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Colorado River Storage Project--Utah

General Information
Flaming Gorge Dam, Powerplant, and Reservoir comprise one of the four units author-
ized by the Congress in 1956 for initial development under the Colorado River Storage
project. The reservoir will contribute to the longtime regulatory storage needed to
permit the upper basin States (Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico) to utilize
their apportioned water under the terms of the 1922 Compact of the Colorado River.
In addition to regulatory storage, the Colorado River Storage project and participating
projects will provide electrical energy to a large area where it is urgently needed.
Flood protection, sediment retention, fish and wildlife conservation, and recreational
opportunities are also provided.

Approximately 95 percent of the costs of the Colorado River Storage project and partici-
pating projects are reimbursable and will be repaid by the water and power users.
About 60 percent of such costs will be repaid with interest.

Flaming Gorge Dam
Location: On the Green River, 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) south of the Utah-Wyoming

State line
Type: Concrete thin arch
Constructed: 1958-1964
Reservoir: Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Total capacity to top of active conservation level, elevation 6040.0 (1,841.0 meters):

3,788,900 acre-feet (4,673,561,000 cubic meters)
Active capacity: 3,515,700 acre-feet (4,336,573,000 cubic meters)
Surface area: 42,020 acres (17,005 hectares)
Maximum reservoir elevation: 6045 (1,842.5 meters)
Dam dimensions:
Structural height: 502 feet (153. 0 meters)
Top width: 27 feet (8. 2 meters)
Maximum base width: 131 feet (39. 9 meters)
Crest length: 1,285 feet (391.7 meters)
Crest elevation: 6047 (1,843. 1 meters)
Volume: 986,600 cubic yards (754,310 cubic meters)
Lowest point in dam foundation excavation: Elevation 5545.1 (1, 690.1 meters)
Spillway: Concrete spillway crest and concrete-lined tunnel through left dam abutment,
controlled by two 16. 75-by 34. 00-foot (5.11- by 10.36-meter) fixed-wheel
The 675-foot-long (205. 7-meter) tunnel varies in diameter from 26-1/2 feet (8. 08
meters) at the upstream portal to 18 feet (5.49 meters) at its downstream portal
Elevation top of gates: 6040.00 (1,840.99 meters)
Crest elevation: 6006.00 (1,830.63 meters)

Capacity: 28, 800 second-feet (815.53 cubic meters per second) with water surface at
elevation 6045.00 (1,842.52 meters)
Outlet Works: Two 72-inch (1.83-meter) steel pipes through dam, reducing to 66 inches
(1.68 meters) at toe of dam and continuing downstream to a valve struc-
ture. Each outlet is controlled by a 66-inch (1.68-meter) ring-follower
gate at downstream toe of dam and a 66-inch (1.68-meter) hollow-jet
valve at valve structure.
Elevation centerline of pipe inlet: 5743. 00 (1, 750.47 meters)
Elevation centerline of pipe outlet: 5615.00 (1, 711.45 meters)

Maximum capacity of both pipes: 4,000 second-feet (113.27 cubic meters per second)

at any time

Flaming Gorge Powerplant

Location: Immediately downstream of Flaming Gorge Dam

Constructed: 1958-1964

Structure: Indoor type; reinforced concrete substructure and intermediate structure,
superstructure of steel frame construction with concrete curtain walls;
precast lightweight concrete panel roof over main structure; 150-ton
(136-metric-ton) overhead traveling crane. The structure is about 220 feet
(67. 1 meters) long, 100 feet (30. 5 meters) wide, and about 115 feet (35. 1
meters) high. The superstructure for the generator room and machine
shop is 185 feet (56.4 meters) long and 60 feet (18.3 meters) wide.

Number of units: 3

Total installed capacity: 120,000 kv.-a. at 90-percent power factor

Generators: Vertical-shaft type; 40, 000 kv.-a. at 90-percent power factor, 3-phase, 60 cycles, 11,500 volts, and 240 r.p.m.

Turbines: Francis type; 50, 000 hp., 240 r. p. m. , head of 365 feet

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