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Explosives Detection Equipment


Thess Model 97 so touringeneration handheld explosives detector designed to be used by security personnel to seqrch people vehicles, podces, and porces for concealed explosives the Mode 97 defects inevopo produced by dwidevoteh of commercia and motory explosivesong provides both on oud be and visuqi indication of gloom

The Mode 97 contains duniquered time detection system not contopidly discrimingle between the vopostom on explosive and those produced by cosmicirnon-explosive rooterio; she results are insion oneous as there is no tedioussomple collection of slow ongos's process in the system. Once on explosive has been detected by the unit it is quomosody purged ceon and is reddy to continue withing few seconds.

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The Model 97's operation is bosed on twin electron copture detectors (ECD's). Suspect vopor is drown into the instrumentthroughd membrane whichisoloiesitfrom ambi. ent dir. Thevaporisthen mixed with Argon, animericorrier gas, and fed down two columns. One of the columns is coated with a special moteriol which selectively retards the progress of molecules from high explosives. Each of these columns termindfe in CIn ECD.

When the vaporscarrier gas mixture enters the ECD it is bombarded by befo particles from a Sedled radiodctive source (similar to the dmount of radioactivity present in ionization smoke detectors). The befo particles dislodge electrons from the corrier gas molecules which supports the ECD's stonding current. If molecules from high explosives are present they obsorb these free electrons and thus change the standing current and trigger andlorm.

The timing sequence of the signals from the twin ECD's discriminates between vopors from explosives and those produced by similar non explosive substances


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4. Sensitivity A part explosive vapor in 40" ports dir. 2. Explosives Wide voriety of military and commercial Detected explosives. Detection motrix ovoiloble

to qualified buyers upon request. 2 seconds or less. Con rapidly discriminate vapor from explosivesondthofproduced by other moterials. Shows excellent immunity to dlarmscoused by hologenoted solvents.

Unique twin ECD gas chromotography
system. Long life Nobeld source.
Visuolond quoio Oldsms,
Edch operates independently
Nozzle temperature O.K.
Detector temperature O.K.
Low battery
Low stonding current
Bor groph of signal output
Pump on/off
Audio onloff for integral loudspeaker
Standing Current check
1, 12 voltrechargedble battery,
6 hour duty cycle

3. Response Time 4. Selectivity

5. Detection System

6. Alorm Indicotors

7. Other Indicotors

8. Controls

9. Power Supply

Or 2. External 42 volt battery supply for continuous operation

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The Model 97 because of its instantoneous response ond rugged construction is ided for continuous screening opplications. It con be used, for example, to checksuspect luggoge, pockdges, storoge lockers, qutomobiles, buildings, ond people, etc. Model 97 opplications include Airlines, Nuclear Power Plants, Military Bases, Police Deportments, and Sensitive Government Focilities. The Model 97 is an ideal tool to enhance security of any high risk facility.

M4. PortCible Battery–6 hours
CO nfe nts Enduronce Argon-42 hours
- M2. Corrier GCIS 99.998% pure Argon
Instrument Case Accessories Case GOS bottle 4 ft3
Spore gas bottle

Hondheld instrument
Battery Spore bottery pock

Argon Bottle Instrument Charger and cord
Regulator Power supply cord
Headphones Spore membrones
Test sample
|fem Description Parf #
Ironsfer volve Used to fill 4 ft3 bottles 220-027
from large supply
Replacement For Model 97 Nozzle 220-A24

*The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without notice

M09 Terroce Holl Avenue

Burlington. Mossachusett
Telephone (617) 272-7233
Facsimile (617).273-3066

s, U.S.A. 01803
Twk 7403321808


Explosives Detection Equipment


The Entry Scon Moski represents the stole of the dri in explosives detection. # topidly Sedrches personnel for conceded explosives by quickly onglyzing dir sqmples collected from individualsos they enter the instrument's dissiredm. The rapidity and non intrusive noture of the search dssures occeptonce, it is idedly suited for high risk occess control to Nuclear Power Plants, Government Facilities and Defense contractors. The Entry Scan Mark | condlso be integroied with on optional metal detector to protectogdins weapons as well as explosives, The instruments potented detection process provides high sensitivity to explosives coupled with a high degree of immunity to false clarms, The Entry Scon Mork | provides three processing modes to fit dmy opplicotion, in its normal mode it can process up to 600 people per hour which mokes it ided for high troffic entry points. The instrument isotroctively packaged to complement qny decor ond compoctly designed to fit into dreds where spoce is limited.

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The Entry Scqn Mork | dutomoticolly signals edch person to enter the portal by medns of a green “enter" light. While in the postol, an air somple is collected from around the person being sedrched by medns of d gentle dir curtain. This dir Sqmple is continuously onolyzed in the detection system for the presence of molecules from explosives. The detection mechanism Selectively trops vopor of interest from the sqmple dnd selectively desorbs if into on argon corrier gos stream which corries it into d high sensitivity Electron Copture Detector (ECD). Any molecules from explosives present in the corrier gas mixture will dbsorb electrons in the ECD ond trigger on dudible ond visuddlorm. An oddtional intersoce permits oldsms to be routed to dndlternote location or to ocomputer for logging purposes.

At the completion of the detection cycle the Entry Scon signals the person being Sedrched to exit by medns of d green light dnd on dudible chime. If the individual should leove the instrument before the cycle is completed, on dudible dnd visual dlert Signol will be generosed. When no personnel dre being processed for on extended period of time, the system dutomoticolly switches to Sidndby Mode which conserves orgon gos dnd incredses operational life. When the first person to be processed opproaches the Entry Scon, the system dutomotically returns to the normol operating mode.

The Entry Scon presents simplified controls and indicators to endbleedsy operation dnd monitoring of the system. In dodition, it contains self diognostics dnd indicotors to focilitote Service. A test Gnd colibrosion option is ovdildble which dutomotically tests the Entry Scan of the push of a button and moinfoins the circuitry of optimum sensitivity.


E Airports E. Drug Manufacturing
El Nucledr Power Plants El Public Utilities
E Corporate Heddaudriers of Construction Sites
E Computer Centers El Government Focilities
| SNM Processing Plants E Manufacturing Plants

| Precious Metal Refineries - Oil & Gdsoline Storage

E. LNG Storage Focilities | Military Check Points

E. Petroleum Refineries

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