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anal de Costa Riz : Ca Rica. 1889-08. fol.

se: 34 meteoroi gico 33 SX-geográfico y del Visser $. evnensis. 2, fasc. 1-2, RT


Soe, 1894 95-1899 1900. Se .: *

szczós es el Instituto fisico-geografia "12:37 San José, 1897-98. 4.

Lesegrasco de Costa Rica. v. I-III (1. c. ::: Seis de Costa Rica, (1901-04). 4. m.

ce 22 de 5 Sociedad nacional de agricultura.”

$ à re: ggle ecbers 50c. 12-es se 3:2. por Anastasio Alfaro. Estudio cor. y aume Per San Jose, 1897 8'. rents of articles and administrative reports. -Exchange.

Academia Guatemalteca correspondiente de la Real Academia Española

Address.-Guatemala. Secretary: Agustín Gómez Carrillo.
History.-Founded in 1888.

Biografias de literatos nacionales. t. I. (Guatemala), 1889. 8o.

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Ateneo de Guatemala.

History. Founded Jan. 11, 1903. Consists of the following sections:

(i) Letras, (ii) Ciencias jurídicas y sociales, (iii) Bellas artes, (iv)
Ciencias exactas, (v) Ciencias médicas, (vi) Ciencias naturales, (vii)

Agricultura y demás industrias. Object.- Promotion of science, letters and arts. Meetings.-Fortnightly on Sundays; public meetings bi-monthly. Membership.-103 active and 66 corresponding (monthly dues for resident members,

3 pesos). Publications. Ateneo de Guatemala. Ciencias, letras, artes. Publicación del centro

científico Ateneo de Guatemala, ser. I', num. 1-2. (Guatemala, Sept.Nov. 1903). 4o.

Price: $1 per number. Distribution.-Exchange. Prizes.- Prize to be awarded annually (2,000 pesos in 1904) for the best

paper presented upon a subject set by the society, and announced in the "Ateneo.” No restrictions as to nationality.


Museo Nacional. (Museo científico, agrícola é industrial de El Sal

vador.) Address.-11Avenida Sur, no. 49. San Salvador. Director: David

Joaquín Guzmán. History.-- Created by executive decree in 1902; administered by a Di

rector under the Secretaría de Fomento. Sections: (i) natural history, archeology and numismatics, (ii) native agricultural products, (iii) native and foreign industrial products, (iv) natural products, (v) national historical objects and documents, ancient and modern, (vi)

botanical garden. Object.-Development of the natural and applied sciences, and encouragement of

national agriculture, industries and commerce. Publications. ANALES . . . t. I-II, (i. e., no. 1-16), julio 1903-marzo 1906. San Salvador, 1903-06. 8°. irreg.

Paged continuously. Index to no. I-11 in no. 11. t. 3 in progress.

Sociedad Jurídica Salvadoreña.

Address.-San Salvador.
History.-Founded and incorporated in 1895; permanently organized in

1897 Object.- Promotion and development of the social and juridical sciences in San

Salvador. Meetings.-Monthly, Ist Sunday; annual meeting in May. Membership.-11 active (entrance fees, 5 colones; annual dues, 12 pesos); 6 corte

sponding; 6 honorary. Publications. EL FORO DEL PORVENIR. Organo de la Sociedad jurídica salvadoreña, año I-VI, 1899-1904. El Salvador, [1899-1904.) 8°. m.

Price: 3 pesos per annum.
Distribution.-Exchange. On sale by the society.


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