan-
American and will assemble under the auspices of the government of

Chile at Santiago during the ten days beginning Dec. 1, 1908.

18-2& reunión . . . 1898-1901. Buenos Aires, 1898/99; Montevideo,
1901/02. 8°.
Each vol. issued in 4 pts.: 1. Organización y resultados generales.—2. Cien-

cias exactas é ingeniería.-3. Ciencias físico-químicas y naturales.-4.
Ciencias médicas.



Centro de Ingenieros y Arquitectos'.

Address.-Avenida de Mayo 733, Buenos Aires.
History.-Founded in 1895 (?) as Centro Nacional de Ingenieros; pres-

ent name since 1906.
LA INGENIERÍA. Año I-X (i. e. núm. 1-207), agosto 1897-dic. 1906.
Buenos Aires, 1897-1906. fol.

Issued monthly to Mar. 1899, since then semi-monthly.
Price: 15 pesos a year.

Indice ... por materias desde su fundación hasta el 31 de
diciembre de 1902.
Ferrocarril á Bolivia; estudios de sus diversos trazados. Conferencias

dadas en el Centro nacional de ingenieros, por A. Castaño. Buenos Aires, 1898. 8°.

Centro Naval.

Address.-Calle Florida 659, Buenos Aires.
History-Founded in May 1882. Maintains a library and reading room.
Object.-Technical, professional and social.
Membership.-About 425 (monthly dues, 5 pesos).

Sociedad de Ingenieros Civiles de la República Argentina, which published El ingeniero civil (año 1. Buenos Aires, 1888. fol.), is no longer in existence.

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Institution of Engineers of the River Plate
Adireu-Bos Aires. Rezing rooms and Sbrary at Calle Bartolomé

Witre. 762. Histur).-A society of Eng=sh-speaking engineers founded in 1898 6s;ect-Is youndte the general atrancement of engineering science and its applica

in 200 to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects Meetaze-As the Council may appoint Memberskup 22 Messbers (entrance ice, $25; annual does. $25 for town members,

$12.50 for camp members); 27 Associates (entrance fee, $10; annual dues, $io for iswa members, $s for camp members); 6 Stadents (no entrance fee; annual dues, $); 3 honorary members. Camp members are those who reside a distance of 50 miles from the City of Buenos Aires. After 2 years from the date of his election, a student is eligible for transfer to the class of Associates on payment of a fee of $5, provided he is 21 years of age; Associates transferred to the class of Members

pay a fee of $10. Publications. Journal . . . v. I, 1899/1900- . Buenos Aires, 1899/1900

. 12°
Published about 4 times a year.
Instituto Geográfico Argentino.

Address.-Arenales 687, Buenos Aires.
History-Founded in 1879 by Dr. Estanislao S. Zeballos.

Ref.: La obra del Instituto ... por C. C. Luna. (In Boletín ... t 17,

1896, p. 239-260.) «Sociedad Geográfica Argentina, organized in July 1881, appears to have been dissolved. Publ.: Revista ... t. 1-7, Buenos Aires, 1881 /82-1890. 8o.

Object.—To promote and encourage the exploration and description of the terri

tories, coasts, islands and adjacent seas of the Argentine Republic and the coun

tries which border upon it. Meetings.—The Board of Directors meets fortnightly at the seat of the Institute.

Regular annual meeting in May; other general meetings as called. Membership.-340 active (entrance fee, 8 pesos; monthly dues, 2 pesos) ; 25 corre

sponding. Publications. BOLETÍN . . . t. I-XXII, 1879-1904. Buenos Aires, 1881-(1905?] 4°.

t. 10, cuad. 11, 12° (on cover: Edición especial dedicada al Dr. Estanislao

Zeballos, por sus amigos).
Apuntaciones para la bibliografía argentina, by E. S. Zeballos: in t. 17-20.
Indice general de las materias contenidas en el Boletín, t. 1-16: in t. 17,

p. 262-291,

Price: i peso per month, postage included.
Expedición austral argentina. Informes preliminares presentados á

los ministros del interior y de guerra y marina de la República Argen-
tina por G. Bove, y publicados bajo la dirección del Instituto ...

Buenos Aires, 1883. 8°.
Atlas de la República Argentina; construído y publicado por resolución

del Instituto geográfico argentino bajo los auspicios del ... gobierno
nacional y redactado por el Dr. Arturo Seelstrang: . . Buenos Aires,

1886. fol. Límites internacionales. La cuestión Misiones. Trabajos publicados

en el Boletín del Instituto ... Buenos Aires, 1892. 8°. Los Indios Matacos y su lengua, por Juan Pelleschi, con una introducción

por S. A. Lafone Quevedo, pub. en el Boletín del Instituto ... t. 17-18. Buenos Aires, 1897. 4o. Distribution.--Exchange. On sale at the Institute. Prizes.-A medal “Benemérito de la geografía nacional” awarded for ex

ceptional services to the Institute or to the geography of the Re

Jardín Zoológico Municipal de Buenos Aires.

Address.-Palermo, Buenos Aires. Director: Clemente Onelli.
History.-Originally a part of the Parque 3 de Febrero, opened in 1875

as a government park but transferred to the municipality of Buenos
Aires in 1888, in which year the management of the Jardin zoológico
was separated from that of the park.

Ref.: Guía popular del Jardin, 1904, p. 5-8.
Revista . . . t. I-II. Buenos Ayres, 1893-94. 8°. m.

A new series was to be issued from Aug. 1904. Price: 70 centavos per


v. I-III.

Guía popular ilustrada. Buenos Aires, 1907. 8°.

Price: 25 centavos. Distribution.-Exchange. In the trade in Buenos Aires. Junta de Historia y Numismática Americana. Address.-Buenos Aires. Secretary: Dr. José Marco del Pont, Calle

Chacabuco, 414. History.-Founded in 1893 under the name Junta de numismática ameri

cana" as an informal gathering of numismatists; sphere of activity enlarged later to include history, and present name adopted. Definite or

ganization effected in 1901 and statutes adopted in 1902. Object.-To promote historical and numismatic studies and intercourse among

persons interested in them, either within or outside of the country. Meetings.-Fortnightly, June or July to Dec., at the house of the Vice-President of the society (Sr. Alejandro Rosa, Calle Perú, no. 543).

Membership.-33 active (limited to 40); II corresponding. No dues.
BIBLIOTECA de la Junta de historia y numismática americana.
Buenos Aires, 1903-05. 8°.

Half-title. Each vol. has special t.-P.
Contents: v. 1. Ulrich Schmidel.–Viaje al Río de la Plata (1534-1554); notas

bibliográficas y biográficas por Bartolomé Mitre; prólogo, traducción y
anotaciones por Samuel A. Lafone Quevedo. 1903.—V. 2-3. Historia de
las revoluciones de la provincia del Paraguay (1721-1735); obra inédita

por Pedro Lozano. 2 v. (t. 1. Antequera.-t. 2. Los Comuneros.) 1905. Distribution. On sale by Cabaut y cía, Librería del Colegio, Calle Alsina no. 500,

Buenos Aires. Museo Nacional de Buenos Aires. Address.-Calle Perú 208, Buenos Aires. Director: Florentino Ame

ghino. History.-Founded in 1823 as Museo público de Buenos Aires in connec

tion with a school for instruction in the physical sciences, from which it was separated in 1826. Brought into intimate relations with the University through the foundation in 1854 of the Sociedad de Amigos de la Historia Natural del Plata, whose object was to secure the growth and development of the museum, and whose president was the Rector of the University, ex officio. Under the administration of Dr. Burmeister (appointed director in 1862) the museum was transformed from a simple cabinet of natural objects and curios into a scientific institution, especially noteworthy for its ornithological, entomological, and paleontological collections. Dr. Burmeister was succeeded, upon his

aAn earlier organization in this field, Instituto Bonarense de Numismática y Antigüedades, was founded in 1872 and dissolved before the end of 1875. Publ.: Boletin mensual, no. 1-5, June-Oct. 1874.

retirement in 1892, by Dr. Berg, formerly director of the Museo nacional de Montevideo, who undertook the reclassification of the museum on modern lines, and the installation of herpetological, ichthyological and biological collections. The present director succeeded Dr. Berg upon the death of the latter in 1902. The museum is at present divided into 5 sections: (i) Sección zoológica, (ii) Sección paleontológica, (iii) Sección etnológica, (iv) Sección botánica, (v) Sección geológico-mineralógica. It maintains two exploring parties in the field, one for zoology and botany, the other for geology, mineralogy and paleontology, by means of funds supplied by the national government. It has also a large library. The present name was assumed when, after the federalization of Buenos Aires in 1880, the museum passed from the control of the provincial government into the hands of the nation.

Ref.: Anales ... t. I, p. 1-11.–Baedeker de la República Argentina, por

Alberto B. Martínez. 2. ed. Buenos Aires, 1904. Publications. ANALES . . . t. I-III, (i. e. entr. 1-17). Buenos Aires, 1864/691883/91. fol. Actas de la Sociedad paleontológica de Buenos Aires, 1866-[68] : issued

with t. 1, with separate t.-P. and paging. Boletín del Museo público de Buenos Aires, p. i-xx: issued with t. 2,

entr, 2 and 4. ser. 2, t. I-IV. Buenos Aires, 1895-1902. 4o. Numbered also t. 4-7. -ser. 3, t. I-VIII. Buenos Aires, 1902-07. 4o. t. 3: Recherches de morphologie phylogénétique sur les molaires supérieures

des ongulés, par F. Ameghino. 1904. (Also issued separately.) t. 7: Les mollusques fossiles du tertiaire et du crétacé supérieur de l'Argen

tine, par H. von Ihering. 1907. t. 8: Les formations sédimentaires du crétacé supérieur et du tertiaire de

Patagonie, par F. Ameghino. 1906. (Also issued separately.) Comunicaciones ... t. I. Buenos Aires, 1898-1901. 8°.

In 10 nos. Discontinued. Los caballos fósiles de la Pampa argentina, descriptos por Dr. German Burmeister. Buenos Aires, 1875. fol. "Obra executada por orden del superior gobierno de la provincia de Buenos

Aires, para ser presentada en la exposición de Filadelfia.” Also German

t.-p. Text in Spanish and German in parallel columns. Since 1897 administrative reports (1894 to date) have been published

in Memoria de justicia, culto é instrucción pública; and since 1898

also in Anales. Distribution.—Exchange. 2d and 3d series of Anales on sale by Friedländer und

Sohn, Berlin and in Buenos Aires.

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