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Post-roads From Whitehall, (to intersect the post-road from Albany to Middle

established. bmy, Vermont, at Granville,) to Pawlett, in Vermont .

From Sullivan, by Camillus, Brutus and Mentz, to Junius.
From Auburn, by Mentz, Cato and Walcott, to Sodus bay.
From Stamford, by Roseville, to Delhi.

From Maryland, by Otego and Milford, to Hamburg Post-office in

From Genoa to Auburn.

From Oswego, by Hannibal and Sterling, to Cato. From Whitesborough along the new road to the east end of Oneida lake, to Camden.

From Brownsville to Cape Vincent.

From Saratoga Springs, by Palmertown and Moreau, to Sandy Hill. From Canandaigua, by Rochester, and thence along the ridge road, to Lewistown.

From Owego, by Spencer Courthouse, in Tioga county, Dutch and
Johnson's settlements, to Catharinetown.

From Geneva, by Phelps and Lyons, to Sodus.
From Westport, by Elizabeth and Keene, to Jay.
From Newburgh, by Pleasant Valley, to New Paltz.
From Batavia, by Middlebury, to Warsaw.
From Goshen, by Minisink and Amity, to Warwick.
From Goshen, by Philipsburg, Middletown, Mount Hope, Deer Park
and Carpenter's Point, to Post-office in Montigue, in New Jersey.
From Huntington, byDixhill's, to Smithtowv.

From Hudson, by Kinderhook Landing, Castleton, and Schodack 0 Landing, to Greenbush.

From Hudson to Lebanon! From Sagg Harbour to Easthampton. New Jersey. Jf» New Jersey.—From New Brunswick, by Boundbrook, Middlebrook, Somerville, White House, Hunt's Mills, and Bloomsbury, to Easton, in Pennsylvania.

From Pittstown, in the county of Hunterdon, by Bloomsbury and Stewartsville, to Harmony, in the county of Sussex.

From Jobstown, in the county of Burlington, to Egypt, in the county of Monmouth. Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania.—From Meadville, by forks of Oil Creek, Warren, and outlet of Chetauga lake, to Mayville, in New York. From Seller's tavern to Doylestown.

From Sunbury, by New Berlin, Union county, and Middleburg, to Lewistown.

From Lewisburg, by Loyal-sock Gap, to Williamsport. From Bellefont, by Birmingham and Burgoes Gap, to Ebensburg. From Downingstown, by Brandywine Manor, Waynesburg, Carnarvon, Ephrata, Elizabeth, Cornwall and Humelstown, to Harrisburg. From Beavertown to New Lisbon, in Ohio. From Gettysburg, by Oxford and Berwick, to York. From Bedford, by Johnstown, to Indiana. Oh.s. In Ohio.—From Waynesville, by Bellebrook, to Xenia.

From Hamilton, by Oxford, to Bath, in Franklin county, Indiana territory.

From Gallipolis to Aurora: from West Union to Ripley.
From Salem, by Canfield, Austintown, Warren, Braceville, Sharon,
Nelson, Hiram, Mantua, and Aurora, to Newberry.

From West Union, by Hillsborough and Wilmington, to Xenia.
From Steubenville, by Salem, Millersburg, and Hamburg, to Canton.
From Gallipolis, by Sciota Salt Works, to Chillicothe.
From Avery, by Jessup, to Ridgeville, to intersect the post-route from
Cleveland to Detroit at Rocky river.

In Indiana Territory.—From Brookville,by Bath, to Salisbury.

From Valonia,by Brownstown,to New Natchez, in Jackson county.

From Vincennes to Emmerson's mills, in Knox county.

That the post-road from Vincennes to Shawnestown pass through Harmony, in Gibson county.

In Illinois Territory.—From Shawnestown,by White Courthouse, and Edward Courthouse, to Vincennes, in Indiana territory.

In Missauri Territory.—From St. Louis, by Potosi and Lawrence Courthouse, to Arkansas.

From St. Charles, by Murphey's in St. John's settlement, to fort Cooper or Howard Courthouse.

In Maryland.—From Triadelphia, by Damascus, to New Market.

From Ilagerstown to McConnelstown, in Pennsylvania.

From Upper Marlborough to McGruder's tavern, in Prince George's county.

In Virginia.—From Cabin Point, by J. Edmund's, Baileysburg, Urquarhart's store, and C. Bower's, to South Quay.

From Wythe Courthouse, by Tazewell Courthouse, Russell Courthouse, Scott Courthouse, and Lee Courthouse, to Cumberland Gap, in Tennessee.

From Brown's store, to Dickenson's store, Franklin county.

From Winchester, by Cedar Creek, Trout Run, and Lost River, to Moorefields.

From Pittsylvania Courthouse, by B. Wadkin's store, and Island Ford, Smith's River, to Rockingham Courthouse, in North Carolina.

From Wythe Courthouse, to Giles Courthouse.

From New Canton, to Columbia.

From Aldie to Leesburg.

From Aldie to Battletown.

In Kentucky.—From Washington, by Maysville, to Xenia in Ohio.

From Columbia to Greensburg.

From Great Crossings, by Sanders' mills, and New Fredericksburg, to Vevay, in Indiana territory.

From Washington, by Newton, Marysville, and Cynthiana, to Georgetown.

From Middletown to Brunerstown.

From Glasgow, by Hartsville, to Lebanon, in Tennessee.

In North Carolina.—From Tarborough, by Staunton's Bridge, Snow Hill and Kinston, to Duplin Courthouse.

From Charlotte, by Harrisburg, Pine Hill, Alexander's, Lanford and Lewisville, to Chester Courthouse in South Carolina.

From Murfreesborough, by Windsor, to Plymouth.

In South Carolina.—From Chesterfield Courthouse, by Lawry's mills, and Pickett's store, to Wadesborough, in North Carolina.

From Greenville Courthouse to Spartanburg.

From Barfield's, by Marion Courthouse, or Gilesborough, and Godfrey's ferry, to Johnson's ferry, on Lynch creek.

From Conwayborough, by Gallivant's ferry, to Marion Courthouse.

From Conwayborough to Smithfield, in North Carolina.

From Chester Courthouse to Louisville.

In Georgia.—From Jefferson to Hurricane Shoals.

From Montgomery Courthouse, by Blackmore's and Hardin's, to Riceborough.

In Tennessee.—From Nashville by Murfreesborough, Stone Fort, and Winchester, in Tennessee, Lowry's, Van's old place, and Blackburn's, to Athens, in Georgia.

From Lebanon, by Williamsburg, and Hilham, to Monroe.

From Sparta, by Liberty and Lebanon, to Nashville.

From Bean's station, by Stiffey's mill, to Iron works of Mossy creek, thence to Danbridge.

Vol. III.—43 2 F

Post-roads established.

Indiana Territory.

Illinois Territory.

Missouri Territory.




North Carolina.

South Carolina.



Mississippi Territory.

From Maryville, by Morgantown, to Tellico block house.

From Port Royal to John Hunt's, in Robertson's county.

That the post road from Jonesborough to Greenville pass through Leesburg and Brownsburg.

In Mississippi Territory.—From Franklin Courthouse, to Liberty, Amity Courthouse.

Approved, April 30, 1816.

Statute I.

April 30, 1816.

Regulations of drawback upon spirits distilled within the United States.

Act of April 20,1818, ch.79.


Further regulations.

Chap. CLXXII.—An Act to allow drawback of duties on spirits distilled and sugar refined within the United States, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That a drawback of six cents for every gallon of spirits, not below first proof, distilled within the United States, or the territories thereof, shall be allowed on all such spirits as shall be exported to any foreign port or place, other than the dominions of any foreign state immediately adjoining to the United States, adding to the allowance upon every gallon of such spirits so distilled from molasses, four cents, which allowances shall be made without deduction: Provided, That the quantity so exported shall amount to one hundred and fifty gallons at the least, to entitle an exporter thereof to drawback, and that no drawback shall be allowed whenever any of the said spirits shall be exported otherwise than in vessels not less than thirty tons burden.

Sf.c. 2. And be it further enacted, That in order to entitle the exporter or exporters to the benefit of drawback allowed by this act, on such spirits so distilled, the vessels or casks containing the same shall be branded or otherwise marked, in durable characters, with progressive numbers, with the name of the owner, the quantity thereof to be ascertained by actual gauging, and the proof thereof. And the exporter of such spirits shall, moreover, previous to putting or lading the same on board of any ship or vessel for exportation, give six hours'notice at least to the collector of the customs for the district from which the same are about to be exported of his or her intention to export the same; and shall make entry in writing, of the particulars thereof, and of the casks or vessels containing the same, and of their respective marks, numbers and contents, and of the place or places where deposited, and of the port or place to which, and ship or vessel in which they or either of them shall be so intended to be exported; and the form of the said entry shall be as follows: Entry of domestic spirits, intended to be exported by [lure insert the name or names'] on board of the [insert the denomination and name of the vessel,"] whereof, [insert the name of the master,] is master, for [insert the port or place to which destined,] for the benefit of drawback.


And the said collector shall, in writing, direct the surveyor or other inspecting officer to inspect, or cause to be inspected, the spirits so notified for exportation, and if they shall be found to correspond, fully with the notice concerning the same, and shall be so certified by the said surveyor, or other inspecting officer, the said collector, together with the naval officer, if any there be, shall grant a permit for lading the same, on board of the ship or vessel named in such notice and entry as aforesaid; which lading shall be performed under the superintendence of the officer by whom the same shall have been so inspected; and the said exporter or exporters, shall likewise make oath, that the said spirits, so notified for exportation, and laden on board such ship or vessel, previous to the clearance thereof, or within twenty days after such clearance, are tjuly intended to be exported to the place, whereof notice shall have been given, and are not intended to be rclanded within the United States or the territories thereof.


Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That for all distilled spirits which shall be exported to any foreign port or place, and which shall be entitled to the benefit of drawback, in virtue of this act, the exporter or exporters shall be entitled to receive from the collector of the customs for such district, a debenture or debentures assignable by delivery and endorsement for the amount of the drawback to which such spirits are entitled, which shall be received in payment of direct taxes and internal duties in the collection district in which the same shall be granted : Provided, always, That the collector aforesaid, may refuse to grant such debenture or debentures, in case it shall appear to him that any error has arisen, or any fraud has been committed: and in case of such refusal, if the debenture or debentures claimed shall exceed one hundred dollars, it shall be the duty of the said collector to represent the case to the comptroller of the treasury, who shall determine whether such debenture or debentures shall be granted or not. And provided further, That in no case of an exportation of spirits, entitled to drawback, in virtue of this act, shall a debenture or debentures issue, unless the exporter or exporters shall, before the clearance of the ship or vessel in which the spirits were laden for exportation, or within twenty days after such clearance, make oath or affirmation that the said spirits notified for exportation as aforesaid, and laden on board such ship or vessel, are truly intended to be exported to the place whereof notice shall have been given, and are not intended to be relanded within the United States ; and shall moreover give bond with one or more sureties,to the satisfaction of the collector, in a sum equal to double the amount of the sum for which such exporter may be entitled to claim a debenture, conditioned that the said spirits, or any part thereof, shall not be relanded in any port or place within the limits of the United States, and that the exporter or exporters shall produce, within the time limited, the proofs and certificates required of the said spirits having been delivered without the limits aforesaid.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said bond shall be drawn, as near as may be, in the same form, and may be discharged in the same manner, as are, or may be prescribed by law in relation to cases where drawback is allowed on the exportation of merchandise imported into the United States, and the like penalties shall be incurred, and proceedings had, whether in regard to officers of the United States or other persons, and the same fees be allowed in cases relative to drawback on domestic distilled spirits, as in cases relative to drawback on foreign spirits; and the form of the said bond, and of the other documents, oaths, and affirmations, not herein inserted, shall be prescribed by the treasury department.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in all cases in which drawback shall be claimed for spirits made out of molasses, an oath or affirmation shall be made by two reputable persons, one of whom shall not be the exporter, that, according to their belief, the said spirits were distilled

Regulations concerning debentures and debenture bonds given for the drawback of duties upon domestic distilled spirits.


Form and effect of the bonds.

Drawback on spirits made out of molasses.

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