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(Financial year ending 31st October, 1859.)

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Board of Directors and OFFICERS, 1800. S. M. Felton.

Philadelphia, Pa | H. B. Fiddeman.. Milford, Del. A. C. Gray..

.New Castle, Del. Daniel Curry C. I. Du Pont.

Wilmington, Aiex. Johnson.. Farmington, “ J. Bringhurst.

Wm. Cannon..

Bridgeville, Jesse Sharp..

W'm. H. Ross. H. Ridgeley...

.. Dover, C. H. Wright. SAMUEL M. HARRINGTON, Presilent...

.Dover, Del JAMES F. ALLEE, Treasurer... E. Q. SEWALL, Jr., Superintendent.

Wilmington, “ PRINCIPAL OFFICE ..

Dover, Kent Co., Del Length of Road— Delaware Junction to Delmar (Maryland State Line). 84 miles Rolling Stock—None—Operated by the Phila., Wilmington and Balt. RR. Co.

The Delaware Railroad Company was chartered on the 224 February, 1819. The work of construction was commenced in November, 1852. The different sections were opened as follows:—from the Delaware Junction (Newcastle and Frenchtown Railroad) to Middletown, 12 miles, in September, 1855; from Middletown to Dover, 23 miles, in January, 1856 ; thence to Seaford, 36 miles, on the 11th January, 1857, and thence to Delmar, the present southern terminus, 13 miles, in April, 1860. The road was leased for twenty-one years, from the date of its opening, to the Philadelphia, Wilming. ton and Baltimore Railroad Company, which agreed to equip, maintain and run it, and pay as rent 6 per cent annually on its cost.

SHARE CAPITAL-Paid in, $361,478, in $100 shares.

FUNDED DEBT-8854,000; in detail as follows1st Jortgage, 6 per cent., coupon bonds.

$500,000 -dated 18th March, 1854, and payable, principal 1st July, 1875; interest semi-annually, 1st Jan. and 1st July, in Philadelphia. These bonds are guaranteed by the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company. State of Delaware 6 per cent. bonds ---

-$170,000 -issued in April, 1855, and payable in 1876; interest payable 1st January and 1st July, in Philadelphia. Bonds guaranteed by the Phila., Wilmington and Baitimore RR. Co..---$100,000 -issued in September, 1855, and payable in July, 1875; interest payable 1st January and 1st July, in Philadelphia. Loan of 18th December, 1856, (6 per cent. bonds).

-$71,500 -issued 18th December, 1856, and payable in sums of $3,250 every six months, at Dover. Loan of 4th September, 1856, (6 per cent. bonds).

--$13,000 -issued 4th September, 1856, and payable in sums of $3,250 every six months, at Dover.

1st Mortgage, Ectension, 6 per cent., bonds ..

-$100,000 -dated 1st October, 1859, and payable 1st January, 1880; interest payable 1st January and 1st July, in Philadelphia. These bonds constitute a first mortgage on the road from Seaford to Delmar, 13 miles.

Cost of ROAD AND EQUIPMENT—$1,547,825 in detail as followsGraduation and inasonry · $207,460 Engineering

$36,737 Superstructure, including iron 721,130 | Extension of road

97,616 Land damages... 57,757 | Other items.

428,125 GENERAL BALANCE Sueet, 1st November, 1859. Dr.

Cr. Graduation and masonry. $207,461 Share capital..

$361,479 Bridging 27,414 | Gratuity by State.

50,000 Fences 16,775 | Ist mortgage bonds

500,000 Stations 19,529 State of Delaware bonds.

170,000 Superstructure, including iron. 712,130 Guaranteed bonds

100,000 Extension of road..... 97,616 | Loan of 1956

71,500 Interest, profit and loss and other items 466,880 Bills payable..

79,929 Extension bonds.

100,000 Bills payable for extension..


Earnings of road and other receipts. 82,818 Total... • $1,547,825 Total...

$1,547,625 The earnings and expenses for the several years since the road has been in operation have been ils follows


1859. Total earnings..


8103,806 Current expenses


69,652 Net earnings


$39,151 Loss to Philit., Wilmington, and Balt. RR. Co. 44,418


46,518 The rent paid the past year was 75,672, being 6 per cent. on the share capital and debts of the company, amounting to 1,261,200.

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(Financial year ending 318t December, 1859.)


! Daniel Curry, T. P. McColley, Benj. Burton, Curtis S. Watson, Peter F. Causey,

Caleb S. Layton,

Richard France. John W. HousTON, President..

.Milford, Del. II. W. McCOLLEY, Treasurer.


..MILFORD, Kent Co., Del LENGTH OF Road—IIarrington to Milford......

8.50 miles. The Junction and Breakwater Railroad Company was chartered in the year 1856, with authority to construct a railroad from the Delaware Railroad to Lewes. The first division of the road from Harrington to Milford, 8.1 miles, was completed and opened for public use on the 7th September, 1859. It is operated by the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Company, which runs two daily trains at à charge for services of $17 per diem. The total length of the road when completed will be 29 miles. Suare Capital-Authorized, $125,000, in 5,000 $25 shares.

Paid in, $13,471 on 2,502

Cost of ROAD AND APPURTENANCES-$77,010 : in detail as follows :Graduation and masonry

·$13,758 | Land, land damages and fences.. $1.950 Superstructure, including iron..... 50,943 Engineering ·

3,856 Salaries, buildings and fixtures... 4,446 | All other expenses.



Cr. Construction account. $77,040 Share capital paid in

.813,471 Bills receivable 510 State of Delaware

27,600 Cash on hand.. 2,716 | Loans...

3,987 Cross ties, etc on hand..

1,350 | Notes to Mount Savage Iron Company. 6,553 Total •$81,616 Total



(See Maryland and Delaware Railroad of Maryland.)


LENGTH OF Road—Newcastle to Frenchtown....

.16,19 miles.

The Newcastle and Frenchtown Railroad Company was chartered in 1829, and the road constructed in 1830–32. It extends from Newcastle, 35 miles below Philadelphia, to Frenchtown on Elk River, one of the head streams of Chesapeake Bay; and in connection with the steamboats on the Delaware and Chesapeake for many years formed a part of one of the principal routes between the north and south. In 1840 the road was merged into the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Company by an exchange of stock, and has since been operated as a part of its works; but being within the State of Delaware, a separate organization is maintained, and separate accounts of operations rendered, Since the completion of the Newcastle and Wilming. ton Railroad, the steamboat connections have been discontinued, and that portion of the road west of the Delaware Junction is also in disuse.

Suare CAPITAL-Paid in, $744,520, in 14,891 $50 shares.

Income AccounT FOR THE ELEVEN Months ENDING 31st October, 1859. Receipts

RepairsPassenger earnings. -$10,408 | Operating and repairs.....

$11,415 Freight earnings

9,865 | Taxes and bonus to State and Newcastle Rents, mails, and miscellaneous.


10,167 Deficit







Cr. Railroad

Share capital

$744,520 Real Estate... 24,036 $723,550 | Dividends unclaimed

8806 Ches, and Del. Canal Stock 25,000 Open account.

22 Bond and mortgage.

43 | Tax and bonus to State......... 3,334 Cash

563 | Treasurer Ph. Wil. and Balt. Co. 479 4,641





Capital, Cost, Earnings, EXPENSES, Etc.
-Capital Account

Cost of Mis of -Gross Earnings. Expenses, Shares. Debt. Total. Road, etc. Road. Passen'r. Freight. Miscel. Total. Taxes, etc. 1950.. $861,325 $181,223 $1,042,548 $908,927 16.19 $135, 129 81,976 $232 $137,337 $118,773 1851.. 861,420 178,659 1,030,076 908,927 16.19 135,231 1,913 142 137,286 127,523 1852.. 861,420 160,890 1,022,310 908.927 16.19 89,978 1,899201 92,078 118,563 1853.. 861,420 156,108 1,017,528 908.927 16.19 72,269 1,847 314 74,430 101,179 1854.. 861,420 135,190 992,610 886,927 16.19 70,779 1,983 3,606 76,268 89,381 1855.. 861,420 137,984 999,404 853,405 16.19 64,731 2,205 2,058 68,994 97,272 1856.. $61,420 11,506 $72.926 741,351 16.19 19,143 14,639 281 34.063 55,097 1657.. $61,420 16,087 877,507 741,351 16.19 15,337 7.964 640 23,941 38,890 1658.. 762,320 4,958 767,278 741,351 16.19 10,308 8,515 1,031 19,884 24,295 1859.. 744,520 4,641 749,171 723,551 16.19 10,408 9,865


21,195 21,582

10 Yrs. 8,398, 105 987,246 9,385,351 8,323,644 161.90 623,313 52.936 9,427 685,476 Aver.. 839,810 98,724 938,535 832,364 16.19 62,331 5,293 942 68,547

792,560 79,256


Length of Road)—Newcastle to Wilmington...,

..5 miles.

The Newcastle and Wilmington Railroad Company was chartered in 1839 and the road constructed in 1854. From the date of its completion it has been operated under lease by the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Company, which pays as rent therefor a sum equal to 7 per cent. on its cost of $150,000. This road is the connecting link between the railroads of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RR. (Sre Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad of Pennsylvania.)

(Now a part of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad.)

LENGTH OF ROAD_Wilmington, Del. to Havre de Grace, Md.....

.34 miles.

The Wilmington and Susquehanna Railroad Company was chartered in Janu. ary, 1832, with a capital of $400,000 in 8,000 shares. By an act passed in 1836, the company was authorized to consolidate with other companies, to increase its share capital to $700,000, and to negociate loans. In accordance with the provisions of this act, articles of union were agreed to between the Wilmington and Susquehanna and the Delaware and Maryland companiesthe united interests taking the name of the former. This consolidation was consumated in April, 1836, and in the following year the whole live was opened for business. The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore, the Wilmington and Susquehanna, and the Baltimore and Port Deposit companies, owning the line between Philadelphia and Baltimore, in severalty, were consolidated in 1838. The articles of union, concluded on the 5th February of that year, merged the three corporations into one corporate body, under the style of " The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company," and their stocks into a common stock, etc.—the stock holders of the Wilmington and Susquehanna Company being entitled to 16,000 shares in the new company. That portion of the road in Delaware between Wilmington and the State Line of Pennsylvania was constructed by the Philadelphia and Wilmington Company.


List of all the Railroad Companies chartered in the State of Delaware, with the dates of the Acts of their incorporation; and also the dates and abstracts of all laws passed by the Legislature in reference thereto. The asterisk (*) prefixed signifies that the work of construction has not been commenced. Corporate Titles. Date of Laws.

Abstract of Laws.

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20 June, 1836 Act of incorporation.
22 Feb., 1849 Act of incorporation revived and amended.
24 Feb., 1851 Regulates subscriptions to capital.

7 Feb., 1852 Appropriation of money by State
26 Feb., 1852 Grants certain marsh lands to oompany.
11 Feb. 1852 Appropriation of money by State.
20 Feb, 1852 Joint resolution directing State Treasurer to

subscribe to company's capital.
24 Feb., 1852 In relation to extension of road to N. & F.RR.
28 Feb., 1855 Advances credit of State to company.

1 Mar., 1855 Amends sec. 20 of charter.
24 Feb., 1859 An act for the benefit of company.
26 Feb, 1857 Act of incorporation.
29 Jan., 1833 Act of incorporation.
21 Feb., 1852 Charter revived.
13 Feb. 1857 Act of incorporation.
13 Feb., 1857 Act of incorporation.
6 Feb., 1833 Act of incorporation.
7 Feb., 1829 Authorized to construct a railroad.
26 Jan., 1831 Act in relation to route and damages.

8 Feb., 1832 Authorizing increase of share-capital.
22 Jan., 1833 Supplementary.

Feb., 1843 Supplementary. 23 Feb., 1849 Authorizes change of western terminus. 28 Feb., 1853 N. & F. Co. may guarantee bonds of Dela

ware company and hold stock thereof.
2 Feb., 1855 Act of incorporation
19 Feb., 1839 Act of incorporation.

2 Feb., 1847 Supplement to act of incorporation.
18 Feb, 1859 Act of incorporation.

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5 Feb., 1838 Articles of union between the Philadelphia,

Wilinington & Baltimore of Pennsylvania, the Wilmington & Susquehanna of Del. and Md., and the Baltimore and Port Deposit

of Md. signed. 26 Feb., 1849 Act of incorporation. 13 Feb., 1855 Charter revived. 26 Jan, 1831 Act of incorporation. 15 Feb., 1839 Charter extended. 18 Jan., 1832 Act of incorporation : cap. $100,000. 4 Feb., 1833 Supplement: may unite with roads in Penn

sylvania and Maryland. 26 Jan., 1835 Supplement: extends time for opening sub

scription to Ist Monday in October, 1855, and authorizes company to hold real-estate

and stea in beats. 24 July, 1835 Supplement: relating to proceedings, etc.,

and company to pay a tax to State of onequarter of one per cent. on orlginal capital of $400,000. May unite with Delaware

and Maryland Railroad Company. 17 June, 1836 Supplement: may increase share-capital and

issue bonds, and the right of taxing addi. tional capital reserved to the legislature.

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