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Over the past 15 years, ITI has built a reputation as the fore

most source for solutions to diffi

cult detection problems. The U.S. and British Governments have turned to ITI routinely for help in detecting concealed explosives. ITI’s involvement with government security applications has resulted in the development of the world’s first portable explosives detector. Throughout the company’s history, ITI has demonstrated a unique ability to deliver solutions. Scientists and engineers at ITI and affiliated UK Divisions have combined their expertise in electron capture technology, ion mobility spectrometry, thermionic ionization, vapor transport, and image analysis to focus on the detection, isolation and measurement of substances. This unique expertise and its focus on detection has resulted in ITI's preeminence in areas where material detection is a primary concern. Currently, ITI security provides bomb protection for the U.S. nuclear power industry, the U.S. military, and several other high-risk organizations. Present research is directed toward walk-through and portable explo

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No other company can offer greater expertise in the detection of explosives than ITI, III's expansive expertise in vapor trapping and transport, electron capture, and on mobility technology are the basis for a range of products that have earned ITI its position as the primary supplier of bomb detection systems worldwide. In addition, ITIdeveloped products have become the standard issue for explosive detection by the U.S. Army.

Currently, ITI is developing a fifth generation of bomb detection technology. Additional research undertaken by ITI at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration and other agencies addresses the pressing need for fast and accurate detection

of an ever increasing number of explosives used by terrorists and criminals. As part of this on-going effort, ITI belongs to the MIT Industrial Liaison Program and is positioned to draw on a broad spectrum of government and private information resources and subcontractors.

In each research effort undertaken by ITI the company has applied their extensive capabilities to successfully solve come plex detection, measurement and analysis problems. The following pages provide more in-depth information on industries and applications where ITI has developed unparalleled expertise. We encourage you to contact IT concerning your project or application.


Chemical agents: nerve gas, blistering agents, choking gases, and substances that attack the blood are among the most frightening weapons in existence. The need to defend against these “invisible” weapons is of international concern. ITI's experience in on mobility spectrometry and vapor trapping and transport have made the company a logical choice for the research and development of products to detect and identify chemical weapons.

ITI researchers are currently

at work developing effective

means to:

- identify chemical agents
– test the effectiveness of
defensive materials agains
chemical agents o
– provide contamination
control for equipment and
personnel after exposure
to these substances.

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