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Passengers of the Mayflower
The names of those which came over first, in the year

· 1620. and were by the blessing of God the first
beginers and (in a sort ) the foundation of all the
Plantations and Colonies in New England; and
their families.

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Passengers of the Mayflower




R. JOHN CARVER; Kathrine, his wife; Desire

Minter; and 2• man-servants, John Howland,

Roger Wilder; William Latham, a boy; and a .8. maid servant, and a child that was put to him, called Jasper More.

Mr. William Brewster; Mary, his wife; with :2. sons, whose names were Love and Wrasling; and a boy was put to .6

him called Richard More; and another of his brothers. The rest of his children were left behind, and came over afterwards.

Mr. Edward Winslow; Elizabeth, his wife; and .2. men :5. servants, caled Georg Sowle and Elias Story; also a litle

girle was put to him, caled Ellen, the sister of Richard More.

William Bradford, and Dorothy, his wife; having but one child, a sone, left behind, who came afterward.

Mr. Isaack Allerton, and Mary, his wife; with •3• children, .6. Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary; and a servant boy,

John Hooke.

Mr. Samuell Fuller, and a servant, caled William Butten. His wife was [left] behind, and a child, which came afterwards.

John Crakston, and his sone, John Crakston. •2 Captin Myles Standish, and Rose, his wife.

Mr. Christopher Martin, and his wife, and .2. servants, .4.

Salamon Prower and John Langemore.

Mr. William Mullines, and his wife, and •2• children, 5. Joseph and Priscila; and a servant, Robart Carter.

Mr. William White, and Susana, his wife, and one sone, caled Resolved, and one borne a ship-bord, caled Peregriene; and :2. servants, named William Holbeck and Edward Thomson.

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1 Of Billerica. N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., XXI. 77.

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Mr. Steven Hopkins, and Elizabeth, his wife, and ·2· chil

dren, caled Giles, and Constanta, a doughter, both by a .8. former wife; and ·2· more by this wife, caled Damaris and

Oceanus; the last was borne at sea; and ·2· servants, called
Edward Doty and Edward Litster.

Mr. Richard Warren; but his wife and children were lefte
behind, and came afterwards.

John Billinton, and Elen, his wife; and ·2· sones, John and

Edward Tillie, and Ann, his wife; and ·2· childeren that •4:

were their cossens, Henery Samson and Humillity Coper. •3• John Tillie, and his wife; and Eelizabeth, their doughter.

Francis Cooke, and his sone John. But his wife and other children came afterwards.

Thomas Rogers, and Joseph, his sone. His other children

came afterwards. ·2[3.] Thomas Tinker, and his wife, and a sone.

John Rigdale, and Alice, his wife.

James Chilton, and his wife, and Mary, their dougter. ·3· They had an other doughter, that was maried, came afterward. •3•

Edward Fuller, and his wife, and Samuell, their sonne.

John Turner, and · 2. sones. He had a doughter came some years after to Salem, wher she is now living.

Francis Eaton, and Sarah, his wife, and Samuell, their
sone, a yong child.

Moyses Fletcher, John Goodman, Thomas Williams,
Digerie Preist, Edmond Margeson, Peter Browne, Richard
Britterige, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardenar, Gilbart

John Alden was hired for a cooper, at South-Hampton,
wher the ship victuled; and being a hopefull yong man, was
much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he
came here; but he stayed, and maryed here.

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