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1631. Winslow on Allerton and the White Angel. Allerton's commission retained

by English partners. Sherley's letter of explanation. Question of responsibil-
ity. Allerton's course described in detail. Hatherley's declaration before Gover-

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nor Winthrop. Allerton's confirmation and Winslow's statement. Confu-

sion in Allerton's accounts. His trading post taken by the French. Disciplined

by the church. French take trading house of New Plymouth. Josiah Winslow,

accountant. Sir Christopher Gardiner and his adventures. Winthrop's letter

and action of the Privy Council. .


1632. Sherley's favoring of Allerton in ship. Hatherley and Peirce have differ-

ences with Allerton. Scattering of the settlement. Duxbury and Green's Har-

bor. Wreck of Peirce's vessel


1633. Sherley on Allerton's misfortunes. Roger Williams and his dismission to

Salem. Indians invite a settlement on Connecticut River. Dutch and the

Indians. Infection at New Plymouth. Large shipment of beaver • .157

1634. A letter from Sherley. Killing of Hocking at Kennebec. Arrest of Alden.

Governor Dudley's letters. Commission for regulating plantations. Massa-

chusetts Bay and the Kennebec affair. Action of English proprietors. Stone

seizes a Plymouth ship at Manhattan. Killing of Stone by the Indians. Pesti-

lence among the Indians on the Connecticut River

· 174

1635. Winslow's petition to the Lords Commissioners for Plantations. Opposition

from Gorges and Mason. Winslow questioned on church matters and com-

mitted to the Fleet. Sherley on the White Angel accounts. French take the

trading house of New Plymouth. Attempt to recover it and cause of failure.

Attitude of Massachusetts Bay. Great and destructive storm. Migration

from Massachusetts Bay to the Connecticut. Dispute over rights to land, and

manner of settlement. Glover and Norton


1636. Accounts and shipments of beaver. How disposed of by English partners.

Winslow can give no clear statement of accounts. Wreck of shallops going to

the Connecticut. Pequots seek friendship with Massachusetts Bay. Death of

Oldham. Expedition to punish the Indians. Ralph Smith retires from ministry.

Laws of New Plymouth


1637. Outbreak of the Pequots. On uniting with Massachusetts Bay against the

Indians. Attitude of the Narragansetts. Battle at the fort and swamp. Win-

throp reports the victory. Pequots scattered and made harmless. Complaint

of Andrewes and Beauchamp. Sherley discharged from agency


1638. Murder of an Indian and punishment of the murderers. More complaints

from England. Shipments and payments made. High price of cattle and corn.


. 263

1639. 1640. Grants for new townships. Dispute over boundary of Scituate and

Hingham. The River Charles. Agreement with Massachusetts Bay. Bradford

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