The Australian Ballot System as Embodied in the Legislation of Various Countries: With an Historical Introduction, and an Appendix of Decisions Since 1856 in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia

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Boston book Company, 1889 - Australian ballot - 205 pages

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Page 88 - ... or communicate at any time to any person any information obtained in a polling station as to the candidate for whom any voter in such station is about to vote or has voted, or as to the number on the back of the ballot paper given to any voter at such station.
Page 94 - Every ballot paper shall contain a list of the candidates described as in their respective nomination papers, and arranged alphabetically in the order of their surnames, and (if there are two or more candidates with the same surname) of their other names : it shall be in the form set forth in the Second Schedule to this Act or as near thereto as circumstances admit, and shall be capable of being folded up.
Page 94 - ... elector shall be marked on the counterfoil, and a mark shall be placed in the register against the number of the elector, to denote that he has received a ballot paper, but without showing the particular ballot paper which he has received.
Page 99 - We, the undersigned, being registered electors of the , do hereby assent to the nomination of the above-mentioned John Brown as a proper person to serve as member for the said • in parliament (Signed) EF of ' GH of IJ of KL of MN of OP of QB of 8.T of Note.
Page 154 - The chairman and secretary of such committee shall thereupon make and file with the proper officer a certificate setting forth the cause of the vacancy, the name of the person nominated, the office for which he was nominated, the name of the person for whom the new nominee is to be substituted, the fact that the committee was authorized to fill vacancies, and such further information as is required to be given in an original certificate of nomination.
Page 49 - If the voter marks more names than there are persons to be elected to an office, or if for any reason it is impossible to determine the voter's choice for any office to be filled, his ballot shall not be counted for such office.
Page 88 - In any indictment or other prosecution for an offence in relation to the nomination papers, ballot boxes, ballot papers, and marking instruments at an election, the property in such papers, boxes, and instruments may be stated to be in the returning officer at such election, as well as the property in the counterfoils.
Page 41 - Whenever the approval of a constitutional amendment or other question is submitted to the vote of the people, such questions shall be printed upon the ballot after the lists of candidates.
Page 138 - ... upon which there is any writing or mark by which the voter could be identified...
Page 42 - Official ballot," followed by the designation of the polling place for which the ballot is prepared, the date of the election and a fac-simile of the signature of the clerk or other officer who has caused the ballots to be printed.

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