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of the person making the return, to the effect that the statements contained therein are true. Blank forms of return shall be furnished by the comptroller upon application, but failure to secure the form shall not relieve any taxpayer from the obligation of making any return herein required.

Administration of Income Tax Lap.
§ 372. The comptroller shall administer and enforce

Districts the tax herein imposed for which purpose he may divide the state into districts in each of which a branch office of the comptroller may be maintained; provided that in no cases shall a county be divided in forming a district.

Powers of Comptroller. § 373. If in the opinion of the comptroller any re- Incorrect turn of a taxpayer is in any essential respect incorrect returns he shall have power to revise such return, or if any taxpayer fails to make return as herein required, the comptroller is authorized to make an estimate of the taxable income of such taxpayer from any information in his possession, and to audit and state an account according to such revised return or the estimate so made by him for the taxes, penalties and interest due the state from such taxpayer. The comptroller shall also have power to examine or cause to have examined, in case of failure to report the books and records of any such taxpayer, and may take testimony and require proof material for his information.

Revision of

Revision and Readjustment of Accounts by Comptroller.

§ 374. If an application for revision be filed with the comptroller by a taxpayer within one year from the return time of the filing of the return, or if the tax of such tax

payer shall have been recomputed, then from the time of such recomputation, the comptroller shall grant a hearing thereon and if it shall be made to appear, upon any such hearing by evidence submitted to him or otherwise, that any such computation includes taxes or other charges which could not have been lawfully demanded, or that payment has been illegally made or exacted of any such amount so computed, the comptroller shall resettle the same according to law and the facts, and adjust the computation of taxes accordingly, and shall send notice of his determination thereon to the taxpayer.

Must be made within 30 days

Review of Determination of Comptroller by Certiorari

and Regulations as to Writ. $ 375. The determination of the comptroller upon any application made to him by any taxpayer for revision and resettlement of any computation of tax, as prescribed by this article, may be reviewed in the manner prescribed by and subject to the provisions of section one hundred and ninety-nine of this chapter. No certiorari to review any statement of a computation or any determination by the comptroller under this article shall be granted unless notice of application therefor is made within thirty days after the service of the notice of such determination. Eight days' notice shall be given to the comptroller of the application for such writ. Before making the application an undertaking must be filed with him, in such amount and with such sureties as a justice of the supreme court shall approve, to the effect that if such writ is dismissed or the determination of the comptroller affirmed, the applicant for the writ will pay all costs and charges which may accrue against him in the prosecution of the writ, including costs of all appeals.

Penalties. § 376. 1. Any person required by this article to make, render, sign or verify any return, who fails to make, render, sign or verify such return within the time required by or under a provision of law, or who makes any false or fraudulent return or statement, with intent to evade any tax imposed by this article, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be fined not to exceed one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned not to exceed one year, or both, at the discretion of the court.

2. If any such person shall fail or refuse to make a return of income at the time or times hereinbefore specified, but shall voluntarily make a correct return of income within sixty days thereafter, there shall be added to his tax five per centum of the amount otherwise due, but such additional amount shall in no case be less than two dollars.

3. If any person liable to taxation under this article fails to make a return as herein required, the amount of income of such person discovered to be taxable shall be subject to twice the ordinary rate of taxation. If any person liable to taxation under this article makes any false or fraudulent return or statement, with intent to evade any tax imposed by this article, and an additional amount is discovered to be taxable, such additional amount shall be subject to twice the ordinary rate of taxation. Such tax shall be collected at such time and in such manner as may be designated by the comptroller. This penalty shall be additional to all other penaties in this or any other section provided.

When Payable. § 377. 1. Each taxpayer shall, at the time of filing his return, pay to the comptroller the amount of tax

Understatement of tax

payable hereunder as the same shall appear from the face of the return. If the time for filing the return shall be extended, he shall pay in addition interest thereon at the rate of six per centum per annum from the time when the return was originally required to be filed to the time of payment.

2. As soon as practicable after the return is filed, the comptroller shall examine it and compute the tax.

3. If the amount of tax as computed shall be greater than the amount theretofore paid, the excess shall be paid by the taxpayer to the comptroller within thirty days after the amount of the tax as computed shall be mailed by the comptroller.

4. If the amount of tax as computed shall be less than the amount theretofore paid, the excess shall be refunded by the comptroller out of the proceeds of the tax retained by him as provided in this article.

Overstatement of tax

Notice of Assessment. § 378. Notice of tax assessment shall be sent by mail to the post office address given in the report, and the record that such notice has been sent shall be presumptive evidence of the giving of the notice and such record shall be preserved by the comptroller.

Collection of Taxes; Penalties and Interest,

§ 379. 1. The comptroller is authorized at his discretion to designate agents for the purpose of collecting income taxes and shall require from them reasonable bond.

2. If the tax imposed by this article or any part of such tax be not paid at the time when required to be paid under the provisions of this article or in the case of additional taxes, at the time designated by the comptroller, the taxpayer liable to pay such tax shall pay to the comptroller, in addition to the amount of such tax, or part thereof, five per centum of said amount, plus one per centum for each month, or fraction of a month, the tax, or part thereof, remains unpaid.

Failure to

pay tax

Warrant for the Collection of Taxes. § 380. If any tax imposed by this article or any warrant to portion of such tax be not paid within sixty days after issue for taxes

unpaid 60 the same becomes due, the comptroller shall issue a days warrant under his hand and official seal directed to the sheriff of any county of the state commanding him to levy upon and sell the real and personal property of the person owning the same, found within his county, for the payment of the amount thereof, with the added penalties, interest and the cost of executing the warrant, and to return such warrant to the comptroller and pay to him the money collected by virtue thereof by a time to be therein specified, not less than sixty days from the date of the warrant. The sheriff shall within five days after the receipt of the warrant, file with the clerk of his county a copy thereof, and thereupon the clerk shall enter in the judgment docket, in the column for judgment debtors, the name of the taxpayer mentioned in the warrant, and in appropriate columns the amount of the tax or portion thereof and penalties for which the warrant is issued and the date when such copy is filed, and thereupon the amount of such warrant so docketed shall become a lien upon the title to and interest in real property or chattels real of the person against whom it is issued in the same manner as a judgment duly docketed in the office of such clerk. The said sheriff shall thereupon proceed upon the same in

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