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Conferencia Nacional de Beneficencia y Corrección.

History.–Organized in 1902.
Object. The exposition and discussion of subjects relating to the organization

and development of effective charitable and correctional methods.
Meetings.-Annually in different places (Habana, Mar. 1902; Santa Clara, May

1903; Matanzas, Apr. 1904; Camagüey, Apr. 1905; Santiago de Cuba, Apr. 1906;

Cienfuegos, Apr. 1907.)
Membership.-Open to all persons interested in the objects of the conference;

annual dues, $2.
1.-5. Conferencia nacional de beneficencia y corrección de la Isla de

Cuba, 1902-06. Habana, 1902-06. 8°.
Distribution.-Distributed gratuiously to public institutions, especially those of

a charitable character; remaining volumes on sale at prices varying accord

ing to size of the volume.
Sociedad de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Cuba.

Address.-Mercaderes 2, Habana.
History.-Founded Jan. 29, 1899 as Asociación de Facultativos Construc-

tores y Agrimensores de Cuba; present name since 1907.
Object.—To promote the progress of the engineering sciences and the interests of

the profession. The society acts as an advisory body to the Department of

Justice in matters relating to engineering and architecture.
Membership.-About 100 active and 30 corresponding.
(t. I-VIII. Habana, 1899-1906. fol. & 89 m.).

Price: $4 per annum.
Various pamphlets, mainly reprints from the Revista.
Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de la Habana.

Address.-Dragones 62, Habana.
History.--Founded in 1792 with two names, Real Sociedad Patriótica de

la Havana and Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, used
interchangeably. “Real” does not appear in the name of the society
on the publications of 1823-25, and disappears finally with the begin-
ning of the 11th series of Memorias. Sections: Educación y bene-
ficencia; Historia, geografía y estadística de Cuba ; Ciencias; Agricul-
tura, industria y comercio; Bellas artes. Public library of about 42,000

y vols. Object.-Encouragement of industry, agriculture and commerce, and promotion of



Meet:#gs-Rage: sseny Izabore asiass: special neesings as med
Membershit.-Ay 3 ad ise $:- ; ses dees, $1.20 1.
MEMORIAS . . . 1733-1961. Fa:2 (1795)-1901. 8.

Numbered irregary is series: sez. 1.) 1793-95 in 3 vols-(ser. 2)

1817-25, Do. 164 in 6 msc.. 3! 186-45 numbered L I-II (i. e. no. 1-121, caved ze epoca in t 1-51.-{ser. 4] 1895-99, numbered ze serie, t I-VII.-[ser. 3) 1899-51 bered i I-v.-[ser. 6) 18:45. numbered Nueva serie, t I-IV-(ser. 7.) 185&66, numbered Ser. 4 t. I-VIII; Ser. S t IX-X: Ser. 6. L IX (ie. XI)—ser. & 1877-78 in I vol—ser. 9. 1880-89 in 4 vois-ser. IQ 1894-95, t I-III.-ser. II.

1899-1901, t. I-II, cuad. 4 5th series is entitled Anales de las Reales Junta de fomento y Socie!

económica de la Habana; 6th series and v. 1-7 of 7th series, Anales y
memorias de la Real Junta de fomento y de la Real Sociedad economia
:..; v. 8-11 of 7th series, Memorias de la Real Sociedad economia
y Anales de fomento.

I of 6th series has 4 separately paged sections: Sección cientíica.
Crónica comercial, Materias diversas, Sección de historia, forming 3


See also Memorias, ser. II, t. I, p. 71-79. Proceedings and reports have been issued irregularly under various

titles, e. g. Actas, 1810; Tareas, 1815; Exposición de las tareas, 1825-26; Actas de las juntas generales, 1827-33, 1855-58; Juntas generales, 1861-63, 1871; Memoria, 1848-50, 1901-06. (Memoria 1899 and 1900 form the first part in v. 1 and 2 respectively of the

nithi series of Memorias.) Memorias de la Sección de historia . . . t. I. Habana, 1830-31. 8°.

Issued in 2 pts.; no more published. The following periodicals were also published by the society: El Papel

periódico de la Habana (established 1790; taken over by the society in 1793; name changed in 1805 to El Aviso, and in 1810 to El Diario; discontinued in 1846).—Revista y repertorio bimestre de la Isla de Cuba, 1831-34. (%. Apuntes para la historia de las letras en la Isla de Cuba, por A.

Bachiller y Morales. (In Memorias, ser. 7, t. 2-7; also issued as a

separate publication in 3 vols., 1859-61.) Los tres primeros historiadores de la isla de Cuba. Reproducción

de las historias de D. José Martín Félix de Arrate y D. Antonio José Valdes y publicación de la inédita del dr. D. Ignacio Urrutia y Montoya ... Habana, 1876-77. 3 v. 8°.

. El by R. Cowley and A. Pego under the direction of the society. Pastebution - Fichange

Universidad de la Habana.

History.-Founded Jan. 5, 1728 by the Dominican friars of the monastery

San Juan de Letrán, under powers conferred by Papal bull of Sept.
12, 1721; title of Real y Pontificia Universidad bestowed by royal decree
of July 27, 1734; "y Pontificia" dropped when the University was
secularized in 1842; present name since the establishment of Cuban
independence. Jardin Botanico attached to the University in 1886.

Ref.: Breve reseña de su fundación hasta la época actual. (In Memoria

anuario . . . 1901/02, p. 5-21; 1905/06, p. 321-331.) Publications. Revista de la Facultad de letras y ciencias. v. I-IV, jul. 1905-mayo 1907. (Habana), 1905-07. 4°.

bi-m.; 3 nos. form a vol. Also inaugural addresses delivered at the beginning of each college

year and annual catalogue (Memoria anuario). Distribution.—Exchange. Address communications to Secretario de la Facul

tad de Letras y Ciencias, Universidad de la Habana.


Société Astronomique et Météorologique de Port-au-Prince.
Address.-Port-au-Prince. President: Dr. Destouches. Director of the

observatory: F. Constantin.
History.-Approved by the minister of the interior, Feb. 15, 1905.

Bulletin météorologique du mois de juillet 1907. fol.

Institute of Jamaica.
Address.-Date Tree Hall, Kingston, Jamaica, B. W. I. Secretary:

Frank Cundall.
History.—Established in 1879, the libraries of the House of Assembly

and the old Legislative Council, and the museum of the Royal Society
of Arts and Agriculture, being transferred to the Institute by the law
constituting it. It comprises a library and reading room, a museum
and an art gallery. Its affairs are administered by a Board of Gov-

Formed in 1864 by the amalgamation of the Royal Agricultural Society of Jamaica (founded 1843 as the General Agricultural Society of Jamaica) and the Royal Society of Arts (founded 1854). Publ.: Transactions of the Royal Society of Arts. v. I-III; Dec. 1854-Dec. 1857. Kingston, (1854-57). 4°:-Transactions of the Incorporated Royal Society of Arts and Agriculture, July 1867-Apr, 1868. Kingston, (1867-68). I v. in 4 nos. 4o.

ernors appointed by the Governor of Jamaica. A special feature of the library is a collection of books and newspapers relating to Jamaica and the West Indies. The collections of the museum aim to represent as completely as possible the fauna and flora of the island, together with its geology and anthropology.

Rot, The Handbook of Jamaica for 1906. London, Kingston, 1906. p. 25

-Encouragement of literature, science and art. Wertunge - Meetings of the Board of Governors monthly; members' meetings

irregular intervals Vonderg, -17 subscribing (annual subscription, 10 s.); 2 life (5 guineas); 10

bererary (limuted to 201; 16 corresponding. Members residing outside of Tamaica par half fees

Ms. Journal ... v. I-II, 1891 '93-1894/99. Kingston, 1894-99. 8o. r. 1 in S nos : v. 2 in 6 nos. No more published.

w r: The story of the life of Columbus and the discovery of Jamana, by F. Cundall. E ME *: Aboriginal Indian remains in Jamaica, by J. E. Duerden.

Fvk: Bound vois, k. 1, 78 6d; v. 2, 155. Single numbers sold separately. Anas...V. I, no. 1. Kingston, 1897. 8.

r° No more pabashed

3: List of the decapod Crustacea of Jamaica, by Mary J. Rathbun

Skripa Scations ... no. 1-3. Kingston, 1892-93. fol. & 8o.

. (1 m 1. The rainfall of Jamaica. 13 maps with explanatory text, Rx Verwell Hal fol.—na 2. Bulletin, no. 1.) A provisional list the rates of Jamuna, by T. D. A. Cockerell

. fol.—no. 3. Institute of a lettures: Agriculture, 1893. 8°.

*** I and us od each (half-price to members); no. 2, gratis. Tai repert... 80-1001 02. Kingston, 1881-1902. fol.

Is ia lepurtmental reports of the Jamaica Government. ****** in rus handbook of information for intending settlers Writes for visitors Kingston, 1905. 8°.

ods; reri e ia succeeding years.

So in larga history, by F. Cundal. London, 1900. 16o.

Bahia jamaicensis; a list of Jamaica books and pamphlets,

nite artices newspapers and maps, most of which are in the

y of the lascitute, by F. Candai!. Kingston, (1902.) 8°. An cariera was issued in 185 reprinted from the Handbook of

arrasa for i

The meteorology of Jamaica, by Maxwell Hall. Kingston, 1904. 8°.
Biographical annals of Jamaica, by F. Cundall. Kingston, 1904. 8°.
The mosquitoes or Culicidae of Jamaica, by F. V. Theobald and M.

Graham. Kingston, 1905.
Catalogue of books in the library ... Kingston, 1895.

Price: 25. Earlier catalogues pub. in 1887 (additions, 1889) and in *1681
Pamphlets on the economic geology, land and fresh-water shells, carto-

graphy, etc., of Jamaica; see lists on covers of Bibliographia jamai

censis or other recent publications of the Institute, which give prices. Distribution.—Exchange. On sale at the Institute, and by H. Sotheran & Co.,

140 Strand, London, and G. P. Putnam's Sons, 27 & 29 W. 23d Street, New York.


Victoria Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (incorporated).

Address.—Victoria Museum, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.
History.-Founded in 1887 as Victoria Institute of Trinidad; present

name since 1901. The Institute received on its organization the books
formerly belonging to the Scientific Association of Trinidad, founded
in 1863 and dissolved in 1887.

Ref.: Proceedings, pt. I, March, 1894. Object.—Collection and diffusion of information on agricultural, commercial, in

dustrial and scientific subjects; formation and maintenance of museums of agricultural, commercial and industrial products and of the arts and sciences; promotion of technical, commercial and agricultural education, and advance

ment of trades and handicrafts. Meetings.-Annual general meeting at time determined by the Board of Directors;

special meetings as called. Membership.—244 (annual dues, $5); 464 associates (annual dues, $2.40); 16 life

Proceedings of the Victoria Institute of Trinidad. pt. 1-4, Mar. 1894-
Jan. 1900. Port-of-Spain, 1894-1900. 8°.

Contains the annual reports from 1892.
Industrial Trinidad. Port-of-Spain, 1903. 8°.

@Publ.: Proceedings V. I-II, no. 4 (i. e. pt. I-XII), Dec. 1866-Dec. 1881. Port-of-Spain, 1866/69-1881. 8°.

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