A Short Treatise on the Isle of Man: Digested Into Six Chapters

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Manx Society, 1863 - Great Britain - 138 pages

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Page 109 - By this book, and by the holy contents thereof, and by the wonderful works that God hath miraculously wrought in heaven above and in the earth beneath, in six days and seven nights, I...
Page 65 - I remember one said it was much safer to take men's lives than their estates : for their children will sooner much forget the death of their father than the loss of their...
Page 142 - Mannise ; or a Collection of National Documents relating to the Isle of Man. Translated and Edited by JR Oliver, Esq., MD Vol. ii.
Page 109 - I (AB) do swear that I will, without respect of favour or friendship, love or gain, consanguinity or affinity, envy or malice, execute the laws of this isle justly betwixt our Sovereign Lady the Queen and her subjects within this isle, and betwixt party and party as indifferently as the herring back-bone doth lie in the midst of the fish.
Page 110 - Item. It hath been accustomed that night bell should be runge a little after the sun settinge, and that by the porter, and the constable and his deputie with a sufficient guard to be in the castle, for the saufe keepinge and defence of the same. Item. It hath been accustomed and continued, that the constable or his deputie should goe with the wardens to the castle gates, and there cause the porter to locke the castle gates, and then the watch to be fourthwith set. Item. It hath been accustomed, that...
Page 63 - The oaks and firs do not lie promiscuously, but where there is plenty of one sort, there are generally few or none of the other.
Page 17 - Danes : and in later time we find, that a burrow was opened in the Isle of Man, wherein fourteen urns were found with burnt bones in them; and one more neat than the rest, placed in a bed of fine white sand, containing nothing but a few brittle bones, as having passed the fire ; according to the particular account thereof in the description of the Isle of Man...
Page 139 - RULES. 1. That the affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council, to meet on the first Tuesday in every month, and to consist of not more than twenty-four Members, of whom three shall form a quorum ; and that the President, Vice-Presidents, the Hon.

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