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Botanical Club of Canada.
Address.—General Secretary-treasurer: A. H. MacKay, Halifax, Nova

History.-Organized in May 1891° by Section IV of the Royal Society

of Canada. Subordinate local clubs in the different provinces. Object.To promote by concerted local efforts and otherwise the exploration of

the flora of every portion of British America, to publish complete lists of the same in local papers as the work goes on, to have these lists collected and carefully examined in order to arrive at a correct knowledge of the precise character of this flora and its geographical distribution and to carry on sys

tematically seasonal observations on botanical phenomena. Meetings.-Annual meeting of the general society at time and place of Royal Society's

meeting. Meetings of the local clubs vary according to local conditions. Membership.-Annual dues, 25c. ($1 for 5 years); life membership, $5. Additional

local dues under control of local clubs. Publications. Phenological observations ... comp. by A. H. MacKay, 1892-1905. 8°.

1892-1904, in Proceedings and transactions of the Nova Scotian institute of

science, v. 8-11; 1894-1905, in Proceedings and transactions of the Royal

society of Canada, 2d ser, v. I-XII.

Also issued as separates.
Reports published annually since 1892 in Royal society of Canada, Pro-

ceedings and transactions.

Distribution.-Separates exchanged.
Canadian Forestry Association,

Address.-Ottawa. Secretary-Treasurer: R. H. Campbell.
History.-Organized Mar. 8, 1900.
Object.—Preservation of the forests for their influence on climate, fertility and

water-supply; exploration of the public domain and reservation for timber pro-
duction of lands unsuited for agriculture; promotion of judicious methods in
dealing with forests and woodlands; re-afforestation where advisable; tree plant-
ing on the plains and on streets and highways; collection and dissemination of

information bearing on the forestry problem in general. Meetings.-Annually on ad Thursday in Mar. in the city of Ottawa; special meetings

at such times and places as the Executive may decide. Membership.-1150 ordinary (annual dues, $I); 65 life ($10).

ez earlier botanical societies existed in Canada (i) Botanical Society of Montreal, founded 1855 and dissolved 1858 (ii) Botanical Society of Canada, organized in Kingston, Ont., Dec. 7, 1860. Publ.: Annals . . . v. I, pt. 1-3, Dec. 1860-Feb. 1862. Kingston, 1861-62. 4o. Cf. Penhallow, D. P.-Review of Canadian botany from 1800 to 1895, pt. II. (In Roy. Soc. of Canada, Proc. and Trans., 2d ser. v. 3, 1897. Trans. Section IV, p. 17-19.)

Ist-6th annual report, 1900-1905. Ottawa, 1900-05. 8°.

no. 1-2, 0. P.
Report of the Canadian forestry convention held at Ottawa, Jan. 10-12,

1906. Ottawa, 1906. 8°. CANADIAN FORESTRY JOURNAL. v. I-II, Jan. 1905-Dec. 1906. Ottawa,

1905-06. 8°. q. Rod and gun in Canada, Montreal, was the official organ of the associa

tion, 1900-04.

Canadian Mining Institute.
Address.—413 Dorchester Street W., Montreal. Secretary: H. Mortimer-

History.—Organized Jan. 1896 as a federation of the Mining Society of

Nova Scotia, the General Mining Association of the Province of Quebec and the Ontario Mining Institute, which were joined by the British Columbia Association of Mining Engineers in 1897. Name changed in 1897 to the Federated Canadian Mining Institute. Reorganized and incorporated in 1898 under the original name, independent of the provincial associations, which ceased to exist with the exception of the

Mining Society of Nova Scotia (q. v.). Object.–To promote the arts and sciences connected with the economical produc

tion of valuable minerals and metals. Meetings.-Annually, ist Wednesday in Mar., at such place as the Council shall

determine. Membership.-508 (annual dues, $10); 52 student members (annual dues, $2); 95

affiliated students (annual dues, $). Publications. Journal of the Federated Canadian mining institute. v. I-III, 1895/961898. Ottawa, 1896-98. 8o.

v. I has title: Journal of the Canadian mining institute; etc.

V. 3 pub. by the present institute.
JOURNAL of the Canadian mining institute. v. I-IX, 1898-1906.
Ottawa (etc.) 1899-1906. 8°.
Indices to names of authors and subjects of the papers presented to the

Canadian mining institute, the Federated Canadian mining institute and
the antecedent provincial mining societies, 1891-1903, by B. T. A. Bell : in
v. 6, p. 48-520. (Also separate.)

•Founded Jan. 1891. Publ: Journal . . . v. I-II, 1891/93-1894/95. Ottawa, Ont. 8o. From May 1891 to Dec. 1898 the Canadian mining and mechanical review was the official organ of this association.

*Founded Apr, 1894. Publ: Journal ... v. I, 1894-95.

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